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Fanfiction ► The Future that never was ~~~ Finally after almost 2 Years done :D!!!

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Dawn Rebirth

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Sep 4, 2009
Can you say vacay on Radiant Isle, and I'm growing
Well, this is a long shot but, here It goes my series is about something that happened , or rather, something that didn't happen basically, do you remember what happened in KH well, all that happened except, Roxas never met DiZ, here's what happened right when Axel, and Roxas were about fight someone else, appeared, and took Roxas away result: Sora never woke up, DiZ never blew himself up, Kairi never saw Sora again, Riku never turned back into his orignal form, many worlds were consumed, by darkness yes, I know grim, messed up,ect and what's more seeing as, they were never defeated by Sora the organization lived of course, Vexen, Larxene, Marluxia, Lexeaus, and Zexion were lost forever, the Organiztion in this point of the story's population: 103 members(excluding those, that had been destroyed) however over time there were rumors heard in the organization that Xemnas had been using the members of the orgnization, and that he would instead of making the members whole using KH he would instead use it for his own selfish desire's so some of the member's abanded the orgnaztion left TWTNW however Xemnas had learned of what, they had done, ever since then, they have been on the run from the orgnization, this is 30 years later after Roxas had Disapeared.
Character's are:

Lexrin(Lex-ah-rin) Age: 25
has : has Blue hair like Aqua, and bangs shaped like lightning bolts.
attribute: electricity and is also invonerable to electricity, or any thing to it(in otherwords, can't blow blow up if he get's wet like Larxene.
weapon: has 3 weapons one simialar to Axel's but, instead has 1000 watts of electricity,and a chain to pull it back, 10 poles that go into the ground makes his body, electrified(but he still won't blow if he get's wet), and makes him move like, lightning, and 2 katanas that can be combined into a huge, blade that if struck feels like you were hit by, thunder.
Someone who's silence hides someone of both great knowlegde, and Great strenghth.

Kaenox (Kay-no-ks) Age: 19
has: purple hair,has a hair clip to keep some, of her hair up.
attribute poision, and also can cure poision as well, weapon: blade similar to Vexen's ice blade also carries kuni knifes.
Can appear a bit bossy and prefers to use strategy in battle. She secretly worries for her friend's safety.

Ditaex(Die-tex) Age: 17/18
has: long pink hair.
attribute: size, also can change the size of others too.
weapon: a double bladed staff that can, shink, and grow with her.
Isn't afraid of anything and despises those who pick on the weak. extremely mouthy who dispite her size is evtremely strong.

Rasnix(Razz-nicks) Age: 17
has: pale blonde hair.
attribute: Luck, can usally turn the odds in his favor.
weapon: Random
Seems to have lady luck always in his grasp but never pushes on that fact. Laidback by nature but, a master of improvisation in when needed.

Markyox(Mark-yoaks) Age: 22
has: black hair.
attribute: night, can also can make a black fog, that can give people nightmares.
Weapon: a sabor that has the power to to injure one's heart upon being struck, and heal himself for each blow.
Incredibly sarcstic who's orignal life is stained in blood, will ocassionally reveal his vast mind full of knowlegde, and at times will show a violent side in which anyone who gets in his way dies.

Elixn(Ell-ee-en) Age: 14/15
has: spiky brunette hair.
attribute: special, has mystic power's that even he dosen't know about.
Weapon: Keyblade, one that's power's are hidden within.
Someone who is always eager to help which can sometimes end out negaitive for him.

Odxylem(Odd-zi-lem) Age: 15
has: short burgundy hair.
attribute: mind, also has visions of things that have or haven't happened.
weapon: a sword that, holds different powers depending on her mood at the time she uses it.
personality: quiet, but cheerful.
Acts blank if she hasn't used her weapon in awhile the emotion she is feeling when she uses her weapon will depend how she acts.

I'll try to start this as soon, as I can don't know, how people are going to act it but, I'll try to have action, romance, humor,ect. like I said, it's a long shot but, I'll do, my best.
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Allister Rose

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May 13, 2009
Re: The Futre that never was

i suggest you edit some these names, they seem to hard to pronounce.

Allister Rose

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May 13, 2009
Re: The Futre that never was

yeah...i don tfeel confortable seeing the names like this while having different pronounciation, is this english or some other language in there name?

the story might be good though

Allister Rose

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May 13, 2009
Re: The Futre that never was

ehh..let's see...if the chapter gets difficult to 'read' the names while pronouncing them, then yeah....

Dawn Rebirth

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Sep 4, 2009
Can you say vacay on Radiant Isle, and I'm growing
Re: The Futre that never was

like I said, It's long shot but, I'll do, my best. Furthermore, I haven't even started.
quick note: this is going to be, a long fanfic don't be suprised with anything but, the story k?, also, I have changed most of the names of the characters
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Dawn Rebirth

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Sep 4, 2009
Can you say vacay on Radiant Isle, and I'm growing
Re: The Futre that never was

My name, is Elixn I’m a nobody creatures made sometimes when, one with a strong a heart becomes a heartless our, body an empty shell starts moving on it’s own that is what I am however sometimes we get, to retain our human form many of us, who do still feel incomplete why Because, the heartless is our heart that walks in a body made from the darkness that it contains so, we are found, and join the organization because, our boss: our Superior promised to help us become whole, but instead lied to us, if we helped, collect hearts for his “Kingdom Hearts” he said, would make us whole but, instead he would make us nothing instead, of us being a nobody we would be nothing in other words he would destroy us instead of helping us what a leader, indeed but, having no heart makes one think less about ones actions that is why we escaped however many of the nobodies still trust him Xemnas, though there is a question can a nobody really trust someone, or is it just a way for us to fool ourselves into being more whole then, what we really are.

Okay enough of that, let me tell you about ourselves we left TWTNW 3 years ago, me? I’ve been around 5 years, in just a week of joining the organization I realized that I had lost something my memory, we have no hearts thus no emotions so we use our memories to fool ourselves however in a week I had lost some of mine puzzled I started to ask questions, like who am I, what was I like? What was my real name? I didn’t have clue but, somebody or rather, a nobody helped me this, nobody was Old; he had scars on his on his face an eyepatch over, his right eye and violet hair
Xigbar: Losing your memory already? Jeez guess you aren’t one of the lucky one’s then again your still just a kid
Elixn: what’s that supposed to mean?!
Xigbar: oops a daisy don’t take it so personally it only means you became a heartless at a young age so you have less of a memory unfortunately, that mean’s you’ll lose It more quickly, better enjoy”em while they last
well, now had whole new thing to worry about my memory I guess you could say I was sulking, during that I passed a room that immediately caught my eye I walked backwards and entered before anything I saw a golden plaque on the corner of the a shelf that read “this library is for a anyone’s use, and is in memory of Zexion, may this Nobody rest in peace as nothing” this name “Zexion” drew a blank in my mind, but it seemed he was nobody who had died which in the organization was rare apparently only 7 nobodies in the organization had been killed, I bet they were all special but, moving on I had gotten interested in these books I read them for awhile. If I couldn’t keep my old memories then, I’ll just make new ones.

As of now I’m traveling with my friend’s who also, decided to come with the first, I’ll start with Lexrin he’s very silent, has blue hair with a “unique” design uses electricity one time Axel made fun of him for being so quite
Axel: geez, Lexrin I can’t tell if you won’t talk, or if your a mute
Lexrin: Just because I’m quiet, doesn’t prove the fact that I can’t think unlike a certain “spikey red head” I know
Axel was shocked, then, started grinding his teeth couldn't make any other face, and his right eye kept on twitching the whole time I was there, the next day I was in my room reading a book when I thought I heard a chuckling sound, then didn’t then heard it again only this time it was even, louder so I came to see, what was up, and someone was walking down the hall then I realized that it was Axel, not just him but a bunch of nobodies laughing at him I asked, one dude with carrying a Sitar why they were laughing at him, turns out that Axel had his face like that the whole day, and night, his face froze: permanently, I thought your face staying like that after a long time was an urban legend. I told Lexrin the whole thing he laughed like he had never laughed before, but then stopped, and thought that Axel most likely didn’t want his face like that forever, so he got out his munny, and left the room to see, if he could pay for Axel’s face to be fixed it cost a lot but he had enough, I thought why he’d do that for Axel after what he said, to him the other day I guess he’s generous and forgiving.

Later in the organization medical clinic:
Lexrin: okay, Axel I’ll pay for your jaw to be fixed on one condition: you have to promise to never disturbed me again
Axel: (in an irritated voice, while glaring) III pwomissss owwriwwt III pwomissss

well, besides being generous he is quite intelligent, and is a, good friend as you know I said, he is quiet well, that wasn’t always true, how we met if you must ask I had just gotten done with my first mission, he came up and grabbed me by the shoulder and took me through a corridor I still till this day wonder why Saix or the lady (which to this day I still can’t remember for the life of me, what her name was)never tried to help but, it’s okay if they had we wouldn’t be friends. As a quick note before I go on the world I went on my first mission was a place called Twighlight Town, when we got out something was amiss the world looked different, but it felt like Twighlight Town, and there were some similarity’s one instead of the station tower there was lighthouse which is where we ended up going, also there was a mansion that looked similar to the one in Twighlight Town, but different when we arrived

Elixn: why does this place feel so similar to Twighlight Town?
at first I thought he may have ignored what I had said
Lexrin: you’ve felt the connection already? The reason this world seems a lot like Twighlight Town is because, It is one of to 3 worlds that hold a connection the light in the connection is this world Dawn Bay the shadow that is cast from this world becomes Visual Garden they say all worlds have hearts so, when a world loses it’s heart the world is swallowed by the darkness, many worlds have been destroyed because of this, these 2 worlds somehow have perhaps … I should say have a nobody that is Twighlight town that is why the connection is held.

After that we had some sea-salt Ice cream, 3 worlds connected is that why Twighlight Town is easiest to get to? Because it’s the nobody world and why we can come here is because of the connection? Ahhhh I’m getting too far into this anyways I’ll go on about Lierxn later.
The next person is Kaenox that’s more, difficult then you could imagine she has purple hair keeps some of it up with a hair clip as for the rest straight. It’s difficult but … I remember being No.72 in the organization after a month when I joined she showed up just like us nobodies she was considered insignificant, someone to be avoided, and half a person or that’s what she was considered by all other members except me I decided to at least try to show some kindness.

Elixn: hello, I can see your new here (I thought to myself what a dumb way to greet someone, in this condition after all, new member orientation is done with everyone in the organization there)uhh … my name’s Elixn what’s your’s?
Kaenox: (in a blank expression) Kaenox
I decided to look for Lexrin (I took her along)he was where he always was after missions leaning against the wall as silent as he could be.
Elixn: Hey Lexrin did you talk to Kaenox yet?
Lexrin: The new recruit I just got back from my mission I thought, I might relax for a moment
Elixn: but, Lexrin isn’t that what you always do?

After that Lexrin got up and smacked me on the head, stung bad too, I realized that I had been rude

Elixn: I mean, oh! Really what was your mission?
Lexrin: I rather not say
Elixn: oh … uhh … well, want to take me and Kaenox to Dawn Bay?
Lexrin: (sigh) Fine
we then went through a corridor.
We headed to the top of a the lighthouse, started eating some sea-salt ice, while me, and Lexrin were enjoying the ice cream, Kaenox was looking at the sun set
Elixn: hey you gonna, finish your ice cream?
Then she put her hand up then, licked the ice cream she made a face, then, smiled
Kaenox: this ice cream it’s different from the one that I remember, its flavor changes over a matter seconds sorry, that I seemed … blank I wondered If you were just an illusion so at the very most I watched the sunset but I wasn’t sure until, I tasted this Ice cream and realized this is real, So Elixn what exactly is this place?

She seemed a little different then she was a bit ago

Elixn: It’s called Dawn Bay
Kaenox: (folds her arms) I meant the place we were before.

Jeez, her tone changed

Elixn: (put hands behind head) I don’t know?

She looked kind of angry at my response

Kaenox: Let me get this straight you live there, your part of their communion, and you don’t know the world’s name
Elixn: pretty much
now she looked pretty much pissed, at that moment I something happened I felt as if I should try my best to answer her questions
Lexrin: The World That Never Was
she looked shocked at his response but why? She was quiet for a long time after that, after awhile we decided to head back.

One thing that she did later on was cook some pretty good looking food she offered some to us I was ready to dig in just, when I was going take a bite
Lexrin: you sure you want to eat that?
At first I was puzzled at what he, had meant then, something came to my mind Kaenox’s attribute was poison I realized eating one would be suicide so I put it down
Kaenox: what’s wrong?
Elixn: I don’t plan on fading tonight
she look puzzled then, took a bite of her food
Kaenox: I’m a better cook then, you think I am (translation: there is no poison you idiot’s)
we still weren’t convinced.

Ditaex is really hyper always cheerful has long pink hair, and is the first one to always try Kaenox’s cooking (besides Kaenox herself) when she tried it she simply loved it, we still wouldn’t eat our own
Ditaex: If you two could grow some bawls, and eat it you’d be a lot happier
after that comment we both looked at each other as much, as we knew It would be a bad Idea we weren’t going to let her own us like that so tried some the result: amazing however even though, we knew it was good, and there were no side-effects we still hesitated to eat her cooking too this day, Ditaex Is sorta annoying doesn’t shut once she enters a conversation and so on, she isn’t thoughtful, about some of the things she says.

In fact once she mouthed off to Saix which isn’t a good idea in any situation his temper isn’t one to be taken lightly he asked her to meet her over in the Addled Impasse she accepted don’t ask me why. I heard that a lot of the members hid while secretly watching them I decided to go watch as well, just to see what would happen their conversation started like this:
Siax: No. 67 do you know why you’re here?
Ditaex: (in a casual tone) because you wanted to ask me something
Saix: No, I asked you to come here to receive your punishment
she looked puzzled
Ditaex: Why?
Saix: respecting high authority is something you should learn how to do
Diatex: awww what’s the matter? (in a babyish voice) did I hurt wittle Saix’s feelings?

Saix was now pissed off

Saix: famous last words

he held his hand out to call forth his weapon she then, called forth her’s the battle had began, Saix started pounding the ground rapidly then, Ditaex shrank at first, it seemed easier to die that way then, I realized she was moving way more faster then, she does usually so she avoided it every bit of it

Ditaex: temper, temper

after a minute Saix, stopped, and just started swinging his claymore, so Ditaex went back to her normal size, and basically evaded every attack by now she could clearly see he was tired

Ditaex: (in a baby voice) awwww is poor wittle Saix getting tired?
Saix: stay, still you little brat!!!

Saix realized that the same tactic would just be as easy as to evade as the others had so, he called forth a bunch of claymores, and they started hitting the ground near her (almost as if by magic) she jumped almost reached the ceiling used her staff to hang from it (by putting a hole in it) it seemed sturdy enough to hold her

Ditaex: wow! Saix I guess you’ve still got some tricks up your sleeve not that their any good

Saix ignored the comment while she was hanging from the ceiling she noticed Saix was levitating ,and some purple aura was surrounding him she didn’t talk for awhile then, Saix tried another approach the claymores started heading her way as she realized this she dropped from the ceiling called forth her staff again, and started to block the claymores but, to no then, she realized that he was still levitating then, there was a spark in her eye she then ran away from the Claymore, and towards Saix I thought “what was she planning?" Saix hardly, seemed to notice she sorta of looked as if she was going run into him then she jumped when the claymores were near her, and she put her hand on the top of his head and bounced off it at first I didn’t know why then all the claymore immediately hit him one after, another the purple light then, disappeared she then came up behind him blew some air he then, immediately collapsed.

Ditaex: (brushes her self off) punishment? Were you joking?

right after that Kaenox came in

Kaenox: what’s with all the noise?! (realizes Saix on the floor) (gasps) Sir Saix!

grabbed him, and somehow picked him up

Kaenox: I’ll get you to your room (creates a corridor)

Later on a bunch of nobodies were talking about what happened,

Axel: could you have imaged the results of that fight she won who’d a thought, I thought Saix would win for sure
Xigbar: As if Saix’s temper wasn’t helping him at all
Demyx: Saix’s new move was pretty unexpected but what was it exactly?
Rasnix: dude, isn’t it obvious he used the kingdom hearts moon in different way then usual, by using the power he was able, to use his mind to levitate the claymores but, when he lost his concentration the power faded
Axel, and Xigbar look at eachother
Demyx: wait, when did he lose his concentration?
Rasnix: Demyx he lost it when he got hit, and fell unconscious
Demyx: oh! I get it, gee that Ditaex sure is clever
Axel: Gee Demyx you want her to be your lover?
Demyx: (in disgusted voice) As If you sicko the guy with the scars
Xigbar: hey, that’s my line!
Demyx: Oops! Sorry Xigbar”

Rasnix is another one of my friends he has pale blonde hair and one wild card all in between, he’s usually laidback, doesn’t get along with Kaenox, at times he’ll seem angry, at others he will be dazed he’s defiant, he smarts off gets along with Ditaex doesn’t know the meaning of going too far, all around he can’t be determined the only thing that’s as random as he is, is his weapon, the thing is it’s always different same goes for the attributes Lexrin explained to me, that his attribute is luck basically, he can give him self good luck, and other’s bad there is no way to tell which weapon he’ll pull out of his sleeve.

Next up is Markyox he has Black hair, and is incredibly quiet when reading a book if disrupted he will usually answer but, in the conversation will always be sarcastic he’s probably the most sarcastic person in the organization (and that is saying a lot) but, there’s something none of us share that he does he can be extremely violent on incredibly rare occasions this will happen, and he won’t stop until everything is dead, I am not kidding he’d even strike down his own fellow member’s in his blood thirst that sort of Psychotic behavior has earned him the Title “ The Silent Psychopath” I also, heard a rumor, that Xemnas can never sleep at night each time he hears his name or his Title.

And last but not least we have Odxylem she has red hair though Lexrin said, it's Burgundy hair what ever that means she is usually quiet but, smiles most of the time in all honest truth she is the reason we left the organization one day, a rumor was heard that our superior was planning on destroying us when we completed Kingdom Hearts none of us believed it but, that night Odxylem had a nightmare she woke up crying (don’t ask me how)she came into, my room I was sound asleep at the time

Odxylem: Elixn? Elixn please, wake up!
Elixn: (wakes up and looks at clock: 3:00 AM) what is it?
Odxylem: Elixn I had a nightmare!
Elixn: it’s okay what happened in the nightmare?
Odxylem: Xemnas killed Xigbar
I thought to myself Xigbar why, would she have a dream about him? But then, I thought Isn’t Xigbar one of Xemnas’s closest ranking members why would he kill him?
Odxylem: he killed him, and then, he smiled and laughed
now this I thought had to be, her thinking about the rumor
Elixn: Odxylem try to just get some more sleep okay?
Odxylem: (nods) Okay
she left my room the next night the she came in again, around the same time as, the last, she had another nightmare this time Xemnas killed Demyx, smiled and laughed I said, the same exact thing as I did last night, this went on for at least a month, and every time the same thing happened after killing a member of the organization he would laugh, I started to worry after 35th time I decided to tell Lexrin what had been happening he was as, worried as I was.
Lexrin: (in a grim sortt of tone) This dream could be more real then, you might think
Elixn: Is it an omen?”
Lexrin: not exactly, Odxylem’s attribute is Mind it basically means that her thoughts go into her weapon at the time she summons it but, there is also another thing, she has vision’s of things, that have happened, and haven’t taken place as of yet
Elixn: So, basically she can see the past and the future?
Lexrin: Yes
This was something that I thought of most of the day. That night Odxylem came in my room again, this time crying louder than usual I knew the drill I got up
Elixn: what happened in the dream this time?
In the Nightmare, It took place at the place where Xemnas would look at the Kingdom Hearts(Alter of Naught) but, it was raining two nobodies had been drawn into a corner Xemnas came
Xemnas: You two are more allusive then, the other victims
Nobody # 1: Please sir, don’t kill us we helped you regain yourself why, do you have to kill us?
Xemnas: Because you are of no further use to me thus, your worthless existence has reached it’s end now become nothing just like the other’s
Nobody # 2: not a chance (opens a corridor) Get out of here
Nobody # 1: Not with out you
Nobody # 2: this isn’t an option go before it’s too (then, get’s stabbed)
Xemnas: (in a cold expreesion) As much as, this scene is touching I will need no more of it
Nobody # 2: (in dying words) Go! Odxylem before he kills you too
Odxylem: (shakes head) No please don’t leave me!
Nobody # 2: Odxylem as long as your … your still alive I can be happy my ashes will scatter, and I will fade but, even so I’ll be happy knowing you survived, I … I … I love you, Odxylem
Odxylem: (while crying) I love you too, Elixn, (goes through corridor)
and that was the end of her nightmare. I was shocked, what I had just heard was that really something that was going to happen?
Odxylem: Elixn can I sleep with you tonight?
to this I wasn’t sure what to say don’t get me wrong, what I said, in that dream was the truth I did love her I didn’t want to lose her, at this point I had two options 1. I could say yes, and hope that this problem wouldn't happen again later on, or 2.could say no, and see what happens while I was thought of my answer all of a sudden, I heard myself say
Elixn: sure you can
at first I was at loss of words did I really say that? I than felt something warm Odxylem was hugging me
Odxylem: thank you Elixn
the answer seemed to have comfort her because she wasn’t crying anymore, before the two of us went to sleep I heard
Odxylem: Elixn is it all right for us to stay here?”
Elixn: I don’t know
after that she fell asleep I started to drift off too, but one thing played in my mind over, and over, and over the nightmare she described after so many times I said, to myself “I have to go talk to Lexrin tomorrow.”
The next day, I came in to talk to Lexrin about, what was happening
Lexrin: (in an uneasy tone) the dreams about Xemnas may well, be the future speaking to us
Elixn: What do we do?
Lexrn: gather Odxylem, Kaenox, Rasnix, Ditaex, and Markyox we need to have a meeting
I gathered the troops we explained the story to them Markyox was the first one to say something
Markyox these conditions are not looking too well, Xemnas laughing doesn’t seem possible but, 36 times of the same subject makes me wonder
Kaenox: Indeed Xemnas has been a nobody for far too long to even fake it, but, if Odxylem’s ability is to be able, to see past, or future then this could be true
Ditaex: but, does it have to happen? Will Xemnas really kill us?
Rasnix: Xemnas said, that he would complete us, if Kingdom Hearts becomes his, was It all a lie?
Odxylem: Staying here doesn’t sound safe
Lexrin: Leaving is what we should do
everyone looks at one another
Kaenox: Abandon the organization but, that’s treason
Lexrin: which would you rather like to happen? Die knowing your leader killed you after deciding to stay so, you wouldn’t commit treason ... or leave this place to prevent this future.
Rasnix: (looking puzzled) prevent?
Lexrin: when one become a heartless they lose their heart because the heart is covered by darkness however when a Keyblade slays a heartless, the darkness around it fades and it is led to Kingdom Hearts as of now the only one to be able, to use one is Elixn but, if Elixn were to leave Kingdom Hearts would not be complete thus, that future would be prevented the cloaks that Xemnas gave us allows us to be able to not fear the darkness, and It cuts off darkness its self, darkness’s scent is fowl the stronger the darkness the more fowl the scent but, these cloaks block out our ability to smell the darkness thus, the scent ends, and the eyes become blind to those who are one wearing one as long as we wear these cloaks they will not be able to track us, but their hearing has not changed they can listen to all our conversations if we’re near them.
Elixn: So, should we leave (everyone raised their hand)
Lexrin: then, it’s settled we’ll leave the organization once their all asleep
and that’s we just did that night we left from a corridor in Lexrin’s room
Kaenox: this isn’t good just how are we not going to get caught?
Lexrin: simple this corridor leads to a world that has not reached the eye of the organization
we went though and left the organization that was almost 3 years ago.

Sorry, that this story took long to come. I'll be happy to answer any questions (with some exceptions of course)
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Dawn Rebirth

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Sep 4, 2009
Can you say vacay on Radiant Isle, and I'm growing
Re: The Futre that never was

The future that never was Chapter 1: 3 years later and, now in the game

Part 1: Ambush in the mountains

Time: 3 years later
World: ?

Well, It’s now been 3 years At this point we’ve been on this world for 3 years (Don’t ask me how)
At this point I wonder if this is just a mountainous world and nothing else, Markyox was reading a book not paying attention to anything but it, Lexrin wasn’t around; Odxylem was looking upward gazing at the stars, Kaenox was cooking some soup, stirring it with a spoon, (which was smelling, pretty good) Rasnix was also, gazing at the stars or, rather lounging, and seeming as he was looking up at them but, had his eyes shut, while Ditaex was near, the pot smelling the food, rubbing her hands together with the biggest grin on her face that she could make. All of a sudden Kaenox came over near Rasnix

Kaenox: alright, get up sleeping isn’t something you should do all the time
Rasnix: (says in an irritated voice) oh my god! Kaenox there’s absolutely nothing else to do! So stop bugging me!
Kaenox: you barely ever move just get up and do something else besides sleeping!
Rasnix: (in a sarcastic tone) and just why, should I take orders from you?
Kaenox: Because, I’m the cook, and if you don’t I won’t serve you any food
Rasnix: And Pinocchio’s nose grows again
Kaenox: excuse me?!
Rasnix: you always feed everyone just a fact, besides I don’t even like, that crap you call food

After that, I didn’t know what would happen then Kaenox punched, and boy did It look like it hurt

Rasnix: Damn! That hurt!
Kaenox: that’s nothing next time you say, or come close to that I’ll hit you ten times harder you got that! (Sigh) now, time to get back to my cooking huh?

Over at her pot was Ditaex drinking from it she realized Kaenox looking her

Ditaex: What? You’re fight over already?
Kaenox: (while kinda glaring) what do think your doing?
Ditaex: (grins) Sampling the soup
Kaenox: (In a sarcastic tone) really how’s it taste?
Ditaex: amazing! May I have seconds!
Kaenox: seconds? … Seconds!? … SECONDS!!!?
Ditaex: yeah, so how bou’t?
Lexrin: could we do without this useless yelling?

Lexrin just got back from wherever he was a lot of the time he be gone, during that time Ditaex, Kaenox, and Rasnix managed to somehow cause a fight. I could basically read Lexrin’s mind about this, he’d go away to get away from the noise, and honestly I could blame him I’d be 5 seconds away from a monster headache, if it lasted long enough It would turn into a migraine.

Kaenox: (in an angry tone) and just where have you been?
Lexrin: (looks at then, looks away) is that really any of your concern?
Kaenox: you go away for a couple of hours then return, none of us know where you go so yes it really is my concern
Rasnix: geez Kaenox do you really need to keep tabs on everyone?
Kaenox: the only reason I came was to keep everyone from dying
Rasnix: you know for some reason I know that couldn’t be any farther from the truth
Kaenox: (with eyes closed, in a stern tone) zip it Rasnix (sigh) well, anyway dinner’s done so everyone ready
Rasnix: might as well
Lexrin: indeed
Ditaex: do you have to ask?
Markyox: of course
Odxylem: yea
Elixn: you know it

Kaenox got up handed everyone their bowls then poured what was left of the soup into our bowls, and came to Ditaex last. Ditaex was grinning however, the pot was empty.

Ditaex: None left?! But, why?!
Kaenox: (with a faint smile) gee I don’t know what could have possibly happened to the rest
Ditaex: (with her arms crossed) I get the picture (puts hands up spreading them apart) fine if there’s none left there’s none left (in a causal yet, insincere voice) let a young nobody girl starve to death (with a slight scowl) while you all eat a wonderful meal (points left hand at neck) don’t let me get in your way
Kaenox: (with the faint smile) oh don’t worry we won’t
Ditaex: (with eyes closed with faint smile) hope you don’t choke

That’s pretty much the last thing anyone said before we went to sleep. Next morning we kept on walking this cycle been going on forever we get up, have breakfast (courteously of Kaenox), walk for about 4 hours, have lunch, walk for 4 more hours at least, then set up camp, and after awhile we ate dinner after lunch we were walking as usual but, something was strange no wind, wild life, nothing too quiet, too peaceful then, I realized Odxylem had stopped looked around started walking again then, stopped and looked around again this went on for awhile more I realized this as a bad sign, and finally asked.

Elixn: What’s wrong?!
Odxylem: (shakes head) something’s … here … everyone … stop

Everyone stopped and looked at Odxylem

Kaenox: (with concerned look) what’s wrong?
Odxylem: something’s … here … be … careful

Everyone started looking around nothing as far as the eye could see all of sudden saw something weird in the air I thought to myself “did I just imagine it?” then, saw in again it was near Odxylem.

Elixn: Look out!!!
Odxylem: ?

Then something hit her so hard she dragged across the rocky terrain that was so strong she fell unconscious then, suddenly my Keyblade had been summoned automatically no doubt about it we had an enemy. Everyone called forth their weapons Kaenox summoned a purple blade with black at the corners, Lexrin summoned a blade that look pretty similar to Axel’s Chakrams but, not exact it also had a chain attached, Rasnix pulled out a blue shuriken, Ditaex brought out her usual weapon, and Markyox summoned some black blade with a bit of red at the end. Kaenox took her blade, and made the first strike which told us we were up against it was a scaley monster I realized the insignia on its chest it was emblem heartless then the creatures revealed themselves there was at least 12 of them (including the one that was hit) don’t know how but the heartless set up an ambush.

Elixn, Kaenox, Rasnix, Lexrin, Markyox, and Ditaex V.S 12 Stealth Sneaks

Lexrin: they set an ambush?
Kaenox: I thought heartless couldn’t think well enough to set traps let, alone an ambush
Markyox: Either mere coincidence that we passed by when they were here or these aren’t your every day normal heartless
Elixn: either way were going to have to take them out
Rasnix: (in a sarcastic tone) Oh goodie

Lexrin swung his weapon right at them I realized that some thing was coming out of it 2 of them fell down after what seemed like being electrocuted they were twitching but otherwise they were toast. About 3 of them came at Kaenox see slashed but they were still coming at her then, she realized Ditaex on one of them riding it.

Ditaex: Woo hoo yea
Kaenox: (in an irritated tone) this is a battlefield not some rodeo!
Ditaex: awww lighten up If wanted I could easily take’em all out
Kaenox: then why aren’t you?
Ditaex: (in a casual don’t feel like
Rasnix: Yo! Kaenox watch out!
Kaenox: ?

Kaenox then realized Rasnix’s shuriken coming near her, she ducked the shuriken sliced through 2 of the 3 Kaenox then, sliced the other one in half that meant 5 out of 12 were done for Ditaex realized this.
Ditaex: (sigh) fine whatever well it’s been fun but, (jumps, and slices the heartless then, lands in a sort of crouched position) it’s like they say play times over

While I was gawking 1 slipped up behind me. Tried to slash its claws at me I dodged it then, swung my Keyblade the heartless was now in half. Kaenox took her blade, jumped in the air then, smashed her blade against the 3rd heartless looked like the heartless fell unconscious. Meanwhile the last 4 had surrounded Markyox but, it wasn’t a problem in about 10 seconds he had finished them off we looked around to see if there were more.

Rasnix: so is it over?

I realized my Keyblade was still out.

Elixn: no it isn’t

We kept looking out for something … I was starting to think that there wasn’t anything there then, something made me jump good thing too cause about 3 seconds later (give or take) the rocky terrain I was standing on burst open a huge heartless showed up different color, different size but, still a reptile. (If not anything else)

Rasnix: (in a whiny voice) another one?
Kaenox: a lot larger then the rest obviously it’s the ringleader
Markyox: let’s see how strong it is
Ditaex: by that you mean kill it I’m game

The battle started with the heartless slamming the ground with its fists which made it hard to attack given the fact the pounding felt like earthquake. Lexrin finally got a blow in the damage was in between weak, and effective then, Ditaex jumped on the arms of the heartless ran up them (made it there in less then a minute) struck it with the blade cut it at it’s eyeball you think that it would show at least some pain yet only kept pounding the ground while this went on I noticed Rasnix was nowhere to be seen I thought myself “what a coward just because, this heartless is a lot larger then rest doesn’t mean you can run” well finally we realized that this was taking way too long I yelled over to Lexrin.

Elixn: Lexrin what should we do?!
Lexrin: how about a combination attack doing more damage at a time will get this job done a lot quicker
Elixn: right, everyone attack the heartless all at once

That’s exactly what we did Kaenox smashed her blade at its chest, Ditaex once again slashed at the eye of the heartless, I struck its left leg, Lexrin took the chain cutting the its right leg off, and Markyox slashed the neck of it the result of this was the chest had darkness oozing out of it same goes for the head, and eye almost half of the left leg cut off the right leg completely cut off the heartless was crippled, and yet it was still going.

Elixn: It’s still getting up?!
Markyox: relentless is the heartless this one isn’t any different

Well this was not good, this heartless wasn’t giving up then, I heard something I looked back, and saw a shuriken it split the heartless in two. I wondered where it came from then, a familiar voice said “boy did I sure time that one” I looked back, and saw Rasnix.

Rasnix: let me guess you thought I ran away because I was scared right? (Made a buzzer noise) What I really did was I went to go get my shuriken because, I can’t resummon a weapon back into my hand once used (looks up at everyone with an enlightened face) besides I never discard the weapon I get during a battle if I lose it
Kaenox: well, anyway we won so let’s move on
Ditaex: ya sure, that’s a good idea?
Kaenox: why wouldn’t it be
Ditaex: because, I think our group is bigger then this

I was kinda puzzled at what she said, then realized Odxylem had gotten hit earlier I turned around.

Elixn: Odxylem!

I rushed over to where might be and sure enough, she was there I noticed that some her coat was dark red then, realized that she was bleeding I really shouldn’t have been so surprised the rock were hard, and sharp enough also her was very delicate, I guess I was frightened then anything which was strange being a nobody but, I didn’t have time to worry about that. I yelled, “guys come quick!” everybody came over, we noticed that there were wounds all over her body (the blood stains made it obvious) Lexrin had to carry her seeing as he was a lot stronger then the rest of us, and would be able to carry her without making the wounds worst then they already were, we needed to find a spot where we could have her examined to see if it was life threatening or not.

well, that's this part sorry it took so long if you liked it comment, and like I said, before if you have any questions I'll be happy to help answer them.
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Re: The Futre that never was

first chapter was good. i got a bit of a head ache with chapter 2, but i managed.


Re: The Futre that never was

thanks, oh by the way, each chapter is split into 8 parts at least, also in-between parts there will, an interlude, and a discussion amongst the group.
By the way, where did the first part give you a headache?

It's a long ass read but seriously Saix is a asshole.

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Re: The Futre that never was

Indeed, for all I care, he wouldn't be in this fict if not, for his friendship to Axel, and the fact Saix was still alive when Roxas was taken in my story unfortunately there is going to be some more in it. Oh why, oh why, didn't Roxas kill when he had the chance? quote:
Saix: Kingdom ... Hearts ... will your power never be mine?
Dawn Rebirth: sorry, jackass instead Sora's going to kill you when your near to having it(and if not Xemnas will kill after he obtains it)
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Re: The Futre that never was

Pretty awesome fanfic bro. U should make some of the other members that joined hunt them down and they have cool abilities like well IDK. But It'z pretty good(and long, y do u make them so long). Iz the one with the keyblade going 2 be able 2 wield more than the 1 he has now?

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Can you say vacay on Radiant Isle, and I'm growing
Re: The Futre that never was

Roxas Interlude: The girl that I can’t remember

Roxas: where did it all begin, and end? I was friends with Axel but, not only him but also someone else. Over time I’ve begun to remember things, who Sora was, how I became me, why I was needed. The memories they don’t make much sense I only began remembering them when I met that guy Riku, the memories I have of him, and Sora some good, others not so much but, they seemed pretty close and, that girl Kairi she looks so much like “her” that’s all I can say or, think about her name everything else about her is clear.

I remember she had black hair, blue eyes. I used to worry about her I didn’t want her to push herself too hard, at a time she thought they would that is the Organization, turn her into a “dusk” because, she couldn’t use the Keyblade anymore that was her weapon. I remember letting her use my Keyblade so she could use her’s also me using a stick for weapon, I figure that’s why I was swinging one right after that one day that a dusk came stealing pictures of me. One day she realized I was losing my grip on how to use my Keyblade I remember it like this.

Xion: You’re really, really okay?
Roxas: (turns, and looks at her) Okay, now you’re starting to weird me out.
Xion: Why?
Roxas: (laughs) Since when do you ever worry about me?
Xion: (In a surprised yet, sarcastic voice) Well, excuse me!
Roxas: (while smiling) Just feels strange, that’s all … Usually, I do all worrying over you. I don’t think it’s ever been the other way around before
Xion: (in a stern, yet caring voice) Well, for your information … I worry about you all the time, Roxas: I’m glad you’re back - - - - I just wish Axel didn’t have to be so rough with you
Xion: I guess he’s not coming today
Roxas: (in a depressed look) you want him to?
Xion: what, you two have a fight?
Roxas: I can’t believe that jerk would actually attack you
Xion: (surprised yet, worried voice) So he’s a jerk now?
Roxas: … …
Xion: Roxas I wouldn’t be sitting with you if Axel hadn’t done that
Roxas: … …
Xion: he’s your best friend
Roxas: (looks at her) so are you
Xion: It’s just not the same without all three of us …

Then, one day, I was sent on a mission to Halloween town, the heartless I was supposed to get rid of was too, strong so I had to end this fast.

Roxas: (tightens grip on Keyblade) It’s all or nothing …

I went to come hit it then, next thing that I knew Axel was blocking my Keyblade and, her’s

Axel: (in a loud, and irritated voice) STOP, both of you!
Roxas: (draws back, Keyblade) - - - -?!
Xion: (with a surprised look) Roxas? … Wh ... what are you doing here? … The heartless I was fighting that-it was you?
Axel: this mission was a setup
Roxas: What?
Axel: (with a concerned look) It was rigged so you would battle each other
Roxas: me, and - - - -? But …
Xion: (says with a depressed look) They would do that?

The organization wanted one of us out of the picture, and by the looks of things it didn’t matter which one of us it was those Bastards eventually, she ran away again I heard that she knocked out Xigbar, I think Axel let her go, actually I know he did, but how? I wasn’t there, or was I? Anyway, after that I asked if it was true, he told me she was a puppet how could he say that he didn’t answer me. Next day there was meeting (more like a confession) Xemnas said that she was a replica, turns out Xigbar, and Saix were in on the whole thing Xemnas told us that she was there to copy, the Keyblade wielder’s power so it would our own, that Vexen was in on it, and was also gathering information but when he died, it took a turn for the worst. Saix also pointed that Axel was the one who killed him, Xemnas then told us that she knew our secret’s, and that we need to shorten her leash as he said, or maybe even tighten he told Axel to do it seeing as it was him who let her escape Xaldin called her a “deserter” Saix referred to her as “a broken specimen who wandered out from under the microscope” Demyx couldn’t believe that he’d been talking to a “puppet” Saix reminded Axel was that Xemnas’s words were “Absolute” after that, Axel left I said, she was one of us Saix then said, “A puppet, one of us? Don’t be absurd, count the seats, When have we ever been more than thirteen? I counted, and he was right 13 exactly, after that I did one last mission then, I decided to leave, right near the exit was Saix it seemed almost like he had been waiting for me he had his arms crossed.

Saix: We don’t accept resignations
Roxas: I’ve got nothing to say to you
Saix: then let’s keep things short, and sweet

Saix kept hitting me away with his claymore every time I went to hit him finally, I was weakened enough to use my limit break, and my final limit the first time he blocked some of it, he barely hit me again, then I finished him off. Saix was struggling to stand up.

Saix: (while breathing hard) Nngh … How much longer

As I walked right past him I heard him say

Saix: Kingdom … Hearts … will your strength never be mine?

I walked past some buildings, and Axel was leaning against one with his hands crossed it wasn’t until I got to the very when he said

Axel: (in a blank voice) Your mind’s mad up?
Roxas: (slightly tilts head to the right) Why did the Keyblade choose me? I have to know
Axel: (gets up being upset) You can’t turn on the organization! You get on their bad side, and they’ll destroy you!
Roxas: (in a blank voice) no one would miss me
Axel: (with fist clenched) That’s not true (in a depressed voice) I would

After that I decided to go to twighlight town.

Hayner: Pence! Olette! What’s the matter?
Ollette: Slow down, Hanyner …
Hayner: You know the rules! Last one there buys ice cream!
Pence: (while panting) What!? Not this again!
Hayner: If you don’t want to shell out, I suggest you get running!

Then they ran off.

Roxas: I guess … not all friendships fall apart … … Maybe I’ll stop by the tower. Seems as good a place as any …

So I went there now looking at what I had just done in retrospect.

Roxas: (laughs) Where did I think I could go? … (says with regret) What a joke

I then, realized “she” was there.

Roxas: - - - -!

She handed me ice cream after awhile she said something

Xion: Roxas … I’m out of time (take her hood off) Even if I’m not ready … I have to make this choice. You have poured so many memories into me … given me so much … that I feel like I’m about to overflow. Look at me, Roxas. Who do you see? If you see somebody else’s face … a boy’s face … then that means I’m almost ready. This puppet will have to play her part. Roxas … This is him. It’s Sora

I couldn’t believe it sounded like Xion but, had spikey brunette hair after that she walked off on thin air. I struggled to reach to reach her I got up she put her hood back on.

Xion: (puts right hand) You’re next, Roxas. I have to make you a part of me, too. (electricity coming out of hand) Don’t you see? This is why I was created

She had armor put all over body there was no other choice, we ended up in wonderland I looked on the table was machine that looked exactly, like the one I had delivered for my last mission “she” popped out from behind it she grew wings, and was now carrying a sword. It seemed as if she wasn’t holding back I hit a few time especially when she was charging, she hit me enough for my Limit Break to kick in I took down but, only for 5 seconds she made a black portal, and we ended up in Halloween town her wings, and her sword were gone however, she got a creepy claw out I used a Limit charge, and did a Limit break automatically, it didn’t seem to effect her because she said “how’s this” for the attack she shot out some strange liquid it hit me, and burned like I had just been hit with fire, I kept bashing at her with Limit breaks, and then eventually, the claw disappeared she then punched the ground, and ended up in aggrabah she then got 4 swords 1 shield at the bottom of each I had one more limit in me but, wasn’t weakened enough to be able to use it so kept slashing at her then, after awhile the weapons vanished I thought it was over but, she got up, and released another, black portal. I saw her so ran to her, and she vanished she had two sword she was a giant but, I knew I had to defeat her. I kept slashing at her chest I heard her say “is that all, you got?” After so long I was getting tired about that time she took her the two swords put them together, and said”stop holding back”
I kept hitting her at a time she tried to put me in one place to finish me off she put the swords up and said, “Get ready Roxas” they came down hard luckily I didn’t get hit her 3 more times, and then she started shaking her head then a light hit her head, and knelt down in pain it was over the same thing with me the invisible floor cracked, and then shattered I fell right through I got up, and she appeared she looked like she might not make it but, at that time I could Barely remember who she was.

Roxas: (with hand of forehead) Who are you … again? It’s weird. I feel like I’m forgetting something really important
Xion: (with a sincere, yet sad voice) You’ll be … better off now … Roxas (falls down)

I caught her then she began to give off these small crystals.

Roxas: Am I … the one who did this to you?
Xion: (shakes head) No … It was my choice … to go away now. Better that, than do nothing … Xemnas have his way. I belong with Sora. And now, I am going back … to be with him.

I went to put my hand on her shoulder but, she then said, my name.

Xion: Roxas … I need you … to do me a favor. All those hearts that I’ve captured … Kingdom Hearts … Set them free.
Roxas: Kingdom Hearts … free them.

I then, noticed her legs were beginning to freeze.

Xion: It’s too late … for me to undo my mistakes. But you can’t let Xemnas … have Kingdom Hearts. You can’t. Good-bye, Roxas. See you again. I’m glad … I got to meet you. Oh … and of course, Axel, too. Your both my best friends. (puts hand on his cheek) Never forget. That’s the truth.

She said, it like she was dying then, I felt her hand move away, I realized she was dying.

Roxas: (grabs hand) No! - - - - … Who else will I have ice cream with?

She didn’t answer instead just froze up, and turned into light, and rised up into the sky, and vanished, all there was left to remember her by was a sea shell she’d used to collect. When I touched It memories of her came rushing into my head.

Roxas: (tear comes down cheek) - - - -

That was that she was gone but, not forever I know I can still feel her when I think of her that’s why I know she’s still alive, and I’m going find her.

I don't know if it's good but, that's it.
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Oct 23, 2007
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Re: The Futre that never was

Pretty nice chapter, but wat does it have 2 do with this fanfic? And wat all worlds will they visit?


Oct 23, 2007
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Re: The Futre that never was

If u ever need help go 2 writers workshop(or u can just look 4 them), look for the beta readers and if ur stuck they will help u out or make the story better.

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Re: The Futre that never was

Discussion 1: You’re thinking too much

Elixn: geez, how could this happen
Kaenox: It’s was a big of a shock to me as it was you, all we can do now is hope there’s someplace that she be looked, and pray that she recovers
Lexrin: That reminds, me do any of you remember the earthquake?
Kaenox: earthquake?
Lexrin: about, 2 years ago there was an earthquake during it I remember the seeing what looked as though, the landscape had changed, that or expanded It only seems that way I’m beginning to wonder if did expand
Kaenox: Wow, Lexrin since when have you talked this much
Elixn: (say in under his breath) he’s done this before
Kaenox: What that Elixn?
Elixn: nothing
Kaenox: I heard, you say something now what did you say?!
Elixn: (stammering) umm well uhh
Kaenox: That’s it (summon kuni knifes) tell me what you meant
Elixn: right ummm … (runs off)
Kaenox: (in a surprised voice) huh? And just where the hell do you think your going?!
Ditaex: well, while they have their fight I no-
Markyox: fight? It’s too, one sided for that
Ditaex: right as I was saying I noticed something right before that earthquake-
Markyox: Am I to believe you attention span is big enough to even let remember that earthquake
Ditaex: (steps on his foot) Right before, the earthquake I thought I heard, voices like we were near a town
Rasnix: that is some hearing if you heard that but, if you ask me you’re thinking too much

If the chapter isn't up soon, this disscussion will point out what world their on.


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Re: The Futre that never was

I have no clue wat world there on, u should hav probably made this longer. But don't worry about it and was the voices other members?

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Re: The Futre that never was

A Discussion is between, the group which the story is being told by also, If you want I can post the world's name to give you better perspective. Then you can try, and figure which game this is from, that or wait until I finish the next part.

Edit: They were the voices of people in a nearby town.
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