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Sep 3, 2010
Breaking through the Heavens
Disclaimer: This is a mature RP. As such, graphic violence and language is a possibility. Rules are outlined below however.


Any story worth telling usually begins in the past. History is what shapes the future. History defines what is to become. Of course, nothing about that statement is absolute. However, our story does begin in the past. In the 1960's to be exact. During this time, human advancement was extremely progressive, though secret. People lived their lives as they always would and the government declined to divulge "sensitive" information to the public masses as they always have. This particular project was no different. The task was simple, yet important and extremely beneficial to humankind. Decode the Human Genome. Scientists and researchers have long thought that the key to genetic mutation lie in the human genes. Once the genome was decoded, the possibilities would seemingly be endless. The majority opinion was that the successful completion of the task would never exist. They were wrong.

The 1970's arrived and the world was in celebration. The USA had done it. Their teams had fully decoded the human genome. Now the true motive of the task was revealed. Forget about endless possibilities. The US wanted to live longer, stronger, and healthier lives. The research teams began implementing what was dubbed "Operation Livelihood". They created a vaccination that would manipulate and mutate certain genes within human beings that would increase the overall durability of an individual. The vaccine worked at a molecular level so the changes were not only permanent, but way beyond skin deep. The effect was easy to understand. With the durability of a human being increased, a person's body was much more resistant to physical and viral damage while the internal organs also worked in a quicker, much more efficient manner.

It did not create any superhuman abilities however. The vaccine only allowed humans to live their lives in a much pleasurable manner. Sickness was not completely eradicated but it was rare. Sports like boxing and MMA surged in popularity because of the amount of damage humans could take. Unfortunately this is where the unraveling of society began. Crime began to increase. Guns were no longer automatic death sentences. It was almost like a video game. Humans were now bullet sponges who could take the projectiles like punches before they were finally put down. Even two head shots were required before a person would finally die. The government acted. Quickly.

In an effort to decrease crime, the government began to sweep the entire US, destroying any and all firearms. Firearms were even outlawed before Congress decided to just get rid of them altogether. Years later, even with firearms abolished and obliterated, the problem was still growing. The vaccine had become genetic. Children were being born with the enhanced genes and there was no way conceivable way to stop the growth. So the government pulled an act that no one ever expected. After the entire US government was safely tucked away in a foreign country, the United States of America was viciously nuked. Most of the population was annihilated. This all happened between the 1980's and the year 2012. These times were eventually dubbed "The Old Generation".


Present Day

So that's what happened in the past. Pretty f**ked up, right? Here's where we are now in the timeline. It's the year 2200. It's been a long time since the old generation was obliterated. We are the New Generation. No, there are no futuristic advancements or technology. In fact, everything is how it was before the bombs. Normal cars and normal businesses. Nothing special at all. Here's what changed. The government completely abandoned us. After they bombed their own country and killed a majority of their own people they simply turned their backs and focused on foreign affairs in foreign countries. The US was almost completely decimated. We don't even call it the US anymore. The world calls it Abominari. Latin for "Abomination". The reason is easy. The survivors banded together in the year 2020. They migrated from wherever they previously were and got to work constructing a city. The city is the ONLY city in the entire ruined country. Everybody who was left lives here. They made it massive so they could fit the children that were being born.

The vaccine was gone but it was already genetic. So the survivors and their children still had the same enhanced bodies. The city thrived for a while on unity but that bullshit wasn't gonna last long. The same thing began happening in Abominari. Crime shot up. But with no government, crime shot WAY up. People began to create gangs and declare the city their own. Other gangs sprang up and opposed those gangs and thus, a way of living was born.

The year is 2200, like I said earlier. There are multiple gangs in the city who simply want control. Why? Who knows. Theirs no government, only one city in an entire destroyed country, and no benefit to ruling the city. People will just be people and always want a purpose for living. It's sad if you think about it. But anyhow, there are four main gangs that were created from many smaller ones. They are the major players who fight for control of Abominari. With firearms non-existent, society seemed to take a couple steps backward and began using bladed and melee weapons exclusively since their is no other way to dispose of people nowadays.

I was part of one of those gangs when I was younger but now I'm just an old messenger who is educated about the past. I don't know why I wrote this memoir, it's pretty stupid. Maybe someone will find it one day, who knows. All I know is this. The world has basically quarantined are city so we don't go overseas and f**k people, giving the rest of the world the US's former creation. Four gangs fight for control of Abominari and there is no end in sight to the fighting, yet the governments of world have now turned their eyes back to us. We are the only humans in the world with the enhanced bodies but the governments haven't wiped us out. I dug a little, but what I found was too astonishing to ever tell anybody. I'm hoping my, now hours impending, death will keep this secret just that, a secret. I end this memoir by saying this.

The reasons are stupid but our will to live and live purposefully is strong. I don't know which side you will pick, but there is no right and wrong one in this new generation. We fought for the right to live. We fought to show our strength to the city of Abominari in the midst of disaster. We fought to be recognized.

We Fought For
Welcome to my RP. I was inspired to create an RP that involved no superhuman abilities. Not that those are bad, but I wanted to create an RP that was a little different. So here's how it works.

The Outline of the RP

There are no superhuman abilities or powers in this RP. The only "ability", if you will, is what the story has outlined. Every RPer in this RP is part of the New Generation. No one has any memory of what the world was like before the bombs or during the reconstruction. The only thing that is known is that there are rival gangs trying to take control of the city and you cannot leave the city under any circumstances because there is no where to go anyway. The entire country was decimated and is in ruins. Only Abominari exists. Your goal is to help your gang gain Supremacy of Abominari at any cost. This RP encourages, even stresses, fighting amongst it's RPers. If you are of a different gang, you will want to fight and kill anybody you meet in a rival gang. You may have arguements with people in the same gang as you and decide to try and off them as well. Anything can happen and no one can really be trusted.

Though you are allowed to engage in hand to hand combat anytime, this is also a weapons-based RP. These are the rules of the weapons.
-Each character is allowed to carry two weapons max. This is because there are not many weapons available since there is no government to drive the economy. People use whatever they can to defend themselves in these times.
-The weapons can be anything you can think of, so long as they are not any form of firearm or projectile. I'm considering accepting bows and arrows but if you want one as your weapon, talk to me first cause I haven't fully decided.

Yes there is a main plot in this RP. It isn't just everybody fighting each other forever. However, the first part of the main plotline is the gang wars. So for now, the objective is to fight rival gangs for Supremacy of the city. I'm a fan of letting RPers write the story of the roleplay through their actual posts however. So each gang leader is can come up with various plans for assassinations and what not of fellow RPers in rival gangs and make little subplots. Interaction with fellow RPers is the best way to push the story. Get everyone involved and interact with each other and you can create stories of your own until main plot points arrive.

-No Godmodding or Powerplaying whatsoever.(You read the damage section. RP accordingly.)
-This is a mature RP. As such, language is fine. Just don't be tacky with it.
-Romance is fine also. This is a mature RP. KHinsider has rules as well though. So don't RP pornographic scenes. You can imply things however. (For example, two characters awake in the same bed). Just NO GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS OF ACTIVITIES at all.
-Again, this is a mature RP. Graphic violence is fine.
-Death is very possible in this RP. So if you are sincerely outclassed by an RPer and die by their hand, don't fret and throw a tantrum. Create a new character and reclaim your spot within the gang you chose.
-Have fun and enjoy the RP

The Gangs
There are four gangs in this RP. They are all fighting for control of the city. They are all rivals. However, this is a very open-natured RP. You can have friends in other gangs in secret but if your gang finds out you may be attacked, assassinated, or even find yourself in an outnumbered situation. What you do with your character is your choice. You can loyally follow your gang leader, you can try and kill members of your own gang, you can even defect to another gang if their leader will have you. It's completely up to you. Just remember, there are consequences for every choice. Choose what you do and how you do it very wisely.

There is no special gang territory either. Each gang has one home base of operations that is in a secret location to the rival gangs. However, rival gangs can make an effort to find your base of operations if they choose too. Creativity is the key.

The gangs are split into districts because I'm going to let the gang leaders come up with gang names. So for right now, the gangs are as follows.
-First District
-Second District
-Third District
-Fourth District

Once gang names are chosen, I will edit this. Except Fourth District. My character is going to lead Fourth District so there is only three gang leader positions available.

Gang Leaders
This needs to be hit on. Gang leaders, right now, are just figure heads. Nothing more. They only exist to fill a null leadership role. Every character is entitled to do what he or she pleases in the RP. Gang Leaders can make plans and things if they wish and gang members can choose to go along and act on the plan if they wish. I don't want people thinking there is some sort of rigid structure to gang leaders and gang members. Gang leaders are no more powerful than gang members, they just represent a figure that either the majority of the gang respects or dislikes. You probably want your members to respect you however.

Character Template
This is the character template for all characters in the RP. Pretty self-explanatory. People who want to be gang leaders can PM me about it. It's on a first come first serve basis. Once your approved to be a gang leader, put it in your template above the "Name". Every character does not have to be part of a gang also. Loner characters have low survival rates however. Since the four gangs collectively run the city with their fighting, lone characters can be easily be outnumbered by a gang member with back up from the gang. Loner characters also have a significantly smaller role in the main story since the main plotline revolves around the four gangs.

Name:(Last and Middle Name is not required but allowed.)
Nickname:(Easy. You either got one or you don't. Not required.)
Age:(Minimum of 12 and maximum of 55. Yes humans can live longer but we don't need drastically old people running around. Age does not define skill either which is why 12 is the minimum.)
Gender:(Easy enough, male or female)
Appearance(Even if you a picture, a paragraph, at least, should come along with it)
Personality(Just a general idea of how your character is. Paragraph or two is fine)
Weapons:(Two weapons max. Remember, no firearms. Melee weapons only.)
Faction:(Choose a gang or put "Loner" if you'd rather not be part of one).
Recent History:(Doesn't have to be in depth, just a brief history of your character's childhood and how they came to be in the gang. If they are a loner, than have fun with this section. Can be in depth if you wish, but it's not required).
Other(Just misc. info you want us to know about your character

Final Notes
Enjoy the RP and have fun with the character creation.
You are limited to two characters in this RP. You cannot create a new character until both characters perish though.
When the RP starts, have fun with the story. Create rivalries, fight other characters, create subplots if you wish.
At no time are you allowed to create NPC characters for the RP. I, myself, will handle that when the time comes.
Be active, lest your character may die horrifically or you will just be dropped.
Invisible rule-If I forgot anything or need to add anything, I will update this post accordingly.
Accepted Templates

First District Gang Members

Second District Gang Members

Third District Gang Members

Fourth District Gang Members

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Sep 3, 2010
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I know nobody has joined this(hopefully, "yet".)but I firmly believe this RP has potential. Having said that, I have changed a key idea I had. There are no more firearms in the RP. I thought about long and hard and I can't see how implementing guns into this RP wouldn't cause awkward confrontations. So I've changed the story to say that ALL firearms were destroyed before the present time in the RP. The RP now revolves around melee weapons. Everything is updated accordingly in the first post. The rest of the structure is the same if you read the entire first post already, but the weapons will now be melee weapons only.

I am making revisions to my character and will re-post her later today. Like I said, I know nobody has joined this yet, but I believe that with enough people, it can be fun. I have a decent story in mind that can and will involve anybody apart of this RP. I also know that it's finals week for a lot of people who frequent the Roleplaying Section. Anyway, I only double posted to inform any readers about the changes to the story and system of the RP.