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Fanfiction ► The Final Dawn

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braver by the minute
Jun 9, 2009
One more chapter after this left in part uno! Then on to part dos woohoo!

Chapter 19: Choices

Sneaking out was the easy part. It had been 12:30 when Xena awoke in her room, so she figured she had about four and a half hours until someone noticed she was missing. Finding Namine was the hard part. Go see Namine, so useful when I don’t know where the heck she is. She searched through her memories, trying to find any that would help her find Namine. No luck, there was nothing about a Namine, but one memory did catch her attention. Her hugging a blue man… Genie, was that his name?

Okay kid, if you never need help, just ask,
” he had said to her.

Xena sighed and whispered, “Okay Genie, where can I find Namine?”

She wasn’t expecting anything to happen, so when a portal appeared in front of her she was taken back with surprise. “Hmm, thanks,” she murmured. She looked around her room for some reason. “Stop being so paranoid!” She muttered. She took in a deep breath and stepped through the portal. Eyes shut tight, she waited for the world stop moving. Cautiously she opened an eye, to look at the familiar Haunted Mansion.

The Haunted Mansion looked like an actual haunted mansion at night. The moonlight reflected off its windows to reveal abandoned furniture and dust, giving it an eerie feeling. The normal appearance of it looked creepy at night, creepier than Xena had ever thought it was. The rusty gate creaked loudly as she opened it. Her footsteps echoed against the brick pathway leading to the door. Xena looked at the handle to the door, shiny in the moonlight. She gulped and opened up the door as quietly as possible.

The inside of the mansion was worse than the outside. The air was heavy with the smell of mold and mothballs. T seemed like every square inch of it was covered in dust, and Xena sneezed as soon as she took a step. She wandered past the broken table in the center towards the stairwell on the right, leaving a trail of footprints in the dust. Following her intuition she headed up the stairs and took a right. She was running now, trusting her instinctive feeling to tell her where to go. She ran through a door into a dark library. In the library half the floor was lower than the rest, so she took the stairs down into the bottom of it. There was a metallic looking door in the bottom of it, standing out against the rest of the mansion. She opened the door carefully, not knowing what she’d find inside.


“Okay Alli, pick a movie. We could watch a sci-fi action flick, or an animated fantasy flick, or a parody comedy flick that makes no sense.” Namine held up the DVD’s to show Alixa their options.

“Third one definitely, we’ve already watched the other two a billion times,” she responded.

“Okay, pointlessly funny movie it is,” Namine said.

“Hello?” a timid voice called out. Namine looked at the entrance of the door to see Xena in an Organization coat looking very confused.

“Oh, Xena!” Namine exclaimed, running towards her and giving her a hug. “I didn’t think you would wake up! I-I I’m just so happy to see you!”

Xena stiffened and looked at the short blonde girl who was hugging her.

“Namine?” Xena said skeptically.

She looked shocked. “What? You remember me?”

“Uh, kinda, not really.

Namine hugged her again, then let go and glared at Alixa.

“Don’t you have something to say to her, Alli?”

She sighed and crossed her arms. “I’m sorry I attacked you Xena, it won’t happen again blah blah blah.”

Xena laughed, “It’s okay, uh, Alli.”

“Namine thought of it, not me!”

“Hey, you like your nickname, admit it,” Namine said.

Alli mumbled something incoherent.

“That’s what I thought,” Namine giggled.

Xena cleared her throat. “So, can you explain why someone told me to come see you?”

Namine nodded. “Yes, I can explain it.” She paused to think for a moment. “I had to implant a false memory so you’d come here, and the one telling you to come see me was it.”

“Wait, you messed with my memories?” Xena asked open-mouthed.

Namine looked down at her shoes. “You asked me too,” she whispered.

“Wha-what? Why would I do that?” Xena questioned.

“Why don’t you come with me,” she responded. She led Xena and Alli down a long hallway into a wide, brightly lit room. In the middle of it was a pod, its contents hidden.

“Namine,” Xena began, “what does this thing have to do with my memories?”

“Well, you see, it’s kind of complicated-”

“C’mon Nami just spit it out!” Alli turned to look at Xena. “In that little pod thing is your heart, k?”


“Superior, she’s gone,” the hooded man said.

Xemnas leaned back in his chair, his blank expression revealing nothing. “Do you think there’s a possibility she will come back on her own?”

The man nodded. “She’ll be back, I can assure you that.”

Xemnas considered it for a moment, and then commanded the hooded man, “Go find her, but make sure you stay hidden. We don’t want her to know that she isn’t being as secretive as she thinks.”

“I’m on it.”


“My heart?” Xena repeated. She stared at the pod, losing concentration of everything else.

“Alli I told you to let me explain! Look what you’ve done to poor Xena now!”

“You were taking too long to explain it though!”

Their voices sounded far away. My heart, it’s in that pod?

“Namine,” Xena whispered, “I want my heart back.” Her voice cracked a little and her eyes watered.

Namine looked just as pained as Xena. “See Xena, that’s the thing. You’re the one who wanted to get rid of your heart in the first pla-”

She shook her head furiously. “No, no, I couldn’t have wanted this. I just couldn’t have.”

“Oh, Xena, I’m sorry, but your heart, it’s… it’s-”

“Your heart fell into darkness okay?” Alli exclaimed.

Xena didn’t make any response; she just stared at Alli open-mouthed. She felt dizzy, almost like she was going to throw up.

“Alli this is why you need to let me explain things!” Namine complained.

Xena spoke slowly, trying not to puke, “Namine, I can’t remember any of this. I, I want some answers, please.”

Namine walked over to the pod and looked at it while she spoke. “I know you do Xena, and that’s what makes this so hard.” She turned and looked at Xena. “I didn’t set this whole thing up alone, you planned out most of it. Now it’s time.”

“Time for what?” Xena eyed her warily.

Namine took a while to answer, taking in a deep breath before speaking. “It's time for you to choose whether or not you’ll keep your heart.”


Sergeant RoxMog
May 13, 2007
Over There
Best chapter so far and theres something that I dont get, is this an alternate universe from KH 358/2 Days?


braver by the minute
Jun 9, 2009
Best chapter so far and theres something that I dont get, is this an alternate universe from KH 358/2 Days?

facepalm I was going to explain that in the beginning but I totally forgot!!! Okay so it takes place two years after KHI, but it's like CoM and KHII never happened. So it's like after KHI Sora returns to the island and everyone lives happily ever after. Then a year later Tori shows up. Sorry for not explaining that sooner!

Okay last chapter of part one!!! Sorry for the shortness, but I might have another chapter up today.

Chapter 20: All's Well That Ends

Xena stared at Namine, open mouthed, too shocked to say anything. Namine looked at the floor and shifted uncomfortably. “This was supposed to happen later, now I don’t have that much time to explain.”

“It’s simple Xena-”

“Alli, shut up.” Namine silenced her with a glare, and then sighed and rubbed her head.

“Namine?” Xena asked.

“Hmm? Sorry, I was just thinking.”

Still trying to absorb the situation, Xena slowly asked, “Why don’t I remember you, Namine? Why don’t I remember why I came here?”

“That’s because I didn’t return all of your memories, yet. You see when you came here we made up this plan together. The Nobody would finish what you had started, but she wouldn’t get the memories right away. You were afraid that if you did you might turn back to darkness,” Namine explained.

“And I’m the Nobody,” Xena stated.

Namine looked uncomfortable. “Well, yes.”

“Then do I get those memories back now?” Xena asked.

“This is where you need to choose. I would give you the memories back, but I’m afraid that the darkness in your heart spread to them. So there’s a chance that if you take them back you could fall again.”

“What are my options?”

“Well, you can take your memories back and hope there’s not too much darkness in them, or you can let me destroy the memories.”

She looked at Namine in total shock. “But what will happen to my heart?”

Namine didn’t answer for a long time, and then finally mumbled something too quiet to understand.

“What?” Xena pried.

Alli piped in, too frustrated to stay quiet any longer, “She said either way your heart will be destroyed.”

Xena was silent for a long time. “You’re seriously going to make me choose between that?” She finally shouted.

Alli stared back at Xena, no mercy in her cold eyes. “Yeah, we are. So Xena, what’s it going to be?”

~End of Part I~


braver by the minute
Jun 9, 2009
Chapter 0

“Sora, c’mon, it’s almost dark, we need to be getting back soon,” I called to him.

He trudged along the rocks that were drenched in the colors of the setting sun behind me, the normal smile gone from his face. “Tori, I don’t think we’re going to make it. These rocks are to steep for us to get a lot farther before nightfall.”

I frowned. The thought of having to give up and try again tomorrow was almost unbearable. “Sora,” I said, “I really want to get this over with, please. We’re almost there.”

He sighed. “Fine, but you owe me one.”

My frown turned into a smile and I laughed quietly. “Sora, I already do.”


The door hadn’t changed at all since I had last stumbled upon it so many years ago. Tall and a shiny white color, it stood out like an elephant in the little clearing. It was the Door to Darkness, the thing that had caused all our troubles.

I watched Sora’s reaction excitedly. Finally this would all be ending. But his reaction wasn’t what I expected. It looked like he was… confused…worried even.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“There’s no keyhole, there should be one,” he replied.

I didn’t know what to say. It was just too shocking. “Does this mean that you can’t-” I couldn’t finish, it was too hard.

His blue eyes were filled with pity. “I’ll try whatever I can. We’ll fix this, I promise.”
I sunk down to the soft grass, knowing he really couldn’t do anything. I didn’t let myself cry, I just went numb.

“Tori,” he said, taking a step towards me, but the ground started to change. The grass turned to a shiny black surface. The trees all disappeared, making a circular wall of the same swirling blackness around us. Above our heads seemed to be only infinite darkness, yet the door still provided enough light for us to see.

“Huh?” Sora said.

I quickly summoned my harp and sprang to my feet. “Xigbar! Show yourself, you coward!” I shouted at the walls.

It took less than a few seconds for him to materialize and stride out into the middle of the dark clearing. Sora’s keyblade was immediately in his hand, swinging straight at Xigbar’s head. Xigbar chuckled and moved to the side at lightning speed, cracking his weapon, Arrowhead, over Sora’s back.

“As if,” he said while Sora fell to the ground.

I rapidly played a melody on my harp. The ground rumbled and melted where Xigbar stood. He started to fall through it slowly, like quicksand. A maniacal laugh escaped from his mouth while he was sinking and he shot at me. Luckily I dodged it just in time, missing my face by less than an inch.

“Two can play at that game,” Xigbar said.

I didn’t know what he meant until I was sinking too, but much quicker than Xigbar.

“Don’t worry, this is far from over. Later, Tori,” he said, and he disappeared in a portal.

“Dammit Xigbar!” I shouted.

Panic started to set in then. Sora was struggling to breathe, he must have got the wind knocked out of him. He started to stumble towards me, and the darkness was up to my thighs.

“Hurry Sora!” I yelled to him. I started played another melody, this one much longer and complicated. Sora was running towards me, his hand outstretched.

I finished the song, but the darkness was above my belly-button. I reached out for Sora with my harp, he was so close. But then his feet got tangled up in a vine of darkness that had appeared out of nowhere, and he fell. His fingertips missed the harp by inches. I started to scream, but by then I was already dissolving out of the place. I frantically tried to reach for Sora’s hand again. My hand passed right through him, like waving through smoke.

Our eyes met for a split second, and then I was gone.

Conveniently I had been teleported to the mountain’s base. The thing that was inconvenient was that I was too exhausted from the teleporting spell to get back to the village. So that meant I had to walk back to the village, and it was raining. I played four simple notes on my harp and I heard the poof of an umbrella appearing above my head. Normal spells didn’t affect me at all, but the teleporting spell was rarely ever used because it took a lot of magic and energy to do right.

I was trying to walk as fast as I could through the dark woods, my clothes already soaked through. The ground was soon turned into mud, and I slipped on it, tumbling to the ground. The puddle I landed in was ice cold. I wearily pushed myself up to my knees and unsuccessfully tried to wipe some mud off with my face with my muddy hands. That was when I noticed my reflection in the puddle. The moon was bright enough to break through the rain somehow, so my reflection was perfectly clear. Mud dripped from my hair and face, but that’s not what caught my attention. Shining in the light, two yellow eyes seemed to laugh at my ignorance. This is far from over.


My fists clenched against my sides and I tried not to scream. “Ilan, just go away.” I didn’t have to look to see his reaction, every expression I had memorized years ago.

“I don’t know who you are anymore, Tori,” he whispered so softly that I could barely hear. I heard his footsteps retreating, and then they turned into a sprint.

Waiting for his footsteps to completely disappear, I looked at my yellow eyes in the mirror once again. I sighed and said, “You’re not the only one.”


Leaving seemed like the best option. So that’s exactly what I did. When I was walking through the portal between my world and the Islands the three marks floated above the door, glowing slightly. They were a butterfly hairpin Ilan made for as a birthday gift for me, a letter in a bottle, and a mini version of my harp. All three were needed to open the door to my world, to make sure people couldn’t get to the Door to Darkness easily. I waved my hand over them, scattering them to different worlds. I didn’t bother to look where they went. It wasn’t like I was going back there anyway.


I think it must have been at least two, maybe three weeks that went by before I went to seek help. I was lashing out at anyone for anything, even stupid little things. When my eyes didn't return from the pale yellow color to my natural hazel green, I knew something was wrong. There was only one person that I trusted enough to go see, Namine.

“I ran a scan. I’m sorry Tori, the darkness in your heart is over 85 percent, and it’s growing fast.” Namine looked so concerned that it made me almost want to care, almost.

“And what does that mean?” I asked.

“It means in less than a week you’re heart will be consumed by the darkness,” she said softly.

I still didn’t get what the big deal was. “So? I don’t really care about my heart anymore to tell you the truth.”

She didn’t react to my statement, she just said, “And what about Sora’s heart? You’re the only person who can save him, Tori.”

His name struck home. I looked at her big blue eyes and saw my bright yellow ones reflecting in them. “I can’t let Sora suffer…” I mumbled.

She nodded. “But you can’t help him as you are now.”

“What if I could…?” I trailed off.

“What do you mean?” Namine gave me a confused look.

I was already formulating a plan in my head: she could find the marks and save Sora. The memories would be given to her slowly so she wouldn’t be fully aware of what was going on. And some of them would have to be withheld of course. I didn’t want her to become as corrupted as me. Riku still had Soul Eater, and Namine could easily manipulate the memories. It played out in my head, seemingly flawless.

I smiled wickedly. “What if I had a Nobody?”


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Sep 10, 2009
Very nice chapter, Aria~
Oh, and I noticed that it labled "Chapter 0". It's suppossed to be "Chapter 20",right?


braver by the minute
Jun 9, 2009
Very nice chapter, Aria~
Oh, and I noticed that it labled "Chapter 0". It's suppossed to be "Chapter 20",right?

Thank you ^_^ no it's supposed to be like that, and chapter 20 is already up. I titled it chapter 0 because it's not part of part one or part two, and it takes place before everything else. So that's why I called it 0.


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Sep 10, 2009
Thank you ^_^ no it's supposed to be like that, and chapter 20 is already up. I titled it chapter 0 because it's not part of part one or part two, and it takes place before everything else. So that's why I called it 0.
Ah, I see. My mistake. ^^;


braver by the minute
Jun 9, 2009
Part II


Chapter 1: Your Own Personal Hell

“Superior, she’s back, just like I said,” the hooded man reported.

Xemnas gave him a look. “Yes, that’s good. But how long is she planning on staying?”

Staring at Xemnas from under his hood, the man fell silent. “I, I’m not quite sure.”

Xemnas nodded in triumph. “That’s exactly what I thought.”


“Xena, wake up! We have a mission, remember?” Roxas called to her, opening her door slightly and peering in. The room was totally dark except for the light leaking in form the hallway. The waterfall softly trickled down the wall like always. “Xena?” Roxas called again. He heard a groan way up near the ceiling. He chuckled and said to himself, “Sleeping in again, are we?”

“Roxas?” he heard her croak.

With concern in his voice he yelled, “Xena, are you okay?”

“I feel like shit,” she responded.

“Come down, we’ll get you some breakfast or something.”

She groaned again but jumped down to the floor. Dark rings surrounded her eyes and her hair was sticking out in every direction. She gave him a stare, her eyes bloodshot from an obvious lack of sleep. Roxas wouldn’t say it out loud, but she looked like shit too.

“Um, so, want some orange juice?” he asked.

They stared at each other awkwardly for a while. Roxas looked down and shifted his feet. Xena started to laugh for some reason, and Roxas just gave her a funny look.

“Sure Roxas, that sounds great.”


Saix hurried into Xemnas’ office. Xemnas looked quickly at him, and then nonchalantly said, “Yes?”

“The girl, Alixa, she’s gone,” Saix stammered.

Xemnas didn’t look surprised, or even remotely concerned. “Have Axel go and find her. The Organization is not something you can choose to leave.”

“But what will we do with her? Certainly she’ll run again,” he replied.

“Dispose of her. Now go, Axel should start his mission as soon as possible.”


Roxas was keeping a close eye on Xena. She sat at the table and drank her juice quietly, a slight smile on her face.

“Why do you keep staring at me like that?” she asked.

“Like what?”

She raised an eyebrow at him. “You know, like you expect me to fall apart at any second.”

“No-no I’m not.”

She couldn’t help but giggle. “Whatever you say.”

In truth, she felt better than she ever had since joining the Organization. Lighter, in a way.

“Should we go now?” Xena asked him while putting her hair up in a sloppy ponytail.

“Yeah, I guess.” It was going to be an interesting day, he could tell.


“Shit shit shit shit shit shit!” Alli screamed

“Alli!” Namine exclaimed and slapped her on the wrist. “I told you no swearing!” Namine had been trying to break Alli’s little “habit”, but so far it wasn’t working.

“No, I have a legit excuse this time!

“What is it?” she asked.

“That!” Alli screamed and pointed at the door. With crossed arms, Axel was leaning against it. He smiled and spun his Chakrams.

“Sorry girlies but Alli has to come with me.”

Alli grimaced and summoned her bow and arrows. “There’s no way in hell that I’m going back to that place.” To prove her point she shot an arrow straight at the wall, less than an inch from Axel’s head.

Axel returned the grimace and whispered, “I tried.” Then he spoke louder, “Then I guess your hell is right here.” He charged at Alli and the room erupted into flames.


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Jul 3, 2009
Xena + Roxas!!! lol and namine trying to break Alli's little "habit" i loved that part

Wooooooooo Fight!!!
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