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Tale Of The Dormant Soul

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Jun 6, 2005
It is a special place...A place of wonder and magi
Long ago, there lived a monk by the name of St. Petari. He was kindly old man who helped all he encountered. It was a peaceful time, and all we happy for his help.

But those peaceful times were soon shattered. It all started off as a simple clan feud between the Kruas (Great Warriors) and the Bane (Fire Conjurors). A petty feud, everyone thought, until the Bane started getting serious. They used their powers to bring upset to the land, burning the once beautiful meadows into charred, dusty remnants of what they once were.
St. Petari, whose kindly soul could not take all the destruction, revealed a secret that no-one knew. Once angered, his already immense spiritual and magical abilities tripled in power. However, no matter how holy there are, no-one is ever left without a scar from that kind of destructive power. Petari became corrupt, and without a thought, he crushed so many clans, slaughtering the people he once helped.
Soon the Kruas and the Bane stopped their petty feud once they realised that their true enemy was Petari. All clans and races banded together in their fight to stop him.

However, their efforts were to no avail. Petari crushed all but 10 members from each clan except the most powerful race, The Lacerions. They had power equalling Petari. And that was the problem. No matter how much they fought, they always tied, all energy bolts, same size, all demons summoned have the same strength.

However, after 5 years of conflict, the Lacerions discovered the one flaw in the seemingly unstoppable Petari.

His soul has two halves. When the war started, the kind soul was suppressed by the evil, cruel soul which had grown in strength due to all the hatred and despair in the land. They realised that they may not be able to destroy Petari, but they can bind his evil part of the soul, so that St. Petari, in all his kind ways, may grace this land once again.

The Lacerions succedded. However, everything did not go according to plan.
When they used their magic to supress the soul, they quickly used the remainder of their mages to bind his evil soul to a holy necklace, "The Shoaren-Ka". But when they tried to bind the evil soul, they had a pleasant surprise. The spiritual aura of the Shaoren-Ka was so powerful, that it purified and destroyed the evil half of the soul.
However, thats where things went wrong.

The ritual they performed required a soul to bound, and since the halfsoul of the evil Petari had been destroyed, it meant that the halfsoul of St. Petari was the weakest in the room. St. Petari's soul was bound.
Once the binding was complete, the Lacerions fell to their knees in sorrow.
They may have destroyed one of the greatest evils that had ever existed but they had sealed away one of the greatest goods that have ever existed.
While they were mourning their loss, they discovered that their spells had more of a effect than they thought. The Lacerions didn't have enough magic to seal the soul, so they were unconciously drawing on the magic inside the castle. The castle had been constructed by Petari just after his evil side awoke, and was made of pure magical energy.

As they realised the ramifications of their spells, the building itself began to collapse, drained of all its magical energy. It no longer had the strength to stand. As the stones rained down on them, the Lacerions realised that they would not make it out alive on foot. They quickly called on the final dregs of their magic and and used it on the three elders to send it back to their village. When they tried to send the Shoaren-Ka along with the eldars, to their dismay they realised that they would need their full magical energy just to transport that magical and holy item just a few metres. The Shoaren-Ka would be buried along with them. The soul of St. Petari would be trapped until it was found.

300 years later, a great un-named evil swept over the land, repressing and destroying hopes, amplifying fears and bringing them to life. Now, only the great St. Petari will be able to save the land. The Shaoren-Ka was lost, but not forgottern. The elders that had returned, had spread the word about the fate of his soul, and many had tried searching for the necklace, but all had failed. St. Petari's soul still lies dormant.

Now, it is up to a new group of adventurers, directly descended from the clans that assisted in the fight against Petari, to find the Shaoren-Ka, release St. Petari's soul, and find a way to defeat this new evil before it is too late.

No God-modding
Romance PG15


Race/Clan: (Bane, Kruas, Lacerions or Custom. If Custom please outline background)
Abilities: (Every clan has specific abilities and skills they hand down. Bane have the ability to conjure and manipulate fire, even increasing its heat beyond that produced in a nucleur explosion. Kruas are hardened warriors who can resist pain, wield two handed swords in both hands etc. Lacerions have great magical ability but very weak physical)

I hope you like it :D


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Jul 17, 2006
An enchanted castle. That's what college is called
Name: Safari Collen

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Safari has long dark red hair, green eyes, and honey brown skin. She is 5'0 in height and of average weight. She usually will wear dark blue jeans and a light blue button down shirt. She also wears black hiking boots, a blue butterfly necklace, blue watch, and blue eye shadow.

Race/Clan: Bane

Abilities: As a Bane Safari can call, use, create, and manipulate fire. She can stand intense heat at all degrees.

Weapons: Safari has a staff. Her staff is just the right size for her to hold. The staff is mixture of orange, red, and yellow. It represents the flames that Safari controls so well. The staff also has other abilities. It can take the shape of a sword or any weapon that Safari needs at that time. It always retains it's color and a hint of it's usual shape. The top of the staff has a red orange diamond crystal on top. It can't be moved or broken. Inside of the crystal is a small flame. On the end of the staff is a small yellow circle. On that circle is the symbol of the gods that Safari holds so dear.

Bio: Safari is from a land called Miande. There she lives with her mother, father, brother Sian, and her sister Syen. The place they live in is a beautiful land full of vibrant roses of all shades, sparkling streams and rivers, and beautiful buildings. Safari discovered her power when she was a little girl. When holding one of her favorite roses, she became angry at her brother, who had just thrown her favorite doll in the stream. The rose burst to flame in her hands at her intense emotion. She and her brother watched in horror as the flower burned. But no matter how long it burned the flower never turned to ashes. It just continued to burn, and is still burning to this day. When Safari had her staff made by her father he asked her to cut off the head of the rose. Safari did so, and with her fathers help they encased the small rose inside the crystal on her staff. This is where it would burn forever to show those who didn't know it of Safari's power over fire.

If there is anything that I need to edit be sure to let me know. :)
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