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Fanfiction ► Targets to the shinobi code (a Sasuke/hinata followed by Kyuubi/naruto fanfic)

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Apr 26, 2005
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the first four chapters have been made a while back from what I remember, I'm trying to beta chapters 5-9 some things I wanna Place now before reading

if you think I'm gonna lemon this fanfic with any cross action you might wanna read the damn title & check out something else, I don't hte yaoi, but I don't support alot of it's Idea's in itself. gotta Problem with that fix it somewhere else, just don't Bother Posting such Idea's here.

second, I'm a New Author. freash from the fray Constructive Comments would kick ass. just try not to be to Harsh.

A small message to the People whom sit on there asses reading fan fiction….I do not Own naruto(I ****ing wish I did) or any copy-rights for it’s Production, this is simply a small thanks to the dudes & dudettes whom took the time to air it in Japan & shonen jump monthly…And Yes this is my first Piece of fan fiction, try to be light & Understanding in my work…thank you

Human thoughts“…..

Demonic thoughts“……
This will be the Key you’ll be using to understand when Some Characters in my play are thinking to themselves everyone’s Generally Bold though so bare with me.

Chapter 1:

damnit….why today, they’ll just laugh at me…call me a loser…this happens almost everyday…it’s not like it helpsthe time is now 4:49 in the morning before naruto realizes that he need to wake up early for Henge Practice. waking up to broken windows & Ignoring the Bricks Ranting “Monster” naruto continued casually to warm up his breakfast favorite…miso ramen & red bean soup. Letting his food heat up on the stove, the Blonde 12 year old Bathe quickly & Cleaned his living room….again….this was at least the fifth attack on his small manor this month. He looked down at an Old yellow book which has was near his Hideous green goggles. The book was still opened on a young man holding a baby, both having similar yellow & Caressed…“dad, what happened?“ naruto winced realizing his food might get cold Naruto Ignored His Daily “target” clothing…the same Yellow & dark blue Jumpsuit that screamed “Look!! I’m a Bimbo I want attention!!!!”. staring at his goofy Uniform Naruto let out a small smile, it was the first time that the sandaime Hokage addressed him as a Member of Konoha….following him would be Iruka of course, naruto Enjoyed taunting his teachings.

Realizing his food was ready, Naruto instead sported a Navy blue Pants followed by black gloves & a long sleeved black shirt over his Jet black hoody, both his long sleeve shirt & hoody hand an orange text in the back written traditional Japanese saying “Big Bad Fox”. this would definitely get some attention in Konoha today. As he began to eat his breakfast his mind swirled with What he had seen in the library yesterday with the class…his mind warped into the hokage statues that stood Boldly on top of Konoha….

”today we’ll be learning of Konoha’s Hokages, so I want your full attention.” Iruka Tried to control the Majority of the class which he failed Terribly on due to the first half of female ninja's Moaning for sasuke & the second wave of students yelling at naruto for coming late to his trip…”sit your dumb ass down, loser!” yelled a Bald Child. Naruto almost Broke in laughter but saw the seriousness of Iruka’s face & sat silently next Hinata, Blushing wildly as the boy of her dreams sat next to him. To Hinata’s surprise naruto wasn’t ranting out some new perverted jutsu that would have made the class laugh, his eye showed ever growing Pain & sadness staring Blankly at the fourth statue…”Father…Is that you?” he whispered to himself. Questioning what made his life so Terrible & surreal, questioning why he must suffer day by day. Hinata had decided to Take this moment to really change herself…starting with naruto “is there something wrong….na….naruto-kun?”

Suddenly naruto turned to Hinata, she always spoke to herself…never wanting to say anything. Looking at her now, Naruto felt some of his anger Leave him. ”well…”Naruto Paused. Telling Hinata his true feelings about his “feelings” might Crush himself in the Process. “I’m a little sick…my stomach hurts”. naruto had Managed to let out his Goofy smile, not that it mattered…making mask to hide his emotions seemed to be the only thing he was good at according to The villagers. “well…I can get you some medicine after school today” Hinata blushed Bright Red, she Never talked Sentimentally with anyone, she was Lonely & kept to herself. It wasn’t easy living with a family that looked at you as a failure.

is this for real? She’s really talking to me…willingly going to buy me something?” the boyBegan to feel a soft sensation over his head, he didn’t know anyone gave a damn about his well-being outside his Performance in the academy. “I’ll look forward to that Hinata-chan” he smiled weakly, trying hard to fight off his thoughts of his “father”. this response although could have Made Hinata faint, made her ask another question.
“so…why were you late naruto-kun?” Hinata’s adorable Look made ultimately made naruto fall, he was temped to say what was on his mind…there was a small break of silence before the blonde boy regained his strength.

“I was searching on something earlier today…my family, I heard that the Kyuubi…”naruto stopped completely trying not to let the class realize his seriousness in there conversation grow, although Hinata never suffered lose of any family members when the demon attack she did find some records on the demon ways back in the library. The Nine tailed fox…it freighted her that a force with such Power could have killed her family, although she came out lucky, naruto didn’t…Immediately, Hinata felt the surge of sadness that had taken the boy she admired. His was loneliness was beyond sasuke’s, yet he had Enough Power in him to Smile everyday he walked in the academy.

After the trip Hinata rushed to follow naruto amongst the rooftops of Konoha, the had learned wall climbing quite quickly before academy students, although they both had Poor Grades but who can blame them. One child has a family of Honors that want to see noting but perfect & void Ambitions towards one of the most powerful clans in the leaf, the other didn’t even have a family and was watched over by a small crowd of anbu ninja’s that hated him, as well as the rest of Konoha. Hinata tried to race naruto Down into clinic, Hopefully her training would have shown results to make her father Proud. She lost Poorly to naruto though, his Climbing & stamina for all there leaps across the roofs were Like a fox, he was swift & had a style of his own. Part of the many Reasons Hinata like him so much. “Damnit…how can you be so agile naruto?” Hinata Panted, wishing she never took the idea of racing her secret admire. ”hey, you did Pretty good, I didn’t think you’d only be that many seconds away” apposed naruto.

“Bah, I was at least another minute away from your position!! How do you run like that & still keep your Composhier!” winced Hinata, her attempts to yell failed due to the lack of breath she had left in her…after some Rambling in the clinic for cough drops & stares both children the sun began to set. “thanks for the Medicine Hinata!” naruto, off the Handle as always Jumping & ready to charge back to his House for Ramen. Glanced back at Hinata, she wasn’t showing her normal sheepish smile…it was the smile of a new friend.
“well I see you later naruto, I can’t make it to the academy tomorrow. My daddy wanted to show me something”. Blinking for a second, the blonde rubbed off the last of his new friends words as a sort of “I’m ditching school to get away from that dumb test before our Graduation exam”. “well whatever it is, I hope you have fun...thank you hinata-chan” he replied, Breaking into the rooftops & racing towards the small manor he called Home. When he made it home He over looked entering from his door…there was no Point in using it since the lock was always broken by the time he got back from the academy…bored with Pranking the villagers & even making jokes, all naruto could think about was Hinata for the reminder of the day…he never took into account her Beautiful White eyes, or raven Hair…but he was only so young to know what he wanted other then Ramen. Fading into his bed & losing himself of the accruing events he slept without even eating.


After he left cleaned his dish naruto looked at the clock….5:04am. Not bad timing…picking up his Back-pack & zipping up his Hoody naruto looked back at the cap full of cough drops Hinata Gave him yesterday….”thank you Hinata” he Muttered, hoping her day with her father would be her best. slowly Taking a pill he jumped outta the window & leaped towards the Training grounds to start his day……..END OF CHAPTER 1

I'll post more cool shit later on if reviews go okay.
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