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Jun 28, 2010
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In the world that we are living in it... they are some people that have special powers and are super naturals. In the beginning there were 5 only 3 male 2 female. Humans call does super naturals "born killers" They thought they would kill humans but they wouldn't and one day a human attack one of the supernaturals (Gamin was his name) and he had to kill him it was a self protection. But he had to run away or other people would kill him. So after years
more supernaturals were born. Gamin,Aqua,Shinho,Yumi and Allen were the first five supernaturals wen they understand other new born kids are super natural they decided to make a group and live under a secret place so the new kids would be safe. In the other side wen humans found out they made a group to kill them. Little by little that group begin to kill every one not only supernaturals... Now supernaturals have to be trade so they would be a great fighter and stand against the real killers.

.No god modding
..No controling other people characters
...No f-words
....Please make the posted lines atleast 3 lines
.....Romance is ok
......Have fun

Characters sheet: (ONLY supernaturals)
~~age: (fifteen till seventeen)
~~~~~~~super power:
~~~~~~~~bio:(if u like to say it)

*hint: the characters are high schoolers so they go to same school every day

for example: mine
Name: Stella lock

age: sixteen

gender: female



personality: Stella can get angry easily she likes talking to friends but the problem is she doesn't have much friends. she is Little serious.

super power: can control lights and seance who is where

others: she likes sweets
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