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Take two for Boxes of Chaos OOC/Sign ups. XD

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Sugar Rush

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Oct 12, 2007
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Earth. 2999. Hopes for a world wide union is almost complete. Two major powers sit posed on the brink of accepting each others treaty. The Western hemisphere, which comprises of both former North and South America, is called The United Westerns. (real original, i know... XD) The Eastern Hemisphere was called The Convers of Doom, which consisted of former Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East And Australia. Each side had equal share of Antarctica. Each side until now had been fighting over countless things, each seeking a leverage against the other. Thus each side had invested considerable amounts of money into warfare. The United Westerns along with the Convers of Doom, had special units of small select groups of soldiers who were the elite in combat in their respective fields. The units for the Westerns are as follows: Eastern Sea Dolphins, Northern Hawks, The Wolves of the Plains, Western Bears, Pacific Seals, Southern Prairie Dogs, and a mercenary group called The Cowardly Coyotes. For the Dooms they are: The Red Scorps, Black Camels, Icelandic Whales, Sarcastic Hummingbirds, Mountainous Tigers, Baby Joes, and the last but not the least, The Bloodhounds.

During the few weeks before the treaties were announced and talk upon, a fight occurred between the Eastern Sea Dolphins and the Red Scorps in the hills of Albany. During the fight, a mountain side gave way to reveal a cave. Both sides called a temporary cease fire to jointly investigate the newly found cave. Within they come to find eight ancient boxes all with one dire warning carved into the rocks, "Do not open any or all. For chaos shall rule." The two units take pictures and soon the whole word's attention is focused on these mysterious boxes. Both sides once again started to fight over who would get what box, when the treaties, which were partially based on the boxes, were made. Soon after, both sides agreed to take four boxes and store them in secret locations on their respective halves of the world. But unbeknown to the civilians and the armies that protect them, both sides had also agreed to open all eight boxes at the SAME TIME. Now it's the eve when the treaties are to be signed and world peace to be announced. At the same time, the boxes will be opened, and chaos will consume the world...

OK!! XD For those who remember, (which may not be many... XD) this failed to launch... XDXD but hopefully it works this time around! ^^ First and formost, i'm gonna limit this to ten people... XD but as these ten people progess through the story, more spots would open... thus be patient if u don't make it the first time around. ^^ Here's the template(s) for the ten. Five will be for spots on the Wolves combat team in the West, while the other five are for the Red Scorps on the East. These two units have a history which would be explained in the first post of the rp if enough people join... XD


SIDE (wolves or scorps?):
Position on team:

NOW FOR RULES!! XD Don't we just love them... XDXD

1. Limited Powerplay!! LIMITED!! XD can dodge missles and whatnot to a degree... XD
2. Romance allowed, but keep to PG-13. Please....XD
3. Language is allowed up to pg-13 as well. But no stuff that warrants soap in the mouth..XD
5. Have fun! ^^
6. if u read the rules... which i hope u did.. XD put *Let Chaos rule" at the top of thy template.

don't be afraid to ask questions!! PLEASE!! XD
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