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The Fanclub Fanclub

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Lost in Time
Jun 16, 2005
The Internet
This is a fanclub for fanclubs. I know, so meta, right? Geek out about how awesome fanclubs are. Talk about your favorite fanclubs. Pretty much anything fanclub related goes. Unless you don't feel like talking about fanclubs. Then I guess we could talk about something else. Anyone? Anyone?

Alright. Cool. Let the fanclub nonsense begin!

Also, hi. I'm ultima_keyblade. I used to come here ages ago. I made a fanclub called the Kairi Fan-Club, which was the first fanclub ever made on these forums. It also had a second thread called the Kairi Fan-Club 2.0, which lasted over 850 pages, so I know a bit about fanclubs.

So come on in! Sit down, stay awhile! Have a cup of coffee or a glass of whiskey. Whatever you like! Let's chat, have some fun! I'm willing if you are!
Not open for further replies.