The Gates of Truth/Seven Deadly Sins Take A Holiday *FMA-Demon Hunters Crossover*


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Sep 14, 2006
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Trick or Treat?

Angie’s first thought was what happened. Her second was a frantic how does she get her
team out of their present situation. Her eyes darted around the alleyway, mind on high alert as she tried to figure out the best way to get out of there with minimal casualties, catching Lucas’s confusion over where they were Angie swore softly.

So it really was up to her, huh?

It didn’t take much searching to pinpoint the other five members of their seven-man band. There was some space between them, but everyone was physical okay. She was suddenly grateful she was wearing jeans and a conservative t-shirt and not the black dress she’d been planning on for later in the evening. She could tell Lucas wasn’t amused by their new location, and quite frankly she couldn’t blame him.

How the hell had they ended up in the Fullmetal Alchemist universe?

She remembered vaguely they’d been fighting a demon, it started saying some crazy shit (or crazier) and then they were here. She also felt pain in her stomach but she pushed it to the side for the time being. Catching Lucas’s violet eyes, she wasn’t surprised when he ordered sharply, “Gather the others up, we need to regroup so we can figure this out.”

“Why, hello there you two. Can I help you children find something?”

Tensing at the question, Angie didn’t react as Lucas quickly crossed the space between them and got between her and their new “friend”. She recognized the smooth voice, and it was alluring to her. Glancing over her shoulder at the man, she saw the Führer standing behind her, Lucas serving as a barricade between them. Turning around slowly, she stepped to the right so she could look Bradley straight on while agreeing with Lucas’s desire to protect her. A sweet smile coming to her face, Angie answered carefully, “Good afternoon King Bradley, no we don’t need help. Thank you for the offer though, sir. We’re just trying to figure out where our friends ran off too, sir.”

She watched his uncovered eye widen in surprise at her respect, only for it to return to normal and a cheerful grin to spread across his face. “Well then miss, I wish you the best of luck. Although maybe you and your friends would be interested in joining me for some dinner?”

Angie smiled slightly, she knew what he was thinking; and quite frankly she couldn’t blame him. The autumn air was crisp here just like it is back at home, and she could tell that was something that would probably comfort the others. Seeing Lucas’s shoulders tense, she reached out a hand and placed it on his shoulder, drawing his attention to her. Shaking her head slowly, Angie looked at Bradley for a second longer as she searched out the others again. Finding them at their previous locations, she frowned a little as she when she finally picked up the other energy signals.

Then her eyes widened in fear as she realized what, or rather whom, the others were dealing with. “On second thought sir, it’d be wonderful to have you show us around. And dinner does sound nice.” She commented sweetly, her brain already arranging things so she knew just how to get them out of there.

Feeling Lucas’s gaze on her, she shook her head and shot him a quick look that read “Later. It’s not important right now” before she started to follow behind Bradley, Lucas close on her heels until he pulled up beside her. She didn’t say a word as Lucas wrapped a protective arm around her, it was an old habit they’d developed after their initial encounter. Lucas was one of the few people Angie was able to tolerate physical contact from without her feeling sick to her stomach.

It didn’t take them long to find Dante, nor Selim Bradley. Picking up her pace, Angie reached Dante and reached up to smack him upside the head. Watching as he rubbed the back of his head, Angie scolded, “You should know better than to pick fights without me or Lucas present to keep you in line, idiot. You should also avoid engaging in conversation, or confrontation, with the locals without me present to tell you if it’s safe. Are you trying to get killed?”


The unsure word made her freeze in her tracks, glancing over her shoulder she saw Gluttony standing there; looking like the little lost puppy that he tended to act like without Lust there to guide him. Jace was standing back from it, his hair a mess and his eyes wide from panic. Doing a quick mental count, she looked back at Lucas who was standing near the furher and answered the unspoken question, “Three for us, and three for them.”

Lucas nodded in answer, his eyes guarded but Angie could tell he was on edge. He was beginning to figure out where they were. Clapping her hands together, Angie felt the spark of energy tear through her body. Slamming her hands against the ground, she flinched inwardly at the jolt of pain but felt the energy disperse to re-pinpoint its targets.

“Elrics and their counterparts are Southwest from here, Clearwater and Sloth are northeast sir. Who do you want to go after first?” Angie asked, knowing that either set would be a hazard if left unattended for too long.

“I’ll take Jace and Dante to retrieve Christa, I want you to get the twins, understand?”

Nodding her head, Angie started to head in the direction of the Elric twins when Lucas called out, “Ange, how’d you do that trick just now?”

Without looking back, she answered, “Focus inward, clap your hands together and then send the energy you want to use into the object you desire to control.”

She wasn’t surprised when King Bradley joined her, nor when Gluttony did too. Looking back at Lucas she teased, “Anything else sir? Or may I go retrieve our teammates and answer the questions at the Furher’s house?”

She watched as Lucas flipped her off, a half-hearted smile on his face before he took his group and headed to get Christa. The message was clear though, meet at the Furher’s and they’ll figure out a plan there. Selim Bradley followed after the boys, apparently deciding they were the bigger threat than her. Good, that’s what they needed.

Now, she just had to get the twins and hope they wouldn’t get killed in the process.

That shouldn’t be too hard given the stuff she usually had to deal with, but even then Angie expected some kind of challenge. It just wouldn’t be her life without some type of obstacle, now would it?

Squaring her shoulders, Angie moved through the streets with relative ease, dodging people and keeping the two Homunculus that were following her on a short leash. Gluttony wasn’t an issue, he was so much like a puppy, eager to please her. Bradley on the other hand was a bit of a surprise, she’d expected him to be a little more hostile toward a stranger like her.

After a half hour, Angie heard angry words that was like music to her ears. She’d been mildly worried that she’d reach the twins to find one or both of them dead, but Eric’s angry comeback to whoever reassured her that they were okay.

“If I’m not willing to eat for my sister, what makes you think I’d eat for you? Shove off you stupid peasant!”

“I am not a peasant; I am the next emperor of Xing!”

A laugh escaping her, Angie rounded the corner and laughed, “Elric, chill out. Get over here, we’re supposed to meet up with Lucas in an hour, you too sister.”

That brought the argument to a halt, and she watched as Eric’s opponent looked at her, his dark eyes open and wide from amazement. If she remembered correctly from the manga, the boy’s name was Ling, and he’d recently become partnered with Greed. Eyes skipping to Envy and Delilah, she saw the way the two embodiments of envy watched her. Placing a hand on her hip, she continued, “Come on, we don’t have all night. It’ll be sundown in a couple hours and you know how Lucas gets.”

She saw the Elric twins nod, before they threw one last scathing look at their respect counterparts and moved over to stand next to Angie. Raising a hand to silence Eric, she added, “I’ll explain back at King Bradley’s place, but first we need to get there with our heads still on our shoulders. Mustang and his gang are bound to be suspicious of anyone they don’t recognize, which is why we need King Bradley to get us to safety. Move out.”

Eric and Delilah fell into line, and Angie didn’t react when all but King Bradley fell into step behind her. King Bradley took the lead, leading them straight to his house. Angie could tell they’d jumped from the frying pan into the fire, but she could also tell that this dangerous game was also the only way to get home. She wanted to get home to her loved ones, she had to see them again.

She needed to see them again.

She needed to see Devon to keep the evil voice at bay.

She needed to get home to safety.


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You know, it's quite something to see King Bradley lead them to safety. Usually it's the other way around in the full metal alchemist universe. Like King Bradley and co. killing anyone suspicious, or has to do with the stone. I still think it's badass of Angie being able to use alchemy in their world. I'm also curious why they ended up there, and how they'll return home. Or why there's a look alike twins of the Elric brothers. xD I hope to read more because this was really good too. <3