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Fanfiction ► The Hearts that Form the Key

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Dawning Twilight

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Jun 6, 2005
Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
well everyone here's chapter 14 some of this may be remembered from my previous Lonex story. it's been altered a lot. i hope it's enjoyed. =D

Chapter 14: Reawakening

Selvix sat at on his seat in another room separated from Salix’s experimentation and research facility. His music blared loudly emanating from a pair of large headphones that Selvix wore over his ears. Listening to the music Selvix tapped his right foot away to the steady beat very much enjoying the music while he now had some time off. While he had been a Nobody his taste for music had somewhat vanished. But now that he had a heart again it was quite different. Salix had left him in charge of the stronghold while both he and Xishn had left. At this point Selvix could have been doing just about anything he wanted to. But somehow he felt a bit unnerved now that Salix had released it. But regardless, there wasn’t much that Selvix was capable of doing at this point. Suddenly a portal opened up on one of the other seats in the room as Salix appeared with his hood up covering his face.
“What happened,” Selvix asked as he turned off his music and pulled his headphones so they were now around his neck rather than on his ears.
“They know what they need to know now. Although they might be catching on a bit too much now,” Salix replied.
“So then what do you suggest we do now,” Selvix asked.
“We continue with the plan. If they catch on too much, Daxic should be able to handle things with the Order by himself. We should continue to deal wit h the plate we have now rather than thinking about seconds,” Salix answered.
“How should we go about dealing with Rextanse and Sora then,” Selvix asked.
“…Rextanse is a bit of a problem. We need to separate him from Sora. But in order to do that we’ll have to wait for Xaneth to wake up. Once that happens I’ll have the plan move into its next stage of action,” Salix explained.
Selvix suddenly felt something change in the atmosphere of the stronghold as he turned his attention to his left side and stared at the wall.
“Hmm, it appears that Lonex is awake,” Selvix replied as he blinked and turned his attention back to Salix.
“Then perhaps, I shall allow a slight change of plans. You know what that means, right,” Salix asked as he gazed over to his right side at a person hidden by the shadows of the room.
“Yes,” the person replied.
“Good then go and defeat Sora. Afterwards bring him back here. As for Rextanse, you may deal with him as you please. Just so long as he can no longer speak after the battle,” Salix explained.
“Ok,” the person said after a short pause.
Suddenly a black portal enveloped the person and then disappeared leaving only Salix and Selvix in the room. Selvix who had earlier turned his attention to the person hidden by the shadows now turned his attention back to Salix again.
“Is it really wise to be sending him out so soon? He could become corrupted,” Selvix warned him.
“It doesn’t matter. Regardless of whether he wins or loses he’s going to have to perish eventually. After all, he was only created so that I could see what he was truly capable of,” Salix replied.
“I see so, what if he fails to defeat Sora and Rextanse,” Selvix asked.
“Then we eliminate him. One who can no longer serve their purpose, does not deserve to exist,” Salix answered.
“And Xishn,” Selvix asked.
“I told him he’d get the chance to fight Sora again, if it was necessary. However as of now I hardly find any reason to allow him to do so,” Salix replied.
“Ok then,” Selvix replied as he slipped his headphones back on his ears and began to tap his foot repeatedly to the beat of his song again.
Slowly the vague image of a beautiful landscape came to mind, it was filled with lush green grass and a beautiful blue sky. Its beauty was unparalleled and it shone like the moon did every night. A vague blur appeared clouding the image of the beautiful village but then slowly disappeared. As the image came back the village appeared in flames one of the windmills was set ablaze and fire danced upon it as the once beautiful village turned into a giant candle.
“No, Stop it. Stop it,” a voice suddenly screeched.
Lonex’s eyes popped open as he struggled around in the tank. His sweat slowly began to mix with the odd liquid in the healing tank that he was currently occupying.
“Still having that dream I see,” a voice said as a portal opened up in front of the healing tank and Xishn walked out of it.
Lonex suddenly began to bang his fists up against the glass as he began to panic.
“Hey hold up a minute. If you break the glass for the tank again I’ll be the one in trouble,” Xishn said as he walked over and placed his left hand lightly against the glass tube.
Slowly the liquids drained and Lonex landed lightly on the floor as the tube began to open until he was released from its containment. As he tried to stand his legs suddenly gave out from under him as he fell to his hands and knees and stared down at the floor. Lonex’s vision was blurry from just awakening and he felt a bit odd since he was also breathing rather heavily. Suddenly he felt an odd feeling building up in his stomach. As it began to build up it edged slowly up his throat until, chunks of food blew forward onto the floor staining it with his digestive juices and pieces of half eaten food.
“…I guess I can take that as a yes,” Xishn said as he stared down at Lonex.
Lonex slowly wiped his right hand over his lips and then quickly flicked his wrist throwing his digestive juices that had been on his lips from his right hand.
“Did you really come here just to insult me,” Lonex asked.
“Naw, I actually came for other reasons. But since you’re awake, I might as well help out,” Xishn answered.
“…Do you think, you can return to the way you were? Before you became this,” Lonex asked.
“Beats the hell out of me, I’m not really into that scientific mumbo-jumbo like Salix is and to tell you the truth, I honestly don’t care. I was screwed over before I became a Nobody and now I’ve been screwed over again. But perhaps, I guess if I had to have an option, I’d choose to be whatever I would benefit from more,” Xishn replied. “But don’t forget, if Selvix became a full being again it shouldn’t be impossible for the same to happen to you.”
“I see. Then maybe, there’s still hope,” Lonex said as he slowly stood up wobbling a bit as he made his way to his feet again.
Lonex slowly lifted his left hand and touched the white mask he had on the left side of his face gently making sure that the mask was still securely fastened to his head. Xishn stared at him for a second and then burst out laughing.
“Hope? Damn, you must really wanna become a full being again,” Xishn said halting his laughter as he smirked at his ally.
“I intend to become a full being, no matter what it costs along the way,” Lonex replied.
“Bah whatever, a heart just holds you back with fear, sadness and all those other petty emotions. In truth the heart is powerful, and yet worthless at the same time. I just don’t understand what you’d want with one anyways,” Xishn said.
“To remember, to feel, what it felt like,” Lonex answered.
“Yeah whatever you say. I guess you can have fun with your toy if you want to,” Xishn said as a portal opened up behind him. “Oh yeah and remember to see Salix when you’re done cleaning up here.”
“Ok,” Lonex replied as Xishn slowly disappeared into his portal leaving Lonex alone again.
Lonex slowly reached his left hand up as he removed his mask slowly, making sure not to injure himself. The entire left half of his face was burnt scared and had minor bits of torn tissue. Slowly Lonex walked over to the pod he had been in and stared at his reflection. His wounds still looked fresh but it had been years since he had received them. The wounds themselves didn’t hurt it was more the realization that they would never truly heal that really hurt. As Lonex stared forward he reached his right hand up and gently touched the flesh on the left side of his face. The feeling was almost intolerable. As the pain shot forward he bit down hard with his teeth and shut his eyes tightly until the pain had vanished. Lonex slowly removed his right hand and then placed his mask in his left hand securely back on what was left of the left side of his face.
“Hope, just hope,” Lonex muttered as he stared up at the pale white color on the top of the ceiling.

Dawning Twilight

The Egotistical Bastard
Jun 6, 2005
Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
well after nearly a month i've finally been able to complete a new chapter. here's chapter 15 it's going to be interesting to all as a new character will be introduced =D all comments accepted as always.

Chapter 15: Identity

Sora ran forward along with Rextanse through the long corridors within the large stronghold. It seemed like they had been running around for days when it had only been in actuality a few short hours. The light within the hallways was a bit dim, but by now his eyes had focused enough to see with what little light that was there. Suddenly a bright light blinded Sora’s vision as he covered his eyes with his hands and entered the next room. Slowly Sora’s eyes focused to the light as he looked around. While the new room was smaller than the one he had fought Xaneth in it did have two glass windows on either side of the room.
“…Stay alert. Someone’s coming,” Rextanse said as his eyes scanned the room as if looking for something in particular.
“Huh, who is it,” Sora asked as he turned to face Rextanse.
“…Above us,” Rextanse shouted as he jumped backwards.
Sora noticed it a second after Rextanse had and barely managed to jump out of the way. Like an asteroid the person landed slamming into the ground harshly and making a small crater from the impact.
“Huh who is that,” Sora asked half shouting.
“…Are you him,” the person asked still crouched to the ground.
“Huh, what do you mean,” Sora asked.
“Yes I can sense it you are him,” the person replied.
“Who are you, what are you talking about,” Sora asked half yelling.
“That is irrelevant. But if you really need to understand something, then it will come to you in time,” the person answered.
“Is that so,” Rextanse asked as he took a step forward. “Of course you don’t really know the answer to his questions do you? Just a castaway in an unfamiliar world.”
“Perhaps, or perhaps not I’m not certain either way,” the person replied.
“But how could you not be certain either way,” Sora asked.
“…Memories. I have none. I don’t remember anything except for the necessaries,” the person explained.
“Isn’t that familiar,” Rextanse said as he gazed down at Sora remembering the Castle Oblivion incident.
“All I can do now is fight. In hopes that it would lead me down the right path. Now you shall show me that path, wielder of the Keyblade,” the person replied.
“Huh wait how did you know that I had the Keyblade,” Sora asked.
“When one such as you possesses the Keyblade, it cannot be hidden. For you see regardless of which realm it is from, there is always something that gives it away. Whether it’s a shadow or a faint glimmer of light, there will always be an opposite there,” the person explained. “But I cannot continue to speak forever. Now come and bare your fangs at me wielder of the Keyblade.”
“Alright then,” Sora said as a bright light surrounded his right hand and the Keyblade suddenly appeared.
Sora crouched down to the ground in his battle position gripping his weapon firmly in both of his hands. Slowly Sora’s opponent stood up finally revealing its true form that had been the result of Salix’s hard work.
“Yes that’s right. Show me the power of your abilities,” the person said as he stood up and faced both Sora and Rextanse.
The person was entirely covered in what resembled a knight’s armor. The armor was a mixture of darker colors from blue to purple and a dark shade of green. In the person’s right hand was a Keyblade which unlike Sora’s was much more complex and shaped oddly it reminded Sora of one he had seen before but couldn’t remember where.
“Well this should be interesting,” Rextanse said as he glanced at Sora and then back at their enemy.
Swiftly the knight rushed forward Keyblade in hand. Sora watched the knight’s movements and quickly jumped off to the side as the knight’s Keyblade slammed into the ground cracking the stone floor sending tiny bits and pieces of it everywhere. Rextanse then rushed forward with his katana gripped tightly in his right hand. Aiming to finish the battle quickly Rextanse swung down only to find the knight blocking his attack with his Keyblade. Loosening up a bit the knight quickly bent the Keyblade back so the katana slipped forward and threw Rextanse off balance. Immediately taking full advantage of the situation the knight swung down slamming the Keyblade once again into the cold, pale white floor as Rextanse managed to jump out of the way. As the Keyblade impacted with the ground Sora rushed forward and swung the Keyblade across at the knight. The two Keyblades slammed together creating a loud clanging sound. Sora tried to push forward but was obviously no match in terms of strength. The knight in return easily shoved Sora backward throwing him off balance as he began to tumble backwards. Sora saw the knight raise his Keyblade high and then swung down. Sora had only blinked for a second, but in that second Rextanse had managed to get in-between him and the knight and blocked the blow with his katana.
“Well, get up all ready,” Rextanse said as he held off the knight their weapons clashing together.
Sora quickly jumped to his feet and got out of the way of the attack. Rextanse unable to hold off the attack any longer also jumped out of the way letting the knight’s Keyblade fly forward and crash into the ground. Rextanse landed nimbly on the ground skidding back a few feet before coming to a halt and then looked up to face his enemy again. Sora now went to engage the enemy with his Keyblade. Attempting to attack him Sora swung his Keyblade down at the knight. But as he did the knight shot his left hand out and gripped the Keyblade tightly preventing any chance of pulling back out of the way of an offensive. Taking advantage of Sora’s total defenselessness the knight swung down with his own Keyblade. The ground cracked as bits and pieces of the hard flooring flew up from where the Keyblade had impacted with the ground. Sora stared forward at the knight. He had barely managed an escape from the fierce offensive. However now he didn’t have a weapon and clearly he would need it. The knight slowly lifted his left arm with Sora’s Keyblade gripped tightly by the handle. He seemed almost mesmerized by it as he continued to stare at the Keyblade.
“…Is this the source of your power? Is this what makes you strong,” the knight asked.
“No the Keyblade may allow me to fight, but that’s not why I’m so strong. It’s because I have friends who I need help, and friends who help me out. And that’s why, that’s why I’m going save them. No matter what,” Sora explained as he swung his Keyblade fiercely.
“So, your friends are what give you your strength,” the knight asked.
“Yeah, and no matter what, even if we are separated from each other, we’ll always be connected through our hearts. That’s something that no one can take away from us,” Sora replied.
“So your heart is what makes you so strong. You remind me of someone I once knew,” the knight replied speaking as if on instinct with zero. “Here this is yours.”
The knight threw Sora’s Keyblade forward doing a summersault through the air before Sora caught it in both of his hands. Sora gripped the Keyblade by the handle tightly and stared down at it for a minute before looking up to face the knight again.
“Why did you do all of this,” Sora asked.
“I was just told to. Other then that there were no other reasons,” the knight answered.
“So you probably don’t know where Riku and the others are, do you,” Sora said.
“Are they your friends,” the knight asked.
“Yes, they’re why I’m so strong,” Sora replied. “They’re what help me continue on. I don’t know what I’d do without them.”
“…Do you want to see them again,” the knight asked.
“Yeah more than anything,” Sora said.
The knight stared forward at Sora his eyes hidden by his armor. His eyes seemed to almost gaze into the innermost depths of Soras heart. As if he were judging Sora’s inner strength. Suddenly a black portal opened up to his right side as the knight turned to face it he then turned back to face Rextanse and Sora again.
“Come with me,” the knight replied.
“Thanks,” Sora said as he smiled and ran forward entering the portal.
“And you,” the knight asked turning to face Rextanse again.
“I have other things to take care of. The Keyblade wielder can take care of himself,” Rextanse replied as he walked away the knight entered the portal just before it soon vanished as well.
Xishn stood high above the scenery and had watched the entire battle from his position, getting a great view of it all.
“…Roxas,” Xishn muttered as he was enveloped in a large black portal and disappeared.

Dawning Twilight

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Jun 6, 2005
Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
thanks for the comments everyone. as a little bonus and a bit of a time staller here i have a little 5 page idea of what a battle with Xishn would be like if Sora were to fight him game wise. enjoy the little bonus and a new chapter is on the way it may be up by tomorrow at the soonest ^^ all comments on this accepted it's not edited like the story however so it may be a bit sloppy but enjoy it nonetheless. =D

This takes place after the battle with the creation of the doctor’s while in Christmas Town. It is visited upon arriving in the world any time after its defeat.

Sora and company return to the site where the creation still remains defeated and without a heart only to see a mysterious figure hidden by a sky-blue cloak. Quickly they approach but stop just a short distance away and get into their battle positions.
Xishn: Man oh man. This is such a pain! I don’t understand why I have to go on recon to this bogus backwater world.
*Xishn waves his arms in the air expressing his feelings as he stares down at the large robotic creation*
Sora: Hey, what are you doing? Get away from there!
*Sora runs forward and slashes at Xishn moving downward at an angle with the Keyblade only to slash through an afterimage of him*
Sora: Huh? What the?
Xishn: You’re not very smart are you?
*Sora looks up past the large body of the robotic creation to see Xishn staring forward at him*
Sora: What does Organization XIII want with this world? There aren’t exactly a lot of hearts here.
Xishn: The Organization you say. Tell me where would I find them exactly?
Sora: I don’t know. Don’t you guys communicate or something?
*Xishn makes a buzzing noise as he gives Sora a thumbs down sign*
Xishn: Wrong! I’m not with the Organization. I’m a part of something else, and that something is something that you have yet to truly encounter.
Donald: Oh yeah then what’s with the uniform?
Sora: That’s right the Organization wears the same thing.
Xishn: I don’t know. I always thought it was a bit stylish myself. Besides my cloak is bit different see?
*Xishn tugs at the right sleeve of his cloak indicating the color*
Xishn: My cloak is sky-blue. The Organization’s cloaks are black. Besides I’d have nothing to do with those ugly losers.
Goofy: Gawrsh, but if yer not with the Organization who’re you with?
Xishn: Why don’t we make a wager on that? After all I am a bit tired of doing recon.
Sora: Huh what’re you talking about?
Xishn: Simple. You win I’ll answer any three questions you’ve got. But if I win you have to do me a favor. Got it?
Sora: Alright then fine. Have it your way!
*Sora and company get into battle positions as Xishn smirks at them*

Immune to reflect and thunder

Arena: Christmas Town
Starting Phrase: Show me your fortitude.
HP bars: 6
Defense: normal
Damage: normal

Party for Battle: 3 members
Attack AI:
Direct Hit – a single punch
Abundant Blunder – several strikes including kicks and punches
Counter Drive – Xishn moves his arms to defend against one attack made by Sora and returns with an onslaught of multiple kicks and punches while charging at Sora.

Battle Rules: Fight Xishn until the battle ends and the cut scene begins.

Other Notes: The battle ends after the third bar of health is depleted from Xishn’s a total of Xishn’s six bars of health.

Reaction Commands:
Soaring Strike – Xishn charges at Sora and blocks Sora’s strike before grabbing Sora’s right arm and throwing him into the sky. Xishn then proceeds to jump up and throws a punch forward that hits Sora’s chest and throws a second punch that hits Sora in the cheek before delivering a swift kick to Sora’s side sending him plummeting into the ground. During Xishn’s first punch Sora is given a second to react and block Xishn’s punch with the Keyblade deflecting it before delivering a combo of several hits with the Keyblade before knocking Xishn to the ground.

Battle Phrases:
I will test your resolve now.
You ready now?
Well that was unexpected.
What is it naptime already?
Ending Phrase: None

*Sora attacks Xishn with the Keyblade only for Xishn to jump backwards out of the way of the attack*
Sora: Are you finished yet?!
Xishn: Possibly. Why? Are you not having fun?
Sora: Knock it off! Are you going to answer my question or what?!
*Sora and company get into battle positions again preparing to fight Xishn*
Xishn: Sorry didn’t catch that what’d you say?
*Xishn puts a cupped hand to the side of his head above the hood*
Sora: Stop mocking me!
*Sora charges forward and slashes at Xishn with the Keyblade only to miss as Xishn does a back flip landing out of the way of the attack*
Xishn: Tsk tsk tsk. That’s not very nice, now is it?
*Xishn wags his right pointer finger back and forth continuing to mock Sora as Goofy and Donald run over to their Keyblade wielding companion*
Xishn: But I see what you’re getting at. If I stay here too long then I won’t be able to get done what I came here to do. So I’ll finish this up quickly with a hint of finesse.
Goofy: Huh? Look out!
*Xishn raises his right arm and snaps his fingers as a single mirror appears in front of Sora shortly before many more mirrors appear surrounding Sora, Donald, Goofy and Xishn*
Sora: Huh? What’s all this?
Xishn: They’re mirrors duh! Don’t they teach you kids anything in school now-a-days?
Donald: You’re gonna regret that!
Xishn: Oh am I? And just what are you three gonna do about it?
Sora: We’ll show you!
Goofy: That’s right, all for one and one for all!
*Xishn slaps his right leg hard as he clasps his stomach hard with his left hand*
Xishn: What are you guys the three Musketeers?
*Xishn bursts out laughing uncontrollably*
Sora: Knock it off!
*Xishn slowly stops laughing and faces his three enemies once again beneath his hood a serious look*
Xishn: Aww and I was having so much fun. Too bad, guess I’ll just have to find an alternate kind of fun.
*Slowly the mirrors begin to move as if orbiting around the group*
Xishn: Let the games begin.
*Xishn smirks and curls his hands into fists preparing for battle*

Immune to Reflect, thunder, blizzard and fire

Arena: Christmas Town
Starting Phrase: Show me your fortitude.
HP Bars: 13
Defense: High
Damage: High
Party for Battle: 3 members

Attack AI:
Direct Hit – a single punch
Abundant Blunder – several strikes including kicks and punches
Breaking – a series of powerful break dancing like attacks and combos.
Change of Plans – a mirror appears in front of Xishn blocking and redirecting the attack.
Certain Demise – Xishn blocks attacks from Sora with his arms and taking no damage from the attacks.
Ultimate Defense – three mirrors appear and form a triangular pyramid over Xishn blocking and redirecting all attacks.
Mirror Sniper – Xishn uses one or more of the mirrors to launch long range attacks via his fists and feet at Sora and friends.

Battle Rules: Defeat Xishn

Other Notes: The Mirrors may be used as transportation devices to get in close or accidentally get you further away from Xishn. Mirrors may be entered more than once with no limits. Mirrors constantly move at a slower pace on the battlefield with no distinct pattern. At nearly any point in the battle when Sora casts the spell magnet the mirrors are instantly rearranged in a new order in different spaces. This is allowed even when Xishn is defending with his attacks Change of Plans and Ultimate Defense. However this has no effect on the Reaction Command Achilles Heel.

Reaction Commands:
Soaring Strike – Xishn charges at Sora and blocks Sora’s strike before grabbing Sora’s right arm and throwing him into the sky. Xishn then proceeds to jump up and throws a punch forward that hits Sora’s chest and throws a second punch that hits Sora in the cheek before delivering a swift kick to Sora’s side sending him plummeting into the ground. During Xishn’s first punch Sora is given a second to react and block Xishn’s punch with the Keyblade deflecting it before delivering a combo of several hits with the Keyblade before knocking Xishn to the ground.
Assault and Shield – Once in a while a special mirror with a reaction command will appear and Xishn will launch an especially powerful punch or kick from the mirror. Just before Xishn attacks via the mirror Sora is given a second to react and jump through the mirror and deliver several blows with the Keyblade to Xishn injuring him a good deal.
Counter Drive – Xishn moves his arms to defend against one attack made by Sora and returns with an onslaught of multiple kicks and punches while charging at Sora. When Xishn counterattacks Sora is given a few chances during the counter attack to defend and at the end of the attack deal a devastating blow with the Keyblade.
Achilles Heel – Xishn moves his mirrors so that they surround him in a giant dome like shape and protect him from any attacks all but one mirror on ground level is a redirected mirror. Xishn will then launch attacks from the mirrors at Sora damaging him a good amount. While running around if Sora finds the one ground level mirror Sora can use the reaction command in order to enter the mirror dome and deliver a surprise attack for a limited amount of time.

Battle Phrases:
I will test your resolve now.
You ready now?
Is that the extent of your heart?
Well that was unexpected.
What is it naptime already?
Behold my final refuge!
Time to play hide and seek!
Well are you gonna do something?
What don’t tell me you’re chicken?
Ending Phrase: Was my resolve not strong enough?

*Xishn stands breathing a bit erratically and collapses to one knee as Sora stands in battle position with Goofy and Donald*
Sora: Is that all?
Xishn: No not quite.
*Xishn vanishes from Sora’s sight just before his vision blurs and he collapses to the ground still conscious next to the now unconscious Goofy and Donald as Xishn stares down at Sora now in front of him*
Xishn: You’re a very interesting person Keyblade wielder. But perhaps you should know. Our meeting wasn’t a coincidence.
*Sora slowly sits up unable to currently stand up*
Sora: Huh? What do you mean not a coincidence?
Xishn: I can’t answer that right now. But perhaps you already know the answer and yet refuse to accept it.
Sora: I don’t understand.
Xishn: You shouldn’t. But perhaps he does.
Sora: You’re not making any sense. If I’m me, then who is he?
Xishn: That I’m sure you know.
Sora: What about the three questions don’t I get them answered?
Xishn: You lost the battle but in a way I already answered three questions you had. You only get three after all. Perhaps you should be more careful with your words next time.
*Xishn raises his right arm and snaps his fingers as a large black portal appears behind him*
Xishn: …But I guess you do deserve to be somewhat rewarded. Here catch.
*Xishn digs through his pocket and tosses a small object to Sora who catches it and stares at it for a second before returning his gaze back to Xishn*
Xishn: Yeah the old man asked me to give you that. Listen next time try to be on time okay? You may be the Keyblade wielder but you’re not a celebrity or anything.
Sora: Huh? Please tell me one more thing.
Xishn: Didn’t I say no more questions? But oh well I guess you do deserve one more question. So what is it?
Sora: You said earlier that you weren’t with Organization XIII. So who are you with?
Xishn: Well I can’t get into the specifics but I can tell you this. We’re the leftovers, the ones who were cast away for various reasons from the Organization. Simply, we’re the Exiled Order. If you want to know more I suggest you go speak with the old man. He’ll be able to explain the rest of this mumbo-jumbo to you.
Sora: So what do you want exactly?
Xishn: We all want individual things. It’s what we need that really matters. Anyways later tatters.
*Xishn turns and waves before entering the portal and vanishing leaving the three*
Sora: The Exiled Order.
*Sora looks down at the object that Xishn gave to him in his hand*

[Received Exiled Existence Keyblade]
[Received Mirror Shield]
[Received Lost Reflection Chain]


Mar 27, 2007
Awesome story even though I haven't caught up with the storyline until now I really like the way its going!

Dawning Twilight

The Egotistical Bastard
Jun 6, 2005
Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
thanks Haku and khlover ^^ i'm glad the story is being enjoyed. well here's a new chapter for everyone to enjoy. in this chapter there's a death of one character and Sora is reunited with one of his friends. enjoy this new chapter and i'll try to finish up chapter 17 for next sunday or monday as i'll be gone for the weekend. enjoy =D

Chapter 16: Reawakening of Fate

A large black portal opened up as Sora ran out of it and entered the main room where Salix worked on his experiments. Sora looked around as his eyes scanned the room and then finally found what he was looking for.
“Riku, Kairi,” Sora shouted as he ran over to the glass tubes where his friends were all being held captive.
Sora gazed into the cylinder pods and then banged on the glass with both of his hands trying to get their attention.
“Come on guys wake up,” Sora yelled as he attempted to get them out of the pods that they were stuck in.
“They’re sleeping right now. You can’t wake them,” the knight said as he walked over to Sora.
“…No, even if they are asleep right now our hearts are still connected. I know I can wake them up,” Sora said as he took a deep breath and a bright light appeared around his right arm.
As the light began to vanish the Keyblade appeared in his right hand. Sora slowly raised his right arm and held the tip of the Keyblade a few inches away from the glass tube. Suddenly a series of brightly colored lights emanated from the area between the tip of the Keyblade and the glass tube. The lights shimmered for a while before they began to dim down until all of the light had disappeared. Sora slowly took a step forward as a bright light engulfed the Keyblade and it disappeared. As Sora stared forward at the tank the liquid began to drain slowly until all of it was gone and the tank walls moved up until Riku fell out of it and collapsed to the ground still unconscious.
“Riku,” Sora shouted as he knelt down to the ground and shook his friend a bit trying to wake him up.
“Uh huh, Sora,” Riku muttered as his eyes slowly opened a bit.
Suddenly Riku began to cough as he leaned over and coughed up a bit of the liquid that had been in the glass tube.
“Sora what are you doing here,” Riku asked as he stared up at him.
“I came to rescue you and the others,” Sora answered.
“That’s, not my point. They’re trying to get you to, uh,” Riku said stopping mid sentence and gripped the left side of his chest tightly as a massive amount of pain suddenly set in.
“Riku, Riku what’s wrong,” Sora asked confused as he noticed his pain.
“Riku can not help you any longer,” a voice said from behind Sora as Salix appeared via a large black portal.
“You you’re the guy from earlier. Tell me what’s happening to Riku,” Sora demanded.
“It’s his heart. Even he a wielder of the Keyblade, is not free from the darkness. His heart is struggling against what he was destined to be. When that happens, well you should be able to see,” Salix replied.
“But Riku doesn’t belong to the darkness anymore. So then why,” Sora asked.
“True he is no longer within the boundaries of its control. However to become pure one must be completely taken in by one of the three sides. Even you as you are now cannot be pure,” Salix explained. “As such I have free reign over the control of your beings.”
“Huh what are you going on about,” Sora shouted as he summoned up the Keyblade in his right hand before charging at Salix.
Salix listened as Sora charged forward and his Keyblade slashed across at him. However the attack suddenly came to a halt less than a fraction of an inch away from Salix’s left side.
“You see you’re an impurity,” Salix said as he walked away from Sora who stood frozen as if paralyzed.
“So my heart is too weak,” Sora asked.
“No it isn’t your heart that is weak. It’s your being. The position of your full being, that is what makes you so weak,” Salix explained.
Salix snapped his fingers as the pain disappeared from Sora’s body and he collapsed to his knees. Suddenly a blade flew at Salix. As it impacted the area around the blade and its target suddenly became warped.
“You’re not an exception to this either,” Salix said as the blade flew straight through him, revealing his body to be an afterimage rather than the actual being.
The knight landed on the ground as he looked around for Salix. Suddenly Salix appeared behind the knight as he shot his arms up slashing the knight in the back with his steel claws. The armor on his back shattered as fragments of it flew everywhere landing on the ground. Salix watched as the knight collapsed to the ground and the left half of the armor that covered his head cracked as a single blue eye stared at Sora and Riku through the cracked helmet.
“You are dispensable. As you’ve fulfilled your purpose you no longer have a reason to exist. But I thank you for all that you have helped me to accomplish with Sora,” Salix said. “However your existence has come to an end. Farewell and become truly non-existent.”
Salix raised his right arm and pointed his right hand at the knight. A black light emitted from the knights body rushing out slowly at first and then picked up speed. As the light dissipated Sora turned just in time to see the knight’s body slowly began to vanish until his entire armor covered body had disappeared.
“Why, why did you kill your friend,” Sora shouted.
“Once a person fulfills their purpose they have no reason to exist. And one who exists longer than they are destined to, can only feel pain after that,” Salix explained as he turned back to face Sora.
“But that doesn’t make any sense. How could you have possibly known how long he was meant to exist? Why did you get to decide his purpose,” Sora demanded as he lay flat on the ground.
“...Don’t get so upset Sora. You see he didn’t actually have a purpose. He was created. Not born,” Salix explained. “So you see Sora I didn’t actually kill him I merely released him from his suffering.”
“Even still he had a heart. It wasn’t right to just kill him like that,” Sora shouted.
“Indeed he did have a heart. But it wasn’t really his heart,” Salix said while putting emphasis on the word his.
“What do you mean it wasn’t his heart,” Sora asked.
Salix raised his right arm as a bright light emanated from the palm of his right hand and a bright pink heart suddenly appeared.
“The heart he possessed came from the Heartless. I can only surmise that that heart was taken from a being from one of the many worlds that they visited,” Salix explained as he closed his hand around the heart and it disappeared. “But now you must depart. You see, the time to awaken it has not yet come. I’m afraid we have yet to test you fully and until then, it cannot be awakened. Sleep now young wielder.”
A bright light surrounded Salix’s right arm as one of his steel claws appeared and he charged forward with it.
“S-Sora,” Riku shouted as he attempted to get to his feet.
Salix shot his right arm forward in a punching motion. The three blades seemed to almost cut through the air as Sora shut his eyes tightly and tried to raise his arms in front of his face. Suddenly Salix felt an odd vibration move up through his steels claws until it had made contact with his right arm and continued forward.
“You seem to be quite protective of him. But I suppose I should have assumed as much since you have been through quite a bit together,” Salix said as Riku appeared in front of Sora breathing heavily from exhaustion but held the Keyblade in a defensive position nonetheless.
“I-I won’t let you hurt Sora,” Riku replied.
Sora looked up at Riku. He was clearly running on empty. As for how much of a beating he could take it was clear that it wouldn’t take too much to knock him out cold.
“Your body has weakened. On honest terms you shouldn’t be able to fight right now. But clearly your strong friendship with Sora allows you to move just within your physical constraints,” Salix said.
“That’s right, so long as Sora needs my help. I’ll never lose or run out of energy,” Riku replied.
“Touching but I’m afraid you can barely stand. Fighting right now is simply out of your reach,” Salix said as his right arm shot up throwing the Keyblade from Riku’s grasp.
Riku watched as his Keyblade vanished leaving himself defenseless, just before the pain set in and everything went dark.

Dawning Twilight

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