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The Guardians Of Marsha (Original rp idea)

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The Dream

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Apr 5, 2008
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I thought of this idea ages ago and thought well, maybe it could work. Heres a discription on what it is (After all thats what you want to know)

Marsha, The Mother Planet.

Years ago before earth gave life to creatures or before the so called big bang happened, there was a planet just like earth called Marsha.

Marsha was a planet inhabited by creature just like humans, only they were more special. They could have animal or mythical parts and be twice the size of a human. Some were different colours and some were mutated, and some were exactly like humans but had secrets at night or day. These creatures were living on the first planet ever. People on Earth say that there was a big bang, they are correct, but that is only part of the story. Like human, they needed leaders, people who had powers and knoledge, even though it was a different power compared to what humans want. These leaders were called the Halos. They were the most powerful on the planet and oldest, they always be in harmony there fore keeping Marsha in balance, but it's always true that you can't agree all the time. One day the Halos got in a terrible fight, which turned into a fulon, what humans call 'war'. Marsha was used as their battle feild, their powers attacking each other caused massive explosion that even Marsha can't with stand for long. A few Halos saw that somthing terrible was going to happen, so they made pods form the Marsha, using the power that the planet had for the ones who could see clearly. These Halos managed to fit in a number of the citizens of Marsha in some pods as well as them selves. The Halos who fought war had mad the other Halos suppisions come true. Marsha cracked and blew up. No one knew of the cosmic power Marsha had, it was too great. Every one but the Marsha citizens and the few Halos survived in their pods, other died and became stars. This is what the big bang was. Particles of Marsha turned into stars and the chunks turned into planets.

The Marsha citizens and Halos in the pods survived in a hibernation, but they didn't age or change shape since Marsha's power that they took protected them from itself. After flying around for years they finally all reached Earth. The inhabitants of the pods were happy they were on earth but when they remebered what happened to their planet, they knew they had to stop earth falling into that state. Marsha citizens of all ages went and lived with an anonomys family and vowed to stick by them for generation. luckly the affect of no growth form the pod stopped them from ever aging, there fore they stuck with their family in the backgrounds for generatiojn after generation. Later they found out that the sun was Marsha's core. Marsha's core seemed to give them comfort when ever they were in veiw, but in 2010 the comfort has dissapeared. Someone was messing with the core some how. The Marsha citizens have now decided to tell their family about their history and meet up once again to find out what is disturbing Marsha, and to stop the person form getting the power and destroying the earth. These people are now called.
The Guardians!

Sorry if you spot any grammar mistakes or somthings don't make sense, but I hope you get what I'm getting at. So who wants to join this?
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