The Four Lords of the Labyrinth (A Survival Adventure): Sign-ups & OOC



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Oct 11, 2009
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"Ah, you're awake... good day. No, please don't bother looking for who this is: the other people in that room are as unaware as you are. See the cameras? Yes, that's us."

"Hell yeah, I was gettin' bored outta me mind! Now we can watch 'em squirm!"

"Of course -you'd- enjoy the idea of these people suffering..."

"Heh, woah, those're them? Hey, that's awesome! They look kind-a dull and ordinary, though... ah well, whatever, this is gonna be fun!"

"I ho-hope th-that th-they a-all ma-ma-manage too fi-find a wa-way out..."

"The four of you, please stop talking, you're confusing our guests. Now then, to those of you in the room, listen to me. You are currently at the very first of six underground vaults. Any communications devices you may have had before have been removed from your person, and the only way out is to make your way through. I warn you, though: these vaults can get rather confusing, and there's a little... surprise, waiting for you. I suggest you all hurry, if you value your lives. So then, let the game begin."


What is this?
In a nutshell, you are a group of ordinary people from a variety of backgrounds who have been kidnapped and sealed in a series of underground labyrinths filled with deadly traps and strange creatures. To win you must escape: at times this will take teamwork, at other times it will require harsh choices. You'll need wits, creativity, skill, strength, courage and a good heart (or you'll have to stick close to someone with those qualities) if you want to survive.

tl;dr It's a survival adventure horror style RP with more psychological horror and 'tests' that are more adventure-y than, say, Saw-esque (AKA there will not be any torture in this, if someone dies it'll be relatively quick and painless).

1) No godmodding, powerplaying or other such things
2) The situation is highly stressful and dangerous, but let's try to keep this PG-13 with regards to gore and language: technically keep sex off-screen as well, but there will be few if any moments of rest, so, uh, it wont really apply anyway...
3) Try to keep your grammer and spelling 'above average'
4) Try to keep characters within human limits, but still try to make them interesting. Your characters can be impressive in mundane ways (Indiana Jones and Sherlock Holmes are 'mundane', but they're still interesting)
5) You will start off in the 6th vault, no exceptions
6) You will probably die at least once, but you can have up to three characters. On the other hand, if all three of them die, you cannot come back, and do not winge about it.
7) Your character cannot have a 'previous connection' to the Four Lords or to the Labyrinth: don't worry, you'll find out what's going on soon enough
8) If you've read the rules, confirm it by putting 'I wish the Labyrinth was actually a (insert favorite place here)'

Character Template
Name: (first and last)
Age: (any age is okay, though children and extremely elderly people are unlikely to have been captured... perhaps anywhere between 16 and 64)

Appearance: (try to be detailed and/or include a picture)
Outfit: (normally I don't like including this because normally people wear more than one outfit, but in this case you'll be wearing what you wore when you were kidnapped, and wont get to change till (sorry, if) you escape)


Talents and Skills: (These should be mundane things and a little vague: things such as 'Good upper body strength' or 'Good at noticing small details' are good examples, while things like 'Pyrokinesis' or 'Blizzaga' or 'Can catch bullets with his teeth' would not be accepted)
Items and equipment: (What were you carrying when you were kidnapped? Assuming it's not a phone or other form of long-distance communication, you'll probably still have it. This should also include any food you may have been carrying, since there wont be much food in the labyrinth...)

Other: (Any other notes?)

Players - Characters
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'I wish the Labyrinth was actually my house'

Name: Logan Knight
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Nationality/Race: Of German-Irish descent/Caucasian

Appearance: Logan's hair is very dark brown, almost black, his bangs swooping to his left just above his eyes, his hair comes down a little less than halfway down his neck, and his eyes are crimson(yes, it's possible, and no, he's not albino, look it up). He is fairly pale, and his face is littered with freckles. His body is a lean/mucular build, not too thin, but not exactly muscular, definitely not fat. He has a scar running from his right eye to his left bottom lip. He is of average height for his age, leaning towards the tall side. He has a burn mark on his left palm.
Outfit: When he was kidnapped he was wearing a black and white flannel hooded jacket over a black Megadeth t-shirt. He was also wearing faded black/gray jeans. His shoes are traditional black and white converse all-star sneakers. He wears a shark tooth necklace around his neck.

Personality: Logan is a complex person with many layers. At first, he's a bit shy, but once you start to get to know him, he'll like to talk a lot, and has a great sense of humor. If you really get to know him, he'll get serious and philosophical, hardened by the loss of his family, the sense of humor he sports is facade he uses to hide his less friendly nature. He understands and respects the truth, trying his best to speak it whenever possible. He has no clear values when it comes to right and wrong, saying there are too many exceptions, too many possibilities, too many shades of gray. He tries hard not to think about religion or life after death, believing that as long as he's a good person, whatever the next life holds will reflect the way he acted in life. He also believes that blame is useless, and that good people can and will suffer, even though they don't deserve it, though he looks at things positively. Logan posesses a strong will, and even under the most severe forms of torture will never give in.
Backstory: Logan has had rough life, watching his father get stabbed to death in an alleyway at age six. He grew up with his mother and baby sister, and watched as his mother died slowly of breast cancer, and very recently saw his twelve yearold sister die in a car crash while he was driving. His license was revoked for reckless driving, and he was told he'd have to retake the test to get it back. He is kidnapped just after getting his license back.

Talents and Skills: Logan is in good physical condition, with a good build of muscles all over. He is highly perceptive and is skilled in writing.
Items and equipment: Logan has in his right pants pocket: His iPod(No texting or calling apps or anything like that), a lighter, a hershey bar. In his left pants pocket: A plain leather wallet with a picture of his mom, dad, and sister in it, as well as his library card, his driver's license, his social security card, a hundred dollar bill, two twenty dollar bills, seven one dollar bills, three nickels, six quarters, and two dimes. Also in his left pants pocket: A pocket knife, a pack of watermelon gum, a pack of orange tic tacs. In his jacket pockets: A breath mint, Reeses penautbutter cups, a case of floss, a crumpled two dollar bill.

Other: Logan is keen on dental hygeine and good breath. Logan didn't play any sports for school. Logan can play guitar.