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Fanfiction ► The guardian chronicles a kh 2nd generation anthology series


Alexxio M.

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Mar 5, 2021
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Hello everyone and welcome to the guardian chronicles forum a kingdom hearts 2nd generation anthology series I‘m making myself focusing on the adventures and milestones of the children of the guardians of light and their friends. But before we can get into these wonderful stories here are some ground rules, general facts and warnings. First stories will be posted through a link to a google doc or word document or just copy and pasted as a post in writing order not timeline order. Extra content like character files/summaries, additional lore documents and story scenes and my own complementary art will also be shared the same way. Second since this is a second generation fic here are the ships canon to the fic this fic series is not for you if any of these weird you out.
Sora X Kairi
Riku X Namine
Roxas X Xion
Axel/Lea X Isa/Saix
Hayner X Olette
Aqua X Terra
Ephemer X Skuld
Lauriam/Marluxia X Elrena/Larxene
Yozora X Nameless Star
please do not bog down this forum with shipping debates we are here to enjoy ourselves and express our love of this franchise and its characters you are free to express your opinions just be mindful
all fanart and constructive criticisms are welcome
please keep fanart pg-pg13
most stories are pg but some will be a bit explicit no curse words or anything just some graphic imagery
Naminé’s memory powers are op in this fic
Kairi has music powers in this fic because of melody of memory
Keyblades and their succession are both chalked up to be genetic or pre destined through devine means as well as being passed down traditionally through bequeathing in this fic
all the guardians of light are keyblade masters in this fic
the world order will become obsolete in places such as twilight town, Disney town, Radiant garden, quadratum and scala ad Caelum and somewhat obsolete in all other non original worlds in this fic
disney characters other then Donald, goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Yed sid and Jimminy cricket will make appearances including the triplets Huey, Dewey and Louie with personality from ducktales 2017, Webby also taking her personality from ducktales 2017, Lena Despell, Violet Sabrewing, Max Goof, Roxanne, Remy, Linguini, Colette, Della Duck again taking personality from ducktales 2017 and Uncle Scrooge taking cues from both ducktales 2017 and his kingdom hearts appearances.
A lot of kh references all over the place including fan works like the liver pepper twins comics and Charlie co comic dubs and even the songs of the games.
challenges will be held for each story realease to see who can find all the references first place recognition will be given through a like on the comment you make stating the number of references and your favorite one and a follow from me
literary analysis is also welcome
spoilers for all kingdom hearts games up to this point as well as some references to other franchises like Steven universe, the promised neverland, inazuma eleven and my hero academia
Above all though this is just meant to be fun.
your first story is in the reply below
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Alexxio M.

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Mar 5, 2021
New York
Spar for the course

It’s a glorious spring day in Radiant Garden. The sun shines in an azure sky and makes the edges of the two clashing keyblades of two brothers in arms glisten and shine. The sparks from their clashing keyblades fly in spectacular bursts leaving small smolders on the training grounds. I watch with wonder and awe, my heart burns with excitement and inspiration. Determination surges through my body, a will I’ve had for as long as I can remember to become a wielder and a guardian. I mimic every stance and every strike or at least I try to with a wooden mock keyblade that Terra made, one of many I strike with untrained hands. Ventus goes for a flurry attack but the flurry’s too quick for me to mimic. I watch as the flurry finishes and Terra goes in for a counter, after parrying all those jabs and slashes almost perfectly. I marvel at how Ventus is so fast with his blade, holding it backhanded like he does. However he pulls it off, it looks cool.
My father sits beside me on a bench near a tree and like me is absorbed in the battle. He’s here to be the referee but I know he’d rather be sparring with them instead. However, you can tell he is still enjoying the match as an unmistakable grin is stuck to his face. I start to wish that I too could battle and remember the bag of true keyblades, made out of magical metal, slumped by a statue at the corner of the grounds. They brought extras just in case they wanted to switch things up but the bag remains untouched. Because my father is too focused on the match, I’m able to sneak by the statue and open the bag. The match rages on, strikes clash in a tug of war back and forth back and forth, until Ven uses some wind magic to get some distance and go in for an aerial attack. As his blade smacks down to the floor narrowly missing its mark, I reach for the kingdom key, my father’s first keyblade. My hands fill the hilt almost perfectly and it feels so natural to hold. Before picking it up, I whisper “may my heart be my guiding key” and slowly lift the blade. It’s a bit heavy but I manage to raise it to shoulder level and attempt to copy another one of Ventus’s strikes. I mimic the strike almost perfectly and continue the combo, but the final strikes’ impact causes me to lose balance and with a thud land on the ground. Hearing the thud, my father turns around and comes to help me up. But I recover and try to swing again, the heaviness of the blade weighs me down once again and I fail to keep my balance.
“Xaveor be careful with the keyblade. Why don’t you practice with your wooden one instead I don’t want you to get hurt,” my father says as he helps me up.
“I won’t get hurt then. I lifted the kingdom key. I can learn to keep my swing in control. How can I learn to wield a keyblade in battle if I don’t hold it first?” I say, lifting the blade to prove my point. But it wavers and my arms struggle to keep it upward and level. He responds, “Xaveor, it’s clear you’re not ready yet you're struggling to keep the blade upright.” I lower the kingdom key and with a nod say, “I know but when will I be ready? I’m 9 almost 10. I’ve studied and practiced with the wooden blade and I know my heart is strong enough, I feel like it should’ve happened already.”
Having heard our little argument, Terra and Ven stopped their sparring session and came over to the statue. “Well those dents in your wooden blade are certainly proof of your learning,” says Ven. “I second that you definitely have the makings to be an apprentice, even a master with some experience Xaveor,”says Terra.
“But I want to be a guardian like you guys and help more on missions involving combat. I wanna be a guardian that can overcome any darkness!” I exclaim.
My father smiles and says, “and we’re sure you can become one but that doesn’t mean you have to rush. Take your time Xaveor. Not doing so might lead you to some dark dark places. Where the darkness may overpower you and leave you with remnants of it when you escape. We still have our remnants etched into our hearts I don’t want you to repeat our mistakes.”
“Like siding with master nort and Vanitas’s situation.” I remark. As a flash of shock runs through them before I step in again, “I may have read a few reports from Jiminy’s journal for uh let’s just say training purposes so that’s how I know.”
They exchange some glances before my father asks, “Were you looking for it specifically or did you just stumble upon it?”
“I was looking to see if there were any secret keyblade techniques recorded in Jiminy’s journal when the capital X caught my eye.” He sighs with notable relief. “Don’t go looking in Jiminy’s journal without his or my permission until you summon your first keyblade understand, Xaveor.”
“Yes dad. I guess I’ll look for a different book for keyblade techniques then and speaking of techniques you guys were spectacular!” I explain, motioning to Terra and Ven.
“Thanks Xaveor,” They say in unison.
“That flurry attack was awesome, Ven that move must’ve been hard to pull off especially because you hold your keyblade backhanded. How did you do it?”
Ven responds to my query with a slightly unsure tone to his voice “Well holding my keyblade backhanded has always felt natural to me and the flurry technique came from practice. A technique I know you probably already learned about while training so I can’t really help you with that.” I nod understanding with a determined smile. “I’ll learn it myself then I promise I’ll be a guardian who is able to wield a keyblade both backhanded and front handed. I bet with that skill I’ll be able to defeat any darkness that may come to destroy the worlds.” Ven smiles and so does my dad, ruffling my hair, saying “enthusiastic as ever Xaveor. I’m sure you can do it but first my little guardian you’ll have to summon your keyblade.”
“Good point. I wonder when the day will come...” I longingly look at the kingdom key wondering just wondering. Then as if reading my mind my father motions Ven and Terra to move out of the way and takes his spot behind me smiling.
“Well what are you waiting for, why not give summoning it another shot?” He asks encouragingly.
“Will do!”
As my father starts to raise his arm straight in front of him, hand outstretched,inviting me to mimic him. I do and he continues “Now imagine the kingdom key.”
“Got the image.”
“Good. Now you may need to close your eyes and that’s fine. All I want you to do is change the image of the kingdom key to what you desire your blade to look like. Got it?” I nod. Closing my eyes I try imagining my keyblade and the kingdom key starts to morph in my mind. A small confident smirk starts to crawl to my face as the keyblade finalizes it’s form “I have it!” I exclaim.
“Can you describe it to me?” He asks encouragingly and I say “Yes, yes I can. The hilt is a nice bright royal blue with a red and gold hand grip and has a wing-like design on the sides similar to the blade of wayward wind just smaller. In between the blade and the hilt lies an orb, the same color as the hilt with a white stripe through the middle and a gold crown on top which has a fancy looking X engraved on it. As for the blade itself, it's silver and hasn’t changed much from the kingdom key, the only difference being a hole in the middle of the crown shaped like the kanji for light hikari. Finally for the chain it’s platinum and has a diamond colored crown on the end almost translucent.”
“Sounds amazing now concentrate, steady yourself and with all your heart, will and soul call to the blade to appear in your hand,”he responds with a tone of hope,pride,wonder and joy.
I take a deep breath, concentrate and then whisper “May my heart be my guiding key.” Reaching out my hand as far as I could I continue to call my blade. It takes a while but I start to hear a slight whirring sound and then small little chimes ringing. I feel a bit of light touching my outstretched palm and I slowly begin to open my eyes. As I do, the warmth from the light starts to fade and is replaced with a cold metallic feeling. “You’re doing it Xaveor you’re doing it keep going I see the blade summoning itself!” My father says delighted and ecstatic. As I fully open my eyes and see everyone’s amazed faces, I see the light rays shooting out to infinity spinning and spinning and see that in the cloudy mist of the light that the hilt has formed in my hand. In amazed disbelief the only words I manage are, “I’m doing it I’m really doing it.” I continue to call the rest of the blade but it doesn’t form. I continue to call for it but still only the hilt is within my grasp. Then my strength finally gives out and the light disappears “I... I almost had it” I say defeated. My father comes over to comfort me. “Well you gave it your best shot and having the hilt is a good start but pulling a keyblade straight from your heart is a hard thing to do. It hasn’t been done since the age of fairy tales ,but I’m sure you’ll get it soon Xaveor. A great guardian doesn’t gain his worth through his blade but through his courage and his will to act in the face of evil.” I nod and determinedly say, “If the hilt is a good start, I’ll make it a great start next time.”
Then I pick up the wooden blade and say “This is good enough practice for now. Speaking of practice it’s time to start holding this back handed.”
Ven steps up, “Let’s get started then.” He takes my dad's place now going slightly more behind me “Now one thing you must remember about holding a keyblade backhanded or any blade backhanded for that matter is that the tip should be facing opposite your thumb so instead of the blade pointing in front of you it would be pointing behind you. Got it?” I nod and he smiles. “Great now hand me your blade and keep your arms and hands to your side just like normal.”
I hand him the blade and keep my arms to my side. Then after turning the blade in the right direction. “Ok now I’m going to slide the keyblade in between your hand and side all you need to do is grip the handle. Are you ready?” Ven then starts to slide the blade past my hand “1 2 3. grip!. Do you have it firmly in your grasp?” He asks.
“Yes I do.”
“Amazing now I’m gonna let go of the blade. Just control your grip on the handle and don’t squeeze too tight or else you’ll end up straining your wrist. Got it?” I nod. He lets go of the blade and after a bit he asks, “How does it feel?”
“Awkward but overall pretty good.” I say “Great now I want you to count in your head and I’ll count with you. I want to see how long you can last without resisting the urge to turn the blade front handed okay.” I nod and he says, “ready,set, count!”
I count with my left hand silently trying to resist the urge to spin it back around 5 seconds. 10. I make it to 15, but start to lose my grip. 20 seconds. My grip loosens gradually the urge gets louder and just as my counting reaches 25, I loosen up and flip the keyblade to its front hand position. Ven smiling and surprised says, “25 seconds not bad. Do you want to free your wrist a bit or should I keep going?”
I switch hands for a bit, quickly shake the tension off and say with a smile, “I’m ready bring it on Ven.” He smiles back as I flip the blade again “ It would be my pleasure Xaveor. Now when striking backhanded you can’t up slash do you know why?”
I become pensive for a bit and then say “Because you’d be hitting your opponent with the hilt and bridge instead of the actual blade.” “Bingo that’s correct so your only options are normal slashes and down strikes.” Ven then starts to demonstrate with his own keyblade as he talks.
“Normal slashes are pretty easy you just need to twist into it and back slashing just comes naturally when returning to your default stance.” He demonstrates and invites me to give it a shot. I follow the slash perfectly.
“Well done Xaveor!'' Ven exclaims resetting himself so he can show me the down strike and continuing the lesson “Compared to normal slashes though, the down strike even though it may be the stronger of the two is a bit inconvenient due to its easily predictable windup and the difficulty of said wind up having to pull off a big side swing and trying not to twist your arm too much as that may cause strain for your forearm and would put you in an uncomfortable and awkward position. The key is making sure that side swing is as close to you as possible and happens as fast as possible but to get the form down we should practice slowly first.” He pulls off a fast one and then a much slower one encouraging me to follow. I try to pull it off but the swing ends up being too wide. I try again and the swing stays the same. Ven comes closer unsummoning his keyblade and offering to guide my swing a little. I allow it and he guides me through the steps tuck back tuck in raise to the side then slash tuck back tuck in raise to the side then slash. After a bit I start to tap to the steps it’s become a sort of rhythm tuck back tuck in raise to the side then slash tuck back tuck in raise to the side then slash. I get faster tuck back tuck in raise to the side then slash the cycle repeats itself over and over in my head tuck back tuck in raise to the side then slash. Ven then asks “are you ready to try it on your own?” He sees my determined expression and then slowly backs away knowing that the pattern has been cemented in my heart without even a word. I take a deep breath and start the cycle a new tuck back tuck in raise to the side then slash the strike was fluid and smooth but still a bit wide my grip is starting to get strained but i still push forward I start the pattern again faster this time tuck back tuck in raise to the side then...
“Sora, Xaveor, Ven, Terra lunch is ready Aqua and Chirithy made sandwiches for everyone.” Calls my mom cutting me off, breaking my concentration and causing the strike to go way off course.
“Aw man I almost had it.” I say disappointed, flipping the keyblade back to normal as my mom comes closer. “It’s lunch already dear? Wow time sure did fly.” Says my dad going over to greet her. “Time flew, you say well you’ve been sparring practically all morning I’d say time has landed a while ago.” responds my mom. Ven shrugs and puts his hands behind his head “Sorry about that Kairi but it couldn’t be helped.” He says as Terra adds “Yeah it definitely couldn’t be helped because as guardians we need to keep our skills sharp and to do that we must spar.” Then responding to both mom says “Well if that’s the case you guys must be hungry after your matches today. Right.” I pipe up “I’m not hungry I want to continue training I wanna practice wielding backhanded so I could help save the worlds from darkness quicker I’ll eat after I master it.” “Wielding backhanded huh sounds daunting my little guardian are you sure you don’t want to have some lunch.” I nod and with confidence say “I’m absolutely sure.” “Really even if a certain someone’s famous jelly tarts were on the menu.” She says causing both Ven and I to perk up “Jelly tarts!?” “Yep jelly tarts and galactic pound cake are both on the menu.” My mom says with a nod. However I’m able to snap out of my amazement to refuse the deal “Nope I’m gonna stay here and train. I'm definitely gonna stay here and spar. I’m not even hungry I could spar for another hour if I wanted to actually I could spar for as long as it takes to master backhand wielding I would starve for that and summoning my ...” I almost finish with my spiel before a big loud grumble pierces through the air. I’m defeated and beet red I finish my sentence “Keyblade.” as laughter soon replaces that grumble and mom says “ You can’t save the world on an empty stomach.” I nod “Yeah I know.” I pout. Seeing this my father comes over and says “Hey, you did outstanding today and we have time to perfect it. Just look skyward and never forget what you’ve learned and you’ll summon your keyblade in no time, okay.” I look towards the sky then to the keyblade reassured now I nod “yeah that’s enough sparring for one day, and dad don’t worry I won’t forget and I will stay the course.” My dad smiles “I knew you would.” He ruffles my hair as we walk inside together.


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May 20, 2021
I really enjoyed this story.. and of course loved the pun in the title.

Alexxio M.

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Mar 5, 2021
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Thanks for the feedback 😀 had this story idea for a while so glad I’m able to share it like this.

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Mar 5, 2021
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Here’s Xaveor’s character file
Hair color- auburn
Eye color- blue
Handedness- right handed
Hairstyle- young Sora, Roxas, Kairi and Ventus
Face and features- Sora
Personality- Sora, Riku and Ventus
Kairi’s grandma- Great grandma
Kairi- mother
Sora- father
Miriko- twin sister

Relationships and foils
Sora- he greatly admires his father and respects the power of his heart he’s very proud of his lineage and the fact he’s Soras keyblade sucesor. However because of this he becomes his own harshest critic and worries that he’s not worthy of his inheritance due to comparing himself to his father. Despite his sons own doubts though Sora truly believes his sons potential and expresses this frequently but also is a bit overprotective because he worries that his sons will to improve might lead him to dangerous places if it gets out of hand and because of this he frequently urges Xaveor to take his time. As he remembers his own impatientness when trying to regain the power of waking and become a keyblade master made him vulnerable to the influence of darkness. Other than this Sora and his son are very loving and playful with one another. They have very similar fighting styles the only differences are that Xaveor holds his keyblade backhanded like Ventus and he can dual wield like Roxas but prefers a single blade so he can be quicker. He’s very proficient with both though and will dual wield when the situation calls for it
Kairi- just like his relationship with Sora he respects and admires his mom greatly and just like Sora he wishes to protect her and his sister going so far as to patrol with his keyblade around radiant garden just before bed. He’s aware however that his adventuring spirit and tendency to be reckless in battle causes his mom to worry so he tries to keep his head and heart cool in battle but fails pretty often to his dismay. He loves the stories she tells of her childhood and the melodies that often accompany them just like his sister. On Kairi’s end she also loves and admires him greatly as he reminds her of Sora when they were younger she’s a bit more overprotective than Sora to Xaveor’s annoyance sometimes but he knows it’s for a good reason as he knows from Chirithy about her experience with losing Sora when he went to the final world to save her at the end of kh3. Just like Sora she is also playful with her son and also urges him to take his time with the keyblade.
Miriko- first off he loves and cares for her deeply. Second although they both get on each other’s nerves sometimes the first fact will never change. Third they have a good amount of sibling rivalry between them and he also likes to flaunt that he’s technically older than her which gets on her nerves. Despite their bickering and rivalry they will never leave the other behind and for adventures Xaveor once said he’d never forgive himself if she stopped being by his side because of him or their rivalry he will protect her no matter what. As for Miriko’s side of things it’s mostly the same but like her mom she worries about his recklessness especially if that recklessness stems from needing to be protected as not only is she Kairi’s keyblade sucesor but she is also supposed to take Kairi’s place as a princess of heart and thinks that she should be able to fend for herself.
Riku- again just like his relationship with Sora he admires and respects Riku and the power of his heart greatly and again falls into the trap of constantly comparing himself to Riku. He feels that this is proof that he’s not worthy of his inheritance despite both Riku and his father telling him that that’s not true multiple times. On Riku’s end he’s much less playful with Xaveor compared to both Sora and Kairi and is much more comfortable with being serious with him and sharing things about the current conflict of the day and the bigger conflict of light versus darkness to Sora’s dismay sometimes. His logic based on the emotions of himself and context from others emotions and beliefs is something they share and because of this he sometimes wonders if he’ll go on the same path as Riku if the emotions of himself overshadows the context from others but Riku says that because of both his age and both the influence of his father and the traits they share that this is not likely and is actually what makes him a good fit to lead. Riku also enjoys seeing the rivalry between Xaveor and Kaigeru as it reminds him of his rivalry with Sora when they were kids remarking that Xaveor is the Sora in that situation.
Goofy and Donald- These three have a very friendly relationship even if their technically his and his sisters bodyguards they are more like uncles to them. They help with training too as Goofy spars with both Xaveor and Miriko and Donald teaches Miriko magic along with Aqua.
The triplets and Web squad- they are very good friends with Xaveor to the point where they consider each other as cousins in a way. They like to go on adventures with one another and Uncle Scrooge of course and sometimes Donald. He identifies with Dewey the most.
Uncle Scrooge- like his relationship with Donald and Goofy he views Scrooge as an uncle figure enjoying his company and the adventures they have together. Scrooge often sends him tickets to Disney town and coupons for the bistro for his birthday which end up being spent almost immediately to Scrooge’s delight and dismay as they are really meant to teach Xaveor how to handle money. On the other hand he enjoys spending time with his so called nephew and his actual nephews so he forgets to lecture Xaveor most of the time. Xaveor also gets some of his allowance from helping with chores at the bistro.
Max- Instead of viewing Max as a cousin like the triplets Xaveor actually sees Max as an older brother figure to Max’s surprise. Once Xaveor admitted it he was proud to be friends and brothers with Xaveor though. Going so far as to help him learn how to skateboard or keyblade board in this case along with Hayner and Pence.
Hayner, Pence & Olette- this relationship is very very informal and friendly despite the fact that Xaveor kinda views them as uncles and an aunt. However also views them as cousins as well which is the origin of the informalities. On the other hand they seem to think of Xaveor as a nephew almost exclusively but keep it informal for his own comfort he says he does value them to the point of being family but is not quite sure witch category they should be in so he asked if they could keep it informal. Despite the informal ness they are actually pretty close along with Max they taught him how to ride his keyblade like a skateboard.
Roxanne- Just like with Max Xaveor thinks of Roxanne as an older sister figure rather than a cousin. However unlike Max she seemed to think she’d fit in perfectly and Xaveor would agree. They enjoy making stories and playing chess and tag with one another
Ventus- Xaveor also highly respects Ventus and the power inside his heart however he’s also wary of Ventus as he knows from his moms stories about Vanitas. He questions about Ventus’s past but never really tries to get them answered fearing that they might be answers he doesn’t like due to their subject matter besides Venitas hasn’t bothered them in years and Ventus is a loyal guardian of light. On Ventus side of things he is very playful with Xaveor and sees himself in him he’s admitted this to Xaveor but Xaveor is not quite sure what that means as Venitas and Ventus’s past complicates things. But Xaveor believes that he’s most likely talking about his time with Terra and Aqua where Ventus admits he was pretty naive. Their shared love of Aquas jelly tarts is also a point of bonding for them along with training yard shenanigans. In fact watching a training match between Ven and Terra inspired Xaveor to learn how to wield his keyblade backhanded.
Chirithy- he values and enjoys her company as she is tasked along with Queen Minnie and Daisy with taking care of the kids when their parents are busy being guardians of light. He often played chess and tag with Chirithy tag being his favorite of the two often being found by Chirithy quite easily. But now that he’s ten and has his keyblade Chirithy’s mothering tends to annoy him a little but he still enjoys chess and sometimes tag.
Aqua- this relationship is very friendly they really enjoy each other’s company. Xaveor loves her baking and although learning magic didn’t work for him they train with shotlocks and spar together witch they both thoroughly enjoy. Their matches often end with friendly congrats and laughter. Aqua is always reminded of Ventus when he helps out in the kitchen
Terra- this relationship is a fond one but can sometimes seem distant to the stranger. It’s also very similar to Xaveor and Riku’s relationship. They like to train together and when they battle Terra is reminded of his sparing with Ventus back at the land of departure.
Roxas- this relationship is also very friendly they enjoy hanging out at the twilight town clock tower with each other, Axel, Isa, the twilight trio and Xion where they have sea salt ice cream. Roxas and Axel taught him how to handle dual wielding a keyblade they train together from time to time. His sister wonders how he can tell the difference between Roxas and Ventus Xaveor says one their outfits two Roxas is shorter than Ventus his sister still doesn’t see the difference. Roxas is really friendly and playful with Xaveor and regards him as a cousin of sorts.
Axel- like his relationships with Roxas and the twilight trio Xaveor’s relationship with Axel is very friendly and also a bit informal. Xaveor views him as a very cool uncle figure who’s your best friend and mentor at the same time. Xaveor greatly admires the power of Axel’s heart. Xaveor also thinks that Axel’s shakram’s and keyblade look very cool. On Axel’s side of things he thoroughly enjoys his company, loves to train with him and is playful with Xaveor. Along with Roxas he taught Xaveor how to handle dual wielding keyblades
Xion- again this relationship is very friendly Xaveor also admires the power of her heart especially since it survived Xemnas and all the coercion in organization 13. On Xion’s side of things she is very friendly and quite playful with him however she is also quite reserved so out of the sea salt trio Xion is the one he knows the least about. Despite this their relationship is stable and very friendly.
Isa- Axel and Isa’s relationship just with a lot of mentor powder on Isa’s side.
Namine- they view each other as secondary mother and son and value each other deeply to the jealousy of her son Kaigeru which Kaigeru hides since he enjoys seeing his mom happy at least they both agree that her memory powers are cool. Xaveor loves when Namine supplements his moms stories with projections of her memory he says it makes the wow factor of the melody and story even grander.
Ephemer- two cinnamon rolls trying to make the world a better place. Yet another big mentor figure for Xaveor.
Skuld- very similar to Xaveor and Kairi’s relationship except a tiny bit less playful and more like a mentor type thing.
Lauriam/Marluxia- a slightly distant uncle figure for Xaveor. Xaveor relates to Lauriams relationship with Strelitzia often saying it’s like his relationship with Miriko if the age gap was a bit wider. Conversely Xaveor reminds Lauriam of Ephemer and is glad that Xaveor is like him since he thinks it means that the gaurdians of light as a whole has a future in good hands. Lauriam enjoys watching the triangle rivalry between his son Jamie, Xaveor and Kaigeru unfold and make all three grow stronger physically and mentally.
Elrena/ Larxene- pretty neutral however xaveor doesn’t really trust her and Larxene’s snarkyness, playful but often creepily accurate teasing and tendency to play favorites with Jamie doesn’t really help this out. But when they are forced to work together they do have the potential to be a pretty good team however that circumstance will be pretty rare.
Kaigeru- They are true rivals and foils of one another their relationship is very similar to young Sora and Rikus relationship. They’re friendly yet competitive with one another and both look up to the other yet can never be like the other and so shenanigans and jealousy ensue.
Hanakyo- little sister figure for him older brother figure for her. This relationship is very friendly.
Igneo- the older brother figure in the group of kid guardians with a rival streak too. Again very friendly but also a mentor and student kind of thing.
Quinora- the older sister figure in the group of kid guardians her relationship with him is similar to Aqua and Ventus’s. Also very friendly
Kenxiro- very similar relationship to sora and roxas in the liverpepper twins comic. Best comedic action duo ever.
Rhodes- this relationship is very friendly they are like a duo of rambunctious cousins. Or a slightly rambunctious older sister and a younger brother who both like adventure. Closest relationship I can compare it too would be Steven and Amythist’s relationship before Jasper came along
Klintepher- also very similar to sora and roxas from the twins comic mixed with Ephemers relationship with him. Closest relationship comparison outside of kingdom hearts would be Emma and Norman’s relationship without the elementary crush undertones.
Harriette, Timothe & Nyxene- their all pretty much cousins to each other very friendly but in terms of them individually Harriette is similar to Quinora’s relationship with him, Timothe is similar to Klintepher’s relationship with him and Nyxene is similar to Rhodes relationship with him but with the ages switched.
Jaime- classic anime rivalry similar to red and blue from Pokémon at first. Turns into a slightly less friendly version of Mark and Judes relationship in inazuma eleven after the royals arc.
Flueritzia- very friendly but also a tiny bit distant kinda like Roxas and Naminé’s relationship during the beginning of kh2.
  1. Training
  2. Playing chess
  3. Adventuring
Occupations and affiliations
  1. Keyblade wielder
  2. Bistro helper
  3. The guardians of light
Keyblades stats and details
Name- Intrepid Twilight/ Dawning Destiny & Leoheart/ Leoscalabur
Stats- A=7 M=3 D=6 Mres=5/ A=11 M=6 D=9 Mres=7 DMres=8
A=10 M=5 D=8 Mres=7/ A=14 M=7 D=10 Mres=7 DMres=8
Intrepid Twilight
Hilt color- royal blue
Hilt shape- a mix between the hilt of the kingdom key and the blade of wayward wind
Hilt grip colors- red and gold
Blade color- silver
Blade shape- a three pronged crown with a hole that’s in the shape of the kanji for light.
Chain color- platinum
Charm color- almost translucent diamond
Charm shape- crown
Other details- an orb colored the same as the hilt with a white stripe through the middle and a gold crown with the letter for Chi engraved on it
Dawning Destiny
Intrepid twilight mixed with Oathkeeper and destiny’s embrace.
The chain is still platinum but has a charm shaped like a paopu fruit in almost translucent diamond
The orb stays the same color just like the hilt but add Sakura blossoms, roses and habiscus flowers all over
The blade still has intrepid twilights crown just in the oathkeeper color scheme
Hilt color- Red, gold, purple and sky blue
Hilt shape- wayward winds blade mixed with the hilt of starlight +11 and Olympia +17
Hilt grip color- royal blue, white and silver
Blade color 1- star clusters star pattern
Blade color 2- oathkeeper color scheme mixed with starlight +11s color scheme
Blade shape- starlight +11
Chain color- fools gold
Charm color- diamond
Charm shape- star
Other details a gold swirl goes down the blade make the hilt mane like
Leoheart mixed with Ira’s keyblade
Fun facts
Out of the kid guardians he is the one who’s the biggest dreamer.
His favorite foods include paopu fruits, jelly tarts and milk chocolate.
His favorite form change is a tie between ultimate form and light form.
Name origin
Xaveor was chosen because it sounds like savior and the spelling is an homage to both Roxas and Ventus
Keyblade name origins
Intrepid twilight comes from Xaveor’s personality and the time he summoned it.
Dawning destiny comes from the new start it represented as it evolved soon after Leoheart emerged thus dawn and where he summoned it which was destiny islands plus being destined to be a keyblade master.
Leoheart references two things Leon who was soras first mentor and the liverpepper twins comics which is obvious.
Leoscalabur then references both things and also a famous sword known as Excalibur which was wielded by King Arthur.
Drawing help
His spikes are lower than current sora reminiscent of younger Sora. The bottom back portion of his hair cut is similar to Roxas/Ventus and Kairi. The top spikes are a mix between Sora’s, Roxas and Ventus while his bangs are exactly like young Sora’s in the opening for kh3 just swept to the side. Where his hairdo starts is a mix between Kairi’s and Ventus/ Roxas. He has the exact same hair color as Kairi and the exact same face shape as Sora.
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heres another character file
Hair color- red
Eye color- Greenish blue
Handedness- right handed
Hairstyle- Axel, Xion, Isa
Face and features- Xion, Skuld and Isa
Personality- Axel & Xion
Axel- adopted father
Isa- adopted father
Xion- Foster aunt
Roxas- Foster uncle
Kenxiro- Foster cousin

Relationships and foils
Axel- daddy’s little princess mixed with mentor
Isa- Eri and aizawas relationship in several dadzawa comics mixed with knight in shining armor.
Xion- See chirithys relationship with Xaveor
Roxas- uncle who’s your best friend and mentor at the same time mixed with Roxas and soras relationship in the liver pepper twins comics.
Kenxiro- Xaveor’s relationship with her with a lot more rambunctiousness mixed with a partner in crime, roxas and sora from the liver pepper twins comics and a bit of sibling rivalry.
Sora- this relationship is very friendly. Sora is a huge inspiration and mentor for her. Mix that with roxas’s relationship with her and your good to go.
Kairi- a more distant version of Chirithy’s relationship with Xaveor mixed with Kaigeru’s relationship with Kairi.
Riku- young Bakugo and all mights relationship mixed with Batman and Robin’s relationship in the LEGO Batman movie
Naminé- The classic distant relative who showers you in gifts mixed with chirithy’s relationships with Xaveor and Kaigeru.
Donald & Goofy- see Xaveor’s relationship with the two
Uncle Scrooge- a very friendly mix between Scrooge’s relationship with webby before the final episode and Kaigeru’s relationship with him.
The triplets and web squad- she relates to Webby and Lena the most otherwise same as Xaveor’s relationship with them.
Max- the cool favorite older cousin figure and also best buds
Roxanne- she has a big sis and best friend relationship with Roxanne very similar to Momo’s relationship with every student in class 1-a
Hayner, Pence and Olette- A far less distant version of Xaveor’s relationship with them with out family category unsureness as she considers them to be two uncles and an aunt. She’s closest to Olette.
Ventus- Axel and Ven’s relationship genderswapped on axels end and with the ages switched mixed with the very fun older relative that you don’t get to see that much.
Chirithy- the classic distant relative who showers you in gifts mixed with a more independent version Xaveor’s relationship with chirithy.
Aqua- her relationship with Aqua is friendly and Aqua is kind of like a distant aunt figure for her.
Terra- another big inspiration for her as she too wishes to have the power to protect what matters her friends her family and her home. Also a distant version the fisher/sports dad and the equally sporty daughter.
Ephemer- Partners in crime, Roxas and sora from the liverpepper comics and uncle who’s your best friend and mentor at the same time all mixed together.
Skuld- friendly but neutral and distant mentor figure
Lauriam- a more distant and less familiar version of Batman and Robin’s relationship in the LEGO Batman movie
Larxene- same as Xaveor’s relationship with her
Xaveor- this relationship is very friendly they are like a duo of rambunctious cousins. Or a slightly rambunctious older sister and a younger brother who both like adventure.
Miriko- Xaveor’s relationship with her just gender swapped.
Kaigeru-axel and isa before and after the organization gender swapped and age switched mixed with Xaveor’s relationship with her.
Hanakyo- See Rhodes relationship with Roxanne just with Rhodes being big sister this time
Igneo- Shinzo and Eri’s relationship in many fan arts and dadzawa comics mixed with Riku and Terra’s relationship and her own relationship with Terra.
Quinora- slightly distant version of Aqua and Ven’s relationship mixed with Rhodes relationship with Roxanne
Klintepher- a slightly distant version of Rhodes relationships with both Kenxiro and Xaveor’s mostly Xaveor.
Jamie- Very sassy version of the classic anime rivalry mixed with Rich kid bully vs underdog
Flueritzia- a slightly distant version of Momo and Kendo’s relationship from my hero academia.
Harriette- very close siblings with a rivalry streak between them. Slowly evolving beyond that into a gender bent Axel and Isa mixed with lovers still saying they’re just best friends too thier other friends and acquaintances completely failing at hiding the fact they’re serious because they are not biological siblings.
Timothe- very close brother and sister that are just fun to hang around with.
Nyxene- Very close siblings mixed with mentor seeing themselves in their pupil.
going to the mall
All manner of Sports (skateboarding and speed eating being her favorites)

Occupations and affiliations
Guardians of light
Keyblade wielder
Bistro helper

Keyblade stats and details
Name- Glenflamore/ Primfablamore
Stats- A-8 M-5 D-7 Mres-5/ A-10 M-7 D-8 Mres-6 DFMres-9
Hilt color- red,silver and platinum
Hilt shape- kingdom key and bonds of the blaze
Hilt grip colors- checkered pattern and silver
Blade color- red
Blade color 2- silver
Blade color 3- purple
Blade shape- claymore and Oathkeeper
Chain color- bronze
Charm color- silver
Charm shape- flower
Glenflamore mixed with gula and aceds blade with the charm and chain now being fools gold and the charm being a flaming flower
Fun facts
She is the kid guardian with the sharpest tongue and the biggest appetite. Of the girls she’s the soundest sleeper and of everyone on that front the only one who could possibly top her is Kenxiro.
Her favorite foods include sea salt ice cream, trail mix, peppers and ratatouille
Her favorite formchange is axels shakram form change
Name origin
Her name means rose bringing to mind the flowers in radiant garden and is a popular name for a tauros baby tauros being a bull or ram. A ram appeared in a story about Isaac a figure in Christianity Isa Saix’s actual name sounds like Isaac wink wink.
Keyblade name origins
Glenflamore comes from radiant garden, her affinity with fire and the weapon type claymore.
Primfablamore comes Latin for dusk and fate mixed with blaze and the weapon type claymore
Drawing help
Basically take Xion’s bangs and hairstyle shape make it spiker for Axel and add a back spike for Isa. Face structure can be a mixture of Isa with the added roundedness from Xion and Skuld
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Finally here’s is your next story I hope you enjoy

The road to Rhodes
The day I met Rhodes was a glorious day twilight town in the fall is as beautiful as it is in summer. I was coming back to our apartment and the twilight guardians hq hauling groceries and a news flash for Isa as he chose to stay and watch our little hq. While I went to training camp and a general news meeting with the others at the old garden he would’ve liked the meeting but dreaded the training.
“Hmm it’s quieter than usual today.” I said aloud I looked around the towns group of kids were still at school, Roxas and Xion were at the mansion with Hayner, Pence and Olette and most adults are at work. The only sounds are the music playing in the square, the Moogles constantly trying to sell their ice cream and the usual shuffle of the street. I’m about to start moving again when a cry suddenly breaks the silence that was hanging in the air.
“Huh? What was that?” I said turning around towards the sounds origin there’s another cry as I move closer. The sound brings me down an old alleyway a babble then follows its a human a young one at that who would leave a child in a place like this? I remember thinking. At the end of the street was a small baby holding an empty milk bottle and swaddled in a maroon colored blanket that had a note attached to the side.
I knelt down to pick up the baby and introduced myself “hi I’m Axel.” I then turned the swaddles to the note side and said “what’s your name? Let’s see.” I slipped the note off it’s fastener and began to read the note said

To whom it may concern
Her name is Rhodes born August 29th 2026 I hope this note and this child is in good hands, the hands of a guardian or maybe an upstanding citizen of Twilight Town perhaps. If so great! You see I am unable to take care of Rhodes due to the circumstances she was born in and being too inexperienced as a young mother and I wanted her to get a better chance in life. I left her with a big bottle and blanket to hopefully last a year or so. However, I can’t be certain that the milk will last that long as i noticed she has quite the appetite which is probably how you found her. I wonder how old she is I left her here on February 27th 2027 and she was only 5 months old. If you are in a good enough place to be able to take care of a child please take care of Rhodes for me. I really want her to live a good and happy life which I am unable to provide. If you do decide to take care of her please register her in the Twilight Town citizen list as she was born in this town.
Best of luck and health

“So you’re name is Rhodes huh it suits you.” I said and it really did her deep red messy hair resembled an upside down rose that was waiting to bloom couple that with her big green eyes that resembled the color of summer leaves covered in early lazy afternoon sunlight with a backdrop of azure sky and freckles colored like the tips of rose thorns no wonder she was named after it.
In recognizing her name and enjoying the attention she giggles and reaches her hand out and ends up touching the bridge of my nose. Oh god she’s cute!! I regain my composure and start to think I have a one year old cute baby in my hands. We are able to support at least two more people living in the apartment permanently considering that when she does grow up she’ll need her own bedroom. But if I do bring her home I’ll get the stray puppy lecture from Isa again and I really want to keep her it would be a gaurdianly thing to do but is that enough to convince him. I pondered and pondered with the swaddled baby in my hands when I realized I was thinking aloud “whoops I started rambling didn’t I sorry if it bored you a bit but I usually don’t worry this much I’m actually quite the fun guy if I do say so myself.” She shook her head “so you weren’t bored then huh.” She nodded “I’ll take that as a yes.”
I sat on the pavement with the groceries leaned against the brick wall “It must seem like Isa’s a bit of a bad guy after I said those things to you but that’s far from the truth sure he may be a bit of a know it all with a sharp tongue to match plagued with being an overanalyzer. But he’s the brains when I’m the Braun and once he’s set on a goal well he’s driven in fact he’s only second to Sora in terms of determination.” I looked at her again and said “I’m sure Roxas and Xion would absolutely adore you and it has been a bit quiet at hq lately but how to get you passed Isa.” She seems to do a bit of a shrug before becoming as pensive as I am. I look around and after a while I get an idea “ How about i use one of my shopping bags to keep you hidden until I introduce the situation to him and then we can see if he says yes.” I said she babbles again and nods. “I’ll take that as another yes.” I respond unpacking one of the bags and stuffing the other bags with the leftovers. I talk with her again “now can you stay quiet for a bit?” She nods “great I’ll warn you though it may be a bit of a bumpy ride. Are you ready?” She babbles with delight and smiles “ok then off we go.” I say as I lowered her into the empty bag and start to stand. I dust my self off and pick up the bags and then I look into the bag with Rhodes and say “doing ok Rhodes?” She babbles again “Good let’s go” I said walking out of the alley and towards hq once again.

It doesn’t take long to get to hq I look towards Rhodes and she babbles again I remind her to stay quiet and then knock on the door. Isa answers “The doors unlocked.” I enter “welcome back Lea.” He says “anything new.”
“No not really just some minor skirmishes in scala ad caelum that were dispatched easily by Skuld, Marluxia and Larxene nothing really out of the ordinary. How bout you did anything happen while I was gone?” I ask “nope nothing at all.” He responds looking to the groceries “did you remember everything we needed.” I nod putting all the bags except the one with Rhodes on the table “I believe so.” I respond.
Isa gets up and snags a note off our mission board hanging next to the reception desk “let’s double check that.” He says as he starts to go through the groceries on the note “milk? check.
Co cuts? check.
Snacks? check.
Sea salt ice cream? quadruple check.
Bread and bagels? check.”

“Oh and some jelly tarts and assorted sweets from Aqua she said that she made way too much and had each of us take some.” I say. “Great we have everything we need for until the next meeting.” says Isa he looks over my shoulder and slightly suspicious and puzzled asks “but what’s in the extra bag if everything you bought can somewhat fit into the bags you already have?” I reveal the bag and say “very perceptive of you to notice it Isa. Ok you’re not going to believe this but on my way home after Roxas and Xion said they wanted to hang at the mansion a while longer I heard this little one babbling away and found her in that old alleyway a couple blocks down.”
I opened the bag and showed Rhodes to Isa “a baby! Lea tell me you thought this through before picking up another stray puppy.” He says and with absolute seriousness I respond “I did come on Isa give Rhodes a chance.” She babbles at the mention of her name “Rhodes?” Isa asks.
”Yeah I called her Rhodes the letter said that was her name after all.” I explain as Isa turns the swaddles around and reads the letter to himself. After he finishes he looks at the little one then at me I start to justify “she ran out of milk and was left alone in that dingy alley I read the letter from her mom. We have enough room and it’s been quiet lately I thought with her around we could liven this place up a little. I also thought it was the guardianly thing to do and it looked like she was pretty independent already so we wouldn’t have to do much except be there and feed her oh and of course keep her out of trouble. Roxas and xion probably wouldn’t mind having some one else to hang out with either so convincing you was really the only obstacle.“
“Lemme guess you also thought she was cute right and couldn’t stand to leave her alone.” Says Isa
“... yes.” I say.
He picks up the letter again checks if there’s anymore details “I know it’s sudden and we might not be the best for her but I want to give Rhodes her second chance. Please Isa consider giving her a chance.” I say.
“What think do you think I’m doing dummy? Your begging is making it harder to think.”
He pauses and becomes pensive now glancing back and forth from the letter to Rhodes and back again. He then asks “what would’ve you done if I said no?” and with no hesitation I said “well I’d bring her to the orphanage of course though with a lot of regret since it seems the mother doesn’t want the little one to get bounced around the foster system.”
“I figured and it would probably take while for that to fade if it fades at all from your mind too am I right?”
I nod and Isa looks again at Rhodes and after a while he says “Rhodes right?” And Rhodes hearing her name and again loving the attention nods and babbles with delight reaching out toward him and just like she did with me ending up touching the bridge of his nose. Her smile is infectious reaching both of us then to my delight Isa smirks and says “You win we can keep her.”
“Yes!” I say Isa continues “but this is the last stray puppy understand.” I nod “Good because your not gonna get it past me a second time.” Isa says
“roger that.”
Isa smiles again and says “then go on run and tell everyone the news I know you’re ready to.”
“Yeah... I am.” I say with a grin “guess I’m gonna have to go get some more groceries then.” Isa grabs a piece of paper jots everything she needs down and says “yep you bet. Here’s the list. Be back quick before she gets impatient.” I nod and say “Gotcha.” and before heading out the door “Thanks Isa.”
“Your welcome Lea.” He says as I start on another journey walking on the road of Rhodes.
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This story is explicit you have been warned
here is Xaveor and Miriko’s birthday story enjoy.

Destinies intertwined

Today is the day the destined day where twin hearts will be brought to the light of this wonderous world. Riku, Aqua and namine are all on standby one with blankets and a stop watch another with curaga ready to be cast and finally a master seamstress with the doc supplies to tie it all together. It’s early morning in the castle and the radiant gardens surrounding it are soon to be brought to dawn. It’s been an unusually cold January so far but I have a feeling that may change today as the warmth in our room is too powerful to keep contained here. Heartbeat like sounds resonate the twins will emerge soon and neither of us can wait any longer to embrace them with open arms. Kairi puts her hand on her belly and in a soft whisper says “i can feel their hearts awakening their light is strong.” I smile and reach for her hand “I feel them too it looks like we’ll be destined for a handful a delightful handful to be sure.” She rests her head on my shoulder “yeah a delightful little handful.”
We watch as we rise and fall with our breaths like calm waves reaching towards the shore. But a kick interrupts our bliss and rouses her from my shoulder we clutch the Wayfinder in her other hand tighter. Soon a second kick now caused by both twins follows she gets a shiver down her spine and winces a small cry escapes her mouth. Finally a pair of very strong synchronus kicks shakes us to our cores a message from their newborn hearts resonates it reads “we have arrived.”
I hear Chirithy’s footsteps rushing towards our door as a louder cry escapes. An exited, flustered and impatient yet tearfully joyful expression graces her face and yet her voice remains a whisper a firm and confident whisper but a whisper nonetheless “Sora it’s time.” She cry’s once again and winces.
I start to call for them but before I could they all come bursting through the door guess I never needed to call. I move out of the way but still grasp her hand sitting on a chair beside the bed. They all take their places Naminé and Aqua on her left Riku and chirithy to the right. Riku joins our handhold reassurance has been given and accepted with warm smiles all around as the mission begins. No words have been spoken as she knows all she has to do is squeeze. The first squeeze is after the incision another cry escapes. The second squeeze comes not long after when she pushed to allow for an easier retrieval a wince and a half moan half yell follows. They find the first twin and try to bring the little one to the light but sensitive to their touch the baby gives a powerful kick in retaliation and the loudest cry of the moment escapes her. Tears now form glistening in the dawns slowly arriving light. Niether Riku or I have the heart to see her in such pain so we look away. Riku joins the hand hold once again she squeezes twice and we both squeeze back. A curaga is soon cast and the first twin is retrieved.
Dawn starts to completely break through the window bathing us in a warm platinum light. A wave of relief sweeps the room as Riku quickly wraps the crying newborn in one of the blankets but we all know that we’re not done yet. Riku starts the stop watch and the process begins again. She pushes with a wince and squeeze. Then a strong shove and shuffle follows as a result of the little ones sensitivity causing another loud cry and the tears to fall practically shining gold reflecting the now complete dawn shining upon us. Curaga is cast once again but it doesn’t soothe the tears. I hold her hand tighter and our adventures flash through my mind the moment at the docks when she said “sora don’t ever change.” Shows itself and stays in my mind I reflect. Did I change and if so for the worse or for the better? Well I sure did grow and mature on our adventures but change hmm not sure. my ideals and my desires have mostly come to fruition but the rest I still have and my personality well it’s stubborn it hasn’t really changed sure it might have been developed but to it’s essentials it hasn’t changed one bit. But then again the darkness has etched itself in my heart many times more than I care to count. My friends fought for the light with me and changed while doing it but did I?

The memory then switches to the world that never was Kairi and I have finally reunited we haven’t seen each other since that day on destiny islands when riku got possessed by Ansem. I was so glad to see her again she had changed taller, longer hair and a different outfit but it was still her “you are different Kairi but I’m just glad your here.” I remember saying. The final memory then takes this ones place it was the memory from before the battle with xehanort we were perched on the paopu tree that overlooked the pier at destiny islands she grabs two paopu fruits and says “here.” I’m surprised at the sudden gift and Kairi smiles “tomorrows fight will be our toughest yet. I just want to be a part of your life no matter what. That’s all.” I take the paopu fruit a promise in edible form our hearts are forever bound together by destiny through this fruit understanding this a promise I make “Kairi, I’ll keep you safe.” I remember thinking about the cave drawing we made as children in that moment she drew me and I drew her then soon after my first journey I added a paopu fruit before leaving the islands once more. What a surprise when I returned to find that she too added that star shaped fruit a surprise I’ll treasure forever. She responds with a shake of her head a promise she too makes “no, let me keep you safe.” We recreate the cave drawing as the sun shines upon us and the waves calmly reach for the sky. The wayfinder flashes in my mind as the moment ends I now know what to do. “We’ve changed haven’t we... but still I’m me and your you we’ve grown became masters guardians a light in the ever persistent darkness. But one thing still stays the same my promise hasn’t been fulfilled yet. Kairi I will keep you safe. I’ll keep them safe forever and always with you by my side as they go through their life’s changes.” I say it in a softness that I never knew I could pull off it’s new it’s a change a welcome change. A sniffle another cry softer much softer escapes. Her tears dwindle a wave of calm seems to come over her features eyes a shining diamond sea returning to delicate serenity. Sadly it doesn’t last as she suddenly tenses. “Her heart the little one it’s a miracle it’s pure light strong yet still delicate light!” Kairi says in a astonished whisper as the miraculous newborn is slowly brought to see the dawn. Destiny speaks from the little ones babble and small squeal like coo “we are dearly beloved” and the final tear falls down Kairi’s face.

7 minutes between the twins now wrapped in blankets both thick and thin. Carried and ushered by Riku and Chirithy the newborns babble all the way toward the lab. Aqua uses curaga as Naminé’s sewing skills stitch Kairi back together and her wayfinder returns to the night stand. Naminé and Aqua take their leave and we are left in awestruck serenity. Then we embrace a destined embrace “thank you for being my dearly beloved.” We say it in unison and a soft chuckle at our synchronization follows. We cuddle a bit under the covers our hands holding together listening to the doves and jays wake and greet the morning with happy chirps and tweets.
The fountains run like waterfalls that the cherry blossoms just have to take advantage of. I could imagine the soft ripple that each one will cause a wave just like on the island calm and peaceful. I whistle to the rhythm of the waves back home also etched into my heart and memory we match it with our breaths both of us taking solace in it. I can’t wait for the little ones to see and play on that shore and sit on that same paopu tree just like we did before them. But before we can go to deep into our reverie chirithys plushy footsteps accompanied the others distant tapping and two babbles echoing through the halls snap us out of it. To our surprise we both instinctively become more alert and I sit up a little straighter. It’s clearly Riku who knocks on the door as he not wanting to interrupt would definitely lightly knock in a situation like this. “Come in.” I say as Riku slowly opens the door and they all enter. Our eyes light up as we see the swaddles nestled in his and chirithys whose being propped up by Aqua arms. Two babbles from each swaddle come forth “Congrats.” Is spoken by all but the fated words are said with a smile by Riku “Sora, Kairi it’s a boy and a girl. A fitting 7 minutes apart both with strong hearts filled with the power of light you did it guys you did it!” Both chirithy and Riku then turn over the swaddles and the newborns radiant light is shown to our very eyes.

The twins are perfect. The boy looks so much like me his three auburn spikes poke up like a crown. While the girl matches Kairi to tea with cuteness overloading rosy cheeks and a radiant complexion. She has two brown spikes of hair reaching for the sky and bangs that end in a crown shape in the middle of her forehead fitting for a princess. Both fluffs of hair give a slight bounce as Riku and Chirithy pass the little ones over. Both twins babble in happiness reaching their tiny arms toward us and both of us just melt. The only word I could manage was a simple “wow” as I received the precious little girl first. I see Kairi smile as she receives the other twin and the boy seems to copy her smile at her touch despite his eyes not being opened yet. That same smile is also copied by the little girl this time being more of a just being similar to her mom thing but still charming all the same. Kairi leans on my shoulder “this little one is just like his father.” She says delighted i nod “yes and this little girl is just like you. Radiant and beautiful.” I say going to touch the tip of little ones nose she giggles in response. Her joy is infectious and causes everyone's smiles to widen even more. Her laughter brings a delighted babble and coo out of her brother as well causing an “Aww!” from the crowd.
The boy’s coos continue, curiosity and joy invades each one as he babbles and reaches his tiny hands towards his sibling and then to me. Reading the cue we switch swaddles and are left speechless by our similarities again. At my touch the baby boy coos with satisfaction but his babbling and subsequent smile doesn’t leave his joy and curiosity behind. That precious smile of his feels familiar. It's one I've seen Ven wear many times and heard that I share it with him. It's warm and friendly, ready for adventure.
Conversely the little girl at Kairis touch babbles with so much joy and fondness that everyone is left astounded and practically glowing. Kairi can only manage a proud and astonished whisper “Extraordinary!” before mouthing a simple thank you to everyone in the room. Fondness exudes from her smile and the sparkles in her eye, both girls are in their element. Our hearts melt once again with the delicate and precious coo of satisfaction that the little girl gives as Kairi gently strokes her crown.
However another precious moment was still looming overhead. I give the boy something to hold with my ring finger as Kairi continues to stroke the little girl's crown, both of us smiling fondly at our newborns. The boy squeals delighted as he finally gets a hold of my finger and the little girl taking solace in her mom's stroking softly coos in delight. After a bit the boy loses his grip though and both twins take a cute yawn before ruffling the swaddles and revealing their final set of features. 2 wondrous, sparkling and familiar big royal blue sets of eyes a marvel to behold on their radiant faces. They delight in seeing our surprise melting our hearts even further. Then a single synchronous babble sends us away to their Station of Awakening where their hearts send us a message: “Destiny has brought us together, hearts forever connected. You guided us to the light where we’re dearly beloved. Let's rejoice together as this radiant morning beckons for we have truly arrived.” Our response is simply “Welcome home little ones. welcome home,” as they run towards our open arms. Firmly we embrace them as our oath resonates through the station “Fall on us and we will catch you. We’ll be your oathkeeper and destined embrace to come back to as we ride the adventure of life. You are dearly beloved.” The embrace is blissful and seems to last forever but the twins babbles bring us back to reality.

We returned to reality greeted with morning warmth and smiles from our dearest friends. All our hearts melted the little ones eyes aglow. Another aww from the crowd as Kairi sighs happy and content and I breathlessly exclaim “wow!” Laughter then fills the room as we play with the little ones. We gently turn the swaddles, continuing to play to make sure the babies keep smiling as Naminé has successfully fumbled the camera out of the bag of doc supplies and is ready to take a picture. A simple “Say cheese!” and the memories are finally frozen in time on a simple piece of paper. She’ll re-draw the moment later I’m sure of it and I give a soft smirk at the thought. The twins continue to squeal and coo in delight but soon enough our newborns become tuckered out. Our own tiredness starts to get to us as well as we slightly nod off, passing the sleepy twins over to Riku and Chirithy. The laughter hangs in the air as more congrats are given and we’re left in the warm radiance of morning in serenity once again. The birds and the wind like a lullaby working like a charm.

We awaken in the late noon to find questions and congrats at our door. It’s from the other guardians I answer all in a still half asleep stupor. They all say the first question in almost unison “boy or girl?” “Eldest is a boy and the other is a girl.” The second question is asked by Terra but it’s from both him and Ven “Do their hearts have the makings?” I nod “Yes, for both of them their hearts are full of strength and pure light.” Then the third question comes from Roxas and Xion “do you think destiny has already written their path?” “Well we’re destined for a handful that’s for sure but their path remains uncertain to me. However, whatever their path may be, I’m certain that it will be extraordinary.” Finally the last question is asked by all: “What did they inherit?” I answer with a big teasy grin “If you guys want that answer join us and find out for yourselves I can’t spoil everything you know.” We share a laugh at this and then head to the lab. We are soon joined by riku who was smiling and leaning against the walls of the courtyard that separates the sleeping quarters from the rest of the castle and the ramp to the lab. As we pass him by he smirks and says “Sora, Kairi Good morning or should I say afternoon I wanted to let you two sleepy heads dream before they all got introduced to the little ones. how was the congrats alarm clock?” “surprising and delightful but you could’ve thought of something that didn’t involve answering tons of questions as soon as we opened the door.” I replied with equal snark “c’mon sora cut me some slack their questions were valid and they really wanted the answers I couldn’t just deny them and having them wait by your door was the best solution I could think of.”
“I’m kidding riku just messing with you. One thing though how long were you guys waiting out there?” They all exchange glances reluctant to answer but then Chirithy appears answering for them “ you wouldn’t believe it they’ve been waiting since after breakfast.”
“Chirithy..” Ven says disappointed that their cover has been blown “so you’re telling me it’s true?” They nod “oh my goodness what time is it.” Axel check his watch “um about 5:30 we stopped waiting for lunch though if it makes the situation better.” Both Kairi and I then say “guys... you didn’t need to do that for us.” Riku then steps up “Believe me I gave them the same speech. But some just couldn’t wait.” He motions toward ven, Roxas and xion implying that they were the ones that lead the charge “Way to put us on the spot Riku.” Says ven putting his hands in our favorite gesture hands behind head. Kairi smiles “thank you all for waiting but you still didn’t need to do it for so long.” I follow up with agreement “yeah Kairi’s right and I’m sure Riku or Chirithy would’ve alerted all of you once we awoke. Still I won’t shy from saying thank you all of you.” Smiles all around as we continue to the lab. With Igneo and Quinora soon joining us as their father Terra calls them from their playtime in the yard.
We then make it to the lab but before we could knock on the door Aqua opens it and welcomes us in. I have a feeling chirithy popping in like that had something to do with Aqua knowing we were coming and smile at the thought. Inside we’re greeted by Naminé, Ienzo, Even and Ansem the wise we share a congrats before he guides us to their cribs. Once we huddle around them Naminé and Aqua pass the baby’s over to Kairi and I. We receive them then turn around to face the others. Who like us get their hearts melted by the kid’s charm and everyone gives an “awe.”. We are all smitten with them and loving the attention the twins smile and babble causing everyone to melt even further. The others then say “the twins are just like their parents.” Ansem chimes in “indeed they are in both looks and attributes as they seem to be full of light especially the little girl in fact I think her light may rival that of a princess of heart.” Kairi smiles “it’s a miracle. I’m so glad.” Then Igneo and Quinora ever curious shuffle through the huddle and say “we wanna see we wanna see the twins.” Hearing this I kneel down and show them my bundle of swaddles both are in awe “wow! he looks just like you Uncle Sora.” I nod and say “yes indeed.”
But then a question neither of us were ready for “What are their names?”
“The twins names.” They nod “come to think of it we haven’t decided on names yet.” I say standing up now “Really you haven’t!?” The others exclaim both Kairi and I shake our heads “no we haven’t.” The room becomes pensive now. “Hmm a name for our twins.” I say as my mind races through the many possibilities I’d like the boy to have a heroic name that’s easy to say but also be named after Roxas or Ven or maybe even both but what name could it be. I rack my brain for the answer but then the little ones babbles clears my mind and gives me a name Xaveor. Light can do amazing things I smile at him and he smiles back. I see Kairi do the same looks like she got the same talk. She looks back at me and both of us give the other assurance “Xaveor his name is Xaveor.” Kairi smiles “And as for this little one her name is Miriko.” The guardians all smile as riku says “a little savior and a little miracle what fitting names for them both.” “Yeah they’re perfect. But also filled with so much more.” I say taking a moment to look among the crowd and see how far we’ve come. Coming out of my brief bout of nostalgia I continue “We’ve come so far with the power of each other and our hearts. The little ones may go even farther... However it’s bound take awhile as such I made sure of something for my boy. That in his very heart within its foundation lies an identity that will allow him to have backup even in the toughest situations when he’s alone and struggling to get back up again. You could even say that identity is a collection of others identities a boost for him to learn and grow from.”
A realization flashes through all followed by smiles. The biggest of which come from Roxas and Ven without a word they already knew who the backup was but now everyone knows this identity of his will be revealed to everyone he meets. As a name starting with an x, ending in an alphabetical r and o and finally in between a declaration that he will go wherever destinies wind may take him across any land, sea or sky. One sky one destiny a destiny forever intertwined. Humbled responces come from both then a paopu flavored dinner toast. Afterward milk made from pork roast. Finally the night calls to take us away to dreams we now fall prey. My dream depicts the place I’d rather the twins be as the saying “may their hearts be their guiding key” echoes free. The twins nestled in our embrace let them know in the trials they’ll no doubt face they will always be together as their intertwined destinies are now fully awake.