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Fanfiction ► The Hearts that Form the Key

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Dawning Twilight

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Jun 6, 2005
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^thanks Xodyc i'm glad you enjoyed it. the next chapter will be up as soon as i get caught up with it a bit. i'm currently writing chapter 10 so it may take some time. ^^
btw here are my character profiles for all who care =D

Exiled Order #: 10
Original Name: Sail
Exiled Name: Salix
Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous
Age: 28
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 128Lb
Eyes: Gray glazed, he’s blind
Hair: Long black covers his right eye, extends to his shoulder blades
Sex: Male
Alias: The Vigilant Erudite
Weapon: Steel Claws
Clothing: Trademark sky-blue organization cloak.
Hometown: Dark City
Theme Song:
Fighting style: Salix is a calm fighter who uses most of the time his Heartless and Nobodies to do his dirty work. However when forced to Salix will fight but only as a last resort. Salix when entering a fight uses his steel claws in order to end the battle quickly. He is very swift, agile and flexible which are all characteristics that make him deadly when in close range combat.
Quote: “Being nothing and yet existing in a non-existent way and form. Perhaps this would be explainable if I understood how the different styles of memories work and coexist.”
Personality: Salix is very focused in his studies of the heart and is determined to figure out how to find out everything about the heart. Only those within the internal organization that Salix founded know Salix in truth as he often secludes himself from others in order to further his powers over the element of Diffusion of Hearts.
Nobody Name: Silencers
Nobody Description: Their bodies are silvery and contorted, each has the symbol for Twilight on the left side of their chest, and their feet curve upwards with their toes looking very much like hooks. Their weapons beyond their strongly built bodies are their grappling collars that are each attached to long chains and their loose sleeve like arms. Their strongly built bodies allow for strong physical kicks and the ability to pull or swing their enemies around while attached to their grappling collars and chains.
Element: Diffusion of Hearts
Element Description: The element Diffusion of Hearts allows Salix to diffuse hearts from their bodies or hosts. In addition to that Diffusion of Hearts also allows Salix to take hold of a heart through his own will and contain it in a part of his memories so it is fresh for usage and safe from Heartless dominance. As a result it also allows for him to summon up the hearts he has diffused and create Heartless in his own image. Unfortunately unconsciously aware of this his own element is slowly eating away at his youth, soul and body.
Background: As a Nobody Salix remembers who he was and what his name formerly was as well. Sail was his name that he went by when he was turned into a Nobody. Although he does not speak nor care about his former life he does remember every aspect of it. His life as Sail was spent in Dark City. It was almost always dark there save a couple of hours in a day. Over his long time there Salix preoccupied himself with experimentation on items such as memories and the heart. It was in fact his own choice to leave his heart behind and become a Nobody. However he even before becoming a Nobody had been blind and thus from a very young age had learned how to take care of himself without anyone else’s help via strengthening his other senses. He met with very little people on his home world and kept to himself. He does not know what became of his world but cares little as he is more interested in his research as of now. When he woke up after becoming a Nobody he was found by Xemnas who encouraged his research for his own gains. However when Salix began to delve to deeply into his personal research he was deemed as no longer necessary for the Organization and was attacked several times by different Organization XIII members. This continued until finally Salix created his own stronghold and made it impossible to create a portal within it unless he allowed it. He now continues with his latest experiment which only his allies know about and is very dangerous and yet somehow information regarding it has leaked out.

Exiled Order #: 23
Original Name: Shin
Exiled Name: Xishn
Dominant Hand: Left
Age: 19
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 143Lb
Eyes: blue eyes
Hair: Short brown rounded on the top, a bit messy extends to the bottom of the ears.
Sex: Male
Alias: The Emulating Shield
Weapon: Many octagonal shaped mirrors and temporarily a Keyblade named Obscured Existence.
Clothing: Sky-blue organization cloak, long black pants, boots, guards on the legs extending to beginning of the knee cap, arm guards and a short sleeved white shirt.
Hometown: The City of the Setting Sun
Theme Song:
Fighting style: Xishn is a natural at hand to hand combat and quite often uses his combat skills in addition to his ultimate defense. In addition to Xishn’s powerful hand to hand combat skills he also uses mirrors to redirect attacks which is why he’s gained the reputation of being known as one of the most powerful defensive members of the Exiled Order.
Quote: “Once you become evil you must admit it. Hiding darkness within the darkness will get you nowhere. As I hold darkness I am darkness thus the purity of darkness is no more different than the purity of light.”
Personality: Xishn is very carefree. He enjoys taunting and making fun of anyone he meets which includes both his allies and enemies. While Xishn has very few true allies those who he is very close to know him for how he can truly be underneath the façade.
Nobody Name: Void Knight
Nobody Description: A large Nobody with a strong upper built body. The face is covered by an oval shaped mask with no eyeholes and the symbol for twilight on it. The hands are claw like and constantly grip the large sword which it uses for combat.
Element: Heart Cavity
Element Description: Heart Cavity is the ability to look into and enter the world within a person’s heart. As each heart has an individual world Heart Cavity allows Xishn to enter any of them so long as he is in direct contact with the person whose heart he enters. As a result of this he can alter the world within a heart making 1 day seem like a second in the real world. The ability also allows for him to bring out and separate a person’s Nobody from their heart but only within the world he enters.
Background: Xishn formerly Shin used to live on a world called The City of the Setting Sun. The world he lived on is close to the border of the realm of twilight and thus the world seems almost always like it’s in a state of day moving onto night or dusk. While living there Shin lived normally and calmly as an average everyday person. Shin lived his days out on his world resting on one of the hills that overlooked his home and then doing odd jobs in order to save up enough to live his average day to day life. Everything seemed average to him until the day that he came into contact with a person of whom he has currently no recollection of. His first memories after his contact with the unknown person were awakening in a small puddle of water in The World That Never Was. He was found by Salix who since meeting him has been a loyal subordinate to him. Xishn does as Salix commands him to do with very little questions. While Xishn does follow Salix he also tends to taunt him and everyone around him but his true being is suppressed underneath the exterior and only Salix knows how he truly acts beneath the façade. Even though Xishn doesn’t remember who he met the day he became a Nobody he does not hold that against them as he enjoys his less than average life and working for Salix. Xishn left Organization XIII because he wanted to continue to work for Salix as he has become an extremely loyal follower of him.

Exiled Order #: 28
Original Name: Leon
Exiled Name: Lonex
Dominant Hand: Right
Age: 21
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 157Lb
Eyes: Green
Hair: Long dangling black hair
Sex: Male
Alias: The Ensnared Facade
Weapon: Multiple long chains
Clothing: Half of a mask covering the left side of his face with an eyehole and a black Organization cloak with the symbol for darkness on the upper left hand of the glove and the symbol for twilight on the upper right hand of the glove.
Hometown: Genesis Valley
Theme Song:
Fighting style: Crazed with an overpowering will to kill and survive, very ferocious almost like he has a split personality and relentless.
Quote: “Lost, a part of all of us is always lost within the decay of time. Whether it be memories, our body, our heart or the essence of whom we are. Eventually something is lost and as a result something is lost. Perhaps this explains the reason for this meager existence of mine. Regardless of what I lost I still artificially exist so that must mean because I exist in some form of false existence that I still have a reason, a reason to live and finish living. So now you will show me why I still must exist and present to me true existence.
Personality: Calm most of the time, he often stays away from the other members as he only associates with allies that he feels he can 100% trust. Lonex as a result of this is respectful to his allies and almost a silent enigma to all others.
Nobody Name: Masqueraders
Nobody Description: The Nobody is massive its arms are far too large as compared to its body. On either arm is a large blade in the form of the symbol for twilight. Perhaps because of its size it hangs over slightly as if being pressured by the force of its own weight in its arms. Its face is covered by a mask with an eyehole on the right side and on the left side half of the symbol of twilight.
Element: Inter-dimensional Travel
Element Description: The power of Inter-dimensional Travel allows Lonex to move through different dimensions and gives off illusions of where he is and how fast he is. This ability also allows Lonex to be able to use more surprising and powerful attacks for instance Lonex is able to send his weapons the chains through different dimensions and then come out close to the enemy to attack them.
Background: Lonex formerly known as Leon lived in Genesis Valley as it was known. He lived as an artist in the field of puppetry. He often would present little plays every once in a while to groups of young children. Enjoying his life Leon lived calmly and worked hard until the day that his planet was destroyed by massive amounts of Heartless. Although he attempted to save the children of his home he was easily defeated. Upon awakening as a Nobody he became known as Lonex. The person who found him was Xishn who convinced him to join Salix. Overtime Lonex has shown remarkable battle strength and is almost as powerful as Xishn. He is however mentally unstable in battle and sometimes even outside of battle. He tends to get violent when fighting enemies or impatient with his allies. This was the reason he was removed from Organization XIII however he is treated fairly amongst Salix and his allies and he works fairly to defend Salix and the others from harm.

Exiled Order #: He’s not technically a part of the Exiled Order nor is he a Nobody he’s just been temporarily recruited as a personal helper by Salix.
Original Name: Ethan
Exiled Name: Xaneth
Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous
Age: 16
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 131Lb
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Long green extending to his shoulder blades
Sex: Male
Alias: The Shattered Providence
Weapon: Long steel gauntlets and steel leg protectors and a Keyblade known as Vacant Destiny
Clothing: Sky-blue Organization cloak, long black pants, white short sleeved shirt and armor.
Hometown: Unknown
Theme Song:
Fighting style: In battle with his own hand-to-hand combat skills in use along with his steel gauntlets and leg protectors he is extremely deadly. Xaneth hand-to-hand combat skills are almost second to none and while he is a user of martial arts he is also a very creative hand-to-hand combat artist and sometimes his movements appear to those he fights is as if he’s break dancing. While using the Keyblade in combat Xaneth is very swift and deadly moving instantaneously and without warning could end enemies some enemies without them realizing a battle had even started.
Quote: “Memories are what we all are. After all we only exist cause we learned to breathe at one point or another. If we were to lose that memory we would cease to live. So if we lose memories of who we are, then we should become nothing. And yet I must remember something for I am not a nothing.”
Personality: Calm and respectful of few. Xaneth tends to seclude himself from the others sometimes. However this is because of how interested he is in finding out who he really is and what his identity is. His boundary of trust is small as he can’t remember much about himself.
Nobody Name: None
Nobody Description: None
Element: Alteration, Barrier Creation
Element Description: The ability of Alteration allows for Xaneth to not only alter the physical form and abilities of his weapons but also himself as well. Alteration also seems to work well with the environment well adapting it to his own needs. Barrier Creation is as simple as it sounds just the ability to create barriers some of which are a little more powerful than the standard.
Background: Not much is known about Xaneth. What past he had he can’t remember. He was saved thanks to Salix who has helped him in his long road to recovery. Currently he has enough strength to fight but is only at a total of 69% recovery. Although Xaneth knows little about his past he is knowledgeable enough to know that somehow his trust was violated. However Salix understand much more than Xaneth does and although Salix does trust him he is hiding the truth from him in order preserve the new purity of who Xaneth is.
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Dawning Twilight

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Jun 6, 2005
Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
thank you Xayn and all. well now for Chapter 7 enjoy everyone ^^

Chapter 7: Trust and Recovery

Salix ran his fingers across the keyboard rapidly typing commands into the computers mainframe. Several documents containing the words “the lost two” and “birth by sleep” opened up in small windows. As Salix passed through the many documents two portals opened up behind him as Xishn and the younger Organization member from earlier appeared.
“So what’s up,” Xishn asked.
“It’s almost completely finished now, it’s just a matter of how quickly the final phase of its awakening moves along,” Salix replied. “What about the Keyblade wielders. What have you determined about them?”
“The two with the Keyblades from the realms of darkness and twilight are well developed in terms of speed, power and ability. However they rank as only medium level threats in my thoughts, I’m more concerned about Roxas,” Xishn explained.
“Why do you call him that? You know Roxas has been reintegrated with his heart. No matter what you think or do he’s no longer Roxas his name is as it was and is meant to be, Sora,” the young Exiled Order member replied.
“What do you know about him? I’ve looked into his eyes. Regardless of what name he has now he’s still there, only now he’s found his true existence within Sora,” Xishn replied as Salix stopped typing into the computer and turned to face Xishn and the young Exiled Order member.
“That’s enough. Xishn, as much as this pains me, that is if I had a heart to feel that emotion. If you fail to test him again I will have no choice but to temporarily remove you from my services and if necessary I will freeze your number and rank,” Salix explained. “Is this understood?”
“…You don’t have to worry about it. I told you before when I first joined you that I’d do whatever was necessary. Even if necessary means killing Roxas again,” Xishn replied.
“If it comes down to that which it might, I will hold you too your word,” Salix said.
“When I meet him next I’ll show him how deadly ones own reflection can truly be,” Xishn said.
“Good, then until then you should occupy yourself with this new assignment,” Salix said as he tossed a piece of paper to Xishn. “Retrieve for me what I have requested and then return here for what I have planned for you next.”
“Great, so now I have to play delivery boy,” Xishn said. “Whatever I’ll do as I’m told I suppose. Later old man.”
Xishn then created a portal behind himself as he slowly exited the room leaving Salix and the young Exiled Order member alone. Salix slowly turned back to his work and began once again typing commands into the computers mainframe.
“Are you sure this is wise? He might not be telling the full truth,” the young Exiled Order member said questioning his superior.
“Xishn is trustworthy. I’ve entrusted him with many things in the past and until now he’s never once disappointed me,” Salix replied.
“Which is why I’m concerned. Now he’s suddenly showing a great deal of weakness. If he flinches things could get complicated,” the young Exiled Order member explained.
“Neither he nor the situation and progress of my goal are something that you need to be concerned about. Xishn won’t fail me again of this I am completely certain. So perhaps you should show less concern for Xishn and more concern for yourself Xaneth,” Salix said as he continued to type rapidly into the keyboard. “Beyond that how is the condition of your recovery? Are you making good progress?”
“Yes, I’m beginning to feel a lot stronger. However I still can’t seem to remember any of my memories. Why is that,” Xaneth asked.
“You’re experiencing difficulties with your memory? That I guess was to be expected,” Salix said as he pulled up a document on Xaneth which showed written documents and images of him as well. “When I first began trying to help you recover, your body was resistant to my help and so it was quite difficult to help you recover physically. However I was eventually able to help repair most of your cells. Enough to help you regain enough strength to do average jobs, however your memories were impossible to recover. Although memories are but mere data, they are not the kind that are compatible through technology. Memories are compatible only through flesh. Whether or not you’ll ever regain them is simply up to you. I was hoping an encounter with the Keyblade wielder would help spark a few of your memories. So what do you say? Are you up to it?”
“I’m not sure. I think my body still needs a bit more rest but I’ll see if I am. I’m still curious as to how much power I can output,” Xaneth replied.
“Good, then I want you to use it in your battle with the Keyblade wielder. I want to see what you are currently capable of when put up against him, as well as what he will think when he realizes who you really are,” Salix explained.
“What about the other two,” Xaneth asked.
“Detain them behind a barrier until the battle is over. Once you’ve assessed his and your own strength leave the battle, afterwards you’ll have to rest in the recovery chamber for a while,” Salix answered.
“I understand. I’ll find out what I need to know through Sora,” Xaneth replied as he created a portal behind himself and entered it.
As Salix sat for a while he typed a few more things in and opened a single file labeled “assessment”.
“…You can come out now. He left,” Salix said as a portal opened up behind him and Lonex walked forward his large body towering over Salix who sat in his seat his documents opened up in front of him.
“He’s come very close. I’m not sure his presence can be ignored any longer,” Lonex said warning Salix.
“I know. Rextanse, what an irritating fly, he just refuses to give up,” Salix said.
“Perhaps because he’s caught on about it and the boy,” Lonex suggested.
“No, he can’t have caught on about him. But the experiment perhaps that is the reason he’s come here. Regardless of his reasons he won’t let us off the hook so simply this time. Even with all of you that I’ve gathered as my guards and assistants, I don’t believe this will end without me having to fight,” Salix explained.
“Xishn and I are nearly equal in terms of power. I believe we should be able to finish him alone,” Lonex replied.
“Perhaps, but then again perhaps not,” Salix said as he turned around on his seat and stood up to face Lonex. “He’s problematic either way. Find him and then on my authority force him out of the stronghold. Flies are not welcome to do as they please here. Not within my territory.”
“I’ll go attend to the fly then,” Lonex replied as he created a portal around himself and disappeared.
Salix listened until he was sure Lonex had left, but even still stood perfectly still as if he was thinking hard about something that he was conflicted with basing an opinion on. As Salix stood there a single sentence from the document came into full view behind him. “As he is one of them perhaps then I can make a definitive link through the doorway and enter the realm through which he will soon become fully capable of unlocking, Kingdom Hearts.”

Dawning Twilight

The Egotistical Bastard
Jun 6, 2005
Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
well for your enjoyment i will now post chapter 8 it goes into a lot of description especially involving a certain Organization XIII member that we've all grown to like as well as Sora. =D enjoy and please feel free to post comments of what you think. ^^

Chapter 8: Those Who Wield the Blade

The hallways seemed endless. Rextanse looked around; he’d definitely been there before. It seemed hopeless, and perhaps that was what Salix was attempting to do, make him lose all hope of exposing him.
“Why do they always have to insist on being so difficult? Well I suppose that’s what I should have expected from the beginning. After all, going after Salix I suppose that was pretty obvious of how difficult this was going to be,” Rextanse said out loud.
“Why bother moving forward? You could always just leave,” a voice said as a portal appeared a little ways ahead and Lonex walked out to face Rextanse.
“…Is he sending his lackeys after me already,” Rextanse asked.
“Salix has no need for people who interfere. So perhaps you should leave before you complicate matters further,” Lonex suggested.
“I could do that, but then where would the fun be in that,” Rextanse asked.
“I see, so you will not be swayed. Fine I understand how to deal with your kind,” Lonex said as he took a small step forward. “All I need is a bigger flyswatter!”
Lonex felt the air change around him as 7 long chains appeared around him and some even wrapped around his body like snakes. He watched Rextanse carefully making sure his chains were prepared to strike at him. Taking the first move three of the chains shot forward at Rextanse which were all easily dodged by sidestepping, his speed a bit too fast for the chains to keep up with. Responding to Rextanse’s speed, Lonex created several small dimensional holes through which the chains passed through and then disappeared. Knowing how the attack worked Rextanse prepared himself. As the chains shot forward at him from almost all directions, he managed to barely move out of the way getting hit only twice by the chains as they attacked where he had been standing. Lonex then had his chains return to him as he watched Rextanse summon his true weapon for battle, as an average sized katana appeared in his right hand.
“Am I that much of a threat, or are you flattering me,” Lonex asked staring forward at his enemy.
“Neither, I just choose to use this because I want to know where he is. Once we finish up here, you will reveal to me his location. Regardless of your own individual will,” Rextanse said.
“You intend to pry it out of me,” Lonex asked.
“Indeed,” Rextanse answered.
“Then I won’t waste anymore time or energy, I’ll just finish this up quickly instead,” Lonex said.
“If you think you’re capable of such a threat, then go ahead,” Rextanse replied as he quickly rushed forward his speed almost abnormal as he moved to strike at Lonex.
Salix walked calmly through the hallways. He knew where to go and was about to finally reach his destination. As he walked forward a bit further he entered the room where Sora and his allies would soon approach. However Salix was higher up than where Sora would be since he was on a balcony high above the real entrance to the room. Just as Salix had predicted Sora, Riku and Mickey charged forward into the room. Salix looked down at the 3 Keyblade wielders. Each of them were very powerful but as Xishn had said, Sora was definitely the most powerful.
“Now you will prove your true value. I want to see just how far you can get while fighting an enemy from the same realm as you,” Salix said as he listened and waited for the events unfold.
Sora looked around at the room it was the first large room they had entered since their encounter with Xishn and he was wondering if he’d really see him again soon as he had said. He didn’t really seem that bad to Sora, but he did help kidnap Kairi so if he didn’t tell him where she was when they met next then they would have no choice but to fight. As Sora engaged in deep thought, a portal suddenly appeared in front of him as Xaneth dressed in his sky-blue cloak exited it.
“Huh, who are you,” Sora asked.
“…You’re his other, am I correct,” Xaneth asked.
“Huh other, what do you mean,” Sora asked.
“My name is Xaneth. I am the representative that Salix has sent to test you this round,” Xaneth replied.
“What does Salix want with us exactly,” Riku asked.
“That is irrelevant. What is relevant is that we begin immediately,” Xaneth answered. “And for that, you two are not needed.”
Xaneth raised his left hand and snapped his fingers as a large barrier wall separated both Riku and Mickey from Sora.
“Huh what’s goin’ on,” Mickey said as he placed his hands against the barrier wall.
“I need to test you, the Keyblade wielder from the realm of light,” Xaneth said. “However, I was asked to do so with specifics in mind. As you are from the realm of light, I must use it soon enough.”
“Use what? I don’t understand what you’re talking about,” Sora said.
“You will in time,” Xaneth replied and then pointed at him. “Now show me, your Keyblade.”
“Ok fine then,” Sora said as he made the Keyblade appear in a bright flash of light in his right hand.
“That’s impressive. I would have expected nothing less than that from you Sora,” Xaneth replied as a bright glowing light engulfed him.
As the light vanished Xaneth appeared with his long steel gauntlets and leg protectors on. As Xaneth slowly moved his right hand forward and summoned a massive blinding light in front of him. As the light parted Sora looked forward at Xaneth who now held in his right hand a Keyblade.
“What, but how do you have the Keyblade,” Sora asked half shouting.
“It’s impressive isn’t it? This is the power of my fortitude it shines brightly even now when I know not who I am or where I came from. Perhaps it is telling me my destiny lies within you Sora,” Xaneth said. “Or perhaps it is merely mistaken. In any case I will now test you, and see if you really are capable, of what Salix will soon ask of you.”
Xaneth stared forward at Sora and then took a slight glimpse at Salix but only for a moment. Salix nodded giving him the go ahead as he listened and waited for the battle to begin. Xaneth quickly started the battle as he ran forward and slashed his Keyblade across making harsh contact with Sora’s. The loud clanging sound echoed for a bit as both of the Keyblade wielders pushed each other back their Keyblades interlocked with each other. Suddenly Xaneth shot his left hand out and grabbed Sora by the neck and held him up above ground level.
“You’re so fragile. Is this all you can show me, as a Keyblade wielder,” Xaneth asked as he tightened his grip.
Sora responded by swinging the Keyblade down at Xaneth and missing barely as he dodged by jumping backwards a few feet out of the range of Sora’s attack. Xaneth stared forward, he could see something in his eyes that made him curious. Xaneth was almost caught off guard as Sora slashed across at Xaneth but missed as he jumped into the air. He then came down hard as his Keyblade slammed into the ground cracking and shattering that which it hit. Xaneth quickly removed the Keyblade from the ground and spun around from his left side to his right, as he sent out a shockwave that flew forward at Sora. Sora responded the only way he could, by defending with the Keyblade held in front of himself. The shockwave impacted hard, but slowly dissipated until it was completely gone. Salix listened to the battle. He could tell who was winning and losing, that was very clear as he continued to focus in on the battle again. As Xaneth stood in front of Sora he could see straight through him. It was evident what he was and who he was, but he could also feel a second presence one that seemed, almost different. Sora quickly rushed forward as he swung the Keyblade across from his left to right side. Xaneth immediately halted Sora’s attack as he tossed the Keyblade in his right hand to his left and reached out to grip the Keyblade before it impacted. A loud clanging noise echoed through the room as steel met steel head on. Xaneth slowly wrapped his fingers and gripped the blade end of Sora’s Keyblade tightly before taking a step back and yanking it from Sora’s grasp. Sora stumbled forward a bit as he attempted to regain his balance. Xaneth quickly jumped backwards doing a backflip in mid-air before landing on the ground with little effort. As he stared forward at Sora he flipped the Keyblade around, and gripped it by the handle.
“Your Keyblade, it has the ability to release people’s hearts. I can tell, it’s released many hearts,” Xaneth said.
“How did you know that,” Sora asked.
“I’m not entirely sure. But regardless of how I knew this, I knew it all the same and that’s all that matters,” Xaneth replied. “Here this is yours.”
Xaneth tossed Sora’s Keyblade up into the air as it vanished in a bright flash of light and reappeared in Sora’s hands.
“The Vacant Destiny holds no unique power. All it can really do is fight. In a way it reflects who I am. As of now I have no memories, no recollection of who I was and am. Tell me Sora. Do you remember who you were,” Xaneth asked.
“What do you mean,” Sora asked.
“I can tell he’s still there inside of you. He’s a part of you now, but not entirely sealed away. I want to see what you are both capable of. Show me what you, and Roxas are capable of doing,” Xaneth said as he inched forward a bit just before running at Sora.
Xaneth raised his Keyblade and swung down viciously. Swiftly it crashed into the Keyblade Sora held in his hands. Xaneth looked down at Sora pushing the Keyblade down as hard as he could, managing to gain some leverage against him.
“Awaken from your slumber, and show me your true fortitude,” Xaneth said.
“Sora,” Riku shouted as he slammed his fists against the barrier.
Slowly the Keyblade began to glow as a bright light emerged and lit up the surrounding area. Salix listened carefully awaiting what would come next. He had after all helped Xaneth gain the ability that he was unleashing. It was however only capable through the power of his Keyblade and his own abilities. Even though Salix had known the power would be dangerous to trust in his hands, he did so anyways in order to test it out, just as he had done with the False Heart and Selvix. As the light dimmed down Xaneth appeared still pushing forward on his offensive with the Keyblade. As Xaneth pushed forward his eyes interlocked with his enemy’s. Xaneth suddenly felt something slam into his right side. A crack and a few snaps indicated that he had been hit by something. Attempting to avoid any further damage Xaneth jumped back a good distance away from his range of attack. The pain was now minimal he barely felt it anymore. It had just been the initial impact that had hurt. Xaneth lowered his right hand that still gripped the Keyblade as he turned to face his enemy who was now draped in a black Organization cloak.
“Why am I here,” the person asked.
“You were the one, sleeping inside of Sora. I awakened you, to see what you are truly capable of, Roxas,” Xaneth replied.
As Xaneth watched the hood of his enemy’s cloak fell off revealing Roxas instead of Sora.
“How were you able to do that,” Roxas asked.
“My Keyblade, I told Sora it had no “unique” abilities. That didn’t mean that it had no abilities at all. This is the power of the Alteration. The power of the Keyblade, Vacant Destiny,” Xaneth explained.
“You said you wanted to see what I was capable of, right? If I do that, will you put Sora back to normal,” Roxas asked knowing full well that he would vanish from the physical realm.
“If that is what you desire, then yes,” Xaneth replied.
“Fine then, I’ll show you,” Roxas said as his hands gripped both of the handles to his Keyblades tightly.
Roxas frowned and charged forward. He had a slight advantage in the fact that he wielded two Keyblades rather than just one. The Oblivion in his right hand struck first, slamming into the Vacant Destiny that Xaneth used to avoid a serious blow. As the Oblivion impacted Roxas swung his left arm around with the Oathkeeper at Xaneth. However neither blows had an effect as Xaneth jumped backwards barely avoiding a potentially serious blow. As Xaneth landed however he noticed he was now breathing heavily, almost as if he was running out of steam. Xaneth slowly raised his Keyblade just in time as Roxas slammed the Oathkeeper down knocking Xaneth off balance and then quickly went across for the second blow, as he slashed at his enemy with the Oblivion. The slashing motion impacted harshly, and this time Xaneth was certain of the pain he felt. As Roxas turned around he watched Xaneth stumble backwards and fall to the ground on one knee. Salix heard him fall to the ground and knew instantly what was happening.
“Is he all right,” a voice asked from behind Salix as Selvix walked forward.
“No. It would seem I overestimated his fortitude. He isn’t capable of defeating either of them just yet,” Salix explained.
“What do you want to do then,” Selvix asked.
“We have to bring him back and let him sleep. He should then be able to recover on his own from there,” Salix answered.
“What about the others,” Selvix asked.
“You don’t have to worry about anything, just bring Xaneth back and have him rest. I have business to attend to with Sora,” Salix explained.
“Understood, I’ll go and do that now,” Selvix replied.
Quickly two portals formed around both Salix and Selvix as they disappeared. Roxas took a step forward he could tell something was wrong but since he and Xaneth were so different he couldn’t tell exactly. What he just wanted to do, was to return and allow Sora to run his own life.
“I defeated you, you can’t fight any longer. Return Sora back to normal,” Roxas demanded.
“Fine,” Xaneth replied as he continued to breathe heavily and raised his right arm with the Keyblade.
A bright light flashed emanating from Xaneth’s Keyblade the Vacant Destiny. Roxas suddenly felt the Keyblades he held both Oblivion and Oathkeeper vanish as he too began to return to his proper place, as he was Sora’s Nobody.

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Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
Well after a little break i finally have chapter 9 ready i've installed a lot of humor at the end that people who have siblings should get a good laugh at i know i did lol. beyond that a few things will be explained and many questions will be added. well i hope you all enjoy it. so here it is =D

Chapter 9: Those Who Are Lost

As the light cleared Sora looked around. He felt strange as if he had just woken up from a brief nap. He noticed Xaneth lying flat on the ground wounded and out of breath as if he had just fought a massive battle.
“What’s going on here,” Sora asked.
“You won, or a part of you won the battle,” Xaneth said. “But tell me Sora, what do you think of memories?”
“Huh what about them,” Sora asked confused.
“I believe that memories are all very important for you see. Memories are what define us. After all we only exist because we learned how to breathe, at one point or another. If we were to lose that specific memory, we would cease to live and thus we would die. So if we lose memories of who we are, we should then justifiably become nothing. And yet I must remember something, for I am not a nothing,” Xaneth explained as he stared forward at the Keyblade wielder.
“So our memories, are what sustain our life,” Sora asked.
“In a manner of speaking, yes that is true,” a voice said as two portals opened up and both Salix and Selvix appeared.
“There’s more of you,” Sora said surprised.
“He’s passed out,” Selvix said as he picked up his unconscious ally.
“I see, that was to be expected, after all his body and heart are exhausted,” Salix replied.
“Wait who are you what’s going on,” Sora demanded.
“Ah yes introductions, my name is Selvix,” Selvix replied. “And of course I must now be going. Farewell young Keyblade wielder.”
Selvix then created his exit portal and vanished into it along with the unconscious Xaneth.
“He has to return Xaneth to an area in which he can recover. I asked him to do that,” Salix explained.
“But, who are you,” Sora asked.
“My name is Salix. I am the leader of this section of the Exiled Order. You’ve no doubt met my colleague Xishn as well as Selvix and Xaneth. So now that you have met me, in time you will meet him as well,” Salix explained as he removed the hood that hid his face.
Salix’s long black hair slid out from under the hood and hung down loosely. His appearance looked much more like that of an older man much older than 28 he looked as if he were around 36. As Sora stared forward at him Salix made sure to keep his eyes closed so as to not draw attention to them.
“Huh, who is he,” Sora asked.
“That is not your concern as of yet. However, in time it will become yours,” Salix replied.
“Wait a minute you said your name was Salix right? Where are the others? Where’s Kairi, Goofy and Donald,” Sora demanded.
“They’re safe. But perhaps you should be asking less questions about them and more about your other friends,” Salix said as he pointed to both Riku and Mickey.
Sora watched as a man dressed in a sky-blue cloak walked to the edge of the barrier as he held both of the Keyblade wielders unconscious in each arm.
“Riku, your majesty,” Sora shouted and ran to help them but stopped as the man vanished into his portal.
“They will have to sleep as well. At least until you are proven worthy as they have,” Salix explained.
“You, let my friends go,” Sora shouted as he turned around and threw the Keyblade at him.
Salix watched and did nothing as a chain shot forward and attached itself to the Keyblade with a grappling collar as Salix’s familiar the Silencer appeared. Quickly the Silencer threw the Keyblade back to Sora as it disappeared again.
“You acted without thinking and planning out your attack and thus, you failed. I shall hope that won’t happen again in the near future,” Salix said.
“But why, why are you doing this,” Sora asked.
“…I had expected as much. You don’t understand anything yet. If you knew what I knew you wouldn’t be so, opposed to what I am doing,” Salix explained. “And yet, you still resist. Why do you follow a path that guides you through such a violent road?”
“You may not be able to hear it. But to me, it’s very clear. My heart’s telling me that this wrong. That what you’re doing is wrong,” Sora explained.
“Your heart, tells you this,” Salix asked.
“Yeah, I’m sure of it, now more than ever,” Sora replied.
“Perhaps, this is true. Or perhaps, you still don’t understand a thing,” Salix said as he moved his left arm up in front of his face and then lowered it in front of himself.
Salix’s left arm came to a halt in front of himself as a brief flash of light formed and a heart appeared purified from the outside world during its time in his memory.
“What you know about the heart, barely even scratches the surface,” Salix said.
“What would you know about a heart? You Nobodies don’t even have any hearts. You’re just the remains of what was left behind,” Sora shouted.
“It is true. We Nobodies have no heart and thus we cannot feel any emotions. However we do remember what it felt like to have hearts which is what makes us so unique. I myself, remember exactly what it felt like to have a heart, which is why I have studied it with all of my being, and why I have attained this power. Diffusion of Hearts,” Salix explained as he closed his left hand and the heart disappeared.
“If you remember what it’s like to have a heart, then please let Riku and the others go,” Sora said.
“I’m afraid that is impossible. You see, I still have use for you Sora. Just as I need your friends,” Salix replied. “But if it will make you feel better, I promise that no harm will come to them. At least not until you help me, to attain it.”
“Attain what,” Sora asked.
“That is also none of your concern, as of yet,” Salix replied. “What is your concern, is that you continue to fight and fight until I feel that you are capable of releasing it.”
“I won’t, I won’t help you anymore,” Sora shouted.
“You speak as though you have a choice in the matter,” Salix replied.
“Why you, let them go,” Sora shouted as he charged forward with the Keyblade in a thrusting motion at Salix.
As the Keyblade flew forward its front began to vanish, as if it were part of an illusion. Slowly Sora cast his gaze forward and saw his Keyblade sticking into the front of an octagonal shaped mirror.
“I did what you asked for old man. But you really should be more careful, after all he is a wielder of the Keyblade,” a voice said as a portal appeared next to Salix and Xishn walked out and as he turned to face him as the portal suddenly vanished.
Quickly Sora jumped back away from the mirror as it then began to vanish the same way it had appeared. Xishn slowly turned his gaze to Sora and then back to Salix.
“Good what did you do with him,” Salix asked.
“I brought them back to the recovery area,” Xishn replied.
“Ok, then we should return now,” Salix said.
“Hey wait up a sec, I still wanna talk to Roxas,” Xishn said.
“What are you two talking about,” Sora asked. “Wait you, you’re that Xishn guy.”
“And you, you’re that Roxas guy,” Xishn said taunting Sora as he turned to face him.
“Stop messing with me,” Sora shouted as he swung the Keyblade off to his right side.
“Stop messing with me,” Xishn replied taunting him in a rather immature voice.
“Stop it,” Sora shouted becoming irritated with Xishn.
“Stop it,” Xishn said still taunting him in the odd immature voice he was displaying.
“Knock it off,” Sora shouted his irritation showing very visibly.
“Knock it off,” Xishn replied his voice becoming irritating even to Salix.
“That’s enough Xishn. If even I can feel such irritation to what you are doing. Then clearly you should stop while you’re ahead,” Salix said as he raised his arm and snapped his fingers as a portal appeared behind him.
“Yeah, yeah whatever. Anyways Roxas we’ll meet again soon. I just need to go do something right now, but you can bet we’ll tango again later,” Xishn said as he also created a portal behind himself just as Salix had.
“Hey wait a minute,” Sora shouted and ran to catch them.
“Later Roxas,” Xishn said as he walked into his portal and vanished.
“Sorry Sora, but we do have other business to attend to,” Salix said as he walked into his portal as well and vanished. “Just do as I said and then you will have your friends back. This I promise.”
Sora stopped running and looked forward. Slowly he dropped to his knees and let the Keyblade fall to the floor.
“Why, why is this happening,” Sora shouted as his voice echoed through the large building.


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very good DT, i lol to the irritation at the end. I know how it is haha aww sora's complaining/shouting...meh, i don't care XD very good man love the chapter

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Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
AO - thanks.

Xodyc - lol thanks. i thought people might be able to relate to that a bit xD

MM - yeah Xishn is a bit annoying but i've built him like that lol his kinda like the comic relief in an odd way =D

Geist - thanks i'll enjoy reading the next chapter of your story as well.

Unfortunately the next chapter won't be ready to be posted for a couple of days. until then enjoy what i have posted thus far ^^

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Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
Yeah i can relate very well two brothers and a sister ugh. Xishin actually reminds me of one of my characters i made up well the personality. Just started to read this i think its one of the best ive read so far.
wow one of the best huh. well thank you i'm not sure i've seen you on KHI a lot but i'm glad you commented thank you. ^^

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Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
well here's the next chapter a large battle between Rextanse and Lonex, new and unexpected alliances and "it" has finally been completed... enjoy ^^

Chapter 10: Allies and Enemies

Slowly a portal opened up in Salix’s main lab where he kept the large glass tubes and his computer as Xishn exited the portal he walked towards Selvix.
“Yo how’re they doin’ there,” Xishn asked as Selvix turned his attention away from the occupied glass tubes.
“With rest and recovery, they should both be fine,” Selvix replied as Xishn approached him.
“Great, I was worried there for a little while,” Xishn said.
“If you hadn’t recovered him when you had, he might not be alive right now,” Selvix added.
“Yeah well, I figure he was pretty outmatched,” Xishn replied as he turned to face the first glass tube where Lonex rested, his badly beaten body hovering in the water.
“Actually, he didn’t lose for nothing,” Selvix said. “Rextanse didn’t leave without injury either. By now his power should have decreased by a large portion, thanks to his battle with Lonex. You or myself, should be sufficient enough to defeat him.”
“True. But personally, I’d rather not fight him,” Xishn replied.
“Why not? Is it because of Sora,” Selvix asked curiously.
“Well, partially. That and I happen not to really like that guy. Never really did,” Xishn answered. “The guy’s a lazy asshole.”
“What and you’re not,” Selvix asked smirking a bit.
“Hey, just because you have a heart now, doesn’t mean you can just say whatever you want to around me,” Xishn replied irritated at Selvix’s response.
“Yes well, just remember we are allies,” Selvix said.
“Yeah I haven’t forgotten, yet,” Xishn added in.
“How did he end up so badly beaten anyways,” Selvix asked. “Is he really all that strong?”
“Well, in a manner of speaking yeah. You see, I’ve fought Rextanse before,” Xishn said remembering his fight.
“When,” Selvix asked.
“When he first betrayed Organization XIII, that was before Salix and I left for the Exiled Order,” Xishn answered. “His power is nothing to joke about. If he really wanted to, he could’ve destroyed us already.”
“Hmm no wonder he’s in such bad condition,” Selvix said as he looked up at the glass tube that Lonex occupied.
“Actually, Lonex is pretty strong himself. He’s most certainly, not your average Nobody. He’s nearly strong enough to beat me. But in the end, he’s really not capable of doing such, as of yet,” Xishn explained.
“Did he say what happened, when you brought him back here,” Selvix asked.
“Yeah, he did,” Xishn said as he began to remember what Lonex had told him.
The air stank of a battle as two opponents fought against each other. Rextanse the number 2 and second in command of the Exiled Order fought against Lonex the number 28 Exiled Order member. As the battle continued Rextanse moved to strike at Lonex moving into close range as he swung his sword down, but just missing him as Lonex jumped off to his right side. Immediately as Rextanse landed he flew forward and swung his blade across attempting to attack Lonex again. However Lonex quickly raised his right hand as many small dimensional holes appeared around his right hand and several chains shot forward flying directly at his enemy. Lonex watched as Rextanse used his speed to jump off to the right side of the chains and then continued his advance. The blade flew through the air like a glider. It’s elegant power and speed shot swiftly at Lonex but was blocked as two of the chains wrapped around the blade of the sword and pulled it back away from Rextanse. Defenseless and off guard Lonex took advantage of the moment and swung his right fist forward, nailing his enemy in the left cheek and throwing him back a bit. Rextanse moved almost as if it were easy as he recovered and landed harshly on his feet.
“You’re stronger than I gave you credit for,” Rextanse said.
“Your will to survive is weaker than my own,” Lonex said.
“Or so you say. But truly, a will to survive alone will not allow you to become the victor of this battle,” Rextanse replied.
“You insist on victory, but you have yet to show me a reason as to why you would be capable of such,” Lonex said.
“Do you want to see my reasons,” Rextanse asked.
“If you are capable,” Lonex answered.
“Fine I’ll show you then, my resolve,” Rextanse replied as he flipped his sword around so the front of the blade was now on the offensive rather than the back side of the blade.
The sword seemed to glow brightly as if it had been activated or something. Lonex observed as Rextanse shot forward and swung the sword across, but missed just as he stepped backwards away from the range of the blade. Lonex quickly responded to the attack as two of his chains shot forward and wrapped around Rextanse’s arms holding them tightly together. Regardless of the extra weight and loss of mobility Rextanse shot forward catching Lonex off guard as he swung his sword down hitting Lonex with a diagonal slash into Lonex’s body. A searing pain shot through Lonex’s whole body. It felt ridiculously painful as he jumped backwards to avoid any further serious blows. Rextanse slowly stood up, his arms still bound together. Suddenly two chains shot from behind Rextanse and bound his legs together as well catching him off guard as many small dimensional holes popped up around Rextanse. Without warning several chains shot through the dimensional holes and rammed into his helpless body from all directions. As soon as the chains stopped moving Rextanse took action as he swung his sword in the direction of Lonex as a large wave of power shot from the blade of the sword. Lonex watched the blast of aura shoot at him and reacted by removing all the chains away from Rextanse and opened up several portals in front of himself and the chains moved into a shield like position as they barely managing to block the attack. However as soon as the attack stopped Lonex moved his chains to his sides and made them disappear.
“Where is your will to survive now,” Rextanse asked as Lonex stared forward at him breathing heavily and severely wounded.
“I will not die here. I will not, disappear,” Lonex said as he stood up and rushed forward with all the strength he had left.
As he rushed forward he raised his right fist to attack but suddenly vanished as he ran into an octagonal shaped mirror. Suddenly Lonex appeared again as he ran through another of the octagonal mirrors and immediately lost his balance before he collapsed to the ground completely exhausted.
“Stupidity isn’t an excuse for dying,” a voice said as a portal opened up near Lonex and Xishn walked out of it.
“Have you come to try to interrogate me as well,” Rextanse asked preparing for a fight.
“Naw, I’m a bit too busy to be dealing with losers,” Xishn replied as he smirked at Rextanse before walking over to Lonex and kneeling down to look at him. “Ya know you’d be included in that category if not for my orders.”
“…I won’t fail. I won’t disappear,” Lonex muttered before blacking out.
“Excuses, excuses, you lost the fight just accept it already,” Xishn said taunting his unconscious ally.
“Tell me, what is Salix trying to do here? What is his goal,” Rextanse asked as he watched Xishn pick up Lonex and hang him over his right shoulder.
“You asked me if I came here to interrogate you. Well, I didn’t come to be interrogated by you either,” Xishn answered as he walked towards his portal.
Rextanse stood up and quickly rushed forward but was stopped as he felt two chain each connected to two grappling collars attached themselves to Rextanse’s arms before pulling him back, and stopping him from entering the portal.
“Sorry but you don’t have an invitation. I’d stick around to taunt you some more but I’ve gotten an injured loser to tend to, so later,” Xishn said as he entered the portal and vanished as the portal disappeared as well.
Quickly the chains and grappling collars released their grip as the Silencer whose chains they had belonged to disappeared since it was no longer needed. Rextanse watched the portal close as he looked around at the room and walked off in a new direction.
“So that’s what happened. He certainly didn’t go easy on him,” Selvix said.
“Yeah well, Lonex couldn’t have been defeated without his unusual power,” Xishn replied.
“I agree,” a voice said as a portal opened up next to Xishn and Selvix as Salix appeared his hood up again and the portal vanished.
Salix felt much more secure this way. If Sora were to find out about his eyes he knew the events ahead would be too altered. So until further notice Salix had no choice but to either keep his eyes shut or hide them from Sora’s view until the time was right. However even among his allies he held his hood up a good amount of the time.
“Their progress is coming along nicely. Lonex should be fully healed soon. However Xaneth is a problem, he was too seriously worn out. It’ll take a little time before he will be able to leave the chamber here,” Selvix explained.
“I suspected as much. It is of no consequence. After all it will soon be fully ready,” Salix replied.
“You sure about this old man? If it backfires, we might not be able to recover from any blows it deals out,” Xishn warned.
“True, but I have a backup plan there should be no necessary concerns,” Salix replied. “Until then I have jobs for the two of you. Xishn I need you to report to the Exiled Order, explain to them the situation as best fit for innocence.”
“Bah, why do I have to report to those losers,” Xishn asked.
“Because I have instructed you to do so,” Salix answered.
“Yeah fine whatever. Well later tatters,” Xishn said as he created a portal around himself and vanished along with it.
“What will you need me to do,” Selvix asked.
“Watch Sora from a distance, I want to know what he is up to understand,” Salix asked.
“Yes I’ll go attend to that, but I am curious. Why did you not assign this job to Xishn,” Selvix said.
“…He wouldn’t be capable of observing Sora, not without coming into contact with Roxas. I can’t risk all that I have done thus for any reasons. If he were to come into too close of contact with the Keyblade Wielder’s other, then all that I have done will have been for naught,” Salix explained.
“I see, so that’s why you sent him to speak with the others. But why is he so close to Roxas anyways,” Selvix asked.
“…When I first found Xishn, he had no recollection of where he came from or who even was. If not for me, he would have truly been nothing. However, I traced who he was and in the end it wasn’t too difficult to find out everything I needed to know about him. Xishn has a unique connection with the Keyblade wielder. When he was still a full being, he came into contact with Sora and his friends. Upon meeting them he entered the world of Sora’s heart. When he left, he took a part of Sora with him. For you see Xishn has a unique ability, and that ability allows him to enter the world within a heart and in doing so he can create a Nobody, as well as a Heartless. Xishn even after losing all of his memories still has those that he took, through his divine talent. Especially those he took from Sora,” Salix explained.
“So, then did he in turn create Roxas in a way,” Selvix asked.
“No. Roxas and Xishn never came into direct contact until they met in Organization XIII. For some unknown reason, Roxas acted as though he knew him. Perhaps this is because of his brief contact with Sora. However that is still unclear. What is clear, is that Xishn’s current appearance was inspired by the people whose hearts he entered and more specifically the wielder of the Keyblade,” Salix clarified.
“So that’s his connection to Roxas, and why he couldn’t defeat Sora the first time around. Is that why he can wield them,” Selvix asked.
“Yes, in a way that is why he is so strong and capable of wielding them. Because in some perplexing abstract way, he like you also possesses a heart,” Salix replied.
“I see then. I’ll go attend to Sora now,” Selvix said as he disappeared into the portal he created.
Salix watched his ally leave before he turned to the glass tubes and looked into them all. Inside were 7 bodies belonging to Riku, Kairi, Donald, Goofy, the King, Xaneth, the unknown and a single tube with a small object in side that was two blurry to see.
“…Soon, very soon,” Salix said as his eyes focused on the last tube.
A short while after Salix turned away from the tubes and left to continue his research alone. Sora silently walked through the hallways as he thought about his friends. They had all been captured now, he was all that was left and their survival depended on him. He had no choice now, he couldn’t fail not at this point. Slowly Sora entered a new room. The room was an area built like a small staircase. Sora slowly walked forward and up the first few steps but stopped as he saw a man in a black Organization cloak.
“Who are you, are you with the Exiled Order,” Sora shouted.
“Hmm? Ah you must be Sora. To answer your question yes, my name is Rextanse of the Exiled Order. However at the moment, you and I are not enemies,” Rextase explained as he removed his hood to reveal a man with long black and red hair.
As the man stared forward at Sora the light reflected of his right eye showing it was a bright red color while his left eye was hidden by his long hair.
“Huh, why is that,” Sora asked.
“Simple I believe Salix has betrayed us. You see, he can seek his own ambitions however he is neglecting the rest of the Exiled Order. Thus I have been sent to speak with him. Or if necessary, destroy him and the rest of the alleged traitors,” Rextanse explained.
“What is his goal and why did he kidnap Kairi and the others,” Sora asked as he walked up closer to Rextanse.
“I’m not entirely sure. But, regardless of what he intends to do. I can assure you that he will do what ever he finds necessary in order to reach his goal,” Rextanse answered.
“Wo-would he hurt my friends? Would hurt Kairi and the others,” Sora asked.
“Perhaps, I’m not entirely sure. His recent actions have been rather unpredictable. I can’t reassure you that he wouldn’t harm her, if necessary,” Rextanse explained.
“Why would anyone do something like this,” Sora said not entirely expecting a response.
“…Who knows. But perhaps you should worry less about how and why he would do something like this, and more about what you’re going to do to prevent him, from hurting your friends,” Rextanse suggested.
Sora stared down at the ground for a while images of all his captured friends coming to mind. It seemed like he stood still for hours as he thought about what his friends would do in this kind of situation and finally came to a conclusion.
“Well, regardless of your own decision, I have business with Salix. Do what ever you want to do. I have questions that need answering,” Rextanse said and started to turn towards the exit.
“…My friends. They would do the same for me,” Sora muttered as Rextanse stopped and turned to face him again. “I’m going, I’m going to find my friends. No matter what happens from here on out I know I’m not alone anymore. My heart will guide me.”
“If you’re going in the same direction as I am, then you may as well join me,” Rextanse suggested as he shrugged raising his arms up in the air.
“Ok then let’s go,” Sora replied with a smile as he took off running.
Rextanse watched him for a brief moment as if studying him and then took off running after Sora. From high above where both Rextanse and Sora had been Selvix had watched the entire event unfold.
“This is bad. Salix definitely won’t enjoy this news,” Selvix said as he created a portal around himself and took his leave of the large room.
Salix rapidly typed away into the computer as his fingers moved at uncanny speeds. He was in what could have been defined as a good mood, if he had a heart to express such. But since he didn’t he somewhat pretended to.
“What is it,” Salix asked as a portal opened up behind him and Selvix exited it.
“It’s about Sora. Unfortunately he and Rextanse have temporarily joined up with each other in a common goal as your enemies,” Selvix explained.
“I see. So the enemy of my enemy is my friend, is it not? Well I suppose, this is of little concern now,” Salix replied.
“Hmm why is this? I figured you would have been furious. If you had the ability to feel such,” Selvix said. “Do you want me to take care of them?”
“No. In time, he will take care of them,” Salix replied as a shady figure walked forward towards them.
“So he’s been completed so soon,” Selvix noted as he turned to face the person approaching them.
“Yes, and soon it will be time to test his fortitude. Understand,” Salix asked.
“Yes, I understand,” the shady figure replied as Selvix gazed in awe and surprise at the figure.
Selvix had known about Salix’s interest in it for a while, but now he had managed to make a prototype of one. Things were completely different now. He only hoped his fears were just fiction, and not fact.
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