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The Highway Lights~Metropolis Part 1

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Where's battlecry? :(
Sep 25, 2005
Part 1 as in this will be a two part battle with what I'll call 'phases'. The main function of this is a change in arena, and a chance for competitors to rethink.

This will be a four person battle, no teams or anything. One person will be eliminated before the second part, that is assured.

Make a post to reserve yourself a place, and PM templates to myself. I'll go into greater detail right before my opening post.


I'm in. Once I know the others participating, then i'll foward my template.


come and go
Aug 4, 2005
In the place of prayer...
I'll play. I don't know if this is still active, but I need an active battle.

Full Name
Enegi Nibor Swaillim

Enegi (Enna-j-I)



Enegi’s appearance is truly something to marvel. His nature allows him to take a variety of forms, although his primary one is that of a large, muscular man. His skin is a deep violet-black, rippling with power and majesty. His eyes are a bright, shining brown, and his features are slightly Arabic in their nature. He has a slightly pointed goatee hanging from his powerful chin, and his arms are bound by two powerful golden armbands. There are a variety of symbols inscribed on these bands, but they are written in the ancient Arabic language, and are not understood by most. His lower torso is usually a simple wisp of deep violet-black smoke, although he has been known to ‘grow’ legs if the occasion merits it. His facial expression is generally a peaceful, jovial look, with a small hint of mischief thrown in. However, when he is faced with his greatest dislike, his face contorts into a sadistic rage that no mortal enjoys looking upon.

Enegi is a jokester, a prankster, and a master of exploiting loopholes. He is generally carefree and happy with his existence, although there is a single thing he detests more than others. Humans. With all his power, he must submit to the simplest of human wills. He takes every opportunity he can to exploit the stupidity of these mortals to his own advantage, and can be quite cruel when dealing with them. Enegi therefore, is highly intelligent, and can easily transform what might seem to be harmless jokes into a powerful deathtrap.

Some theorize that Enegi is an extremely powerful Djinn, and that is the root of his powers. It would certainly explain his Arabic appearance, and the reason why he must submit to human will. However, his powers are far more extensive than any normal Djinn might hold.

Enegi bears massive reality warping capabilities. The possibilities of his power are endless, as he essentially achieves semi-omnipotence through these powers. Practically anything he can imagine his possible, from evaporating an entire ocean, to conjuring an entire army of lobsters from out of thin air.

Enegi however, is limited by some of the simplest things in the Omniverse. He is bound by human will, and while he can exploit various loopholes that humans often leave in their desires, he cannot directly disobey a wish from a human. He cannot take the life of a human through his own action or inaction, and cannot interfere with human free will.

Enegi is also forced to grant three wishes to any human he comes across along. However, do to his hatred of humankind, he is a master of exploiting any loopholes that may have been left in their wish.

As a side effect of his own limited omnipotence, Enegi can break the fourth wall.

Not much is known about Enegi before he starting making trouble around the Omniverse. He just sort of appeared one day. Many historians theorize that the joker is a Djinn, runaway from some faraway dimension. Other theorize that he is a demi-god, who as punishment for some heavenly crime, is forced to do this ‘community service’ for the mortals of the Material Plane. Even Methselah the Ancient gives a subtle smile, and simply suggests that some things are meant to remain a secret.

Whatever his origins, the mystical being known only as Enegi now roams the Omniverse, exploiting humans whenever he can, and playing other galactic practical jokes in his free time. The tales of his ‘fun’ are told around the Omniverse. One time, he conjured up a small snake, to trick a beautiful girl into eating an apple. He doomed an entire planet to a life full of battling their own evil. He once flicked a small planet of thriving civilizations, because they had wished for their world to be the ‘coolest one out there!’ The planet shot out of orbit, and instantly transformed into a giant block of ice, known as Pluto.

While some describe him as being a scourge, others describe him simply as being a trickster who goes too far. Some think of him as being far too powerful for his own good. Some use him to enhance their own powers, carefully wording their wishes to make sure Enegi does not lead them to their own demise. Others steer far clear of him, not willing to chance a dance with the mystical Enegi…

"Wish wisely..."
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