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Fanfiction ► The Hearts that Form the Key

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Dawning Twilight

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Jun 6, 2005
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next chapter will be a discussion like chapter and i am using other Exiled Order members in order to do this. i hope it will be satisfactory expect it up by Friday at the latest because of editing, correcting and approval by a few members here at KHI who belong to the Exiled Order.


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Jan 6, 2006
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very good man. the suspense is killing me haha. im wondering what "it" is. haha cant wait for the next chap.

Dawning Twilight

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Jun 6, 2005
Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
well not quite i hope you enjoy it now though Geist. well folks i'm sure people know the drill by now xD enjoy the new chapter.

Chapter 11: The Exiled

The room was large and its color was a pale white. It’s structure was like a massive cube only with a circular area in the middle large enough to fill over 28 large chairs with small gaps in-between each chair. The chairs were all rather simplistic. Each had two large armrests, a rather wide stretching seat and a towering back to the seat as well. However the backs of the chairs were battered and old. The stone had been shattered and bits and pieces of it were scattered lying on the ground. Several symbols of the twilight were hung around the room some on the chairs and some on the walls. Each chair had a small but visible number written in roman numerals in front of it. Most of the seats were currently vacant only chair numbers 4, 6, 7, 9, 13, 17 and 18 were occupied at the current moment.
“He’s late,” number 9 muttered sounding a bit irritated.
“Should we send someone out to, ya know, find him,” number 18 asked sounding more like he was putting out a hit on the person.
“You’ve forgotten they’re late too. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet,” number 4 added calmly with an almost kind manor to her words.
“Perhaps, we’ll give him another 10 more minutes, no more and no less,” number 7 said.
“Why do we have to wait? I mean after all, if the intelligence reports were correct, then why would he even show,” number 13 asked.
“To show he’s not a complete coward,” number 9 answered swiftly drawing out a brief bit of laughter from some of the Exiled.
“We shouldn’t convict him before we’ve heard his side of the story. Besides, we have yet to hear from Rextanse as of yet, so we have no evidence to prove it,” number 17 explained.
“True. But it’s always the smart ones that end up being so stupid,” number 9 added.
“Regardless of whether he is innocent or guilty, we will wait,” number 6 said speaking up.
“Another 8 minutes and 50 odd seconds,” number 9 added in as both he and a few other of the Exiled smirked.
Suddenly a large black portal opened up around the number 23 seat as Xishn appeared where the portal had opened up as he sat down facing the other Exiled Order members that were present at the current time.
“So, you finally decided to show up,” number 18 said.
“Of course, I wouldn’t have missed this for the world,” Xishn replied taunting them already.
“Don’t be so arrogant. You are late after all,” number 9 added.
“My bad, no really it is. So to make up for it please accept my humblest apologies. I truly am sorry really, see these tears aren’t fake,” Xishn replied as he moved his right hand up and pointed to his right eye as he mocked his superior.
“Don’t make me remove you tongue,” number 9 said as he closed his left hand into a tightly curled fist.
“Why do you even bother to show any emotions? Don’t wear a mask if you’re not at a masquerade,” number 17 asked.
“That’s enough,” number 7 said interrupting the two. “We didn’t assemble here to argue, we came here to sort out the current issues with number 10. Where is he right now Xishn?”
“He couldn’t make it. So I’ll be his representative in his place,” Xishn answered as he moved his right hand and pointed his thumb at himself.
“What is he doing,” number 17 asked.
“He has a bit of a rat problem right now. You see he sent out the exterminator but since that didn’t work now we he has to use some homemade materials, to snap the rat’s neck,” Xishn answered.
“This concerns me. What do you think number 7,” number 6 asked as he turned to face his ally.
“I believe Salix should be here. However as you two are both close allies Xishn, I suppose we can allow you to speak wisely on his behalf,” number 7 explained. “Just keep the wisely part in mind.”
“Yeah sure what ever ya say,” Xishn replied as suddenly two more portals suddenly opened up around both seats 14 and 24 as two people in Exiled Order cloaks appeared. “Being fashionably late is so last year.”
“Shut up, what would you know about this,” number 24 retorted.
“More than what a little brat like you would know,” Xishn replied calmly.
“Silence your tongues,” number 9 said showing signs of some irritation.
“Agreed, we need to remember our places,” number 14 added.
“Moving on, I would like to know. What is Salix currently working on,” number 4 asked.
“As of now he’s continuing his research on the heart and Keyblade creation,” Xishn explained. “He’s also working on a prototype of one of the former wielders.”
“You mean he’s found a way to duplicate them,” number 18 asked.
“Yeah, or at least he believes he has. I’m not certain of how the results are moving along though,” Xishn answered.
“This is dangerous. We can’t have them running around freely again,” number 9 said.
“Yet it would be interesting to see the fruits of his labor, no,” number 14 suggested as he raised his right arm as if to pose a question.
“It would prove useful to us. That is if it’s a success,” number 7 added.
“But what if it escapes? What would we do then,” number 18 asked.
“Salix said he had a way to control, and if necessary destroy it,” Xishn answered.
“Even still, there are risks attached to it,” number 13 said as he waves his left hand.
“As I see it there are plenty of pros and cons to this “experiment” of Salix’s. However without any results, it may be difficult to decide,” number 4 explained.
“Perhaps then waiting until the prototype has been completed and tested would be the best action for now,” number 17 suggested.
“Yes, I agree,” number 4 replied. “So then it’s decided. Unless anyone disagrees.”
Number 4 looked around at the other Exiled Order members and waited for a response or question to be added to the conversation.
“Xishn, would you care to explain why the three Keyblade wielders are currently present at Salix’s stronghold,” number 7 asked.
“Once the prototype has been tested, they’ll unlock the real McCoy in exchange for their friends. It’s as simple as that,” Xishn explained.
“No, it’s not quite as simple as that,” number 9 said.
“He’s right Xishn. If indeed the Keyblade wielders are involved, this is certainly going to become much more difficult,” number 4 added.
“Those monsters were capable of defeating the Organization save maybe Xemnas. If he releases them again they could having their own freewill, come after us,” number 7 explained.
“Perhaps, but they will have limiters on them. Besides one of them has already been released, he just has yet to figure out who he is for himself,” Xishn explained.
“He released one already? Without the authority of the Order,” number 13 said irritated.
“Heh yeah in a way. It’s not like you have any higher jurisdiction over him or anything,” Xishn replied.
“Bah, he blatantly does as he feels and rarely acknowledges our presence. Why should we allow someone like him to remain in the Order,” number 13 argued as he slammed his left fist on the armrest.
“Because his knowledge is vast and extending, if you were to destroy or let him go, it would be a terrible waste. Besides soon the younger one will come to fruition,” Xishn replied.
“I assume you’ll explain this to us further,” number 18 asked.
“Well I could, but then I wouldn’t be able to make a joke about you assuming, now would I,” Xishn answered as he smirked.
“How many times do I have to tell you to silence your irrelevant babbling,” number 9 said as he raised his left hand in the air.
The air around the Exiled Order member’s left hand warped as an oddly shaped sword appeared in it. Tightly the sword number 9 took aim with the blade and threw it straight at Xishn. The blade and the hilt spun around in a circular motion as it flew at Xishn. As the blade was about to impact it suddenly disappeared into one of Xishn’s many mirrors. The sword then reappeared as a second mirror appeared above number 9. The sword dropped harshly on the left arm rest as the blade sunk into the cold hard stone. The sword itself was completely undamaged but the chair now had a rather large hole made from the sword’s impact. A bright flash of light surrounded the sword as number 9 made it disappear the same way it had originally appeared.
“Don’t bother making a move against me. My defense is truly iron clad,” Xishn said.
“Only to those who are ignorant of your capabilities, but not me, I’m more than capable of shredding your paper shield,” number 9 replied.
Suddenly two loud clanging sounds echoed through the air near the two as the two of them turned to see two Keyblades jammed into their seats. The Dawn Keyblade was jammed to the right side of Xishn’s head only a few inches away from physically touching him, while the Dusk Keyblade was jammed a few inches to the left of number 9’s head. Number 7 slowly let his arms fall down as they landed on his armrests he glanced at both Xishn and number 9.
“This is ridiculous, you both act as though you have hearts to feel hatred towards each other. However, being who we are it is clear that you cannot feel such,” number 7 said as he raised his right hand and snapped his fingers as the two Keyblades immediately vanished.
“Agreed, this kind of pointless squabbling won’t get us any closer to our real goal,” number 6 added.
“Which is why if you two don’t stop bickering, I’ll make you stop bickering,” number 7 stated.
“Now that, that’s over, could you explain what you meant when you spoke about the one he’s already released,” number 14 said as he tapped his right pointer finger on the armrest.
“Well to put this simply, he’s an amalgamation of many beings,” Xishn explained.
“So then, who was he formed together with,” number 4 asked.
“I’m afraid, even Xishn doesn’t know that,” a voice said as a portal opened up around the chair with the number marked 10 on it.
As the portal of darkness disappeared Xishn and the other Exiled Order members looked over to see Salix seated in his chair with his hood removed.


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Amazing.You really did picture Caxboj well,but I do have an example I'll PM to you.That way you know a little better as to how he acts.

Dawning Twilight

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Jun 6, 2005
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thanks everyone. well here it is as promised chapter 12 the conclusion of the Exiled meeting ^^

Chapter 12: Cold Realities

Xishn smirked as he saw his ally arrive unexpectedly. Salix had told him that he couldn’t make it and that that was the reason that he had been sent on this mission. However, his ally Salix now sat in the same room as him for the same exact reasons. Salix turned to face Xishn as Xishn nodded understanding completely why he had come. Perhaps it was the reason that he had new news to present or perhaps it was that he could explain the situation that they were currently in better. However he also noticed something in the way that Salix acted that indicated that he wasn’t fully trusted as of yet. Perhaps on the subject of truth he even had good reasons not to trust him. But as to why exactly he hadn’t been told even Xishn couldn’t determine. However he could take a few good guesses as to it.
“So you made it,” number 13 said as Xishn turned his attention back towards the group.
“I apologize, I did have something attend to before arriving here,” Salix explained.
“What’s more important than a trial for the theory of your own innocence,” number 6 asked.
“That’s simple. It is the evidence that I offer to prove the theory of my innocence,” Salix replied as he raised his right hand and snapped his fingers.
Suddenly Salix’s familiar and one of his many Silencers appeared at his right side with a folder filled with numerous documents in the grappling collar connected to its right arm. Salix slowly reached down and removed the folder and the documents from the Nobody as he glanced at the Silencer giving it a look of dismissal.
“These documents of mine contain the information, on both of them,” Salix explained as he threw the documents gracefully over to number 6.
“So these are your results,” number 6 asked.
“Yes, as you will see he’s progressed rather nicely. I have to admit, the work I have performed on him is quite extraordinary,” Salix answered.
“Perhaps, but if he finds out that you’ve hidden this kind of information from him he may crumble and then everything that you have done will have been for naught,” number 6 replied.
“That may be true, but I have little concern about that. After all he is so very loyal to me. Memories can be so very cruel,” Salix said as he quoted the deceased Vexen and drew a brief bit of laughter from a few of the other Exiled members.
“What about “it” though? How far have you managed to come along with its experimentation,” number 7 asked.
“I completed that assignment quite a while ago,” Salix answered. “I’ve found that even for we who possess no heart it is still simplistic to summon one at will.”
“So then you’ve created more than one I assume,” number 17 asked.
“Yes, currently I’ve given him one in order to see how extensive it’s capabilities in battle are,” Salix answered.
“What of Selvix? His Keyblade, it resembles your work,” number 7 said.
“It does and this is because it was my work. He’s had it for a long time now. I asked him to keep it from you, as I wished to present my experiment when the time truly came,” Salix explained.
“So then what else are you hiding,” number 9 asked as he frowned. “If you’ve hidden one thing from us, I have just cause to suspect that you’re hiding more.”
“I hid nothing. You never asked me if I had made any information previous to this, and I had no intentions of telling you that unless you asked. Which you didn’t,” Salix answered.
“He has a point you know. You shouldn’t have waited for us to ask this. We should have been informed about this a while ago,” number 24 added as he smirked.
“I will not be spoken to in such a discourteous tone. Address me as I am. Your superior,” Salix demanded.
“That’s enough Salix. If we did that, the Order would become too much like those who have already been destroyed,” number 17 warned.
“Of course, I could always just send you on a one way trip to rejoin them if you like,” number 9 said as his sword appeared in his left hand and he pointed it at Salix.
“If I were you I’d watch my own tongue. Let it stick too far out of that gaping hole in your face, and it might get cut off,” Salix warned him.
“Care to back that up,” number 9 asked as he threw the sword in his left hand at Salix.
As the blade flew forward it cut through the air and gave off a whistling like sound that could only be heard if one’s hearing was maximized to it’s full potential. Salix slowly raised his right hand as a bright light surrounded it the sword suddenly impacted creating a loud resounding echo. Xishn turned and cast a gaze over at his ally. He knew that Salix was not a warrior he was more of a leader or a scientist. However even though Salix wasn’t too fond of fighting, none of that had ever kept him from being even in his current state a truly formidable foe. Xishn watched as the light dissipated around Salix revealing number 9’s sword wedged in-between Salix’s steel claws.
“If you honestly think that I am foolish enough to attack another member of the Exiled Order here. Then perhaps you need to be taught a lesson or two,” Salix said as he flicked his wrist forward as the blade shot forward jamming itself into the back of the seat just above number 9’s head.
“Man this entertaining. You’d think we were in a movie or something,” Xishn said as he smiled finding the whole situation rather hilarious.
“Enough. This immaturity that you all are displaying is ridiculous. We have no reason to be acting like this. No hearts equals no emotions, no existence, no nothing,” number 7 shouted demanding for the group to return on track. “Salix I am a bit concerned about this. I would have preferred if you handed the information you had over to us immediately. However, I will make an exception here because of the progress you have made thus far. But make no mistake. Fail to present the information that you have acquired on time again, and we shall not be so generous then.”
“I see. If I had a heart I would say I was sorry. However, I feel nothing as the rest of you do as well. So to apologize would be pointless. But I will make up for this little incident of mine. Consider this my apology,” Salix said and raised his right hand snapping his fingers as one of his Nobodies appeared with its grappling collars attached tightly to the arms of a man that the Silencer had retrieved.
“Wh-where am I,” the man asked as he was dragged by the Silencer to the center of the room.
Xishn looked about at the others he could tell most of them were curious as to what would happen next. But a few from the group seemed as though they wanted to object to what might and probably would happen next.
“Why did you bring this here,” number 4 asked putting emphasis on the word this.
“Because, he will become my apology,” Salix answered as he pointed at the man in the middle of the room.
“You have brought just an average being of existence before us? Why do you waste our time with this,” number 13 asked irritated.
“Don’t think too quickly. I believe he has something else hidden up his sleeve,” number 14 added.
“As I do,” Salix said.
“Care to share it with the rest of us then,” number 18 asked.
“Yes, of course,” Salix said as he stretched his right arm out in front of himself as a bright flash of light appeared around him.
Slowly the light began to dissipate as an oddly shaped Keyblade appeared in his right hand.
“This is the profit that you will enjoy,” Salix explained.
“So then how do these two connect? Why did you bring them both together,” number 4 asked.
“You will see momentarily. This is after all no ordinary Keyblade,” Salix answered.
“P-please I-I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’m just a simple man trying to make my way in life. I-I didn’t do anything wrong,” the man said as tears began to drip down his cheeks showing he was extremely frightened and rightfully so as he had already been “interrogated” by the Silencer who had brought him there.
“You have committed many crimes in your life, and no doubt you will commit many more. I am merely going to release what you have been trying to hide,” Salix explained.
“I-I don’t what you’re talking about. Please just let me go,” the man begged.
“Having a heart must be so painful,” Salix said.
“Y-yeah it is,” the man replied attempting to play nice with Salix.
“Then please allow me to release it from you,” Salix replied as he stood up and pointed the Keyblade at the man.
“W-wait, please no I’ll do whatever you ask please,” the man shouted in terror but was quickly silenced as he was impaled through the heart with the Keyblade.
“So that’s what we looked like when we turned into this crap,” Xishn said as he watched the man twitch a bit and froze still like a stone statue.
Salix slowly walked forward as the other Exiled Order members watched him approach the once living man who now knelt frozen like a statue with Salix’s Keyblade jammed into the left side of his chest. Salix slowly moved his right arm out as he gripped the handle of the Keyblade, and then quickly jerked it out of the man’s chest before letting his arm droop down to his side along with the Keyblade.
“Behold, this is the power of the Vacant Existence,” Salix said as a bright flash of light appeared around the man shortly after the light disappeared the man reappeared but this time as a Shadow Heartless and a Dusk. “This Keyblade of mine is a variation to the Keyblade known as Vacant Destiny which I also created. Like the Vacant Destiny only myself, Xishn and he are capable of wielding it. As you’ve already seen the Vacant Existence allows me to separate a full being so that a Heartless is born. This result however was different as a Nobody was also created.”
“So then, this is quite interesting. You’ve found a way to increase the production of hearts and allies,” number 17 said as a bright light enveloped Salix’s Keyblade and it disappeared.
After the Keyblade disappeared Salix turned around to face the newly created Dusk and Shadow Heartless. Salix moved his left hand up and pointed it at the small Heartless. Instantly small cracks appeared all over the Heartless just before it exploded and the darkness surrounded both Salix and the small Heartless. As the darkness dissipated Salix appeared a new heart brightly glowing in his hand for a second just before he moved it into his memory where he stored the many hearts he had collected over the years. Salix then turned to the Nobody who exited the scene as Salix turned and walked back to his seat.
“Indeed, this is what I have to offer you all thus far. I hope this will be satisfactory to you all,” Salix said as he sat down again and faced the others.
“So you’ve figured a way to forcefully create many more of us and the Heartless as well. How intriguing,” number 9 said as he raised his left hand up to his chin rubbing it as if he was pondering something.
“This is interesting, however I do disagree with your methods here. Forcefully removing the heart could result in something that we do not need,” number 4 added. “Under this consideration we must also take into thought that this cannot solely be just for us.”
“That is true. I will benefit from this as well. However the end result will be the same regardless of who benefits from this the most,” Salix replied.
“He’s got a point. After all in the end result, it’ll cost over all less lives and less time,” Xishn added.
“I suppose such is needed in order for us to achieve what we all deserve,” number 4 replied.
“I’m glad that you’ve all observed the benefit in this for all of us,” Salix said.
“Excellent, then the matter at hand is finished. Number 1 will instruct you as to what to do next with this new ability that you have gained,” number 7 said. “Of course Rextanse will still need to evaluate the situation at your designated stronghold. After all he is our superior.”
“Yes of course,” Salix said as he created a large black portal around himself and disappeared.
Xishn watched his ally disappeared and did the same following his lead. The other Exiled Order members slowly one by one began to also leave the room to take care of their own individual tasks with the exception of numbers 4, 6 and 7.
“So, what do you think? Is he still trustworthy,” number 4 asked as she stared over toward the other two Exiled Order members.
“As far as I can see, we should still keep him within arms length. Just in case,” number 6 added.
“Yes I agree. Salix may indeed have good intentions for the Order but we cannot be sure until we delve deeper into his world,” number 7 said.
“So until then,” number 6 asked trailing off and waiting for the answer.
“Yes we keep an eye on him,” number 4 answered.
“But only an eye, two eyes would be excessive and might alert him to our suspicions,” number 7 said. “And that is something we do not need.”
“Ok then, do you want to be the one to inform him,” number 6 asked.
“Yes I will inform him,” number 4 said. “And Rextanse?”
“We said we would let him continue his search. We have no real reason to remove him from his goal nor do we have the seniority. So until then we stick with his plan,” number 7 said.
“Fine with me,” number 6 replied.
“Good, I’ll go speak with him now,” number 4 said.
As soon as she finished speaking the three Exiled Order members disappeared into their own portals each going to complete their own separate objectives.


Mar 27, 2007
Great story so far I really like the details and depth that you put into it.

Dawning Twilight

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Jun 6, 2005
Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
thanks you two ^^ a fight scene between Daxic and Xishn is here along with details and bits on the attitudes between some of the Exiled members. enjoy ^^

Chapter 13: Concealed Initiatives

A loud echo flew through the room as two portals suddenly opened up in another area within the Exiled Orders main base of operations. Slowly Salix and Xishn exited the portals as they walked through the large empty hallway. It could have easily been mistaken for one of the hallways in Castle Oblivion with the exception of the towering pillars that went from floor to ceiling. The large empty hallway made it perfect for Salix to tell who was there since the echoes that went through the hallway were as clear as freshly polished glass.
“So, what’d ya think old man,” Xishn asked as the two of them stopped walking.
Xishn turned to face his ally who had recently put his hood up again since leaving the meeting with the other Exiled Order members.
“I’m not completely reassured that they trust us. However it has bought us some time. Rextanse however must be stopped before he finds them,” Salix replied.
“How do you want to handle that exactly,” Xishn asked.
“We may have to force him into a corner, at least until Sora can help us release it,” Salix explained.
“Ok, but I’d like to get a chance to see Roxas again if you don’t mind,” Xishn said.
“If you see him again, you may not be able to fight him,” Salix said.
“I’ll be able to do it. I know that Roxas isn’t one of us or even among us anymore,” Xishn replied.
“Stop fooling yourself Xishn. You and I both know the truth. Regardless of whether you fight Roxas or Sora it will end with an unpleasant taste to it,” Salix explained.
“Do you honestly think that any of the others are capable of defeating him,” Xishn asked showing clearly now his need to see Roxas again.
“To be honest I doubt even you would be capable of defeating him. However if indeed our allies are incapable of defeating him, I will allow you a second chance,” Salix answered.
“I suppose I should show some kind of gratitude for that, shouldn’t I,” Xishn said smirking.
“You couldn’t even if you wanted to, so don’t bother,” Salix replied.
“But what about him is he ready for battle yet,” Xishn asked.
“Yes and no. Perhaps he can now but he won’t be able to until later,” Salix answered.
“Eh? You all right there old man,” Xishn asked pretending to be confused just for the fun of it. “But beyond just having fun here what about Daxic? Are we supposed to just do whatever he says?”
“That is not your concern. My alliance with Daxic is purely out of the reasons that are occurring right now,” Salix replied.
“Yeah but even still I don’t like the idea of following his orders,” Xishn said putting emphasis on the word his.
“…Would you even follow one of his orders if he demanded it from you,” Salix asked.
“Naw I guess not. I just get the feeling there’s something more to this alliance then what we can see,” Xishn answered.
“…Just don’t get too nosey understand,” Salix said warning Xishn.
“Yeah yeah you don’t have to worry about that, too much,” Xishn replied being honest and yet joking at the same time.
“I must go attend to the stronghold. What you do now is none of my concern so long as you return soon and stay away from Sora and Roxas,” Salix said.
“Yeah whatever you say old man,” Xishn replied as he watched Salix disappear into a large black portal that he had created around himself. “So Roxas, it looks like I might get to see you after all.”
“Perhaps, you will if that is your goal,” a voice said as a portal opened up behind Xishn and a man dressed in a black Exiled Order cloak walked out of it. “Is that, what you desire?”
“What business is it of yours to know what I desire, Daxic,” Xishn asked clearly showing hostility towards the other Exiled Order member.
Slowly Daxic took a step forward before removing his hood to reveal a man with long pointy blood red hair and bright yellow eyes.
“As allies we need to trust and know each other well. After all I’m only attempting to help you as your ally,” Daxic replied as he raised his right hand up as if to offer him something but clearly nothing was there.
“If I needed your help or wanted you to know me better I would have come to you when we first became allies,” Xishn said.
“Well regardless of how you feel about our alliance together, it is here and I only wish to help preserve it,” Daxic responded with an odd tone in his voice.
“Well don’t take this too personally but I don’t really like you,” Xishn said. “I’m not sure if the old man realizes this or not but if you really wanna try to control me, try dangling something worth while in front of my nose, rather than something worthless.”
“What do you mean,” Daxic asked curiously.
“You don’t have to pretend to not understand, I know what you’re trying to do,” Xishn replied as he raised his right hand and snapped his fingers as a large octagonal shaped mirror appeared on his right side. “Reflections are always very clear when you look in a mirror.”
“An interesting idea, but tell me. How do you intend to prove it,” Daxic asked as Xishn turned around in the other direction so his back was now facing Daxic.
“That isn’t your concern. But perhaps you should be more concerned about who I tell this to. I’m sure if some of the others were to find out about this it wouldn’t exactly help you now would it,” Xishn asked.
Suddenly a large blade shot forward attached to a long chain. The blade flew over Xishn’s left shoulder just before slamming into a near by stone pillar. The blade of the weapon sunk into it as if the pillar was made out of butter. Suddenly the blade jerked backwards as it shot back to its owner.
“So, that’s how you’re going to try and stop me,” Xishn asked.
“I really didn’t want to do this unless absolutely necessary. However now it has become such, if you’re refusing to keep your alliance,” Daxic answered.
“If that’s what you insist upon. Then I’d be happy to respond to this hostility with my own force,” Xishn replied as several more mirrors appeared around him hovering in the air. “Shall we call this, self-defense?”
Suddenly one of Xishn’s familiars the Nobody known as a Void Knight appeared its sword clutched tightly in its hands. Xishn turned and reached his hand out as he gripped the sword and the Nobody disappeared leaving the two to their own battle. Daxic quickly made the first move of the battle as his chain like weapon shot forward. However the scythe end of the weapon missed its target as Xishn sidestepped off to his left side and ran forward at his enemy. Whether he didn’t want to or didn’t need to Daxic watched as Xishn almost instantly closed in on him the blade he had taken from his Nobody in hand. As the blade was about to impact Xishn halted his offensive less than an inch away from a barrier made of acid. While Xishn was a talented defensive fighter he wasn’t the only one in the Exiled Order with such talents for defense. Slowly Xishn took a step back realizing that a straight forward offensive was pointless. As his left foot moved back slowly the scythe end of Daxic’s chain weapon flew back. Xishn’s body lurched forward as the scythe like weapon impacted with more force than he had prepared for. His quick defensive instincts and reactions had allowed him to escape death once again as his back was now protected by one of his octagonal mirrors.
“Do you want to continue now,” Daxic asked as the shield of acid lowered a bit so his face was visible.
“How nice of you to let me take the lead in this little waltz,” Xishn replied as another of his mirrors approached and he willingly entered it as he disappeared.
Daxic’s eyes traced the room for any signs of Xishn but couldn’t find him. The mirrors hovered around Daxic as if they were planets orbiting around the sun. Suddenly he felt a bit of pressure on his acid barrier from behind him and turned to see nothing. Then once again he felt some pressure on the barrier this time to his left side. It felt almost as if his barrier had been struck by a small rock yet when he turned to his left clearly nothing was there. Yet something must have hit him since he had felt it. Daxic suddenly felt something cold press against the back of his neck, as Xishn appeared half way through one of his mirrors the blade of his sword touching the back of Daxic’s neck softly.
“Looks like I win,” Xishn said as he was suddenly enveloped in a large black portal.
As Xishn disappeared along with the portal his mirrors hovered like helicopters for a second before disappearing. Daxic stared forward as he watched a black portal open up as Xishn walked out of it the sword in his hand had now disappeared.
“So then what now,” Daxic asked as his acid barrier began to disappear along with his scythe like weapon. “What do you intend to do now that you have won?”
“Return to my real allies. I have other business to attend to,” Xishn answered putting much emphasis on the word real.
“And what about this,” Daxic asked referring to their battle.
“I’ll keep this little fight in the dark for now. But don’t get me wrong, I’m still not your ally, nor do I intend to follow the rules for this little game of yours,” Xishn replied as he turned to enter his portal again.
“If you insist you are not, then fine. Just remember Salix is my ally and you are Salix’s ally. We are connected, you and I. So just remember your place in our alliance. Other than that, I won’t ask much of you,” Daxic explained.
“Yeah whatever,” Xishn replied as he entered his portal again before disappearing along with it.
Daxic watched until the portal had completely vanished and smirked in a rather intimidating way.
“…You have no idea, how much I control as of yet,” Daxic muttered as he created a portal around himself and took his leave of the large and now empty hallway in the Exiled Order’s main base of operations.
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