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The 13 Shards of Darkness



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Apr 27, 2018
So, here's something that's been bugging me about the series for a while now.
Regarding the background of the 7 lights and 13 darknesses, we know that the original manifestations of these came from the destruction of the X-Blade following the Keyblade War. The seven lights we know entered into seven individuals who then became known as the Princesses of Heart. It was Xehanort's attempt to recreate these elements imperfectly (the 7 Guardians and the 13 Xehanorts were at best ersatz versions of the actual lights and darknesses that comprised the original X-Blade) that was the basis for the final battle of KH3. But, here's the thing:
We know what became of the original 7 lights. They entered into the hearts of the Princesses. But we've never actually learned what happened to the original 13 dark shards of the X-Blade. Where could they have gone? Could they be in the Realm of Darkness? And if so, does that mean there are some other special kinds of creatures or beings in which they reside, just as the lights reside within the Princesses?
I have no idea whether Nomura intends to actually follow through with explaining where these darknesses went considering he seems to have effectively concluded the Keyblade War arc (at least, I hope so; I'm kind of sick of dealing with the Keyblade Graveyard at this point). But I wanted to hear from you guys, what do you think happened to them?