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The Chronicles of Tarivitur

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Jan 10, 2011
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The Chronicles of Tarivitur: The Great War

Two Brothers Meet,
Two Armies Collide,
Two Leaders War,
Light and Dark,
Engaged within battle,
Who will win,
This epic war?

The people of the land of Tarivitur were a quite and peaceful folk. Fair and wealthy, ruled by a singular smart leader. These people have an appearance to that of equalnance to a human, but a life measured in centuries, and die less easily. These people not only share the looks of humans but the beleifs. They weave magic and wonder of times to come. They are locked in place and time during an era much the same as the Dark Ages of our own.
When their King died of Unknown causes and his two heirs rose, the world split into havoc as they fought for supreme control over each over. One took the side of the Light, whose hair shined golden, and the other took the Dark, as he was intrigued by the mystery of them, and raided each other. The once untied nation were now locked in war, raiding cities, killing ach other and starving one another out. Centuries later this war still rages on reaching its highest and bloodiest climax.
Both nations can't stand it forever. So much as one singular soldier could change the sides of battle.
Will you be that one?

Rules. Note that these apply in the actual rp as well.
1: NO POWERPLAYING without permission of the subject of the powerplay.
2: NO GODMODDING as it is extremley boring with this in it.
3: If I request that you change something you will do so immeadiatley.
4: A post time of every 72 hours. If you have reason then I will allow of you to continue in this roleplay.
5: Bonechill will be helping me out with this roleplay so if he requests something of you treat it as if it was I.
6: Keep your Grammar up. I don't want useless nonscense in here.
7: Follow all rules.


Side: (Light or Dark)
Appearance: (Note that this is the Dark Ages. Appearance will change over time as will the technology)
Magic: (Yes or No)
Position: (Example: Warrior, Captain, Smith, etc)

As everybody lives for centuries the technology will increase as we go. By the end it will be a futuristic time. Hope that this goes better than my last one...

Be free to post! As soon as three people have joined I will post up my template. Bonechill also has the position of the other Brother/ Leader.​


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Oct 6, 2010
Name:Xindon (Ex-Sin-Don)

Gender: Male

Age:2000 years old, but Xindon appears to be 20

Side: Dark

Appearance: Xindon wears completely black armour in the same style as Kain's from FF IV exept it's completely black. His hair is black and is the style of Zexion. His eyes are blue and can catch people's attention.

Weapon: Xindon wields a sword that is tainted with Black and Demon magic. It's just a normal sword until he utters the words 'Cryxio'. Which completely transforms it into two swords. One of them has a half black half red blade, which is his Demon blade. The other is half black and half grey, which is his Black magic blade. These blades are used seperately but they can be fused together to created a double bladed weapon which Xindon calls 'Dyamonic Destuction'. The hilt of every version of the swords is silver.

Personality: He's pretty unstable with his emotions and such. He tends to go agro at times and starts to smash and brake things, even though they would be worth a fair bit of money. He will laugh at you in the middle of a battle, but he will laugh when he's being beaten down to a pulp aswell. And when he's thinking he freezes where he is and doesn't move until he's finished thinking. So he's pretty much crazy.

Magic: Yes

Position: I'm the Dark Brother! I'm the leader of the bad guys!

History: It all started when his Father died. He and his brother both wanted to gain control of the kingdom, but neither of them would let the other win. So they began a great war. His brother chose a lighter path, as Xindon took a darker one. This war has gone on for many years and Xindon is becoming tired of it, so he has decided to gather an army of the dark arts and finally defeat his brother. He has tried this many times before but his brother has always thwarted his plans. But Xindon won't let that happen again, not again. Xindon now resides in a castle of his own, but he won't let his brother take the original castle for his own.
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I just threw this together so you know who my dude is! I will make a bigger history though
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