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Fanfiction ► The Hearts that Form the Key

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Dawning Twilight

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Jun 6, 2005
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hmm this is my first time making a thread here. Well anyways my story is from the group the Exiled Order in the Create a Member thread. ^^ i'll post the first chapter now i really hope it's enjoyable to all that view it. Any comments or ideas would be nice to hear from people. Anything is appreciated. ^^

Chapter 1: Understanding

“Memories are the foundation of all full beings. They are the continuously adapting modifications to our blueprints. Losing them results in being completely lost and alone. Losing your memories means that you are nothing, nothing but an empty husk a complete nothingness,” Salix said as he sat in his chair reciting what he had once read in one of his older books that he had found quite a while ago.
Although the message was clear it seemed to hold a rather intriguing theme to it and so he would often repeat it to himself, as if he was sure he would one day forget it.
“Being nothing and yet existing in a non-existent way and form. Perhaps this would be explainable if I understood how the different styles of memories work and coexist,” Salix muttered to himself as he reached for a book that sat on a large pedestal next to him.
The writing was written in normal language rather than brail but had deep imprints in each letter so it was easier to read. However every book had imprints even the most carefully of made books had it on all their letters. So once that was understood it wasn’t too difficult to read through them.
“The Keyblade, a collective amount of hearts forged into one of purity and created to fit into one of the three paths,” Salix read as his fingers traced lightly and delicately across the words. “Only a heart can grasp its collective configuration. But it takes nothing to forge it into a path.”
Salix stopped tracing his fingers over the words and began to think. The words were already explained to him and he knew how to create it and even had the means to do so. But he wondered more so about creating a link between the two rather than just one or the other.
“Jesus, it’s like Reading Rainbow in here,” a voice echoed through the room as a large black portal materialized and a person dressed in a sky-blue cloak the same as Salix’s walked out.
“Yes but it doesn’t seem to be getting us anywhere,” Salix replied.
“That tends to be the case with reading. It’s just people rambling on about different styles of crap after all,” the person replied taunting Salix.
“What do you want Xishn,” Salix asked as he shut the book in his hands and set it aside on the pedestal again.
“I’ve been meaning to ask you about the Keyblade wielder,” Xishn said calmly.
“You mean Sora correct,” Salix asked.
“Yes, and seeing as how he defeated the Organization, I think it proves that he’s plenty capable now. Am I right,” Xishn asked.
“…Yes he’s become much stronger. However the presence of the three at the exact same time and the exact same place will be difficult to coordinate,” Salix answered.
“What are you suggesting then? Should I conduct some reconnaissance,” Xishn asked.
“No that won’t be necessary,” Salix answered. “I’ve already put together enough information. Anything more would be, excessive.”
“Who got you the material,” Xishn asked.
“I did,” a voice echoed from the front right hand corner of the room as another one of the Exiled Order members walked forward.
“So another little plastic toy dog to add to the collection, or are you just entering the pawn shop for a little window shopping,” Xishn taunted.
“Your tongue, you’d do best to keep it in your mouth lest I carve it out,” the fellow Exiled Order member replied calmly.
“Well someone certainly woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” Xishn muttered.
“Beyond the pointless bickering and my ears ringing with childish arguments we do have work to do,” Salix said attempting to cut the argument off by its neck. “So if you don’t mind I have to finish up here, before we progress any further.”
Salix slowly stood up his blinded vision focusing in on the Exiled Order member that stood next to Xishn.
“I understand, I’ll take my leave then,” the man replied calmly before turning around and activating a large oval shaped portal. “Oh but before I go, I just wanted to ask you about your “creation” that you’ve been working so vigorously on.”
Salix paused for a second leaving enough pause for the Exiled Order member and Xishn to understand as to why he had momentarily paused.
“I suppose you would have found out eventually but I was hoping by eventually it would have been a bit longer,” Salix replied. “Each individual heart is technically an unlimited power source, a battery that can never die if you will. By learning this it is not to difficult to assume then that when hearts become connected that they may perhaps act in a similar manner to magnets. As a result of refined similar frequency hearts being melded together it is possible to assume that the result would be in fact what we know as the “Keyblade”. Assuming that we understand this I’ve taken the liberty of going one step further and have gone into the process of replicating those that have long since come to pass.”
“Are you referring to the previous wielders of the blades,” the man asked questioningly and curiously.
“One legend says its wielder destroyed the worlds, while another says it saved it. This existing fact of knowledge should alone prove that replication may in fact be the key to what it is that we seek. My only concern is to which the wielder of my rebirthing process will turn out to be,” Salix explained.
“…And that’s why you’ve chosen the current wielders of the blades, to act like guinea pigs and neutralizers should things turn out to be like a bad fortune cookie,” Xishn said half jokingly as he walked forward and then turned towards his right putting his back to both Salix and the other Exiled Order member. “Personally I think it’s a bit risky just attempting to recreate those “monsters”. But if you insist on making a 2.0 version, then I suppose I’m game.”
Xishn then turned to face Salix and the other Exiled Order member again smiling oddly as he moved his right arm to his waist and let his left hang limply at his side.
“I’ll help only where I feel I am needed. However I’m sure that the 3 of you are more than capable of handling this,” the Exiled Order member added.
“I’m not sure he’ll be of much help,” Xishn said smirking as he taunted the absent Exiled Order member and ally.
“Shut up,” a voice said as another person in a sky-blue cloak appeared.
“You know you have a rather big mouth for a kid. Shouldn’t you be off watching the Smurfs or something,” Xishn asked taunting the younger Exiled Order member.
“Spare me your stupidity Xishn, I’m not that childish,” the younger cloaked member replied.
“Oh my mistake, have you upgraded to the Teletubies now,” Xishn said smirking as he taunted his fellow Exiled Order member some more.
“Your idiotic insults are starting to piss me off, Xishn,” the younger cloaked member replied becoming rather irritated with his ally.
“How enjoyable, gladiatorial games using insults and idiots. This is almost as fun as Dungeons & Dragons,” the Exiled Order member added.
“That’s enough, wasting time is not a part of our plan,” Salix said becoming slightly irritated with the bickering amongst his allies.
Slowly Salix raised his right arm and snapped his fingers as if calling for a dog or loyal animal. As Salix’s fingers snapped two Nobodies appeared one on each side of his large throne like seat facing him. Both of the Nobodies took the form of Salix’s loyal familiars the Nobodies called Silencers. Their bodies were silvery and contorted, each had the symbol for Twilight on the left side of their chest, and their feet curved upwards with their toes looking very much like hooks. Their weapons beyond their strongly built bodies were their grappling collars that were each attached to long chains and their loose sleeve like arms. The chains rattled a little as they swung gently from side to side as their bodies naturally did for one reason or another.
“Tell me, how is the progress of the test subject,” Salix asked out loud directing the question not to the other Exiled Order members but to his two Nobodies that were the Silencers.
“…It is progressing quickly. Its regenerative tissue cells are abnormally fast and efficient, my lord,” the Silencer to Salix’s right said through something like telepathy that was directed between only Salix and the two Silencers.
“How much time does it have until completion,” Salix asked simply and waited for a reply.
“…It moves quickly, our best guess is that it will be finished with the tissue/body regeneration within the day. Perhaps as soon as a few simple hours, my lord,” the Silencer to Salix’s left answered.
“…And yet, even though you bring me good news, I’m sensing something almost like conflict. Are you so surprised that it would regenerate so soon and quickly,” Salix asked.
“No, the concern is that it is uncontrollable. You’ve expressed concern as well about its independent will and its ability to control “it” is a clear sign that it is not without a fundamental will or memory. Both are the foundation of independence and arrogance, as well as other unneeded characteristics. If this is true, will it not disobey and perhaps attempt to destroy you my lord,” the Silencer on Salix’s left asked.
“There’s nothing to worry about. However should it become too much of a threat I’ll just have to eliminate it. I’ve prepared limiters on how much power it can unleash so it shouldn’t become too much of a threat,” Salix answered. “If it does become a threat I’ll just have to rely on the power of the Keyblade, in order to negate its power.”
“Understood my lord,” the Silencers both replied before they both vanished the way they had appeared.
“What do you want to do next then,” Xishn asked.
“The Keyblade wielders, currently two of them exist upon this world,” Salix said as he reached over to his pedestal and gripped three photos in his right hand but tossed them over to his left quickly. “The last however exists in this world.”
Salix reached his right hand back over to the pedestal and gripped a second group of three photos.
“All three of the wielders are far more powerful then they may at first appear. After all the two who live on the same world defeated Xehanort’s Heartless, and all of the members of Organization XIII. The third wielder who lives separated from the other two is very adept and filled with knowledge that he gained from many different people,” Salix explained. “Compared to their predecessors however, they are not complete. However due to their youth they are held back, and are not fully capable of conceiving everything to it’s maximum as of yet. This is precisely why we need all three of them while they are still not complete.”
“So how do we get them then old man,” Xishn asked.
“I will assign the world with the two together to you Xishn. They both have a common need to protect a single being,” Salix explained as he tossed him the photos in his left hand to Xishn who responded with a swift and effortless catch. “She is what they will come for. Bring her back here and then they will follow you in their own way.”
“Great, so why do I get the princess,” Xishn asked complaining and mocking his next target.
“How ironic,” the Exiled Order member muttered.
“What, something you want to share with the rest of the class Selvix,” Xishn asked curiously.
“You called her a princess in a motion to taunt her and yet you weren’t aware of who she is,” Selvix replied.
“Are you insinuating that she’s one of the seven,” Xishn asked.
“Is it that difficult for you to understand,” Selvix asked jokingly. “In any case, I have to be going now. I can see that you’ve got everything under control Salix.”
“Did you doubt me, or are there other reasons,” Salix asked.
“Assumptions, that’s the best way that this could be put,” Selvix replied.
A sudden wrinkle in the area behind the Selvix suddenly appeared and instantly a large darkly colored portal appeared. Selvix slowly walked into the portal vanishing inside his exit and shortly after closing the exit door as well as the portal vanished.
“Is it so safe to trust him,” Xishn asked.
“Yes I’ve entrusted him with other items in the past, I think it’s safe to say he’s an ally,” Salix answered.
“Then I’ll take my leave then as well, now that I know what I’m dealing with,” Xishn replied as he pulled up a similar portal to his right side that appeared to be much like the one the Selvix had created.
Slowly Xishn turned and entered the portal as it quickly closed behind him as well.
“Do you want me to take care of the other,” the younger Exiled Order member asked.
“Yes it shouldn’t be too difficult. The one who lives separated from the other two is also close to many people. These two in particular are his comrades who in the past have also been quite a nuisance as they’ve also worked with the Keyblade wielder from the realm of light,” Salix explained as he threw the last three photos over to the younger Exiled Order member who also caught them instantly. “They’re separated from the Keyblade wielder now and thus are a great deal weaker. You should have very little trouble capturing them especially if you surprise them.”
“If I should experience any difficulties what then? My abilities aren’t as simplistic as Xishn’s,” the younger Exiled order member asked taunting Xishn.
“Any difficulties should be met with equal defense and offense that is needed to complete your mission. Nothing less and nothing more,” Salix explained.
“I understand,” the younger Exiled Order member said as he created a portal behind him and quickly turned and exited the room in the portal as it closed instantly behind him.
Salix listened until the room was silent and he was certain he could feel no one else within the room. At the moment he was sure they had all left and no one else was present he stood up and dismounted his seat as he walked towards his right side and walked towards the wall but stopped a few inches away from it. Salix lifted his right hand and softly placed it against the wall making contact for a few seconds and then slowly removed his hand. The sounds following echoed like gears, as the wall slowly parted ways and opened like a large door. Salix slowly entered the new hallway as he walked forward the doors behind him closed and he continued down through the quiet dimly lit hallway.

that's the end of Chapter 1 i hope it was enjoyed i will post Chapter 2 up sometime tomorrow. ^^

Salix Prequel

Salix Prequel I

Salix Prequel II

Salix I: The Hearts that Form the Key
Chapter 1: Understanding
Chapter 2: Intruder
Chapter 3: Imprisonment
Chapter 4: Invitation
Chapter 5: The Exiled Order
Chapter 6: Flytrap
Chapter 7: Trust and Recovery
Chapter 8: Those Who Wield the Blade
Chapter 9: Those Who Are Lost
Chapter 10: Allies and Enemies
Chapter 11: The Exiled
Chapter 12: Cold Realities
Chapter 13: Concealed Initiatives
Chapter 14: Reawakening
Chapter 15: Identity
Chapter 16: Reawakening of Fate
Chapter 17: Synchronization
Chapter 18: The Passage to Existence
Chapter 19: Desperation
Chapter 20: Methods
Chapter 21: 5 Minutes
Chapter 22: Broken
Chapter 23: Discovering the Darkness
Chapter 24: On the Offensive
Chapter 25: Lost Treasures
Chapter 26: Preparations
Chapter 27: Regrouping
Chapter 28: Tea
Chapter 29: Pain
Chapter 30: Futile
Chapter 31: Numbed
Chapter 32: Regenerated Torture
Chapter 33: The Created Star
Chapter 34: To Ride Amongst the Stars
Chapter 35: Forgotten Farewells
Chapter 36: Memories of the Reunited

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Dawning Twilight

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^I might take you up on that for the second story or later on ^^

anyways here's chapter 2 it's a tad bit short so i'll post chapter 3 up some time tonight as well. again all comments, ideas and anything in general would be appreciated. thank you ^^

Chapter 2: Intruder

Minutes later Salix came to the end of the hallway and once again placed his hand to the wall in front of him exposing it as a trick vanishing door this time. As the wall vanished and Salix entered the new room and as he did the wall immediately reformed. Slowly Salix walked forward and approached an area of the room where several large tubes stood one of which was occupied. Taking note of the progress via sound Salix approached the one occupied tube and placed his hand up against it this time firmly.
“Incredible what amazing strength and power. Perhaps not as perfect as what Xemnas would have done, but it’s now a lack of time and so quality must be sacrificed for quantity,” Salix said out loud to himself.
A sudden sound slightly surprised Salix from behind as a person in another Exiled Order cloak approached him. This member however was much taller than the others and unlike the others he wore a black cloak instead of sky-blue. The only difference was the symbol for twilight on the glove of his right hand and the symbol for darkness on the other.
“Do you need something important, Lonex,” Salix asked putting much emphasis on the word important.
“It’s about this whole play,” Lonex replied.
“What about it,” Salix asked.
“Are you sure that the puppets have been thoroughly cleaned, and that the script is correct,” Lonex asked.
“Regardless of how you see my other allies, I trust that they are telling the truth and that they are fully prepared for anything that may come our way,” Salix responded.
“Perhaps you’re right, but this play of yours, still has its reviewers,” Lonex said as he raised his right arm and snapped his fingers as a large Nobody and Lonex’s familiar appeared.
The Nobody was massive, its arms were far too large as compared to its body. On either arm was a large blade in the form of the symbol for twilight. Perhaps because of it’s size it hung over slightly as if being pressured by the force of it’s own weight in its arms. Its face was covered by a mask with an eyehole on the right side and on the left side half of the symbol of twilight. It slowly lifted its massive left hand, in it was a photo which Lonex took and then immediately dismissed the Nobody as it vanished the same way it had appeared. Lonex then immediately tossed the photo over to Salix who caught it in his right hand. Salix traced his fingers over the photo. The facial structure was all he really needed but on the bottom of the photo the name of the person who Lonex had referred to as the “reviewer” and was etched harshly into the edge.
“So he’s involved here. What does he want exactly,” Salix asked lowering his arm to his side.
“I’m not entirely sure. However I would suggest you be wary of him, in the events that have yet to come,” Lonex answered.
“He won’t be able to approach here. This stronghold of mine is like a Venus fly trap. Should he get too close, the gates will close upon him and he will be devoured slowly within its stomach,” Salix explained.
“As long as you’re consciously aware of him,” Lonex said. “Just be careful, because even if a fly is caught by a Venus fly trap, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be released and escape to its former freedom.”
Lonex gave a slight bow to Salix out of sincerity and then immediately turned and created a similar portal to which he had arrived in and took his leave of Salix’s stronghold.
“Perhaps, but the fly may at least lose a limb,” Salix muttered as he released the photo and it slowly drifted to the ground like a leaf.
Salix turned and took a slight gaze at his project and then walked off in the direction of his computer to continue his research. As the photo hit the ground it landed a few feet away from the one occupied tube. The light in the room lit up the name written on the edge of the photo, “Rextanse”.


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I only read chapter 1. It is very long and descriptive. A minor tip, try spaccing out paragraphs more.

(I know that doesn't always work too well. Trust me, a few of my chapters have gotten screwed due to this.)

Dawning Twilight

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^ i have yet to edit any of the story >< and so it will often happen like this until i've edited it. here's chapter 3 for all who want to take a look at it =D

Chapter 3: Imprisonment

Disney Castle bustled with activity at the news that their King had vanished again. Both the court magician known as Donald and the leader of the knights known as Goofy in particular showed signs of worrying for their King, as they knew the kinds of trouble that could be brewing at that moment.
“So what should we do your majesty,” Donald asked.
“We’ll have to trust that the King, went to find Sora again,” Queen Minnie answered.
“But uh didn’t we already defeat them there Xemners and Handsome figures,” Goofy asked.
“You mean Xemnas and Ansem,” Donald said correcting his friend.
“Uh yeah them,” Goofy said doing his trademark laugh after speaking.
“In the King’s note he didn’t mention anything about either of them. Which is what worries me,” Queen Minnie said.
“Then we should definitely go off and find Sora again he might know something about the King,” Donald said.
“Yeah maybe him or that Riku feller saw the King on their world,” Goofy added.
“Then it’s agreed. Please both of you do whatever you can to help the King return safely home,” Queen asked.
“Of course your majesty we’ll find the King don’t you worry,” Donald said as he turned around to leave. “Come on Goofy let’s go.”
“You got it Donald,” Goofy replied quickly as the two ran off leaving the Queen and the others in the room alone.
Donald and Goofy slowly approached their method of transportation the Gummy Ship. The engineers ran about frantically preparing for their leave. Chip and Dale the castles head engineers had helped Donald and Goofy prepare to help find the King previously when he had left the castle and so they were getting used to these kinds of situations.
“So what kind of trouble do ya think’s goin’ on Donald,” Goofy asked.
“I don’t know, I just hope we don’t have to deal with another Xemnas or Ansem again,” Donald answered.
“Agreed,” Goofy said doing his trademark laugh again.
“You won’t have to worry about your King anymore,” a voice said echoing in the large room.
“What? Who said that,” Donald asked as his voice rose a bit at his surprise.
“I did,” the voice answered as a young man dressed in a sky-blue cloak appeared in the room.
“That cloak, you’re with the Organization XIII,” Donald shouted shocked and surprised at the new person in the room.
“No, I’m not,” the young man replied. “I’m with the Exiled Order. You did destroy Organization XIII after all, you do remember that right?”
“Yeah, so then what’s the Exiled Order,” Donald asked.
“We were a part of Organization XIII, however they had different objectives than us and as a result we split off from them. Consider us a band of traitors to Organization XIII,” the young Exiled Order member answered.
“So then why’d ya have to come here,” Goofy asked.
“Your King is missing correct,” the young Exiled Order member asked.
“Yeah what about it,” Donald asked.
“We will help you find him,” the young Exiled Order member answered.
“That’s great,” Goofy said doing his trademark laugh.
“Yeah but what’s the catch,” Donald asked suspiciously.
“Simple you don’t have a choice as to your answer,” the young Exiled Order member answered as he raised his right hand and snapped his fingers.
Almost instantly four chains shot out swiftly shackling both Donald and Goofy by the arms and firmly gripped them so their struggling was completely useless. Slowly two Silencers walked forward as the chains that were attached to their arms rattled like prison shackles.
“Huh, what’s going on here,” Donald shouted angrily.
“I said you don’t have a choice to your answer, but don’t worry we’ll find your King,” the young Exiled Order member answered.
Slowly the Exiled Order member lifted his right hand and created a portal to his left side and motioned for the Silencers to enter and take the both Donald and Goofy with them.
“Let me out, let me out,” Donald yelled his rage showing very clearly.
“Somebody, come quick,” Goofy shouted as they were dragged slowly into the portal.
The Exiled Order member stood motionless for a while but the portal still remained open as if he were waiting for something.
“If you’re wise, you’ll alert your Queen. But reassure her that we will take fine care of all three of them, once the wielder does as instructed,” the young Exiled Order member said to the two engineers who hid behind the machinery.
Slowly the Exiled Order member walked into his portal as the portal closed behind him the two engineers Chip and Dale ran off to alert their Queen.

Dawning Twilight

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^thanks a lot AP and Xodyc. i won't be able to post a new chapter until either late tonight or tomorrow during the day. Chapter 4 is done but i'm still writing chapter 8 and i want to leave some slack so i don't run out of chapters to share. ^^
AP - i really thought they were great and they looked cool so thanks to you AP. btw what did you think about the way Selvix was portrayed? was that good enough? ?=D

Dawning Twilight

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Jun 6, 2005
Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
^ah thanks. i'm glad i could get him done. anyways i'll work on him having a heart. i didn't know that at first but i don't think i made references either way to him having a heart. did i? i'll change it if i did. but yeah thanks a lot for that. =D

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Jun 6, 2005
Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
sorry for double posting. anyways i managed to cure my writters block *woot* and now i feel better than ever =D enjoy Chapter 4 folks. and as always anything at all that youhave to say is appreciated ^^

Chapter 4: Invitation

The winds blew slightly as the sun set on the Destiny Islands. The girl named Kairi a friend of two of that worlds occupants Sora and Riku walked across the beach on the island that they often used when they were younger as a playground. As she walked across the beach the water rushed up the sand stopping a short distance away from her and then retreating back into the ocean before repeating the process. Kairi slowly stopped walking and looked around. Her boat was the only one there and no one else on the island could be seen.
“Where are those two? They’re probably goofing around as usual,” Kairi said as she turned to face the ocean and gazed at the setting sun across the oceans waves.
“Do you want to see them? I do,” a voice said and echoed around the small island.
“Huh, who said that,” Kairi asked as she spun around and looked for the origin of the voice.
As Kairi turned behind her again a black portal appeared in the very edge of the water where the water easily splashed up upon him thanks to the waves. As the portal disappeared a man dressed in a sky-blue cloak appeared. Kairi stared at the stranger as if she recognized him the thought lingering in her mind until she finally remembered.
“Are you with those guys in the black cloaks,” Kairi asked unable to remember the exact name of the group and not wanting to irritate the person, she asked a rather unspecific question.
“…Huh, ah you mean those bastards. No I’m not one of them or their lackeys. I’m a member of the Exiled Order please call me Xishn, princess,” Xishn explained as he bowed.
“Wait, how did you know about that,” Kairi asked surprised.
“…Huh, oh wait that’s right, you’re one of the seven Princesses of Heart,” Xishn said remembering what he had been told about her again. “I referred to you as princess before for my own means your name is out of style princess has a much better sound to it.”
“Why do you care about my name, and what do you want exactly,” Kairi asked confused.
Xishn slowly walked out of the way of the oncoming waves and walked closer towards his right side and then turned to face her again as if finally coming to a decision as to how to handle the situation.
“Your name is not important princess. What is important is your friends safety as well as your own,” Xishn answered.
“Huh, why is someone after Sora and Riku,” Kairi asked worried.
“In a way yes, but we are willing to help you with that problem,” Xishn replied.
“You mean, the Exiled Order,” Kairi asked.
“No, I mean Salix and the others,” Xishn said.
“Who are they? Are they members of the Exiled Order too,” Kairi questioned.
“Yes Salix is our leader; he’ll explain everything to you. But first princess, I’ll have to ask you to come with me,” Xishn explained.
“But what about Sora and Riku,” Kairi said.
“I will make sure that they find you. But first I need for you to come with me,” Xishn replied.
“Where are you going to take me,” Kairi asked suddenly getting a bit nervous.
“To Salix’s stronghold, when we arrive you’ll be able to meet with Salix as well as some old friends of yours. I believe they’re called Donald and Goofy, right,” Xishn explained.
“Yes I know them,” Kairi said remembering Sora’s companions.
“Then please, follow me,” Xishn said as a portal appeared behind him and he motioned for Kairi to enter. “After you, princess.”
Slowly Kairi walked to the entrance of the portal and slowly entered intending by all means to help Sora and Riku no matter what the cost. As Kairi entered the portal Xishn walked forward and followed her. Just as he entered the portal he threw what he had had with him upon his arrival but had kept hidden from Kairi, a note to both of the Keyblade wielders. Salix sat at the edge of his seat quickly typing away at the keys and searching through all the records he had taken from many different places. Suddenly a portal formed several feet behind him as both Kairi and Xishn exited the portal.
“Yo old man, I brought the princess for ya,” Xishn said to Salix.
Slowly Salix stopped typing coming to a complete halt and then turned around on his chair and walked forward towards the two.
“I’m glad you could make it and on such short notice,” Salix said and then moved to take a bow. “Ah but I have yet to introduce myself, my name is Salix of the Exiled Order and you are Kairi I presume?”
“Yes, but please tell me who’s after Sora and Riku,” Kairi asked.
“As much as I hate to interrupt this beautiful moment, I’ve been wondering has he returned yet with them,” Xishn asked.
“Yes he did and I’ve instructed him to await further instructions in the other room, go there I’ll meet with you shortly,” Salix explained.
“Fine then, later princess,” Xishn said as he created another portal behind him and then entered it before vanishing from the room.
“So then, where were we? Ah yes Sora and Riku will be fine, for now. You see the person who wants them captured wants to do so without risk of injury to them as he wants you as well,” Salix explained.
“Earlier that man Xishn said that Goofy and Donald would be here. May I ask where they are,” Kairi asked.
“Yes of course, please follow me,” Salix said as he walked forward past Kairi who followed him. “As you must know the wielders of the Keyblade are very young and very talented, they are prodigies and if their strength continues to increase they shall make their predecessors look like nothing.”
“You seem like you know a lot about the Keyblade,” Kairi commented.
“Yes, I am a researcher and I do my best to understand everything I can, and unlike Organization XIII I do not intend to harm anyone unless they interfere with me and my goals,” Salix explained acting humble. “But beyond that you yourself are very important in the process of protecting your friends from harm. But we’ll need to keep you safe so that no harm comes to you.”
“How do you intend to do that,” Kairi asked curiously.
“It’s simple, the same way I’m protecting the King from harm by sealing away his friends,” Salix explained as he stopped walking directly in front of the tubes which were now occupied by three people, one being his project and the other two being Goofy and Donald.
Kairi turned and saw the two frozen still in the tubes and quickly ran to them placing her hands up against the glass and peering into the glass tube.
“Donald, Goofy,” Kairi shouted into the tubes. “What’s going on why are they frozen like this? Do you intend to hurt them?”
“They need to stay out of the way so that the Keyblade wielders may gather here. I need them to be mostly uninjured and you three would only complicate things, if you were released. That is why you will join your friends in a temporary state of unconsciousness,” Salix explained. “Once I have what I need from them the three of you will be released and brought back to Destiny Islands. A simple request, and then when all is done they will return as if nothing happened to begin with.”
“What do you need them for exactly,” Kairi demanded.
“They have the power to release the lock that binds my goal. That is what they are needed for,” Salix answered. “However they must be tested before they can make my goal a reality. Thus that is where you will enter as their goal and in exchange for making my goal a reality I shall then make theirs a reality as well.”
“No, I won’t let you hurt Sora, Riku or the King. I won’t help you hurt them and manipulate them as you will,” Kairi replied angrily.
“You act as though you have a choice in the matter,” Salix said as he raised his right hand and snapped his fingers.
Swiftly two chains shot out and firmly attached them selves to either of her arms restraining her so she couldn’t move. Slowly two Silencers appeared and walked forward their rattling chains reminiscent of jail shackles. Slowly Salix walked over to the next empty glass tube and opened it.
“You have nothing to worry about soon the Keyblade wielders will be here and their goals will become a reality, as will mine,” Salix said as he motioned for the Silencers to place Kairi within the tube. “Farewell young Princess of Heart, you won’t have to worry about seeing me again, for now you will sleep that is, until your heart awakens you.”
Slowly Salix turned around and created a portal through which he slowly took his leave allowing the Nobodies to finish the job in locking Kairi up within the glass tube.

Dawning Twilight

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Jun 6, 2005
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here's Chapter 5. unfortunately the next chapter won't be up for a while so enjoy chapter 5 ok ^^

Chapter 5: The Exiled Order

Sora’s feet slowly sunk beneath the sand with each step he took the water from the ocean had made the sand wet and it acted like quick sand in a minor way. Destiny Islands, he had lived there with his friends Riku and Kairi for as long as he could remember and they were always or rather almost always the best of friends. During the long time that he had left the islands the three of them had gotten separated, united, separated, united and separated again. Only recently had they been brought back together and now Sora was happy again. For the first time in a long time he felt calm, but recently something had been bothering him but there wasn’t anything to worry about as all three of them were safe and there would be no trouble so long as they were together. As Sora walked down the beach he stopped to look at the setting sun. It had been a long time ago but he still remembered that time that the three of them had been together, that was just before the destruction of Destiny Islands, just before they had been turned against each other. But now they were safe and nothing would tear them apart so severely again, however he still wondered what his other friends Donald, Goofy and the King were doing. He could still remember how fun it had been traveling to different worlds with them and fighting the Heartless and Nobodies. But that had all ended a few months ago and now it was more like a dream than anything. Sora slowly extended his right hand and briefly shut his eyes. In a remarkable flash of light the Keyblade appeared in his right hand. This was proof that it had not been a dream. It was proof that he had saved many if not all of the worlds from the Heartless and Nobodies, even if he had been meddling.
“Sora,” a voice shouted from behind him.
Sora quickly shook his hand slightly and the Keyblade vanished in a flash of light again. Sora turned around to face his best friend Riku who had always been his rival and almost like a big brother to him.
“What is it Riku,” Sora asked as Riku stopped running and faced his friend.
“It’s this, I found it a little ways further down the beach,” Riku said as he handed him a bottle with a letter inside of it.
Slowly Sora took the bottle and gently turned it up side down and slid the letter out into his hands. Sora carefully then opened the recently written letter and began to read as his hands tightly fastening to the letter as he read further into it.
“Dear Keyblade Wielders. My name is Salix the man who dropped this letter off to you is a colleague of mine, named Xishn. He has no doubt evaded your detection and is no longer in your world. Unfortunately no longer is your friend Ms. Kairi. You both as well as she are very important to us and so we would rather not seek violence and irrational moves. As such I guarantee you that she is safe and without any potential harm near her. In exchange for taking such good care of her as well as her safe and sound return I will ask only two things of you. The first is that you both come to my stronghold by your own means of transportation and that you secondly upon arrival meet my own tests in order to prove that you are truly what I need in order to turn my goal, into a reality. Upon your arrival I will send one of my colleagues to meet with you, he will then explain in further details about what will happen next. I look forward to meeting you, Mr. Sora and Mr. Riku. Signed, Salix,” Sora said in his head as he read through the entire letter. “What’s going on I thought we finished with all this stuff!”
“I’m not quite sure either actually. But whatever’s going on, we have to go find and rescue Kairi,” Riku replied.
“Hey wait up fellas,” a voice shouted as a small figure ran to approach them.
“Ah your majesty,” both Sora and Riku chimed together as they saw their old friend King Mickey.
“What’s going on your majesty? If you’re here you must understand what’s going on,” Sora said.
“Sora calm down,” Riku said and then turned to face the King again. “Your majesty do you know anything about a man named Salix? He’s kidnapped Kairi and he’s asking us to visit him at his stronghold.”
“I was afraid this might have happened,” Mickey said.
“Huh what do you mean your majesty,” Sora asked.
“Well Goofy and Donald have both been kidnapped as well, and I’m guessing for the same reason that they kidnapped Kairi as well,” Mickey said.
“To lure us to his stronghold right,” Riku added.
“Yep unfortunately,” Mickey replied.
“But why, why does he need us, and who is he anyways,” Sora asked.
“I’m curious about that too your majesty,” Riku added.
“Well I know who he is but, it’s nothing good. You should remember him too Riku,” Mickey said looking up at his friend Riku. “He’s part of a group called the Exiled Order. Do you remember them now Riku?”
“Yeah, now that you remind me,” Riku replied looking a bit nervous.
“Huh what’s going on? What’s the Exiled Order,” Sora asked confused.
“They’re a large group of Nobodies much larger than Organization XIII and they’re all almost just as powerful as them too. They were once Organization members themselves but for one reason or another they’re no longer with them. I met a few of them. I don’t know what they looked like or what their names were or very much of anything. But I could tell they were very strong. However they’re not normally like Organization XIII in fact they detest them and their ways. They normally act individually but also work as a group for some thing they’re all missing, and individual needs,” Riku explained. “The ones I met were searching for allies, like me and the King.”
Riku stared down at the sand for a second fading into his own memories, as he recalled his encounter with the Exiled Order members. It had been at The World That Never Was. The rain had started up, and Riku had still been in the form of Xehanort’s Heartless. As the rain poured down Riku walked through the streets towards the Organization’s stronghold, alongside Mickey.
“You know you’re quite interesting, in that form,” a voice said as Riku stopped walking and the voice echoed through the streets.
“Come out, you don’t have to play hide and seek with me,” Riku replied.
“As you wish,” a second voice answered as two portals appeared in front of Riku and Mickey.
“Who are you,” Riku demanded.
“Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Salix and this is my colleague, Rextanse. We’re searching for people of your stature to join our organization,” Salix explained as he bowed to Riku respectfully.
“What organization is that exactly,” Riku asked.
“The Exiled Order of course. We were once members of Organization XIII ourselves but we all either left or were forced to leave,” Salix explained.
“How can we trust you then? If you were once a part of the Organization,” Mickey asked speaking up.
“Because we detest those miserable bastards,” a voice said from behind both Riku and Mickey as they both turned around quickly to see another Exiled Order member. “No need to be alarmed. I’m with them. You’re both potential allies and we could use two strong beings such as yourselves.”
“What my colleague Xishn says is true. We want to have you join us, but a forcible join would not be wise or good in our position, we merely want you to help us and yourselves,” Salix explained.
“But why us there’s got to be a reason, right,” Riku asked.
“You both possess the Keyblade. As wielders of the Keyblade it would be more of an asset to us, if you were to join us,” Rextanse explained.
“Well Riku, what do you want to do,” Mickey said as he looked up at Riku who paused for a brief second.
“…I don’t think its right. Sora wouldn’t have joined you, it’s too simple to not suspect something. Besides, I still have things I need to do,” Riku said thinking of his friend. “Sorry, but the answer is no, I can’t join any side just yet.”
“What a shame. Well I suppose maybe once you’ve completed whatever it is, that you need to complete, you’ll be easier to convince then,” Salix said.
“Or vice versa,” Rextanse added.
“In either case I hope we don’t conflict in the future an ally with your talents would be quite useful to me. But since you will not be swayed I will bid you a do now,” Salix said as he created a portal behind himself. “Farewell young Keyblade wielders.”
Salix slowly entered the portal and disappeared as the other two Exiled Order members quickly did the same leaving both Mickey and Riku alone.
“That’s all that I can remember,” Riku explained.
“But it sounds like they wanted to avoid conflict, so why take Kairi, Goofy and Donald then,” Sora asked.
“Well it might have somethin’ to do with the reason I’ve been looking for Salix,” Mickey said.
“Really what’s that,” Sora asked curiously.
“Well I got a letter from someone who explained that Salix was making something that would be dangerous to all the worlds if and when released. The only flaw is that he needs us to release it,” Mickey explained.
“So that’s what he’s trying to do,” Sora said.
“It can’t be as easy as that though, the Exiled Order aren’t that simplistic,” Riku added.
“Yep you’re right Riku. They’ve already got a prototype experiment in the final stage of completion. But once the prototype is tested the real thing can then be released,” Mickey explained.
“Then that’s why they need us. What do you say Sora? What should we do,” Riku asked.
“…We have to save them. We don’t know exactly where to find them but I’m sure that we can rescue them and put everything right again,” Sora replied.
“Alright then fellas follow me, I’ve got my Gummy Ship just a little ways away,” Mickey said as he ran off.
Sora slowly turned to Riku giving him a smile and then the both of them took off after their friend. Salix slowly exited his portal and walked over to his seat before sitting down.
“So what’s the deal now,” a voice asked as two portals opened up in front of Salix.
“As of now the pieces are moving a bit faster than I had intended them to but we have no choice but to play at their speed. Xishn go to greet them when they arrive and try to be nice, I don’t want to attract any hostilities or grudges just because you couldn’t keep your mouth shut, understand,” Salix asked.
“Yeah I got it, later old man,” Xishn said as he created another portal and vanished into it.
“As for you, I would like you to remain here for the moment but you will be meeting the Keyblade wielders soon enough we need to test them so don’t think you won’t get more than your fair share of action understand,” Salix asked.
“Yes I understand,” the Exiled Order member answered.
“Good, now let’s open the gates of my flytrap, so the flies may enter to achieve their goals and make theirs and my own a reality,” Salix said.

Dawning Twilight

The Egotistical Bastard
Jun 6, 2005
Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
thanks but for right now i'm okay. ^^ anyways i got busy writing last night so here's chapter 6 for everyone ^^

Chapter 6: Flytrap

Slowly a man cloaked like any usual Exiled Order member walked through the stronghold. His eyes scanned his surroundings. He’d been there a few times but Salix had had the place well defended so it was difficult to find his way around. It’d be simple if he could create a portal to where his destination lay but most Exiled Order members couldn’t just open a portal to wherever they pleased at least not in his domain. Salix was wise to make his space so only those who he wanted to enter could enter. He was certainly not making this easy for him. But regardless of the situation even the most complicated of mazes had both an entrance and an exit.
“It’d be unwise for you to continue forward,” a voice said from behind the Exiled Order member.
“Who are you to question my reasons,” the Exiled Order member asked as he turned to face the other person.
“I’m only giving you a suggestion. He’s not stupid he knows you’d come eventually. Allowing just anyone free reign here would be irrational, and he’s prepared himself well. I’d say if this were a game of chess, he’d just about have you in checkmate,” the cloaked man said.
“Let him think he’s got me cornered. I like the idea of letting him think he’s assured a full victory then I’ll move into full action,” the Exiled Order member replied as he smirked.
“Just so long as you don’t underestimate him Rextanse,” the cloaked man said.
“You’ve been playing this game for a long time and now I’m beginning to wonder. Whose side are you really on,” Rextanse asked.
“Personally, I’m on his side but that doesn’t mean I can’t give warnings to you. But make no mistake. I have allied myself with him and I don’t intend to give up my spot as his ally. This is the position that I have chosen for myself,” the cloaked man replied.
“…I see just know Selvix, if you side too heavily with him the scales of judgment will tip and not in your favor,” Rextanse said.
“I owe him, just as I owed you. I repay my debts and in my own ways. I understand the risks taken but this life of ours is almost like a game that we can’t control. I’m confident that I still have enough lives left to finish this game,” Selvix replied as he created a portal to his right hand side and slowly entered it.
Rextanse turned away from where he had been talking to Selvix as he continued to walk down the hallways and figure his way through to his destination. Sora rushed forward. He’d just landed moments before but was anxious to help his friends captured by the Exiled Order. As he approached the first room Riku and Mickey followed close behind him not having to much trouble with keeping up with him. Sora raced into the first room, it was massive a large balcony stood to the front and the room was the same color as the Organizations had been a white silvery color. As Sora gazed around at the large room Riku and Mickey caught up and joined him.
“It’s just like the Organizations stronghold,” Sora said.
“Is it now? I thought it looked a bit different myself,” a voice said as it echoed through the large room.
“Huh who’s there? Show yourself,” Sora shouted.
“As you wish then,” the voice replied as a portal appeared and then vanished as Xishn appeared.
“Who are you? Are you with the Exiled Order,” Sora demanded.
“Oh Roxas I’m so flattered. You see we mostly get mistaken for Organization XIII members. That can get so frustrating, like you have no idea. After all, we don’t look a thing like those ugly bastards. I just don’t get the similarity at all,” Xishn said taunting Sora a bit.
“Huh Roxas,” Sora said confused.
“What don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about your best friend, Roxas,” Xishn said.
“I don’t understand, why are you calling me Roxas and how do you know him,” Sora asked.
“Oh how rude of me. My name is Xishn I’m a member of the Exiled Order,” Xishn replied. “As for why, well it was your name after all, I figured you wouldn’t mind that. Or did I just make another assumption?”
“Where’s Kairi,” Riku demanded.
“She’s fine don’t worry she’s just sleeping right now. And while she’s sleeping we can all have some fun together. It’ll be just like a sleepover or a camping trip,” Xishn said jokingly.
“Stop messing around and tell us where Kairi is,” Sora said.
“Don’t throw a temper tantrum or anything Roxas, but I can’t exactly do that,” Xishn replied.
“Why not,” Sora asked.
“Salix won’t allow it. He said we need to “test” you first,” Xishn answered. “But in any case, I think it’d be best if we evened the playing field. Don’t you agree?”
Xishn slowly raised his hand and snapped his fingers as two chains shot out and attached themselves to Riku and the King’s arms. Quickly both Riku and Mickey were pulled backwards into a portal that had been created by Xishn behind them.
“Your majesty! Riku,” Sora shouted as the two were dragged into the portal forcefully.
Sora quickly turned around and ran towards the portal but was quickly stopped as Xishn appeared blocking him from passing.
“Sorry but you have to be this tall to get on this ride,” Xishn said taunting him as he raised his hand just a few inches higher above Sora’s total height. “Besides, we haven’t even had a chance to tango yet Roxas.”
Swiftly Xishn shot his right fist forward like a bullet smashing into Sora’s right cheek and throwing him back several feet. Xishn lowered his arm to his side as he watched Sora slowly get up from the unexpected punch he had just been dealt with.
“Do you want me to kiss it and make it all better Roxas,” Xishn asked as he taunted him while smirking.
“Knock it off. I’m not going to let this continue any further. This I promise,” Sora said as he swung his right arm and the Keyblade appeared in his right hand.
“Now that’s more like it Roxas,” Xishn said smiling.
Quickly Sora rushed forward at Xishn his Keyblade held tightly in his right hand as he swung it across at Xishn’s left side. Reacting swiftly Xishn shot his left arm out and caught the Keyblade firmly with the palm of his left hand.
“Come on Roxas you’ve got to do better than that,” Xishn said. “So I guess I’ll give you a wake up call.”
Swiftly Xishn shot his right hand forward and gripped the front of Sora’s clothing firmly before launching his forehead forward, head butting Sora right in the face. As his attack impacted Xishn let go of the front of Sora’s shirt and let him tumble backwards. Sora stumbled trying to keep his balance and just barely managed to keep himself from slamming into the ground. As Sora regained his balance he prepared for an attack readying his Keyblade by gripping it tightly in both of his hands.
“You’ve gotten soft on me Roxas. Whatever happened to the viscous fighter who lived to find and understand his own existence,” Xishn said.
“What do you mean,” Sora asked.
“You’ve become too integrated with Sora and so you’ve forgotten what you were and who you should have been,” Xishn answered. “So, I will now test your true fortitude, Roxas.”
Xishn stared forward at Sora who was already in battle position. Swiftly Xishn took the first move running forward at Sora. Sora quickly reacted to Xishn’s offensive as he ran forward as well and threw the Keyblade across again in a slashing movement aiming at Xishn’s left shoulder. Xishn in response quickly shot his left arm up this time in a guarding movement protecting himself from injury as he felt the Keyblade impact with his arm. As the Keyblade impacted Xishn shot his right arm forward his hand opening as he reached for and gripped tightly Sora’s neck. Xishn continued to charge forward using his momentum to pick up speed. As Xishn looked straight ahead he saw the wall growing closer and timing it just right quickly took Sora and threw him forward at the hard wall. Having no way to defend himself Sora slammed harshly against the strong and solid wall. Xishn then waited for a response from Sora as he watched him slowly rise to his feet.
“Perhaps I overestimated your fortitude. If that’s so, then you’re no longer of value to Salix,” Xishn said. “If you are no longer capable of proving your worth, then you don’t deserve to make your dreams into a reality!”
Xishn quickly rushed forward and thrust his right arm forward but missed as Sora sidestepped to the left side. Instantly reacting, Sora swung the Keyblade across hitting Xishn in the shoulder, and knocking him off to the side a few feet. As Xishn came to a halt he turned to see Sora in the air just as he swung the Keyblade down, nailing Xishn hard in the collarbone on his left side. Xishn bit down hard with his teeth as he moved his left hand up and gripped the Keyblade before launching his right fist forward nailing Sora harshly in the left cheek. Letting go of the Keyblade Sora flew back a few feet before finally coming to a halt on the cold ground.
“This is an interesting weapon. The Keyblade, Salix has been studying this weapon for a long time,” Xishn said as Sora slowly stood up and faced him. “Personally I don’t really get it, but whatever I suppose I’m just not really meant to.”
Xishn took one last glance at the Keyblade before swinging his right arm to the side and as he did the Keyblade vanished in a bright glowing light and reappeared in Sora’s right hand.
“That’s enough for a pop quiz, don’t worry I’ll give you a passing grade on it,” Xishn said as Riku and Mickey ran out from the open portal behind Sora.
“I don’t understand, why did you give me back the Keyblade, and why do you need us,” Sora asked.
“Hmm, I suppose you’ve earned some answers I guess. Well simple enough I don’t need the Keyblade, you do. We still have to test you further and even if I did take the Keyblade I wouldn’t be able to use it. Only you can wield that Keyblade if I tried it wouldn’t do anything for me,” Xishn explained. “As for the three of you, we need you to help us with unlocking something. You see your three Keyblades are the ones specifically designed that we need to unlock it.”
“But why our Keyblades, what makes them so special,” Sora questioned.
“It’s not just the Keyblade itself, the wielder is also important. Sora you who are from the realm of light wield the Keyblade of the realm of light. Your King possesses the Keyblade of the realm of darkness, and thus the two are balanced. Riku you possess a special Keyblade it is from the realm of twilight and is a combination of both light and darkness. With you three and the fifth we will have what we need to release it,” Xishn explained.
“Huh five? What do you mean exactly,” Sora asked.
“I’m sorry but my time here with you is over. I’ve answered what I can for now, so you’ll just have to find the other answers that you seek by yourselves,” Xishn said as the portal that Riku and Mickey came out of vanished and Xishn created a new one behind himself which he quickly entered. “Later tatters.”
“Huh wait,” Sora shouted running towards the portal but missed as it dissipated.
“Well he was odd. Anyways, what do we do now Sora,” Riku asked.
“We have to continue to look for Kairi, Goofy and Donald,” Sora said as he looked up and gripped the Keyblade tightly in his right hand. “Everyone, just wait a little bit longer, we’re coming.”

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