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the 10th legacy : battlefield japan a hitman rebirth rp

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Nyx Winters

The Dawn Fox
Oct 26, 2008
The 10th Legacy



They came and the war started it raged across Japan they were merciless killed anything in the way.
The 10 guardian fought bravely but they were out numbered.

That is when the light shone and their friends stood by them
Ready to fight for the good of the vongola and the family alliances.

the mystery deepens as more and more families start deperting the family pacts and turning on each other under then name fallen wolf

WHO is fallen wolf

This story will start after the Mukuro Rokuto incident and the start of the Varia/Xanxus arc


The elite assassins of the vongola those in this organization are considered varia-class as to separate them from the common assassin completing missions where others deemed impossible or suicidal.

After the “crib” incident 8 years ago they defected and have been rouge ever since
They have now reappeared and have challenged tsume and his guardians to an all out match using Japan as a battleground

1. xanxus (open)
2. open
3. open
4. open
5. open
6. open
7. open
8. open
9. open
10. open

tsumes side

They who would risk their lives for the good of all to keep the peace
This is their goal their home now a battle field for the vongola family and its connecting alliances they will live or die together

Family to the end

1. tsume open
2. open guardian of rain
3. open guardian of storm
4. open guardian of lightning
5. guardian of sun
6. guardian of mist
7. guardian of cloud
8. open guardian of hale
9. open guardian of snow
10. open guardian of smog

free spots are welcome your welcome to create free characters as well as using well know canon characters


1. No godmoding, period.
2. No power playing, unless you have the okay.
3. Romance and language is okay, but keep it PG-13, and no where near a bed or any of that kinda talk!
4. If you can’t post for a while please let us know.
5. Please post at least one paragraph, two would be great!
6. As far as characters go, please make only as many as you can keep up with.
7. No Mary-sues or Gray-stus. In case you don’t know what they are, they are characters without any flaws. No one wants to play a perfect character, right?
8. Be kind to one another, if your characters hate each other fine, but be nice to the Rper.
9. It would be appreciated if you posted at least twice a week.
10. Last but not least, have fun! Rping is meant to be fun.

• Template

• Name
• Age (not under 14)
• Gender
• appearance
• Side (guardian/neutral/varia)
• Guardian/varia of ( eg snow,rain
• Weapon/s
• Personality
• Bio
• Family (e.g vongola
• other
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Sep 17, 2007
In this rp there were no battle instructors it is an all out battle between everyone.
And there's your big problem. With no direction in the roleplay, and only battles happening, it will be very boring. There's a lot of things you've mentioned but neglected to explain later on that would help others to understand what you're talking about.

Oh, and improve how you write in general. If you want to manage a roleplay, you're going to need to write well inside and outside of the roleplay to be able to properly convey to people what's going to happen.

Not to mention, this roleplay has no hint that anything incredibly interesting is going to occur. No big mystery, no massive danger we can relate to, and so on.
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