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The Battle of Terrabellum ~OOC and Sign-ups~ [Always Joinable]

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Mar 6, 2007
My First Original Rp!!

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You may use any character from anything in this Rp...

Accepting members at all times

"Although the universe is vast and there if more life than we could ever imagine,
we are all similar in so many ways.."

In an entire different galaxy from ours, there is a planet called Terrabellum.
Terrabellum is split into two halves by the natives who live there, the half of power, and the half of beasts. The side of Power is called the Ministry. The side of Beasts is called the Oddisy. Both of the clans worship a god they call, the Great Creator. As you probably already figured out, they believe that he, the god, created the universe, and their planet, and everything on it.

These two sides have been fighting ever since the creation of their planet. The two leaders of the territories were the first beings on the planet, or so they say. Supposedly, they were the ones who started this war in the first place. Lupus, the Oddisy commander, was born with unusual abilities like a wolf. While Itzal, the Ministry commander, was born with the powers of darkness.They have been fighting for over a millennium about who the Great Creator likes more as a son. They have been recruiting members since they started fighting.

Classification: (I’ll break it down for you from most powerful to least)
1. Commander
2. Peon
3. Grunt


1. Absolutely no g-m or power playing!!!
2. I guess romance is ok… (Pg-13)
3. Limit, 2 characters
4. Post, It Ends As It Begins at the top of your template
5. If you really read the story and rules, don't post anything
6. Your Character must follow Ministry/Oddisy regulations (see below)
7. Each Peon(s) has their own piece of land for them to control, they have total command over their grunts
(I will assign each peon(s) their grunts)
8.No more than 2 Peons to a patch of land

1. Needs Animal-like abilities and/or appearance
2. Limit 2 abilities for grunt, 4 abilities for peon, and 8 for commander
(I’m both commanders, you don’t need to worry about the last one)

1. Anything goes (ex: Earth bender, Naruto ninja, pyro, Robot-man, and so on...)
2. Limit 2 abilities for grunt, 4 abilities for peon, and 8 for commander

Oddisy Peons:

Oddisy Grunts:
(none so far)

Ministry Peons:

Ministry Grunts:
(none so far)

Unlimited grunt positions (Both sides)

Oddisy Template: (I will use mine as an example)

Name: Lupus

Age: Unknown (Really doesn't matter)

Position (Grunt, Peon): Commander

Animal mix: Wolf

Weapon of choice: Split Samurai sword, Large Buster sword

Gender: Male

Side: Oddisy


Bio: As I already stated; he is the leader of the Oddisy clan and was one of the first beings on his planet.

1. Able too see things hours before they happen
2. Super speed
3. Retractable claws
4. All senses improved ten-fold (Ex: By touching the ground he can feel who has been there and who is coming).
5. His claws can tear metals apart
6. Strength
7. Able to climb walls
8. High jump ability.

Ministry template:

Name: Itzal


Position (Grunt, Peon): Commander

Power: Darkness

Weapon of choice (Virtually anything): His own shadow

His Shadow

Gender: Male

Side (Ministry or Oddisy): Ministry

Appearance: Always wearing a black hooded cloak. All you can ever see are his glowing, white eyes.

Bio (doesn’t need to be to long): Again, as I already stated; he is the leader of the Ministry clan and was one of the first beings on his planet.

Abilities (what you can do with your power):
1. Call his shadow monster
2. Manipulate others shadows, thus controlling their bodies
3. Able to spawn the dead
4. Shoots blasts of paralyzing darkness from his hand
5. Able to sink into the darkness and appear somewhere else in a matter of seconds
6. Hover
7. Psychic
8. Shape shifting​
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