Tales of the Vagrant — 01 (Long Hiatus)



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Nov 26, 2013
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Since I like being an early bastard than what I said earlier. Heres a new story! Esprit' will continue next week and I'll be alternating between the two stories. Also, would you consider my writing as a type uve' satire? What kind uve' satire would it be?

Tales of the Vagrant

More than thousands uve' lives are taken away from us each day. Although we might have only known a single one uve' them. It does not mean that their memories will ever be lost from our existence.

My mother was a doctor, and her father was like a dentist or something. You didn't really need to know that little smidge but oh well. What my mum did was an amazing thing. Everyday she had always saved countless of lives. Sometimes she even went to the hospital at the middle uve' the night. Waking me up from her cars ignition. It never really annoyed me, it actually made it easier to sleep, knowing that she would be saving someone's life at any moment's notice. She always knew how to save a life, but. I wish someone knew how to save hers. At least for now, I can try and live up to her legacy.

I promised my self that I'll be a doctor someday after she had passed, helping anyone I could who was hurt or sick. That wasn't going as well as I thought though. What I thought what'd be a comfy dorm room in some academy for this green eyed goof, became a medic for our countries military for an ongoing 10 year war. Not the hospital I was looking for, but helping our comrades in a war with a rival country still sounds like an amazing feat you could put on any resume for a hospital. Do they even accept resumes? Or even. Never mind. I still haven't been out in the front yet so I can't put it on that dumb paper anyway.

I was on the bottom uve' my roommates and I bunk bed, snoozing like any lazy loser can be. Give me a break, aren't teenagers supposed to have a hard time waking up early? Wish my Commanding Officer knew that. Luckily though he was on a furlough day so he was supposedly away from the base. I was halfway between asleep and awake, having the golden opportunity uve' going back to sleep, or getting up. To my displeasure though someone had picked for me. Sleeping on my side, feeling the smile uve' probably having the softest bed in the world I felt a sudden shake on my shoulder, it was like my bed had just turned in to an old truck on a very bumpy road.

I let out a grunt letting whoever was shaking me that I was sort uve' awake. "Dude you gotta wake up!" I instantly recognized his voice, and should uve' figured it was him anyway. It was my rooma— gah I'm to tired. I moved my head under my pillow bringing my knees to my chest trying to pretend that what ever he's yelling was just something he was over reacting to. "What is it this time? Cleaning lady you have a crush on saw your stash uve' octopus plushies?" I said groggily. My roommate managed to pull my pillow that was laying on my head and started hitting me over and over with it's soft marshmallow like softness. What a low blow man. Never hit a dude with his own pillow.
"Seriously Nick, They canceled his furlough day!"

Horror and energy shot through my eyes like drinking 5 shots uve' expresso in one gulp. I tumbled and rolled across the edge uve my bed falling down to the floor trying to get to my dresser that was underneath my bed. Looking for my black and blue accented uniform. "Why didn't you tell me this earlier?! I said out loud grabbing the pants slipping them through my legs feeling the leg pant part wrap around my legs. Wow. That was hard to explain. Really it was. "I just found this out just a minute ago! Everyone's scrambling to get ready!" I heard him on his side getting ready as I stood up and jump in place trying to pick my pants up to my waist, why the hell did they think just making fitted jeans easier to move around in would be a good idea for a military uniform? I paced quickly to the mirror to see that amazing bed head uve' hair uve' mine looking perfectly dishleved like I love, but Sadly, it was not to 'military standards'. Have they never seen Rambo?!

I grabbed the nearest water bottle and leaned forward and poured the liquid on my hair then dripping to the wooden floor making it my perfectly dishleved head easier to brush in to a combover. My roommate said annoyingly "Nick! Wet your self in the bathroom!" I took a brush and side swept my dark brown almost black hair to the side. "You're just lucky I didn't do it over your octoplushies!" I responded. We heard a run from outside our door and a quick series uve' knocks "The Colonel is almost here!" I quickly put on my thick fitted blazer over a navy shirt, and buttoned it up as I slipped on to my boots. Why is the military so in to fashion these days? We're dressed to defend our country, not to impress! As we both got finished dressing in to our uniforms. We made off to..where were we supposed to go anyway?

"Let's get going, I guess?" as I said checking out my caged hair in the mirror being finely placed, before rhythmically bouncing my self to the door. I placed my hand on the knob—you Brits better not make that into a that's what she said joke— and slowly turned pulling the rest uve' the door towards us. I leaned my body out through the door and peaked around outside. I noticed more than enough other soldiers still scrambling. One was even hopping on one foot trying to put their boot. He probably worked at IHOP before joining the ranks. Looks like everyone was about to go to that one place which I totally forgot what was called but was where we usually meet the Colonel at. I felt my roommate brush against the side uve' my shoulder out the door easing his way like a snake. "Off to the courtyard, Medic Fabray." Riiiight. Courtyard.

Yeah, my name is Nick Fabray, but I prefer Nicholas or just N. I nodded and hmm'd at his direction following suit behind him. Looks like we weren't the last ones out, so we can't be late, yet. Maybe. I just don't want to do squats with an anvil over my head without having my first cup uve' iced coffee. We were about to make our way through the mess hall, looking at the food being rushed in to other soldiers mouths. I asked "You think we have enough time to grab a bite or a pick me up?" My roo—Alec scoffed before answering "Remember last time I ate and we had nonstop drills after?" Oh gosh I don't want to remember. Alec and I were partners for a close quarters combat exercise and unluckily for him, he thought trying the mess hall's challenge uve' 2 feet wide stacks uve' blueberry pancakes was a good idea. It was, some how. If you count barfing projectiles at your partner was considered 'self defense'. I said in a monotone voice trying to forget that ungodly moment. "At least I could eat y'know.." We made our way past the mess hall and my heart sank from missing out on the coffee and piles uve' english muffins. Food, I'll be back for you. I promise, just wait, and please. Whatever you do, don't get cold.

Alec and I stepped outside, to see our regiment, brigade or whatever you want to call it line up by our kingdom's flag. You can really tell I really care for the system. I also hope you could really tell the sarcasm in that last sentence as well. There were only a handful uve' us. About like 9 or 10. Apparently we're all the top uve' our class. Seriously? I just almost wet my self hearing the Colonel was still here. I walked towards our line and squeeze my self in the middle, because you know Colonel even gave us an order to stand in line too. I asked to be a doctor in life, not be apart uve' a picket fence! As for Alec, he was on the far end on the right side. I whispered to one uve' the guys next to me "Colonel here yet?" He replied back to me, looking at our flag. "Probably in just a few minutes N." I muttered okay to him as I dozed off, I usually looked up at the sky to see the clouds slowly fly by, making patterns.

Although this time, I did something patriotic. Kind uve. I looked at our flag. It was a sea uve' azure and had a black outline uve' a shield in the middle. Inside that shield was an insignia uve' a silver crown with two swords crossing behind it like an X. It looked pretty cool seeing it blow in the wind like this. But, why was I so in to it today?

Well folks, since Colonel isn't here I should give you a quick history lesson. Our kingdom is Gendol. We're one uve' the two strongest kingdoms in this country due to our advancement in steam electricity. I guess we can't really call our selves a kingdom since we don't really have a king, but we have a round table uve' elders or something. Kids. Pay attention in school, you might become doctor quicker than I'll ever be. Anyways we're Allied with smaller kingdoms, and we help them as needed be.

Since earlier I mentioned that we are in a ten year war with another country. You could probably infer that the other 'uve' the two strongest' kingdoms is our enemy. Well duh. Kingdoms always like showing off their power by trying to become the strongest there ever was. Still the only reason Anarcadia became a rising challenger is because they stole our Steamletric technology. You're probably thinking, it's just steam and electricity. What's so strong about it? Well. I don't know how it breaks the laws uve' physics or chemistry, but the way we combined the two energies somehow made it fully renewable with no drawbacks. Anarcadia, they eventually turned this power into lethal weapons. So after we found out what they did, we politically asked them to join our kingdom. Simple right? Welp. Some jerk from there decided it was funny to shoot one uve' the elders with our created energy. So the war happened, yay~.

That was basically it. Both sides decided to be stubborn and there's been so much bloodshed. Hell, everyone in this top uve' our class right here are all orphans. We all lost our families during the war. They were just caught in the crossfire. Once people found out that all uve' us had became alone, the military decided to take us in.

I'd love to chat more about this, but looks like the Colonel just came in, and he looks a bit stressed too. You could seriously see his the blonde hairs on his head turn grey as he was just walking. I took more uve' a firmer stand, positioning my hands behind my back, legs together. As the Colonel stopped our line immediately shouted "Sir!" to acknowledge his presence. We looked straight ahead as we should, awaiting for our Colonel's words. He observed us, letting his head turn left and right like an owl. Okay maybe no necessarily an Owl I can hardly imagine him turning his head—let's stop. Please?

After a few seconds, and a funny rant that the Colonel gave to Alec about his Ketchup stain he had gotten earlier from dinner last night. It wasn't even his fault. If you get my drift. I can imagine a little miniature maniacal version uve me on my shoulder holding a pitchfork, laughing as it remembers me folding a ketchup packet in half pushing it as hard as I can. All uve' the sudden hearing a skew noise and a stream line uve' ketchup hit Alec's collar. How did he not notice that?

The Colonel began to speak. "Alright Regimen 42. This will be your last day living in the main base uve' Gendol" Shock and small murmurs came through us "I know this is sudden and all, but we need you all helping out with the smaller kingdoms as this war continues on. Listen for your name and where you will be stationed at." This was finally it. I could finally help people just like how my mum did, can I really though? I only know the basics. I can't do a heart transplant or anything. Next I heard someone whisper my name, I let my eyes travel to the right, assuming it was Alec, but I quickly went back to the Colonel. "Once you hear your name, go grab your things, off to the base entrance you go. You'll be sent off immediately.

Have you ever had those friends whose last name was like Z or something, so they had to wait forever until their name was called? Well since theirs only about 10 uve' us. I'm considered a Z since Fabray is the only name that gotten farther from A here. As everyone got called one by one. They looked back at us with worried looks, it all looked like it was directed at me. Was there something wrong? After the guy before me got called. The Colonel stopped and waited for it to just be only us. Oh boy. This is awkward. Probably 20 seconds uve' silence went by before Colonel said. "Nicholas, you'll have a different assignment." What different? I quickly replied confusingly. "How different Sir?" "You're being sent to a small Kingdom In Anarcadia, they're are short in terms of doctors, so we created a truce just for this occasion only. You'll be helping the sick there. I believe the Kingdom is called Anatolia. Named after the world who first found Yggdrasil, the tree of life."

This was all to much for me. My stomach was in my throat, I couldn't even say a single thing. I nodded slowly before saluting him, then walked to the door room. The Colonel called out to me. "Medic Nicholas!" I turned back. "Yes Sir?" "Be careful." I turned my whole body towards him, and Saluted him, as he did back to me. Hey. It can't be that bad, I'm still helping people.
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Re: Tales of the Vagrant — 01

Looks like Nicholas will have to keep his wits about him! It's a shame the war couldn't of been prevented at all thanks to some jerk shooting an elder down. I suppose this means N won't have Alec to keep him company. :3 You've shown us some incredibly interesting characters, Noel. I think what I like most is how there's steampunk technology and two kingdoms at war. So it has a nice fantasy feel to it. Will we ever see more of Nicholas past elaborated on. Speaking of which, you didn't use your actual name this time! :O Anyhow, I look forward to reading more of this.