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The Blank Book

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May 14, 2005
Chapter 1- Destiny

A typical highschool boy was playing video games on the computer at the Library. His name was Chester Leroi, he is a freshman of Rey High and was apparently skipping Phys Ed. so that he can enjoy his video games. Someone came up to him from behind and covered his eyes

?????- You know, you could go blind one day if you keep on playing your video games like this

Chester- Hey, cut it out Sarah

The girl removed her hands. Her name was Sarah Harthwen, she is a sophmore of Rey High and is currently the vice president of the student council. She is a childhood friend of Chester's

Sarah- All I'm saying is that you shouldn't skip Gym class, Mr.Ronald will fail you for absence

Chester- You don't have to worry about that, besides I have a doctor's note

Sarah- You mean the forged note with your signature on it

Chester- Not so loud.

He looks around to make sure no one heard that

Chester- Don't you have something important to do

Sarah- As a matter of fact I do, no one's allowed at the computer's today, we're having a meeting in the library, so move it or lose it

Chester- What? I didn't see any notices

Sarah- read the sign

Sarah points at the front of the library doors and a sign was recently taped,
Library closed at 11:30-1:00pm

Chester looks at the clock

Chester- I've got 5 minuites

Sarah- That clocks 7 minuites slow, the meeting is about to start, sorry but you have to leave or otherwise you could get detention from the other teachers, if I were you I'd get a book so that you'd have an excuse to be leaving

Chester- *Sigh* fine just let me erase my history (Deletes his history and shuts the computer)

Chester gets up and heads to the fiction section of the book catalog and grabs the nearest book and checks out. The bell rang and Chester leaves to his next class, English 104. He sits at the backrow and no one is nearby him. As we can tell Chester isn't popular and he doesn't have any friends, he is the loner type of kid in school. The teacher enters the classroom and shuts the door behind her

Teacher: OK class, for today I won't be teaching but you have silent reading, you can grab a book here or use your own book

All the students began to express their joys of no class until

Teacher: And I expect a full page report on your books for next class tommorrow

They all booed in sorrow

Chester realized that he was lucky to got himself a book from the library and took it out to began reading until he realized

Chester (head): Hmmmm, what the,........no pages?

The book was completely blank, he turned to each page and they were all the same, a white blank, He reads the tittle of the book


Chester (head)- What kind of corny book did I get?

He turns to the next page to find the only one sentence that was filled in a page. He reads it to himself

Do you think that you can change your destiny? Please respond

Chester (head)-????????? is this one of those choose your own adventure books, and what's with the pages why is this the only page with a sentence

Letters begin to fade into the book and the page had a new sentence, Chester was suprised

Well? Do you wish to change your destiny

Chester begins to hesistate and took a pencil and wrote down


his sentence was there and a few seconds later a new sentence was written beneath it

Well hello to you too,

Chester closes the book as fast as he can and made a very loud noise, the teacher see's him

Teacher- Is there something wrong Chester?

Chester- No!, no..nothings wrong!

Chester's face begins to turn pale and begins to sweat

Teacher- Chester? It looks like you have seen a ghost, are you alright.

Chester nods, and begins to have a bloody nose (from high blood pressure) he notices it and closed his nose with his hand

Teacher- I think you should see the nurse

Chester- Yeah!

Chester grabs his backpack but leaves his book

Teacher- Don't forget your book

Chester looks at it suspiciously, and grabs it and jams it into his backpack and hurries off to the nurse's.

Chester (head)- What just happened? Is this some kind of Harry Potter stigmata, Oh god, is this some kind of devils book or Death note. I,,,.....I must be dreaming (he hits his head on a locker to see if he was dreaming, unforunatley he hurt himself) Owwwww!(rubs his head with hand with his bloody hand that he closed his nose with). What's going on?! I must be halucinating, that's it!

Chester heads to the Nurse's office but only to find out that the Nurse was on lunch break. Chester hesitates then heads off to the nearest bathroom and washes himself up, plugged his nose with a piece of paper and finds an empty stow and sat down with the cover down and begins to look down with his head covered in his hands believing nothing happened. His backpack was open and the book was visble in his eyes. He picks up the book and opens it once more

To be continued
I hope you liked it. If I get 3 good comments I will post another chapter


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Feb 4, 2008
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That was actually kinda cool. Good show with the reference to Harry Potter.; I was about to call you out... XD

This has potential, but I'd add a bit more details if I were you.

Interesting dialogue style. I've read it before... somewhere. Lol.

Looking forward to reading more :D


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May 14, 2005
I would have added more detail but I want to keep this story short and not get too detailed into it.


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May 14, 2005
Chapter 2- Guardian

Chester opened the book once more. The first page of the book remained the same. Then the words began to disappear and the page turned blank again. A new sentence was formed.

Book- "You've returned, so have you decided?"

Chester quickly took out a pencil and wrote down the following sentence

Chester - "What are you talking about, no more importantly how can a book like you can talk, you're suppose to be a inanimate object. How is it that you’re doing this?"

sentences began to form but very quickly and the writing was drawn poorly.

Book- "First of all I'm not speaking, I'm forming letters into words and then forming them into sentences, that way you can communicate with me, also I really don't like it that you refer to me as an inanimate object, I'm a living being like you. Think before you write you foolish human"

Chester felt ashamed, though he felt confused at the same time. "I'm communicating with a book" he thought but then again he felt as though he was speaking to another person. He responded back.

Chester - "I'm sorry, I’m sorry, this is just new to me. I just overreacted"

Chester waited and 15 sec. later a new message was written but in a normal slow pace

Book-"No, it's alright; I should be the one to apologize. I was the one who overreacted, I'd be surprise too that I'm talking to a book, it's been so long since I've spoken with someone"

Chester begins to laugh, historically. He remembers

Chester- I'm talking to a book?!............God is this a dream. (He bit his finger really hard just to feel reality, though he only hurt himself yet again) Aowowowoow (his finger was still in his mouth when he spoke)

Chester then wrote

Chester- "I'm sorry for asking but who are you?"

the book responded

Book - "I am a living being like you. I am called a guardian and I lived in another world. I have many powers from within this book and unfortunately this book is the only thing that I can communicate with another being like you. Only my master or candidates can read me and you are a candidate. You can be the new successor to my power. If you accept, you will become my new master and I shall be your servant. If you choose to accept me only then your destiny can be changed"

Chester became aware that he mentioned destiny many times. Chester hesitated and wrote many questions

Chester- "Destiny? What do you mean by destiny? Do you mean my future, my goals, or my life? I'm sorry, I'm really having a hard time believing in all of this. I still can't believe that I'm having a conversation with a book, am I going insane?"

Book- "You doubt me yet. Very well, I'll show you."

Chester- "Show me what?"

Book- "Your destiny!"

The Book began to emit a light, the light grew and it began to engulf Chester. Chester began to fear what awaited him. His arms began to fade in the light, then his shoulders, body, legs, and the whole body was connected except his backpack. He disappeared and white smoke puffed in the stall. Meanwhile a teacher happened to enter the bathroom by chance, he was checking to see if any slackers were smoking. He saw a large white smoke in the stall and walked up their. He spoke

Teacher- Is someone smoking in there?

There was no response and the the teacher opened the stall but no one was there but a backpack. He opens the backpack to find a notebook with Chester’s name and class on it.

Teacher- Think you can run from this, Chester


A large light filled an area of a large field of grass surrounded by mountains. Light begins to fade and a Chester fell on the ground. The light faded and the book reformed itself near Chester. Chester shook his head and rubbed his head with his hand.

Chester- ugh, *cough* what just happened?!

Chester looks around the area; the scenery was very nice. The climate was very fair and the sky seemed very strange. Chester noticed that the sky was a bit brighter and there were 3 moons that were visible. Chester begins to breathe in deeply, he was very worried and a bit in shocked. He was in a completely different world from his own and began to worry about home and hoping no one would find him missing in school. He finds that his backpack was not here, he then picks up the book only to find no pages and only his pencil was stuck in the book.

Chester- what did you do to me? You stupid book

??????- Now that wasn’t very nice?!

Chester was shocked by the voice, but he couldn't find the source of the voice

???????- Now that was very inappropriate of you. But then again I don’t blame you.

Chester- Who's there?

??????- Down here

Chester looked down but there was nothing

???????-Over here

Chester found the source of the voice, it was coming from the book

Chester- you?! You can talk?

Book- only in this world I can.

Chester- Cool, but where am I?

Book- This is my world, Lumarei (pronounced Lu-mar-E-a)

Chester- Lumarei? Why did you bring me here?

Book-To explain your awaited destiny

Chester- Okayyyyyyy,…… hey book what's your name anyway

Book- I have forgotten my name, but I do remember one name, you can call me Al

Chester- Ok, Al, when you asked me that you wanted to change my destiny, what exactly do you mean and why me?

Al- Your destiny is my power. I can give you power only if you choose to accept me. If you choose to accept me you can become my master, and if you do you will be given a journey. But I cannot tell you what lies ahead only that you can choose me you may learn more. Do you accept?

Chester thought for a moment. He then asked a question

Chester- If I accept or don’t can I go back home

Al- You may go back to your home whenever you want to and return here whenever you want. I can transport you here or your home world whenever.

Chester- Alright, now here are my last questions. What is this power you’re willing to give me and can this quest become dangerous? Also after I choose can I change my mind?

Al- Hahahahaha……. You cannot change your mind. Once you accept you cannot change your destiny. The reason why I give you power is because I have no power unless I have a partner. In a way, I need you. As for the quest, I cannot say unless you accept. Now for the last time boy, do you accept me as your guardian?

Chester stood there, thinking about this very carefully. He thought back to his own life. When he was a child he was very anti-social, he had very little friends, always played video games whenever he wanted and not having a job. "My life was boring", he thought; he began to think that this may be good for him amd if he didn't accept he may regret later in life. He began to hate himself if he did not choose. He then thought to himself, "Do I want an adventure, do I want this, am I going to miss out so much?"

Al- Well…….do you accept?

Chester- If I choose, promise my life won’t be in danger



Al-……I can not promise that no harm can be done to you, but I can promise you that you won’t die. I am a guardian; It is my duty to protect my master even if it costs my own life

Chester- Then I’ll have no regrets. Al, I accept

Al- Very well, write your name at the cover of the book, underneath the title

Chester took out his pencil and wrote his name

Chester Leroi

Al- It is done.

The books cover changed as well as its color. From a white book it turned into a blue book with golden spirals and symbols all over. The title changed. “The destiny of Chester Leroi”.

Chester- Now tell me what I just signed up for

Al- very well, my master

Chester- Just call me Chester, Al

To be continued


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Feb 4, 2008
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Lol Al... XD

This chapter was much much better grammar wise. There are still a few rocky spots, but overall the delivery was smooth and the sentences read well.

Good job, mate. Good thing this is to be continued...


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May 14, 2005
Sorry for the long wait, I had school and I had to do a bit of editing for this one. Well enjoy
Chapter 3- The book's power

Chester- So tell me Al, what did I sign up for

Al- I will, but this is all that I can tell you for now

The book opened by itself which laid on Chester's arm, it turned over 40 pages or so and stopped at a specific blank page.

Al- In this world, we were human once, but we were a different race. We were called Yumarian (You-Mair-E-an)

Pictures began to form on the book. They looked human but not much of their characteristics is shown, they were mostly shaded in dark.

Chester- So you weren't always a book

Al- No, I was human like you, however we were different.

Chester- How so?

Al- Many of us were gifted. Unlike humans we were granted powers, powers that were thought unattainable to any living being

The book turned a page and another picture was shown. One Yumarian had fire spewing out of his mouth and the other page showed another Yumarian emitting lightning out of his fingers.

Al- Though our powers differ from one another, we Yumarian thought alike, we never sought destruction or power. We were peaceful beings,..........however this is all I can tell you for now

Chester- so you guys were like superheroes.

Al-......In a way, yes.

But why are you a book?

Al- That, I cannot reveal.

Chester- Hey. I though you said......

Al- I said I would reveal your journey but not history. Besides it is forbidden to tell "others" unless you complete the quest

Chester- Well, that seems unfair

Al- I apologize, but I cannot tell you. However, I can tell you what would you gain from all this.

Chester- What I can gain? You mean my destiny.

Al- If you and I cooperate, I can grant you your destiny. Do you see that tower on your left?

Chester- Tower?

Chester turns to his left to find nothing but the surrounding area

Chester- Nothing here but grass and rocky mountains

Al- Look further into the horizon, above the mountains

Chester took another look but searched further through the horizon, as he searched he found a really thin white line. The more he looked at it the more he realized that line was a very, very,.......very tall tower

Chester- ..........(*_*)..........That thing is a tower?!

Al- Yes, that is the Tower of Retribution

A page turned in the book. Another image was formed and it showed a larger closeup of the tower. It was a white tower, and it had no windows and it had many designs and strange markings. Neither the entrance or the top of the tower can be seen. It barley fit the page.

Chester- That's a strange name for a large tower

Al- Yes but there is a reason why it's called Retribution. You see, on the very top of the tower there stands a platform for a ritual. When a guardian such as me reaches to the top I can become tribute to the gods. A ritual must is then performed then once the Gods accept me as tribute they will release the curse that which binds me. As a gift for aiding me, you will be granted a divine gift from the Gods themselves. That is what I meant when I said to change your destiny. Do you understand?

Chester- Errrr, you lost me on the part with the Gods, also what's very odd is this "curse" you spoke of. Al, what did you mean by curse? Is that the reason why your a book.

Al- .........I've said too much.

Chester- So I was right, but why the secrecy Al. What happened to you?

Al- I...I cannot, I mustn't ....It is forbidden even to my master. Only this I can tell you.

Chester- (Again changing the subject)

Al- To gain entrance to the Tower you need 6 souls of the Goddess.

Chester- Souls? As in the spirit of a dead person?

Al- Something similar to that, you see 6 souls once belonged to a Goddess...........

Chester- Is this going to be long?

Al-I'll make it short,.......Collect the 6 souls and you will gain entrance into the Tower. The tower is locked, only those proven of journeying this pilgrimage can enter. On the top of the tower you must tribute me and the 6 to complete the ritual. Each soul reside in a holy temple. Inside each temple a priest governs the area as well as the temple. They will test you, if you pass you will be given one of the souls. Each temple represent one of the Hexa-Elements which are Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Dark, and Light. Each temple lye at the continents which surround us.

Another page is turned and an atlas is shown (I thought about painting an Atlas but I'm not good at drawing, so use your imagination)

Al- There are 5 continents, in each continent there resides a temple. However 1 location of the temple is not at the continents, but I'll explain much later to where that one is.

Chester-..................Let me get this straight. You want me to travel around the world. Visit each temple, and pass a test for a soul so that you can be free and I can be granted a gift of destiny.

Al- .....Pretty much



Chester-..........Why did I agree to this?

Al- You signed a contract Chester, you cannot go back. But worry not, there is no rush to this. We can take it one at a time. There is no rush or competition.

Chester- No competition? You mean there are other Yumai....er I mean guardians such as yourself.

Al- Yes, other guardians are trying to be free as well, but they are no threat. Only the monsters


Al- Ah, yes this is a great opportunity

Chester- Huh?

Al- *chuckles* you'd best be impress, now comes the best part.

Chester- I really hope so

Another page turned and an image is shown. It depicted a man writing in a book which looked like Al's book. Near to them were small pieces of squares forming, materializing into something

Chester- isn't that your book, I mean you

Al- Yes, you see Chester my power is somewhat special from the other guardians. Guardians can grant powers to their masters. However, I unfortunately cannot grant you power like other equipment type guardians

Chester- Then, what can you do?

Al- Creation

Chester- Creation?

Al- I have the power to create anything into reality. Whatever you write down in me I can bring forth and summon that entity. It can be human, monsters, weaponry, technology, anything you write down.

Chester- What do you mean by "anything?"

Al- Anything! Whatever you want can become real

Chester- Anything! Like food, video games, computers, cellphones, girl friends, money, mansions, cars, planes, and even ^_^


Chester- Anything (repeated in his head over and over again)

If you had the power to create anything into reality, what would you want? Chester now has that power and he began to think and fantasize the amazing things he could do. He could make his very own dream girl. Get free money and all the luxury he wants. He did not know whether if he should faint or not. His heart started beating faster from the excitement. He felt as if he was in heaven, *Beethoven music starts to play* He could easily get anything he wanted. He could rule his own world if he felt like it. He could even create world peace. Al noticed Chester was fantasizing too much. So he spoke

Al- Um, however....

*music stops, DJ stopped the Record*

Chester - However?????????

Al- I have limits to my power, and rules.

Chester- Rules?!

A page turned and it was filled by 10 rules.

1- No currency can be made or gained by trading or passive possessions [which means no money]
2- If a work is not finished it will be random
3- If a description is incomplete it can lead to a random
4- Copies are allowed however there are exceptions, the rest of the rules apply
5- Domination is applied into the exceptions
6- Your creations must be your own original work, creatures apply unless dominated
7- Creations cannot be erased nor can they be replaced. If they die then they are erased
8- Weaponry and armory are limited to power.
9- Living creations have their own free will, however your command is always absolute
10- Spirit, Equipment, and Fusion Guardians can become dominated but not copied

Chester was devastated as he read rule 1. He did not care about the rest of the rules since he could not understand the meaning of each. He became heart broken when he read this. He then gave a strange look in his face

Al- Listen I may be a guardian but I am no God. Rules are made to be followed anyway. Also as you defeat monsters and other entity's I can also dominate them and......

Chester- *sigh* It's alright Al, I'm just thinking is all.

Al-........I see. Is there anything I can help?

Chester- Actually, Al what can you do.

Al- Well I can create many things, such as food, supplies, people.....

Chester- People.......you can create other people?

Al- Yes, but they are not human like you though. They are different, they can become wizards, warriors, kung fu masters, creatures, .......

Chester- You mean heroes then.

Al- In a way

Chester- Then let's test your power

Al- heh, I'm glad to hear that

Chester- So, how does this work

Al- Take out a pencil or any writing utensil

Chester took out his pencil that he had earlier

Al- Whatever you write in me, I can channel your thoughts and ideas into a summon. They will be born by the given age, characteristics, and such. They will remain with you forever

Chester- so I can write anywhere

Al- Here I'll give you a beginner's page.....

Another page turned and three boxes were shown. The top of the title said "Life". 1 small rectangle above the large box with "Name" written on it, 1 long box on the right side going down vertically that had "Description" labeled, and 1 very large box between the two which saids "Power".

Al- Write down the name of your character at the "Name" section and after that name label it with a F or M or I which stands for F Female, M Male, or I It. In the description bar write down his persona......

Chester- yeah yeah, I get it already. Let's see

Chester wrote the following

Name: Cloud Strife (M)

Description: From Final Fantasy VII. He thought he was a 1st class soldier who fought against Seph.....................(you know the rest)

Power: Embedded Jenova cells and Mako and he carries a really large sword

Chester was very excited to see his favorite RPG character come to life

*30 seconds later*

Nothing happened, the wind blew from the distant

Chester- Why didn't it work?

Al-Let me take a look

Al highlighted all of Chester's hand writing. Then the highlight started to disappear slowly and the world are left with "from Final Fantasy VII"

Al- There's your problem, it's against rule 6- Your creations must be your "own original work"

Chester- What the hell does that mean?

Al- He is not your work, he belongs to someone else

Chester- What?! I thought that meant....

Al- What exactly? Have you read all of the rules properly

Chester- Well..........

Al- *sigh* lucky for you there is no penalty for breaking the rules. Why not try to create something original?

Chester- Easy for you to say [man I really wanted Cloud or Sephiroth. That would have been so awesome]

Al- It can't be that hard. Just write a name, description, and power of that character

Chester- Fine, let's see..............Let's try something simple

The following was written

Name: Logan Rael (M)

Description- A swordsman who doesn't back out of a fight

Power- Tough warrior

Chester- There, that'll do

Al-.......You fool?! Do you realize what you just wrote?

Chester- er,......no

Al-You've just created a random

Chester -A what?!

All of a sudden little pieces of square started falling from the sky, it started to gather together and began to materialize a pair of legs. Meanwhile.....

Al- A random is an incomplete work, when you create an incomplete work....

More of the body starts to build up

Al- You made a character out of no where, as a result his personality is chosen random as well as his skills, power, heart, strength, and other characteristics.

Chester- Well, I don't see what's wrong with that. It makes it easier to make someone right

The body is nearly complete

Al- No, you see it's his loyalty that can be the problem. If his persona is really bad as well as his judgment and mind, he can be your executer for all we know

Chester- What?!

Al- and that's not it at all, if the work is random...he....is....

Chester looked up at his creation, and what he saw, forever shocked him

Chester- Holy crap, he's naked

The creation took form, he had short spiky black hair and was round 6 feet or so. He had white skin and has a strong body type. His face was a bit timid and he had a really dark look. He looked at his hands, then his arms, legs, and body. He then tested his body and started walking. He stopped and noticed Chester. He then made a very harsh look on his face, it looked as if he was very angry.

Logan- Hey you!

Chester- oh crap

To be continued


So, what do you think


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Jun 25, 2005
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I like the story so far and looking forward to reading more but yes, you need a dialogue and better description. You seem to be missing things that are needed.


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May 18, 2007
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Well, I haven't read too closely yet, but I did notice a couple things.

1) As others have said, you need more description. Don't worry though, that gets better with practice. It might help you to take the image that's in your head, and write it down as a reference.

2) The dialog needs to be more "traditional." When I read, I can't shake that "movie script," feeling. If you aren't sure how to format traditional dialog, feel free to ask.

I'll comment on the plot when I read it more carefully.


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Jun 1, 2008
It needs more detail, and i take it its ur first fan fic rite? You need to listen to the writers on this site. they are useful. this story has potental but u need to make it easyer to picture, use detail, it will get u far in the story but nonetheless good job
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