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Fanfiction ► The fifth keyblade warrior - Prequel

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Mar 28, 2006
Many have fought in a battle of the first keyblade war. Many have fallen and few only survived. There were only five warriors existed after the war. This war was long forgotten and the five warriors form together as a team of renegades. For many years that had passed, the warriors grew stronger and wiser to protect the weak and guarded what was important to them.

As many years passed by, few realms were established. Both the light and the dark. They have considered themselves as the united kingdoms. The light and the dark have been cooperative for long years. However, a new breed of trouble have risen and could spark another keyblade war....

The five warriors: Bo, Steph, Arxdk, Kato, and Shinjou started a union with the united kingdoms. Once again to swore and protect the innocent as they vow to do so. The five warriors posses many elemental abilites, agility and strength.
Bo, possesses great strength and power. He controls the element fire and as well as neutral magic. He wields two axes that has heart symbols imprinted on the sides of the blades.
Arxdk does black magic and also has great strength but not nearly as Bo does. So he relies on black magic to attack and as well to defend himself. He has much energy in him that he can cast the strongest magic available. He carries a scythe and his blade is thin and sharp. The blade of the scythe has obscured dark clouds when he ignites it in battle. Very swift to cut anything in its path with or without the darks clouds around the blade. Though it's not a far range weapon, it is meant for close range attack.
Kato does light magic. It is not one of his best abilities. He can only do holy, weak regen, cura, and Arrows of holy. His weapon is the bow and so he is an archer of light magic. He has troubles of his magic abilities most of the time, so he only relies on holy arrows.
Steph is a woman who's speed is agile and her attacks are hasty. Her weapon is a keyblade. One of the among survivors from the first keyblade war. Its power is weary but can wield as a sword and has no magic in it nor does Steph possessing any magic at all.
Shinjou wields two sharp keyblades. One that has never equipped unless he has the purpose to do so in battle. No one has never seen his second keyblade and thus he wields his current keyblade called the guardian of all doors. He possess in terms of strength and magic. He learned few things from his fellow members and adapted his abilities that will use in battle.

The royal leader of all, Queen Tsu. Her bloodline runs a royal family of many generations. She is the fifth ruler from her grandmother who was long passed from the first keyblade war. She is seeing someone from one of the keyblade warriors. With this affair and the new evil rising, the keyblade warriors are concerned.

Out in the far lands of Queen Tsu's kingdom, lies a strong darkness that is rising from the valleys of Telqueim. Without anyone noticing the terror that is slowly bringing closer to many kingdoms, the evil has planned something more destructive than the first keyblade war....


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Mar 28, 2006
Chapter one - Shinjou's friend
The darkness grows little by little at the valley of Telequiem. It was covered with dark and no light was shone on the valley. Next to the valley, there is a place for farming. A farmer was plowing his crops in the field peacefully. Wind was picking up fast. The farmer notice the wind is getting stronger and so he stopped plowing. He hold his hat down so it won't fly out of his head. He looked up into the sky and it was a bright day. He turned around and behind him all along was a huge dark cloud swirling towards his field. There were no gray clouds, it was so dark that the valley in the horizon, he couldn't see at all. He ran through the fields and towards his house. He went inside and grabbed whatever he needed and went outside. His horse stood beside the house and it felt calmed for some reason. Feeling afraid and his heart raced he ran over to his horse, mount on his it, and rode away to the Queen Tsu's kingdom.
As he ride his horse, Queen Tsu's castle could be seen from afar. The farmer looked back. The swirling dark cloud was already at his farming field. His house was never seen nor the field. Everything seem gone. Gone....swallowed into darkness.


In Queen Tsu's castle, there were many rooms. In the throne room, the four warriors stood, waiting. There were five chairs for the warriors to sit on. Only Bo sat on one of the chairs, the rest did not. Arxkd stood up leaning up against a wall. He wasn't with his fellow warriors. Kato stood and was examining his bow as he does this everytime when he was waiting for something or someone. He still couldn't find the answer to his low effect of magic he possesses. Steph was sitting on the floor with her legs crossed and her eyes closed. She doesn't like to sit down on a chair due to issues in the past.The Queen was sitting on her royal chair. She's young and beautiful. She looked like she was around her 20's. Her hair down and looked silky and smooth. The light reflected on her hair as if it was a new shiny sparkled glass. She didn't wear any crown like the other Kings and Queens would and she looked more as a princess than looking like a queen. She looked around and only found four of them were present.
"Where is your fifth keyblade warrior?" she asked.
No one answered for the moment.
A person was standing next to her. This person is her personal advisor. He wears glasses and looks timid. "My queen, the fifth keyblade warrior is out somewhere meeting with someone-"
"He is with his friend." Steph interrupted.
The Queen and the advisor were suprised. At this time of meeting? The queen is furious. She stood up and walked around for a bit. Her advisor was unable to find the words to calm her down because he might make her even more furious.
The queen stopped walking and turned to Steph, "When will he come back?"
Steph didn't say a word. She continued to meditate. Queen Tsu thought of these warriors as patient and yet idiots because Steph didn't answer her question. She thought that as being Queen, it didn't matter to them what she is.


A man stood at the beach. It wasn't really a bright day instead gray light emitted on the enviroment. So, everything looked gray and the ocean is gray too. The sun was giving off white light out in the horizon. The man walked over to a big boulder that is stucked on the ground. He sat on it and continue to gaze the shores. He wore a brown cloak and half of his face is shaded. The wind blew calmly on the beach and nothing else could be heard but the shores. As you hear the shores, the given feeling is depression and sorrowful.

Suddenly, a dark portal appeared and another man walked out of it. He wore a similar cloak than the other man but his is grayish black. His face was also half shaded but his eye glow orange. He walked over to the man who is sitting on a rock.
"You called me, Shinjou?"
Shinjou, took a peek at him and back to gaze the shores.
"You haven't changed a bit. How are ya?"
The man sat next to him and gaze the shores with him.
"What is it that you want?" ask the man.
"I feel something....somewhere out in the valley. Not far off from the queen's castle."
"You feel it too, huh"
"I never lost my touch."
"If you came to ask me about what it is then forget it."
"I can't help you this time, since I'm stuck in this world."
"Thanks to me...."
"Actually, no. If you hadn't stripped my powers away. None of this would have happened."
Shinjou stood up and turned to his friend.
"Well.....I may have to end this conversation, ****"
"Suit yourself...."
Shinjou put his hand out and opened a dark portal.
"Hey, Shinjou. Be careful. It might come back."
Shinjou turned to him,"If this happens again. Will you guide me with your power?"
The man did not say anything. At the moment, nothing else could they say for each other. Shinjou turned around and entered the portal...


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Apr 14, 2006
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oh, to me it looked like the dude cussed
like "well... i may have to end this conversation, shit.
suit yourself"

smthng like that, and names dont rely playa big part unless they r a clue



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Mar 28, 2006
Chapter Two - Quan, The Third Keyblade Warrior
A portal open in the Queen's throne room. Shinjou walked out of it. He looked both ways and sees his fellow warriors and the Queen with her advisor.
Bo, Kato, and Steph crowded over to him and the Queen took a step forward to him. Arxdk didn't do anything and just still stood in the shadows. "A great reunion at last....," he murmured.
"You are late, warrior of the fifth keyblade." said the Queen.
Shinjou walked over to her, "The title doesn't mean anything to me anymore, your highness."
Queen stared at him for a moment. Shinjou insulted her but Queen Tsu already knew what kind of Shinjou's attitude he is, in other words she is used to it. Both knew each other for a long time. They're past between them has put behind and only they treat each other as acquiantance.
"I must speak with Shinjou alone." said the Queen.
Shinjou looked at her with a puzzled look. He thinks she will probably bring up something again in their past.
The Queen entered through a door that leads to a small room. The room had a long table with many chairs. Shinjou followed her in. He looked around the room. He had never entered the room before. The first thing that caught his eye was the painting near the fireplace. It was a picture of her and a man standing beside her. She was smiling and the man stood there looking away.
The queen noticed him looking at the painting, "That was me and you in that painting."
Shinjou looked at her, "I'm not him anymore..."
She stood in front of him, "Who are you then?"
Shinjou didn't reply.
"What happened to you over these years?"
"Why have you become..." Shinjou's eyes were down and he looked up and at her dazing eyes, "...the person who I am looking at before my eyes."
Shinjou and the Queen stared at each other for a brief moment. These two have had a relationship together but after the war, they stopped seeing each other until now. "The war has seperated us," said the Queen.
Shinjou shook his head, "You should not blame the war if you think it seperated us."
"What is it then?"
"Our connection for each other is no longer connected. After the war, I formed an unlikely alliance that is now my friends who will vow to protect the weak."
The Queen turned away and looked at the painting. She remembered the things she used to do with Shinou when they were a child. Play together, having a picnic together near the lake, laid next to each other to watch the night sky.
"What's wrong?" asked Shinjou.
The Queen turned to him and a tear run down her cheek. She ran to him and into Shinjou's arms, "Why didn't you bother to look for me?!"
Shinjou wrapped her with his arms and held close. "......I'm sorry," he said.
As she stopped crying, she looked up at Shinjou and actually felt relieved that she finally saw Shinjou.
"A queen shouldn't be crying." said Shinjou.


The man at the beach sat still like a statue. He gazed at the shores just like Shinjou did when they had to meet each other earlier.
Suddenly, footsteps were heard. The sound of someone walking on the sand. A man appeared beside the one that is sitting on a rock.
"You better not interfere, Quan."
"He is my friend after all.....Maybe I should give him some tips."
"If you do, you will be trapped here forever. You do remember about our agreement, do you not?"
Quan uncover his hood. He had a brown spiky hair and a headband around his head with a symbol of a heart in front of it. His eyes glowed greenish blue. His head turned to the unknown man and smiled, "Of course, I rememeber."
"You don't feel afraid?" said the unknown man.
"Should I have? I have lost my sense of being afraid. Before the power within my grasp. After, I lost that emotion.
The unknown man held out his hand and a dark portal appeared in front of Quan, "The door leads you at Telequiem. Warrior of the third keyblade."
Quan stood up and looked at the dark portal.
The unknown man put his hand down, "From here on, you are on your own."
A long keyblade appeared in Quan's hand. The tip of the keyblade is sharp and it traveled down before the handle. It was a wedged blade, like a half oval. Shinjou walked to the left, away from the portal that the unknown had opened for him.
Shinjou raised his keyblade in the air and twirled it. Then stucked it on the ground. From there, streak of electricity and light came out of the ground from where the keyblade is stuck on. Suddenly, a door appeared in front of Quan and it also had streak of electricity and light from where it was stuck on.
"What are you doing?! I thought you had lost your powers!" said the unknown man.
Quan took his keyblade out from the ground then his head turned to the unknown man, "You brought yourself into the act."
The door had a big keyhole. The hole is fit for Quan to put his keyblade in and the only keyblade to open. He twirled his keyblade once again and inserted his keyblade to the hole. The door is unlocked. He took out his keyblade from the hole and the light shines out of the opening from the door. The unknown man is filled with white light. Only Quan's figure is dark. As he walked towards the door. The unknown man backed away from the light, "No! This can't be! You must be swallow from the darkness!" On his other hand, a dark fireball was formed. He put out his hand where the fireball was formed and shoots with great speed at Quan. While Quan is walking, he twirled his keyblade to his back and absorbed the dark fireball's power. The unknown tried to see if he got him but couldn't because of the bright light. Quan entered the door and it quickly closed by itself. The enviroment became gray again. The sound of the shores can be heard again and he stood there alone.


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Mar 28, 2006
Chapter Three - Reminisce
Near the valley of Telequiem, the darkness has paused itself from moving. It looked as if the half of the world was covered by darkness. The five keyblade warriors were already set on foot. They were heading towards the valley.
On the hills, the warriors found themselves a resting place for tonight. As usual, Steph sat down with her legs crossed and was already meditating. Bo and Kato gazed out the skies. Kato pointed out at the nightsky to one of the stars, "That one star that is glowing. Many people believed it is a another world."
Bo looked hard at the night sky. "All I see is sparkle dots at the night sky," Bo sighed.
Arkxd stood still. He carefully watched the darkness from afar. Shinjou walked up to him, "Another gloomy night, we are having." Arkxed crossed his arms, "I feel the darkness. Even though it's far, it seems strong to me."
Shinjou sat on the ground, "I could feel it also."
Steph decided to sit next to Shinjou, "How are you feeling, Shinjou?"
Arkxd turned and began walking away from them, "I leave you two alone."
Shinjou looked at Steph. She was smiling at him. Steph and Shinjou never really had a real relationship together but instead they're friends to each other.
"I'm fine," replied Shinjou.
"You met Quan, didn't you?" Steph asked.
"He's trapped in that world forever. He is of no thread to us anymore."
Steph stood up, "I'm going to take a rest."
As she left, Shinjou was left alone and he lay down from where he was. He gazed up the night sky. He could see that half of the atmosphere was covered with darkness and the other half showed sparkling stars.
Shinjou began to close his eyes and was fast asleep.


Two little children ran down the green fieldgrass. It was a bright day in the afternoon. They reached near the river and sat near it. An old man stood between them. "Younglings, do you see the river in front us?"
"Of course! We can see the river!" said one of the little children.
"I'm sure you can, Quan." said the Old man. He then pointed out the river, "This river has life and if river has life a lot of things runs through it."
The other young child looked up at the old man and asked, "What kind of things?"
The old man smiled down at him, "Well you see Shinjou..." He looked all around the river and still smiled, "...The fishes live in the river and in it, they swim through it but not the fishes but many living things swim through it."
"Even plants swim through it?" asked Shinjou.
"No." The old man chuckled. "But when it becomes weak, its remaining life runs through the river. When everything runs through, they all come back."
Shinjou and Quan stood up and looked closely at the river. They became very awe about the river that the old man explained to them. Suddenly, a huge shadow cast over them. The old man looked up and on the expression on his face became fearful. A loud supersonic noise was heard. It became louder and louder.
Shinjou quickly opened his eyes and morning appeared. He sees his warriors packing up to get ready to continue their travel. He noticed Steph staring at him. She smiled and continue packing her things. Shinjou got up and begins to pack his things up too.
The landscape that they are on shone bright light of day while the other half was covered in darkness. The darkness slowly began to movie little by little.
The five warriors started to walk towards the Valley of Telequiem. There....they will soon find something unexpected and turn the course of events for everyone in the world.


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Mar 28, 2006
Chapter Four - First Encounter
The five warriors were almost to the valley of Telequiem. Arkxd and Kato are up front walking followed by Bo, Steph and Shinjou.
"I can't see anything up ahead. The darkness completely covered it." said Shinjou. Steph only looked at him. She felt worried but at the same time she knew that the warriors and her can get through this mission together.
Suddenly Arkxd and Kato halted. Bo raised his weapon, "What's wrong guys?"
Shinjou and Kato stopped walking. The warriors looked around but nothing was seen besides the darkness in ahead of them.
"Someone is coming," said Arkxd.
Only Arkxd, Kato, and Shinjou can sense dark power while Bo and Steph could not. A keyblade appeared in Shinjou's hand. The rest of the warriors equipped their weapon and are ready to engage in battle.
A shadow figure appeared out of the darkness. The shadow was in form of a human yet the face was not shown and it wore a cloak. Arkxd and Kato spotted the shadow but did not attack. They first observed what they are facing. Arkxd's hands was flowing with dark electricty while Kato's bow and arrow glow brightly with white light.
The shadow started to run fast towards over to Kato. Kato shoots his frist arrow at the shadow but the shadow dodged to the right and jumped high into the air. The shadow then summoned a staff weapon onto its hands and began to attack at Kato.
Before the shadow reached Kato, Bo appeared in front of him. Bo swinged his weapon at the shadow. The shadow somersaulted over Bo and landed behind Kato's back. It was slow for Bo and Kato to react with such agility.
With only a smile expression on the shadow's face, it finally uses the staff that it was using and takes a swing at Kato.
However, Steph quickly blocked the attack. The shadow was surprised and now struggled to break Steph's defense.
Shinjou threw his keyblade at the shadow and he somersaulted high in the air. The shadow stops struggling against Steph, turned around and deflected the keyblade. Then the keyblade ricochet back at Shinjou. While Shinjou was in the air he caught his keyblade and begins to strike at the Shadow.
The Shadow rolled under Shinjou dodging Shinjou's attack, just as he landed and his attack missed. Shinjou twirled his keyblade and blocked the shadow's attack behind him. The shadow flipped backwards away from the warriors and smiled again.
Shinjou runs toward at the shadow and swings his keyblade at him. The shadow blocked. Shinjou attacked and attacked but the shadow manages to block and parry his blows. The shadow finally made his move at Shinjou. Shinjou dodges it by jumping back away from the shadow. Then he twirled his keyblade and stucked it on the ground. A purple light glow on the ground appeared where the shadow was. The shadow looked down and the ground erupted. The shadow was knocked into the air unconscious. Arkxd threw a dark energy ball at Shinjou. Shinjou caught it with the tip of his keyblade. He added more power into the ball and the energy ball changed color from black to pale blue with dark electricity around it. With Shinjou's keyblade, he threw the energy ball at the shadow and it was vanished.
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