The Death & The Apple



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Jan 24, 2013
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An old homeless man cowers in the corner of a deserted alleyway. The ground beneath him soaked by his own waste, he screams, pleading under the tall shadow that slowly consumes him. The gaunt man that hovers over the pitiful soul is dressed entirely in black, the sole light of his being consists of his dull blue eyes, and the silver crucifix chain that he holds in his left hand.

“Who are you, why are you doing this?!” The old man cries. The enigmatic man sighs, and grudgingly opens his mouth to reveal a voice devoid of any sort of emotion.

“I am the alpha and the omega. The beginning and yet, the end. The creator and the extinguisher. I am a Reaper, and your time has come.”

The chain the man holds suddenly starts to illuminate with a warm, white light. The old homeless man screams and trembles at first, but then, as the light grows to cover him, he settles. He feels his body completely at ease, a euphoric feeling. It is at that moment that a massive porcelain door appears. The old man hesitates at first, intimidated by the sheer size of this incredible phenomenon. A force beckons him though, and he knows that he must go. Still shaking, the dirt covered old man faces the Reaper. They share a nod, and he begins to walk towards the doorway.


As the doors open the Reaper turns his back. The last thing he hears before he exits the alley is the sound of the door slamming shut.

“Another job well done.”

It is the first bit of emotion one would hear from the man as he stuffs the silver chain back into the pocket of his suit jacket and steps onto the city streets, disappearing among a dense crowd.

We’re the Reapers. An Order of special folk, blessed with the innate ability to see beyond our means. And by ‘seeing beyond our means’ I mean seeing spirits and other beings from beyond our human world plane. What’s wrong? You look confused....Oh, you need me to explain? Ok. Check it out.

I want you to think of a cake three layer cake--now imagine the world as that cake. A nice, tasty, chocolate cake. You like that right? Each layer of the cake is a ‘plane’ of the world. Until now, the world as you’ve seen it has been limited to the middle layer of the cake, we call that the ‘Living’ plane, or the human plane. It’s the plane that you and I live in, it’s also the safest, most stable layer of the cake.

Now, you know how there are little bits of icing surrounding the middle layer of any good self respecting cake? That is what we like to call ‘limbo’. A plane that isn’t quite a full fledged plane. It’s a middle ground, a place where spirits who for some reason or another can’t quite step foot into a plane of afterlife. Naturally, since the living plane and limbo are so close they tend to blend into one another, this is why humans with certain ability are able to see ghosts.

The two remaining planes are Heaven and Hell, the Angel plane and the Demon plane. I’m sure you could guess their positions on the cake; the top layer is ever pristine Heaven, while the bottom layer is the lawless wasteland called Hell.

Getting easier? By now, you’re probably wondering “Gee stranger, how do I get to these other planes?” Well, here’s where things get complicated.

There are two ways we as humans possess of entering the other planes. The first is well, to die [more on that later]. The second, more practical, and less permanent way is to change your soul’s frequency.

If the planes act like a cake, frequency works like a radio. Each plane possess a certain frequency. The higher up you go on the cake, the higher the frequency. By default, dwellers of a plane’s souls are already tuned to that plane’s frequency. That means that if the the Living Plane’s station is 107.9, the radio [our souls] are tuned to 107.9. Souls that are not tuned into a plane’s frequency cannot enter that particular plane. So how does one enter another plane you ask? Simple. They just change the frequency of their soul. It’s a simple, but invaluable skill that you best learn quick if you want to get your feet wet.

One last thing about frequencies before we move on. Limbo and it’s denizens, being on the precipice of planes do not abide by the normal rules of frequency. They are doomed to linger on between planes of life and death.

So you know how the world works now. Feel good? Feel older? Wiser? Good. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I haven’t even properly told ya’ just who the hell we are yet.

We’re the Reapers, and if the angels are the force that maintains Heaven, and the demons are the ones behind Hell, we’re what keeps the Living Plane running. We’re an ancient order that goes way, way back. Our order was created in an effort to keep mankind free from the entanglements of the conflicts between angels and demons. Think of us a mediators between the groups; we’re the only thing on this planet that could hope to stand up against their forces. When things were at their worst during the Great War, a seven year battle between angels and demons that nearly destroyed the planet, we were the ones that drafted the treaty and created the peace among the groups. No matter how shaky it is today.

Our order has a second duty too. We’re the guides for all of the world’s spirits. Using our pendants that each one of us is issued during admittance we send those whose time has come on their way to the next life--whether it be Heaven or Hell. Most people, once we explain to them just who we are, accept death and willingly take off into the next plane. Others run, and that’s when we have to give chase--because if a human being dies without being properly sent by a Reaper, they become Lost and get trapped in Limbo.

A Lost soul is normally harmless especially when they hear that we’re the ones that can get them to the afterlife. But of course, there’s the ones that aren’t harmless. It’s never simple is it? Certain Lost harbor immense negative emotions. These negative emotions consume and corrupt the soul, warping it into a demon-like state that is unrecognizable that any that may have known the soul before its transformation. These ugly as all diddly things are armed and dangerous, and are drawn to life--and want to snuff it out. They are wild, mindless bastards that won’t stop until a Reaper sends them.

Don’t worry, it’s not like we’re going in weak against the Lost. Through training, every Reaper awakens to a special ability called a ‘Psyche’. A Psyche a supernatural technique that grows and evolves with the user. No two Psyches are the same and they can range from the magical, such as control over fire, to the physical, like super strength. Rookie Reapers are paired with a senior member that is to help them unlock their Psyche.

Now, there’s one final duty we have to uphold. It’s the continued progress and prosperity of the order. That means actively searching for new recruits, and keeping our order a secret. When a human awakens to their sight [they become aware of Limbo and its spirits], it could happen at any moment in life, we call it ‘The Bells Toll’. When this happens it’s crunch time. The freshly awaken whelp is vulnerable in two ways; their fear of the spirit world they now see probably has them shakin’ in their boots, and two, rabid Lost love the smell of freshly awakened humans. If a Reaper doesn’t get to them in time, it could be curtains for that person.

On any day, a Reaper may be tasked with one of two missions. The first, normally taken solo or in pairs, is to send a particular target. The second, normally taken in trios [there have been exceptions], is eradication of a rabid Lost.

We Reapers don’t have much of a hierarchy to speak of. We respect seniority and ability above all. That said, there’s one man we all follow. The Pale Rider, The Fourth Horseman, The Grim Reaper himself, a man named Alan Darkmare. The Grim Reaper is a man on par with the strongest angel or demon. Selected by the leader of the angels, it’s said that he’s got multiple Psyches and is the strongest Reaper we’ve had since the first. But for all his power and majesty, our leader’s just a man, like all of us. He’s been bedridden as of late. A lot of us are afraid that it’s time to select a new Grim Reaper.

Welcome To Babylon!

Ah Babylon city. The largest, most bustling city in the United States, and it's the Reaper's home. Babylon is broken up into a number of districts from the Residential to the Recreational, each district is massive in size. To a new comer, Babylon could be quite intimidating, but don't worry freshmeat, i'm hear to show you a thing or two.

The Industrial District

Babylon's many factories and shipping yards can be found here. At night, this area is typically deserted making it a breeding ground for certain...sketchy behavior. So watch yourself.

Residential Districts

The Residential Districts are a diverse area of Babylon. Many of the streets here adopt a neo-modern feel giving the whole area a hip, futuristic feel. There are apartments abound. The Residential District is also where the Babylon school system resides.

Business District

Suits and ties man, suits and ties. The largest district of Babylon is where the big boys play. It's the Business District. City Hall is located here.

+ The Den, Reaper HQ is located in the Business District. If you take a stroll to the dry cleaners located at 1033 Nightingale Ave, and say you're hear to pick up order number 33, you'll be lead to a door in the back. That door is an elevator to the sprawling underground network that is The Den. The Den was built upon old catacombs that have been with Babylon for centuries.

Recreational District

This is the tourist attraction of Babylon. Here you can find amusement parks, hotels, movie theateres, arcades, and The Arena, where all of Babylon's sporting events are held.

Shopping District

My personal favorite. I like to stay fresh. An oceanfront island with a fun, relaxing atmosphere. The streets are filled with shops and entertainment spots that you can indulge in to your hearts delight. Here, you'll also fine the Seaside Mall, the countries largest shopping center. Hilliard Observatory, the tallest building in Babylon and the monorail station are also located here.

+ Check this out. If you ever see a shop with a black X marked outside of it do yourself a favor and go on in. Those are shops that sell things specific to Reapers. It might be equipment, or information, regardless, you'd do yourself well to visit one of these places in the future.

[More will be added as the story progresses]

The Heroes [character skeletons]​

And so it begins.

The supernatural world is in an uproar over the state of the Grim Reaper, and to top things off, more and more Lost have been popping up all over the living plane. All things considered, we’re in a lot of shit.

That’s where you come in. You might not join our order, but you’re as much a part of this as I am. I wonder, what will you do during all of this?

Let’s find out, shall we?

A word on character creation:

Even though there D&A world is full of all kinds of supernatural things, only humans are allowed to be played. The reason behind this is to keep the supernatural just that--supernatural. A human cast will keep the angels and demons that do enter the fray through story from becoming to much of the stale norm. So without further delay, let’s go!

[if you’re a Reaper put “I am the Alpha, and the Omega...” at the top of your skeleton. If you’re independent put “I <3 Babylon” instead]

[B]Alias:[/B] Got a nickname? A title? A name you prefer to be called?
[B]Age:[/B] You can be as young or as old as you want.
[B]Appearance:[/B] Feel free to use a picture. Be sure to give at least a paragraph explanation on your character’s looks. 
[B]Personality:[/B] I wanna know what makes you tick. 
[B]Affiliation:[/B] You rollin’ with the Reapers? Or do you ride solo?
[B]Psyche:[/B] Even if you haven’t unlocked it yet, let us know what it is. You can only have one of these. Be inventive. Don’t just let us know what it is, let us know how you use it too.
[B]Skills:[/B] Do you have any other abilities outside of your Psyche? Lockpicking? Superior intellect? What’s up?
[B]History:[/B] Let me know your early life and what you’ve been up to recently. No need to write a book. Feel free to include any notable relationships here too.
[B]Theme(s):[/B] We all love tunes. What tunes relate to your character?
[B]Other:[/B] Likes? Dislikes? Hobbies? Put anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else here.
Rules, Gotta Love Em’

I’ll keep this short and sweet. I trust you guys after all. [/doucheysmileyface]

x. All of the typical RP rules apply here. No GMing, PPing, keep a good attitude blah blah. You know this.

I. As a roleplayer and GM, I expect a certain level of quality from the people I roleplay with, especially in one’s I’m running. This one isn’t any different. That said, I don’t expect any novels or essays from you guys at all. I’m a quality over quantity man. As long as your posts are well thought out, contribute to the story, a legible I don’t mind how much you write in a particular post.

II. Participation is key. I won’t breathe down your neck about posting daily, but if it looks like you won’t be able to post for a while, duck into the OOC and let us know. Why join if you don’t want to post?

III. If you’ve got an idea about a plot line, let me know. I’m very open to things like that. Shoot me a line, I love that shit.

IV. This is probably going to be one of those mature roleplays. [ooh la la!] What I mean by that is, we’re dealing with death and the afterlife here. Themes such sex and religion are also bound to pop up here so take this as a disclaimer. Excessive profanity is something i’m a-ok with too. We don’t want no smut tho. But you know this.

V. Let’s have fun with this? Ok? GO!