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Tevintur: The Dream World

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Apr 30, 2009
In the world of Change.
When faced with a choice, one must make one based on one's own knowledge, and have the courage to face the consequences afterwords, no matter what happens.
This is what Shawn was facing with, a dilemma on what answer to choose for his english final. The question was asking on what characteristic a certain character in a novel had based on American Romanticism.

He truly detested this dam quiz, making it so that certain questions were made by actually writing it out. Though as he looked around his class room, a few others were having the same trouble. The class was arranged into three sections. Two sections of students faced each other, while the other section faced the teacher.

Finally after much debate, Shawn put his answer down, and suddenly a rush of relief came to him. He was finished with the final.
Getting up, he turned it in, his english teacher looking at him for a moment, smiling that one of his students had taken enough time to finish. As Shawn went back to his seat, the bell rang.
It was three o' clock in the afternoon.

Stretching after people began to either get up and leave, or stay put trying to finish their finals, Shawn decided to stand up, his backpack where it should be, and headed outside. He was greeted by the bright sun that hit the town of Simi, he standing in the hallway of Santa Susanna High. He looked up at the bright blue sky, wondering about things, mostly those involved with "that place".

In any case, Shawn began to head home, wondering about how he should spend his now free three day weekend, should he play video games? Hang out with friends? Or should he...just go to sleep at midnight and check on Henry.

Holding his chin, Shawn quietly walked home, wondering on how to handle what he had been experiencing for the last few weeks. It seemed so different with how the other world was compared to his own.

It was....disturbing, how different they were yet so similar in character people behaved.


No longer was he tolerating the foolishness of his men, he would lead them, and if they failed to listen? He would kill them with his own power. The War Lord rode on horse-back, a giant brown horse, covered in all sorts of different armor, a giant of a man sat on it, copying its transports outfit, only difference that it had weapons on both sides of its hips.

This giant was the War Lord that had declared War on both sides of Tevintur, and he wouldn't stop til he had conquered all of it, forcing all of the people to call him King. His army of dark faced men came upon a village, a small one in fact, ready to attack it. Riding at the front, the War Lord stopped in front of his men, riding back and forth in front of them.

"Men! This village will come to know my name, and fear it! MOVE OUT!" He shouted taking his sword and pointing it towards the village. With bloodthirsty cries, the men charged at the village, preparing to take no one alive.

War was upon Tevintur.


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Oct 6, 2010
Jake was was hanging out with his friends at his house.
"So, Rick, When is your birthday? I can't remember anymore." Asked Jake.
"It's next Tuesday." He replied.
"Thanks." Jake stretched out his arms and yawned.
"Well I think you guys should go. I'm about to fall asleep." Jake's friends got up.
"We'll see you at the party." Said Rick grinning.
"Yeah I'll see you then." But his friends were already out the door. So Jake went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth then he went to bed.
Gale was sitting under a tree and eating an apple. Once he finished eating it he threw it on the ground, pulled out his gun and shot it.
"Hahahaha! I love to do that." Gale then put his gun back into a pocket of his coat and stood up. He looked around and sighed.
"Here's to another good day." Gale didn't know what was about to happen to his world but no one else did either.

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Nov 30, 2006
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How annoying.

Will sat between two beautiful women and across his close, and only, friend. The group had been chatting it up for about 20 consecutive minutes, the topics ranged from school to local gossip to the state of the restaurant and god only knows what else. That wasn't really the annoying part, Will hadn't minded being with them it's just he felt he could have been doing something more productive than grinning over every little joke.

He glared at the reason he was here. Aaron. His friend since 7th grade, don't get me wrong Aaron certainly is a good fellow; much too good for his own sake. Aaron goes out of his way to make Will feel like a functioning member of society. At first Will suspected he was doing this out of some twisted fetish for socially deprived boys but he discovered the truth later on. Aaron is idiotically nice.

Aaron was always friendly towards Will, towards anyone else, towards someone who would punch him right across the face! He never showed any malice towards them and was disgustingly polite. He never prodded in Will's personal life and never even pushed to visit Will's home - Will eventually invited the idiot in out of sympathy. Aaron was just too nice but that isn't the point here.

Aaron had invited Will, and those two other girls, to go eat out in some backwater restaurant to get acquainted with them. That was the annoying part; Aaron's notion that Will was some shy little kid who just wants a hug. And listening to these girls chatter on about how everyone else is stupid and how they were fashion bellwethers Will was seriously considering committing himself into the nearest asylum.

Aaron had a sympathetic look on his face, he knew just how much Will hated listening to nonsensical drivel like this. He resisted the urge to sigh and roll his eyes as the duo cheerleaders excused themselves to go to the restroom. Once they were out of earshot Will leaned forward pulling Aaron closer to him.

"Get me out of here!!" He had managed to say without yelling or panicking, rather impressive.
"Listen buddy, you'll be fine; I mean.. They're nice aren't they?" Aaron reasoned, he would try to do anything to keep Will here to make him more socially active; Will wouldn't have this.
"Pfft, yeah to you maybe! They were staring at you the entire time and even if they weren't they have as much sense as an oxygen deprived titmouse!"

Aaron eased out of Will's grip and held his hands up surrendering to Will's reasoning. Will physically relaxed, he knew he could trust Aaron to get him out of a hellhole like this.

"All right then, how 'bout we make a run for it?"

W-wait, what?

The other side Aaron had was a bit chaotic. He would be reckless, indifferent, and almost insanely aloof to the world around him; a major flip from his more calm persona but it was enough to creep Will out.

"Oy, just leaving? You know we haven't even paid for this stuff yet." Will explained hoping to get through to this guy.

"Eh, that doesn't really matter; besides it's like you said, these girls aren't that bright so they would probably consider it a fluke or something." Aaron quipped leaning back on his chair with an ineffable confident air about him.

Will sighed, "Fine, we do you suggest we do then?" he reluctantly resigned.

"Don't worry, I've got an idea."

It took a bit of convincing but they managed to trick the employees into thinking the cheerleaders were picking up the tab.. right after they "ordered" the Super Deluxe Desert meal. Will don't quite remember what the bill would come to after the Desert meal but he pretty sure it would make them not trust someone like Aaron again.

They sat behind the bushes directly outside the restaurant. Will felt rather silly hiding behind a 3 foot tall bush but did it anyways. Aaron stared intently into the restaurant and hid his elation well when the cheerleaders started talking to the employees. From what Will could tell they were pissed!

The cheerleaders started to yell at the employees and Aaron broke out into raucous laughter. Will couldn't help but smile at this situation, granted it was extremely disrespectful to do so but.. Ah, nuts to them!

Will stood up and tapped Aaron on the shoulder gesturing him to leave, I suppose that's when he made his mistake. Glancing back into the restaurant Will noticed that the cheerleaders were both glaring daggers into Will.

"Ah.. Crap.."

For cheerleaders these girls were fast! They sprinted out of the restaurant and towards Will and co. Will grabbed Aaron, pulled him up and sprinted away.

Aaron was still laughing as he ran alongside Will which made him rather annoyed. Will wasn't exactly athletic so glaring at Aaron probably wasn't the best idea. Aaron seemed like he was having a great time!

Looking over his shoulder Will noticed the girls were catching up to them, Will veered off to the left and ran down the streets. "Whew, I lose 'em like that.." glancing over his shoulder he noticed the girls were STILL chasing him!

"Oh come on!"

The vixens were swearing and threatening Will to no end, and he was losing stamina while they were just getting their second-wind. Will veered left again leaping over a fence and noticed the girls leaped over them in a single bound.


Running through the front lawn he quickly made his way to the backyard, at the end of the backyard rested a rather convenient lake. "Who constructs a house directly in front of a lake?!"

Not seeing any option he leaped into the lake. Freezing water and all.

Half an hour later Will made it home. He managed to sneak in undetected and shower himself off without alarming the "guards" of his parents.

He called Aaron and assured him that he was okay, flopping down on the couch he sighed at the uneventful afternoon he was forced to undergo.


Nov 17, 2005
Evelyn looked over the rest of her work she had to hand in for tomorrow in the college library. Feeling a bit stressed out, she felt the vibration of her phone in her pocket. Checking the message she received from her mother to buy some drinks before she came back home, she kept it back into her pocket with a small sigh.

Her friend popped up next to her with a smile. She smiled back, though her weary expression was obvious. "Wow, you look tired. You should take a break." Her friend whispered.

Evelyn nodded and yawned. "I would, but I've got work to hand in tomorrow." She said, a small smile on her face. The rest of the day passed by with her concentrating on her work and managing to finish most of the work to hand in tomorrow. Once she came back home, she looked at her parents. Her father looked tired from work and her mother was busy in the kitchen. The house wasn't as cheery as it used to be. She felt a little sad, but came in with a smile. "I'm back." She said.

"Welcome back, how was college?" Her mother asked. Her father walked over to them, and took the things that Evelyn bought to place them in the kitchen. "Dinner's almost ready."

Evelyn nodded. "I've got some work to finish up." She said, going upstairs and walking to her room. She passed by her youngest sister's room. It was kept the same as it was those few years back. Her younger brother bounced up to her, plopping down on her bed. "Mar, I'm busy." She said.

Marvin, her younger brother pouted. "But I'm bored." He said. "Can I just stay for a while?" He pleaded. Ever since their younger sister, Ellie, died Marvin became much closer to Evelyn. "I won't make a sound."

"Alright." And he fulfilled his promise while Evelyn finished up the rest of her work until her parents called them down for dinner. Marvin went ahead, leaving Evelyn to keep her work in her bag before coming down. She stretched, yawning. She was tired, but she was rather curious to see what Iris was doing in that world. "I guess I'll be seeing her tonight."


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Jan 3, 2006
Racing chocobos ~

There were only the sounds of glass cups being clinked together, an occasional cough and the sound of sugar being dropped into tea. At this moment, Aphrodite Venetia Chimere, heiress to the Chimere fortune and bride-to-be to Jaden Venetia, was pouring tea for said husband-to-be and her future mother-in-law, Alicia. Her hazel eyes seemed to glare Aphrodite down, challenging her to make even the slightest slip-up; no woman would ever be good enough for her son, and she wanted that girl to prove her wrong. Jaden himself had glanced out the window, slightly pulling on the collar of his jacket. It was hot, but he truly felt bad for Aphrodite; she looked like she should've been sweating buckets.

The heiress was dressed in an elaborate, white summer dress weighed down with crystals at its hem and bustier, pressing itself against her chest and waist and making breathing quite difficult. What was the worst part was that it was sleeveless; she had to constantly pull it up in an effort not to flash neither Jaden nor Alicia, though she couldn't make it noticable because Alicia was especially crude this day, and the heat didn't help. At all. At the very least her hair had been pulled to the back of her head, her bangs kept in place by a lot of hairspray, her hair cascading in a million curls that had luckily been avoiding her sweaty neck.

As the last drop of tea fell into Jaden's cup, Aphrodite set the pot down, and gently lifted the tray up, a small, gentle smile on her face. Her expression was such that one would never believe that she was hot, dying of thirst, annoyed at the bitch who made her serve tea in this heat.

Nope, you'd never guess it.

Placing the tray on the small table before them, Aphrodite took her seat next to Jaden, handing him his cup. "Your tea." She offered, her smile now genuine. In spite of all this, at least he was kind and understanding; the two had, at the very least, a mutual liking for one another.

"Thank you." Jaden flashed a smile, laughing a bit at her turmoil. She responded by gently nugding him--the only act allowed between an heiress and an heir in humor--and took a sip as Alicia took a drink of her own.

"Well done." Alicia announced, putting the cup down almost immediately.

Alicia's actions contradicted her words; Aphrodite looked at her curiously. "Is everything alright, Lady Venetia?" She asked nervously.

Alicia smiled, assuring her that she had done nothing wrong. "Nothing my dear, but I was hoping today we would be able to go and pick out your engagement and wedding bands."

Jaden coughed a bit, turning to his mother. "I thought we agreed that we would do that. We meaning my future wife and I."

"Darling, I understand, but you must also understand my anxiety." Alicia frowned, her eyes on Aphrodite.

As much as she wanted to protest, she kept silent; talking out of line was a horrible thing to do. Aphrodite bit her tongue instead, only watching the two.

"As we have the rest of our lives together and the rings to match, you could at least let us pick them ourselves. You haven't let us have a single say int he wedding." He reminded her, also setting down his tea.

"Oh...how can I say no to that face?" Alicia smiled at her son, but turned attention to Aphrodite. "Jaden will be making the choices. You will be accompanying him, understand?"

Aphrodite gave her shallow smile, bowing. "Of course, Lady Venetia." She said with a slight nod, understanding.

"Good. I'll fetch Alexander, you two wait here." Alicia stood and exited the room, and once the door closed, the two sighed.

"She hates me, doesn't she...?" Aphrodite asked Jaden, frowning.

"She hates everyone."

"She doesn't hate you."

"I'm her ticket to the fortune."

"So am I."

"Ah, but you're marrying her baby boy, what do you expect?"

The two laughed, finally being able to talk freely. She knew that she was blessed; Jaden didn't act like his mother at the very least, and was almost always on her side.

"Do me a favor; you pick the rings, Dita, I don't know the first thing about them." Jaden told her, putting his feet on the table.

"No no, you have to." Aphrodite teased, reminding him. "It's your responsibility."

Jaden groaned, throwing his head back. "I don't wanna."

The door opened, and Jaden immediately sat up straight, his feet hitting the floor as his mother stepped in. "Go on." Alicia instructed.

Jaden stood up first, and Aphrodite followed suit. As the two stepped outside, the sun blared at them, and Jaden picked up an unbrella from the entrance, handing it to Aphrodite. "It looks really sunny, one burn and Mother'll disown you." He joked as Alexander opened the door.

"Thank you." Aphrodite opened the unbrella, and she was shielded from the sun's harmful rays. Even though the sun wasn't hitting her directly, she could feel it trying to pierce her pale and easily-burnable skin. As Alexander opened the limo door, she ducked in, Jaden right behind her, and the two rode comfortably to the jewelers. She looked out the window at the other teenagers, watching them shop and walk.

"Jealous?" Jaden asked.

"Somewhat. I prefer limos to walking." She admitted with a small laugh.




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Mar 13, 2009
Off with the faries
Tessa watched as a young girl spluttered through tears.
"Mummy, my icecream." The blonde pigtailed girl pointed to the sweet, fluffy vanilla scoop on the purple carpet.
Already she had paper towel, disenfectant and a sponge in hand. The girl whailed all through the scrubbing.
After she went to the back; washed her hands and made a new icecream cone.

Tessa kneeled down infront of the girl; who was now just reduced to tears instead of disturbing all the customers.
The girl's smile spread all the way from either side of her face when she saw the delicious chocolate scoop of ice cream in the cone.
The parents thanked Tessa profusely (spelling) and the little girl hugged Tessa whilst her mother held the icecream.

As soon as Tessa went to the back her boss stood before her.
"You're paying for that." He said in his snooty french accent, as he glared down at her. Tessa huffed.
"I know I am." She got her wallet out from the break room and handed him $6.50.
"You and your expensive prices; ofcourse no one wants to buy anything." She mumbled passing him.

"Tessa." She stopped in her tracks; rolled her eyes and turned to face him.
"Yes, sir?" She sounded as though she had a foul taste upon her tongue. He stood up straight in his black suit, black bow tie and his hands behind his back and began to circle her.
"You've been working here more than a month." He paused, just for the extra added effect.
"I think you should know what is acceptable here and what isn't." Tessa stared blankly at him.

"Considering you've owned this bussiness for over 5 years you should know it's illegal to to with hold an employee's pay for two weeks."
Tessa bit her lip; that's not good.
His head snapped to the right staring at her furiously, his lip began to twitch.

Out in the resteraunt as a little girl licked a chocolate cone and everything was bliss; a yell was heard:
"You're fired!"

_back home_
Tessa collapsed on her bed; fired? Again? Without pay and she still had to return the overly-expensive maid outfit; "dryclean' he said specifically. Luckily it took her about 2 hours to walk home. It was now like 5 minutes to midnight; she sighed in relief, her head hit the pillow and she was gone.
Holly looked out at the Western side of Tevintur, it was pretty nice; grassy hilled landscapes, she breathed in the lovely aroma. But then she remembered it was not time to go about smelling the grass; she had a job to do.
She was on her way to the next village, Holly had to make it all the way from the far western side of tevintur over to the central East. Things had been different ever since...

She sighed, adjusting her shoulders under the weight of her back pack. An Indian in a Sarong walking accross the open fields of Tevintur, suspicious? No, not to Holly, not even the brown belt strapped from her shoulder down to her hip carrying her said was suspicious.
Holly missed her old crew, but a job had to be done; even if it was alone.


Apr 11, 2009
Crowds were overly contagious for Audrey. Just when one person seemed to appear in front of you, chatting their mouths out, then they multiply in powers of three! Really, this was making her claustrophobic, and only a few of them were actually talking to her while the rest were just chit-chattering on and on! A headache was forming in her temples, and her eye was beginning to twitch. At the rate of the people cluttering around, her twitch was going to last a while.


The first one to notice is was Cel. Over the years, Cel has been made fun of, called names, and risen up to be one of the most popular girls in school because of her sense of humor, and easy sense of I-Really-Don't-Give-A-Damn personality. Seriously, if you get called a nickname like Celebrity, or.... Celibacy, then after a while, you start to learn how to make the people calling you the name, 'forget' about it forever. Especially if your Cel.


Immediately, she bit her bottom lip and looked at Audrey with a pained looked, the twitching was still going on. After a certain period of time, the twitch might escalate to her just exploding inside. Bursting into tears, and probably feeling the need to curl into a tiny ball was only going to be the start of it. Then the thought of running away, and lashing out about her parents would be next, and then telling a teacher to "F- OFF," on the homework assignments. Quickly, Audrey used her elbows to cut through the crowd like a knife, saying to her other friends that she needed a significant amount of air before she could come back into this hallway. Most of the other students were extremely annoyed now, trying to get past them so that they could try to get onto the buses, while Audrey could just drive home with Cel. She remembered that, having no car...suckers. Giving herself a laugh, she grabbed onto Cel's arm and pulled her away to the Parking Lot. As they passed random people, the boys said hi, and the girls just gave one of those stupid looks where one side of their upper lip curls to their nose. In reply, Audrey stared at one of them, trying to do the same, and yet instead both sides raised up, making her look like she had some kind of lip surgery gone wrong. Cel laughed and they both just walked to the car snickering.


It was Cel's turn to drive today. Audrey had yesterday, and so they took turns deciding who got to drive to where. Sometimes Cel would surprise her by going to the lake one afternoon, or just by finding some place around town that looked like something interesting was going on. Audrey wasn't that creative. Cel was very pretty. Deep mahongany hair that went to the middle of her back, and dark blue eyes. But of course that was the exception, Audrey's eyes were prettier. But, she didn't want to start a competition, because then Cel would win anyways.


As the houses and buildings passed by, Audrey wondered more and more where they were going. Then she saw a park. Hearing her friends sigh, Audrey smiled and said,

"What, tired of the mall already?" Taking a piece of hair in her fingers, Audrey laughed and stepped out of the car. Cel looked serious though. Turning around, Audrey's face simmered down to a serious glow, and her brows furred curiously.

"You seem like you need to tell me something important, so spill those beans before I start eating them all." Cel gave a small smile, and then said a sentence made everything around her go mute, and then with her changing personality, she began to get defensive, and so Cel backed off a bit.

"What do you mean, what will I do when that happens to me? Who's going to be my best friend?! Where is it, in another town, another...country? I know that I should be happy for you, this is great for you, but I'm only upset because you are my only real friend! I trust you with my life! What will I do about a lace to live?!" The words resounded in her head for a few minutes, keeping her from hearing what Cel was trying to say.

"My parents are moving away to another place, and they're taking me with them so that I can go to College."

For some girls, this is just fine, a friend moving away. But since it was Audrey...the deal was made much bigger.



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Jan 24, 2008
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"Attention, clean-up on aisle 3, clean-up on aisle 3." said a voice on the intercom. Chris looked up at the aisle he was standing in. Aisle 5 it said. chris looked down to the other end of the aisle, he could see a worker with a mop and bucket rushing by. Chris went back to what he was doing. He had a can of tomato sauce in each hand comparing prices and ingredients. Chris put the Bertoli sauce in his cart. He started off down the aisle again.

Chris turned the cart towards the next aisle when suddenly he was stopped. Chris looked up to find a very beautiful girl staring back at him. "Oh i'm so sorry, I didn't see you." she said backing the cart up and pulling it up next to him. "Sorry again about that, I guess we should exchange insurace information." she said with a bit of a giggle. Chris couldn't help but smile. He quickly turned the smile into a thin line on his face.

"I'm sorry I have to get going." he said pushing his cart past the girl and up the next aisle. He could tell the girl was flirting with him. Chris finished up with his shoping and headed to the front. He got in line for the check-out. After a few minutes he was up. The cashier rang up his stuff and he began to head towards the exit. A voice spoke behind him; "Excuse me, you dropped wallet". Chris looked back to see the girl from earlier rushing towards him holding his wallet.

When she saw Chris she slowed down and looked rather hurt. She handed him his wallet, turned and walked away without another word. Chris feeling slightly upset loaded his car and started off down the road. Chris reached over and turned on his radio. "This is 101.5 the point, and your listening to the best of the 80's and 90's." said the announcer. Suddenly Chris was overcome with sadness. Linger by The Cranberries was playing.

"Where you lying all the time, was it just a game to you, but i'm in so deep. You know im such a fool for you. You've got me wrapped around your finger, ah ha ha. Do you have to let it linger, do you have to, do you have to, do you have to let it linger." Chris turned the station to a different station. Another sad love song was playing. Chris decided to drive home in silence. Chris got home and put away his groceries. He started to work on his dinner. After about an hour Chris had a nice plate of chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and peas. Chris switched on the tv and watched Jeopardy while he ate his dinner.


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Apr 4, 2008
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A clock alarm went of in Mike's bedroom as he was sleeping soundly until his dreams were cut short. He woke with dreary eyes and moved his hand over to slam on the snooze button of his alarm clock. As he raised himself out of bed he looked around, still a bit tired from working last night.

"Another day of hell." Mike sighed to himself. He pulled himself out of his bed and went over to turn off his alarm clock so it won't buzz off in the next ten minutes and went into the bathroom to get ready for the day. Mike has been living like this for about fives years when it was time for him to move out of his parents home. It was fortunate for him to actually fine an apartment that would keep him in at that time of age and only little money to spend for the monthly rent here.

Still it was considered to be his home now and the place was a pigsty. There was dirty clothes laying on about every inch of the floor, bed never made, ceiling with cracks, window replace with plastic wrapping due to the glass being shattered when he moved in, ants scurrying around the floor eating discarded foods, you name it. He would clean it all up but sadly he's just been too tired from working at his job and tending to his college classes to even fine the time to clean up.

After Mike had finished up in the bathroom he stepped into the small kitchen and came up to the refrigerator to what is there to eat for him. He pulled out some cottage cheese and dug a spoon out of the kitchen drawers. He went over to the table and ate his sad meal. As he ate up the cottage cheese he looked over at an old picture with him and his parents all together at their last summer vacation in the Bahama's.

"Morning mom and dad." He said with a smile. "So far I've been making it through with my life. I just hope I'm able to get good grades this semester in my art classes. I know it's not something you guys want me to do, but this is my dream to be an artist. So from here I'll try to make you proud of me by following my dreams and being a success. Who knows, I might be able to leave this dump and perhaps fine a girl one day." He ate up the last bit of his cottage cheese and put the container in the sink and rinsed it out so he can use it at some point.

Just as he finished his breakfast he went back into his room and get dress for the day. He pulled over a shirt that was only worn once, some worn out jeans, some clean socks that he just happen to fine, slipped on his shoes, and pulled over his jacket. Mike grabbed his keys, wallet, and cell phone and set out of the door of his apartment room. As he descended from the stairs he came down to his car, a 1994 Regal Buick, unlocked it, pulled out of the drive and drove down the road to his college class.


Out in the plains of Tevintur a lone cheetah came up stalking a herd of deers that were all grazing on the grass. Just when one of the deers saw him they ran in terror of the fast cat. The cheetah took notice of the deer fleeing and dashed off in speed at them. He was quick and caught up to a large buck that was lagging behind from the rest of the deer, this was the cheetah's chance to get him. The cheetah leaped off of the ground and pounced on the deer, sinking his claws deep into the deers hide and bit down on it's neck.

The deer feel down as the cheetah let go of his neck so he could feed on his torso. The cheetah soon finished only leaving a large gap in the dead deers stomach area that was eaten up and the cheetah licked his lips being proud of his catch.

"That was a good meal. I thank you for the hunt dear friend." The cheetah said praying down at his catch. The cheetah then started to stand on it's hind legs and his paws started to change into hands and feet, his spine shifted and his tail started to shrink and disappear, his yellow spotted fur started to sink into the cheetah's skin to give out a light human color skin tune, his cheetah face shifted to produce a human nose, a human face, his eye color changed from brown to blue, and a pair of human ears, then articles of clothing started to appear out of most of the cheetah's fur.

In it's place, a white human male stood out in the open with blood on his face and a dark smile. This man was Xeon, a wandering person who's been nearly in every region of this world. "Good breakfast. I guess I should head back to my camp site and get ready to leave again." Xeon walk off into the open plains to come up to a small campfire that was only a few miles away from his kill. A fire pit that was put out was laying in the open, while a futon and sword were laying down only a few feet away from the pit along with a large travels pack laying in the dirt.

Xeon rolled up the futon and tied it up nice and tight to travel pack. He slung the straps of his pack over his shoulders and picked up his sword Benevolence and slung that too over his back with his travels pack and futon. "Time to go and see the world. I should be close to the nearest town by now. I need to get some more matches and more food supplies. Can't just simply hunt all the time."

Xeon looked up in the sky to examine the suns position. "It's morning and the sun rises from the east. And I believe the next town is somewhere in the south then. Well, this is gonna be a long travel but that's okay." He traveled down south to head to the next town.


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Jan 3, 2006
Racing chocobos ~
Another day, another...something.

Venus laid on the grass, breathing in the fresh air. It had been a while since she had relaxed like this. Nonetheless the sky was beautiful, the clouds were so fluffy and...interesting. She didn't care much for nature, but it was very nice to do that. Her hair was sprawled all around her, a blue blob against the green grass around her. She loved laying back once in a while; being a soldier (rather, mercenary) was more often than not a tense job. Her pockets were filled with money, but her back was tired from working.

With another deep breath, Venus rolled onto her side, pushed herself off the ground, and sat up. She was starting to get a little on the tired side. Looking around her, she got up and walked back to the inner village; she had only been on the outskirts. There has to be an inn around her, I could use a nap...



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Apr 30, 2009
In the world of Change.
The homework that Shawn was given today wasn't hard per-say, but it was quiet difficult. Especially Chemistry.
He hated chemistry.

The chemical formula's he had to write were very complex, involving a crap load of carbon molecules and Nitrogen as well. If one didn't have enough Persistence, one might fail at doing it all. As Shawn attempted it he began to see the failure that was his homework.

A small message appeared in his head, you couldn't do the work and lost focus. He sighed slightly and grasped his forehead for it began to hurt. He really needed to lay off the JRPG's for awhile. In any case, he put his homework back in his back back, got a snack from his dad's fridge, and went to his office.

It was a small room with only two big objects in it: His desk with his computer in it, and his drum set that stood there waiting for its user to take the two pieces of wood and play a beat to it. If he had time, he would play it til he was sore, but ever since Tevintur was opened to him, he had to see something. He couldn't of been crazy when he saw similarities with all those people.

He had created a website, (A feat that he himself is impressed with) that was design to let people that also have this, strange world appear. He had made it public, and most of the comments on it were those of trolls, calling him an idiot and stupid. Of course he knew that Tevintur, as he heard some people in the dream world call it, was real to him as it was to everyone.

So far no one who actually agreed with him had come to the site to tell him the same thing. The name of the site was the following:

He had posted it, payed, and sent it to everyone, including a search engine site, that would let people find it, but with little luck. After a few hours of staring at the screen, Shawn decided to go to bed and see what was going on with Tevintur.

"Dad! Going to bed! Night!" he spoke softly to his dad's bedroom, the only response was that of his dad's television being on and the show talking about something. Shawn looked at the clock, it was almost midnight. He got into his bed, turned off the lights and tried to fall asleep.


Henry sat there, to be more specific, sat at a table in an inn alone, waiting for his drink to be served to him. His eyes were slanted watching every single barmaid's movement. Sure he was a bit drunk, and sure he never talked to a girl that he ever liked before being either slapped, or rejected, but that didn't really matter now did it?

He changed the position of his staff a bit to a more comfortable position, a hiccup coming to his throat, and letting it out as silent as he could. Sadly though, the barmaid that was serving his drink heard him and giggled a bit. In his hood, a slight smile appeared on Henry's face before changing his attention to the now open door.

In it stood quite a large man wielding a giant sword on his belt, possibly a long sword. Henry stayed in his corner as the man went to the actual bar. He was about six foot seven inches, had thin black hair, a thick beard,("Must of been where all his hair went to" Henry thought to himself as he silently laughed) and a giant belly, bigger than any barrel of beer he had ever seen. He wore what looked like a soldiers uniform, though Henry had never seen it before, while that statement is true, Henry tend to not get on the bad side of the law.

In either case, the giant man sat at the bar and ordered a large pitcher of beer in which he drank down as if it were water. Henry sat there silently still waiting, watching, and fantasizing about how the barmaids would look nak...

"Hey, you in the corner." The deep voice came into Henry's thoughts mid daydream. He moved slightly to at least wonder if the voice came from the giant of the man at the bar. Sadly for Henry, it did. After finishing his drink the giant of a man got up and turned to face Henry. Still not moving, and quiet frankly a bit drunk, Henry stayed as still as he could wondering what the man wanted.

"HEY! You deaf or somthin'? The man growled at Henry. Henry moved his head downwards then back up, so as to respond to the man without giving his voice away. The man snickered to himself as a slight smile appeared on his bearded face.

"Say...That's a mighty nice staff you got there." He pointed to Henry's staff, the tip of the spear, which was made of emerald, showing off in some of the light that filtered in the inn. Henry was glad he thought it was a staff and not a spear or he might of been in troub...

"I think I want it." Henry closed his eyes as his face made one of annoyance. This happened most often when he was drunk, but he always attempted at peaceful solutions. He didn't really like fighting against opponents that he didn't choose.

The man got up and began to walk over towards Henry but before he took two steps, Henry began to speak, which startled the man.
"I'm sorry, this isn't for sale." He muttered hopefully the man had good hearing. He did, and stopped in his tracks as he laughed.
"You think I want to BUY it?! HAH!" The man said with a mocking tone. Henry sighed, why did people like this always think they were stronger just because of their height and their beer belly?
"I'm warning you, this isn't for sale." Henry said again, still not moving, his muscles tense.

The man growled at him, "You keep thinking I'm trying to but it when I'm going to take it!" He said as he made a reach for the spear. As soon as he did, Henry threw his cloak at the man, distracting him enough for him to get behind him and take out his sword and put it to his throat. As soon as the cloak was on the ground, the giant realized what was being held against his throat.
"I said, it's not for sale." Henry muttered into his face. He soon jumped off the giants back, picked up his cloak, and put it back on. He then turned to face the giant who was still in a bit of shock.

"You still want to die?" Henry muttered angrily as his sword flashed out again. The giant was stricken with an epiphany and began to run out the inn's door. It seemed that the bigger these guys were the bigger the cowards they are. Henry sat back at his table, though he decided to take off his hood. He waved to the barmaid for another pitcher and smiled as the alcohol returned to his face.

He had almost killed a man while drunk.
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