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That's right, I'm making one.

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Blackest Night

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Apr 15, 2004
Depends upon the day and if there is free pizza.
Oh my, it's been months, hasn't i? I suppose it's high time I did something in this particular section.

This is battle is open to any who wish to join, but there are character restrictions. As some of you may or may not remember, I have an intense dislike of anything extremely powerful, something that is reflected in my characters. So, any characters utilized for this battle must be at a very near level to the character I will be using. If your character traverses the Omniverse, there is a decent chance they are not welcome here.

You will be able to choose which character I use, primarily because I myself lack the ability to pick between them. Below lies my entire roster of active character.

Almaura (Witch)

The Actress

The Artist

The May Queen

Any one of the Seven Sins: Lust, Pride, Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, and Sloth.

The Virtues that have been made: Hope. (Chastity will be made next.)

Illyria (Melee)

Feste (Melee)
There are, naturally, other rules:
1. All base Rp rules apply.
2. Spam will be deleted and those responsible will be warned. Scary, I know.
3. At most, two other combatants will be allowed to join. Others will have to wait until I feel like battling again.
4. Judges are not required, but up to three will be accepted.
5. Acknowledge that Ed Sloan is the light of the world, for which we have waited and to which we shall offer the praises of a thousand eons so that we may bask in the glory of His presence. Amen.

The setting will be set when I decide what would look the best.

Tyler Durden

Count me in. Senkei Ilmradieth should be fine; his template is in my other two battle threads.

EDIT: The reason I'm not picking a character is because, well...I don't care. If you want to make this melee, fine, if just mild power, that's fine as well.


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Nov 27, 2007
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Here is a melee character of mine. I don't know your character's information, so I can't decide who to fight, as long as I don't know who is the most appropriate. Also I don't think that my character is powerful...

Name: Druga (first name) Uruk (second name)

Nickname: Drui

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: His head is angular in shape with unkempt, slightly long, blond hair residing on the top of his scalp. His hair reaches just a few centimeters from the base of his neck. His hair also has a few slightly darker colored locks that came from his father’s gene pool. He has cerulean blue colored eyes, although they become green because of his contact lenses. They can't, however, hide the small shine in his eyes whenever he talks about animals. He has a slightly small nose and shallow cheeks. He has thin lips, and hiding behind them are pearly white teeth.

He is of tall height, being only about five feet and six inches tall. His skin has a fair pigmentation, making it obviously red when he stays under heat for very long periods. Even when giving him some time under the shade, his skin would only become light pink and stay in that color for some time. He has a lanky build, having a somewhat long and thin body, although not so thin that he looks anorexic. His chest and torso are also thinner than most, although Druaga Uruk is slowly growing into his new body and height. His arms aren’t that big, but his knuckles are bony, giving the impression of a larger hand than it actually is. However, his hands are still fairly larger than most teenagers' his age. He is also bony and somewhat sharp at some points of his body, most noticeably his arms and legs.

His upper body is normally adorned by a light blue, long-sleeved shirt with a silhouette of a wolf’s head on it. Over the shirt is a dark gold, black rimmed vest. On the right side of the best is a pocket where he'd be able to store a small object. He tucks the shirt under his dark gray slacks. He wears a black belt around his slacks. On the black belt is a gold-colored buckle that glints under light. His slacks are particularly long, the pants ending a little bit over his white and black sneakers. He also wears a dark blue visor on his head. Emblazoned on it in black is an eagle's wing.

Weapon: "Sea Serpent" - A longsword with an extend able and detract able wire in the center, literally allowing the sword to extend and retract. Because the sword is actually made of pieces, each piece of the blade can deal more damage at the same time. Druaga Uruk typically keeps his sword soaked in poison, which is only then released when the sword is broken apart and extended.

Fighting Style: Druaga pumps his blood rapidly with his legs kick starting the process, increasing his blood flow, thus providing more oxygen and nutrients to various parts of his body which makes him faster and stronger; Druaga compares the process to taking a stimulant. This mode's enhancements to Druaga's physiology gives him the ability to use a new set of attacks which are generally the same as his old ones but now are so fast that even a skilled assassin would have a hard time actually seeing them. In this form his metabolism rate is so high that his sweat vaporises rapidly giving rise to a steaming appearance, and his skin turns slightly pink from the increased blood flow.

Abilities: Red Leg is the fighting style taught to Druaga by his mentor (his father). It is designed to free the use of one's hands and prevent them from being damaged during a battle, something that is disastrous to a animal behaviorist like Druaga or his father. This style coincides with his father's name as "Red-Leg Zeff", as the force of the attacking power caused by each kick left Zeff's legs covered in the blood of his enemies.

* Collier Shoot: Druaga jumps high into the air and lands a powerful kick to the opponent's neck. "Collier" is the French term for neck meat.

* Collier: Another kick to the neck but this time Druaga does it whilst still on the ground.

* Epaule: A downward kick targeting the opponent's shoulder, meant to knock them off balance or drive them into the ground. "Epaule" is the French term for shoulder meat.

* Ribs: Dropping down into a one-handed handstand position, Druaga kicks the opponent hard in the ribs, this attack is usually followed by a Lower Back.

* Lower Back: Commonly used as a combo attack with Ribs, using the momentum from the Ribs attack Druaga (still in a handstand) spins around in the opposite direction to deliver a fast kick to the opponent's lower back or Lumbar region.

* Breast: A stabbing kick straight into the opponent's chest.

* Legs: Running at the opponent Druaga delivers a sweeping kick to the knee caps, the opponent is either send flying or slammed to the ground as a result. .

* Mutton Shot: One of Druaga''s strongest single kicks, and a common finishing move. He starts by jumping or flipping into the air and then channels all his might into one leg to deliver a kick to the opponent's mid-section, or sometimes their head, that sends them flying.

Biography/History: He actually trained his eye for detail since he was still seven years old, when he decided he wanted to become an Animal Behaviorist, or a scientist that studies animal behavior in layman’s terms. It has been an amazement to many that he has stuck to this goal for such a long time. His eye for detail also allows him to be able to identify some people’s psychological state of mind; why they do so and when they are most likely to do it. He isn’t, however, always right. However, he never delves on a person too long in fear of becoming close to that one person. He usually uses this ability to identify and calculate an animal's behavior.

As implied before, he absolutely loves animals, more so than the average child. He is also quite knowledgeable about different kinds of animals, his knowledge on fauna surpassing that of both his father’s and mother’s combined. At a very young age, this is quite a feat. Also, his love for animals even initiated him to become vegetarian when he was only eleven years old, much to the surprise of his parents. It also made him want to take pictures of the different animals he sees, and thus, he brings a digital camera everywhere. This shows his dedication and love for animals. However, despite it, he isn't very likely to show it in front of people. He also has a great fear of bears. Not so much as to run away screaming when he sees one, but enough to make him stay far, and I mean far, away. He is likely to freeze stiff when he sees one.

He doesn't want to use his hands when he fights, cause he needs them in order to shoot animal's photos.

The Marauder

Hehe, I should smack you, BN.

I would probably ruin your battle if I decided to join, though I would consider severely checking Dun's powers should you request my presence. Since you will doubtless have plenty of interested battlers aside from me, I will probably just end up watching this one.

Lunar Rain

Mind giving someone new a try? I prefer melee, especially if your iffy about powers.

I'll throw a template here tonight.
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