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Politics The 2nd Amendment: do we really need it?



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Feb 18, 2022
Toonburg, Texifornia
The whole whole thing about the right to keep and bear arms is that it’s only constitutional in the context of being part of local militia to protect the country from invaders. Only problem is America is so powerful and so big that no one in their right mind would think about a full scale invasion. To put it simply, the 2nd amendment is causing more harm than good right now with people using it as an excuse to sell 18 year olds military weapons and evade the consequences of such actions. Feel free to state your own thoughts o the matter. Also yes, I did feel the need to being in his up because of the recent mass shooting in my home state of Texas

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Dec 15, 2005
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State's regulate and facilitate with the second amendment on a state to state basis. Texas (your home state) is among the majority of the "Open-Carry" states. (much easier to list the prohibited open-carry states, theirs a few) I do not live there, so I don't know if to own/carry a handgun or long gun, if it requires you to own a permit which has to first be approved by a judge. All I know, is that in my own state, it's a very arduous process to even get a license for a handgun and/or long gun.

That being said, let me be forthcoming:
  • I do not own a handgun or long-gun.
  • I am not licensed to carry or concealed carry.
  • I do not support or condone mass shootings
  • I do not support the ideologies associated from said assailants facilitating said shootings
  • I do not support extremism or the media's hyper-focused lens on ONLY the most extreme instances of firearm misuse/mishandling/abuse as a way to fearmonger the viewership.

Alright so now you know where I stand with regards to whats listed up here, lets chat skippy 👆

So, do we need the second amendment?

In a perfect world where there is no such thing as competition over wealth and/or resources, no. No you wouldn't need a means of protecting yourself, your family, and by extension your home from an outsider, invader, or individual that would seek to do any harm to you and the etc.

If anything, rather than revoke the right it should be reviewed again in some capacity. If you want a modern day re-imagining of what exactly is "a militia" my first thought is regular citizens that are non-law enforcement.

Historically speaking, during times of colonization and territory wars local militia made sense (i'm referring to arming citizens to defend against british forces during the american revolutionary war), but over time there has been no further conflict regarding the footprints of foreign armed forces on this soil to the OP's point. This amendment often gets read and interpreted as it applies to the average citizen, and this is not an incorrect interpretation.