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The Forbidden Kingdom [Sign Up & OOC Thread]



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Apr 26, 2006
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The Forbidden Kingdom:​

There was once a great group of people, who lived in this amazing land. They were the eight famous immortal masters. Who’d had been fighting the great king and his warlord/ assistant of everything for as long as everyone remembered. These eight great immortals were, masters of different things from magic to martial arts. These immortals were famed, loved, and adored by everyone in the land. They helped many people, even though each one of the immortals, truly never knew each other they were united.

One day, these eight great immortals presented themselves to the king. The kind, king was amused by the immortals and how amazing they were. He offered them high spots on his side right before dying. Once the king left, the assistant took over and changed the whole land.

The assistant changed himself to the Jade Warlord, killing most of the immortals with the only thing you can, jade; only few were left. The Jade Warlord changed history, by giving people immortal powers with an elixir, then making them fight for the Warlord, and against the Immortals and the rest that resisted the great man. He sent messengers to each of the immortals, asking if they would join or die, none of them accepted themselves, respecting and staying true to themselves.

Now, some of the people from villages over the land have decided to try and help the immortal masters. On their quest to defeat the Warlord for many different reasons from revenge to anything else you can think of. The immortals are still hiding not from fear, for protection of everyone else. They have yet to shown themselves. Now it is up to everybody and anyone. People are with and against the Warlord. Now it is up to you……


1.Full Biography (At least 2 paragraphs, more are always welcomed.)

2. Literacy is a must. Use spell check if necessary.

3. No God Modding or Powerplaying

4. You must post at least two paragraphs when you post

5. Keep Romance PG-13

6. No spamming

7. You are allowed to curse

8. No one is perfect

9.You will be allowed to have your own personal comment on whatever post/action/etc will be displayed in front of you.

10. No flaming or machine gun posting please

11. If you have any other questions about the RP just ask please

12. Also you can't kill in surprise and then stab them unless you ask.

13. Please people, try not to stick to one race.

14. Please PM me if you want to be immortal

15. Not everyone can be immortal and you have to give a good reason why

16. I will select someone to be the Warlord if needed so please do not ask

17.Any other KHI RP rules






(Two paragraphs at least)



(No modern type guns, only original or creative)


Race: (Please explain what it is and what it looks like)

Side: (With or Against Warlord)


Apr 30, 2005
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I'm just putting this up to show you that I'm still interested. I'll finish this real soon.

Name: Shen Yaochuan

Age: Has the looks and body of a mid-twenty year old but has been living for the past 5 generations.

Appearance: Shen stands at about 5"9 or 5"10, having long, pitch black hair that he keeps in a ponytail which stops just about half way of his back. His eyes are also black but not as dark as his hair as they are nearly covered by his somewhat long bangs that stop just above his eyes. Around his neck is a brown knapsack which hold about three bottles of sake while around his waist, is a belt where another bottle of sake is attached on the left side of his waist. Donning a salmon colored sleeveless Kung-Fu shirt that exposes his slightly cut arms(muscles wise), he matches his outfit with a pair of black Kung-Fu pants that stop and are cuffed at his ankles. Lastly, to finish up the attire, Ryohei wears a pair of Kung-Fu shoes.

Personality: Will finish

Biography: Will finish.

Gender: Male


Knapsack - A standard knapsack. Nothing too special about it really as Ryohei only uses it to carry extra bottles of sake. But, being an Immortal, he also carries around a scroll along with a brush as well as a small lid filled with black paint or ink.

Bottles of Sake - An alcoholic beverage. All though it may prove to be rather ridiculous for an Immortal to be carrying around such an item, but upon consuming the substance, Ryohei enters a state of pure inebriation. In other words, the Immortal would become drunk. However, as much as this may sound rather idiotic, this state helps him in the Zui Quai(Drunken Alcohol Fist or Drunken Boxing) style.

Weapons: Ryohei is not much of a fan of weaponry. The only weapons he uses is his fists and his knowledge of the Zui Quai style. However, the sake should be also considered as a "weapon" seeing how he would use it within combat, knocking his opponents upside their limbs with the bottle in hand.

Other: Will finish.

Race: The standard Human but is really an Immortal.

Side: Against Warlord


Esurio Tenebris
Oct 9, 2007
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Same with me. I'll finish this as soon as possible.


Name: Sleif Destati

Age: Looks around 28

Appearance: Sleif stands at around 7', with shoulder length pure silver hair, light tanned skin and red piercing eyes. He wears a full bodu length black trench coat, and a single black spiked glove on his right hand.

Personality:Sleif has a split personality. For the most part, he is calm and collective in how he acts, but at random, he can become quite insane and unpredictable/

Biography: (Two paragraphs at least)



Weapons: An extended black bladed katana


Race: Human (would like to be an immortal, if it is ok)

Side: (With or Against Warlord) With Warlord