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The Gauntlet(original RP)

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Oct 30, 2005
The wonderful land of Oz
Hello.I finally have my feeling for RPing back.So here is the newest one.

Plot:The land known as Gilfean.A peaceful,and lovely world.Where people lived happy,and in harmony with nature,or at least....They used to.200 years ago a strange man appeared.He wore a heavy metal all over his body.he said it was called armor,and it was meant to protect the wearer.This armor was strange to us.Later the day he came he slaughtered an animal.He used a stranger metal that was sharpened,and had a handle at the bottem.He said the thing was called a sword.The man was considered an outlaw for killing.He ran away,and slowly conivnced others that his way was proper.

Eventually he had an army.They overthrew the government of that time,and the man became a tyrannt of a ruler.Before this there had been no such thing as weapons or armor in Gilfean.The man today is still alive.How this is possible is unknown.Speculated,but no real answers.Last night a shooting star crashed on Gilfean.Many are to afraid to go to it,but there are warriors who will.Little is it known to the warriors that the star is where they will meet,and they have a bigger destiny ahead of them.

The night the start crashed.In the man's castle.
The man looked out on the balcony of his room.His red armor looked contorted,and seemed to show his darkness.He sees the star crash.He gets on his face."Men!"He orders.
Two guards come into the room."Yes master Drieggar!"One says.
"Fetch me captain Baltimius.Tell him the other gauntlet is here,and it needs to be destroyed.If anyone finds...My empire may fall."He says.

Note:The man's name Drieggar is pronounced Drey-ger,and Baltimus is pronounced how it's spelled.

The usual RPing rules
No noobs
This a mature RP.Expect to see gore and cursing.
This is a dark ages-like RP
NO DRAGONS IN THIS RP(I love dragons but this isn't the kind of RP I'd want them in)
The Gauntlet will be worn by one character.It itself is a weapon,and the person using it will be the most important in the RP.
To use the gauntlet you must your charcter,and I'll tell you if I approve or disapprove.
Anyone can control our enemies except Drieggar.If you want to use him then PM,and tell me what you're gonna do if you get permission.I'll tell you whether you may or may not.
More about the gauntlet will be revealed in time,but it is a living thing so to speak.I binds to a host,but it's not evil unless it gets corrupted by it's host.
No G-modding or P-playing
If you're confused about something PM me,and I'll explain.
The physics in this RP are inhuman.So stuff like running on a wall is okay.Just don't take things to far.

Class: (as what kind of warrior.Knight,rouge,mage,archer,ninja,thief,etc.)
Weapon: (the gauntlet user will have to have a weapon other than the gauntlet)

I'll post my character later,and no I'm NOT the gauntlet holder for those of you who know me.Please join.
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