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Fanfiction ► Terra x Aqua: LOVE

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Mar 23, 2010
Decided to take a shot at Terra x Aqua story. :D I like this pairing....It's so...sweet :D
Chapter One

Land of Departure


The blue-haired girl snapped her head up. Her ears had caught Ventus's voice calling her. She got up from her desk, shut her book, and ran down the hall to Ventus's room. She stood in the doorway and gasped, her hand flying to her mouth.

Ventus, or Ven, was holding Terra in his lap. His small hand grasping the other man's huge one. Aqua hurried beside her friend.

"What happened?!" Aqua demanded. Ven's blue eyes were as wide as orbs now. Tears were welling up as he stared down at Terra. His eyes were closed and his mouth was partly open. He was moaning a little and he held his arm with a loose hand. Aqua saw a huge red mark on his arm. It had singed the sleeve off and some parts of his black shirt. She placed a hand on his arm. It was still hot.

"Ven... Go get Master Eraqus. I'll take care of Terra." Aqua told the younger boy, feeling a sense of leadership in her voice. Ven nodded and hauled Terra gently into Aqua's outstretched arms. Terra moaned a little and twisted his head to the left to look up at Aqua. His eyelids drifted up, but it looked like he had some difficulty lifting them up.

"Aq...Ua..." he murmered. Aqua smiled a little at Terra still being able to speak. "Hey, Terra. Are you alright?" Aqua asked him. Terra took a long glance down at his arm. The anwser was in his eyes. Ven came into the room, followed by Master Eraqus.

"Alright, I got...Master here! Master, can you heal Terra's burn?" Ven asked frantically. So it's a burn...., Aqua thought. Eraqus crouched next to his pupil, worry in his eyes. "The burn is quite deep. What did you do, Ven?" Eraqus turned to face Ven. The boy gulped and he twitched nervously.

"Ven," Aqua asked,"What did you do?" she was worried now. Ven gulped once again and blurted out his answer...."We-well, I wanted to show Terra this new move I learned during practice a-and then I tripped over the carpet right when I let the fire stream out a-and T-Terra got in the way...." Ven avoided both his Master's and Aqua's eyes. Ashamed of burning Terra's arm. Terra smiled weakly at the boy.

"It's not your fault, Ven.... You just tripped... And I got in the way.." he said in a weak voice. Aqua looked down at her friend, then back up at Ven. "He's right, Ven, it was just an accident. No need to be so scared." Aqua said, trying to reassure Ven. The boy took several deep breaths.

"A-alright. I'm really sorry, Terra."

"It's... alright... Ven." Eraqus placed both his hands on Terra's arm, mumbled a few words, and a small green light radiated right above Terra's skin. He winced a little. Aqua slipped her hand into Terra's. "If it really hurts, just tighten your hold,okay?" Terra barely nodded and wrapped his fingers around Aqua's hand. Eraqus continued to try to heal his pupil's arm. Ven stood by the doorway, watching with anticipation. Aqua winced when Terra gripped her hand a little to tightly. He must've noticed because he refrained from trying to grab her hand too hard. Finally, after about an hour of hand-gripping and pain, Eraqus stood up.

"There you go, Terra. Your arm is in much better shape than before. Aqua, do you mind wrapping his arm in a bandage. Terra, keep the bandage on for two weeks. Ven...," Eraqus turned to the boy,"..Just be careful." Aqua and Ven said good-bye to their Master and paid their attention back to Terra. Ven slowly came over to his friend. Aqua looked up at him and was surprised to see him crying.

"Ven!" she exclaimed. She raised a hand to touch the boy's face. But he shuddered away and ran out the room. Terra watched with half-open eyes. "Just...leave him be...Aqua. You're all I... need right now."

"W-what?" Aqua stuttered. Then Terra closed his eyes.
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Oct 12, 2007
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Awwww! I'm starting to grow really fond of Terra/Aqua, and the ending of this chapter was very sweet. Everyone seems to be in character too, which is good. However, I think you should use pronouns a bit more; there's a lot of "Aqua said this. Ven did that. Terra did something else. Aqua reacted." and it sounds a little stilted after a while. But that's my only serious complaint. Poor Ven! :(
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