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Fanfiction ► Stupid Santa (Roxas Fanfic)

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Jul 12, 2007
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A one-shot about Roxas and 'Santa'. Hope you like it, plz review.Thanks XD

I thought that this was funny, lolz. oh, and there may be a "bad" word in this, so just letting you know. Oh, and I changed the title...

Roxas Hates Santa

The seven-year-old boy waited impatiently in the mall for the line to move forward, he was next to meet Santa. Roxas had his best friend, Axel, with him as well. The two wanted to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas.

“I can’t wait to see Santa!” Axel squealed in his high pitched voice to be heard over the loud Christmas carols that were being played and the chorus that sang in the background, “I have been waiting for this day for the whole year!”

Roxas couldn’t agree any more with him either. “Then we can have our picture taken for proof that we meet Santa!”

“Is he the real Santa?”

“Of course he is!! I can tell if it wasn’t!” Looking around, he spotted what he was searching for. Roxas pointed to a fat man not too far away. “You see that guy right there? The one drinking coffee? He’s fat like Santa, he’s old like Santa, he has white hair like Santa, he even looks like Santa. But he not the real Santa!”

“But he’s not trying to be.” Axel pointed out, looking confused. “No ,but if he was, I would tell that he wasn’t real” Roxas exclaimed confidently. “The Santa before us, he’s the real Santa Clause.”

Axel nodded and laughed as he pushed Roxas forward. His turn to talk to Santa finally came. “H-hi Santa!” The wide smile on his face refused to wipe off. He gazed at the glittered cotton that posed as snow, the bright red and green lights, and the large chair that Santa was sitting in.

“Hello! What’s your name little boy?” The imposter Santa lifted Roxas into his lap and gave him a peppermint candy cane. “Call me Roxas and I’m not a little boy Santa! I’m seven!” He unwrapped the candy and stuck it in his mouth.

“Oh so sorry, Roxas!”

“Well, for Christmas, I want to have a skateboard!” Roxas bounced around a little until the ‘Santa’ held him still. “I hope you get that for Christmas!” He smiled at him.

His grin faltered. Removing the candy cane from his mouth with a ‘pop’, he asked, “What do you mean you hope I get it? Aren’t you going to give me one?” He was bewildered, he thought that Santa would give him the present that he had just asked for. “And I thought that you were an old man? Why is there brown hair coming out from the side of your hat? And how come you look thin, aren’t you fatter than this?”

“Uh, you see…” the fake Santa didn’t know how to explain to Roxas that he wasn’t the real deal. “Listen kid, I’m only a guy in college and I needed money so I got this job. Now, lets just take the picture and get the line moving. I don’t want to be here all day, I have---”

Roxas’ eyes filled with fiery and sorrow. “You’re not the real Santa?”

Axel, having to see his friend feel sad, hurriedly came over and sat in the Santa’s other lap. “Listen old man! You better give him what he wants! I thought you were nice!” His finger was pointing at him sternly. His face turned happy, to angry.

Holding back tears wasn’t easy for Roxas, instead he slid off of the guy’s lap and walked away. “Wait! Roxas, do you want me to burn him for you?” Axel was ready to burn the Santa’s fake beard. Not hearing Roxas say a word, he snapped and a flicker of fire appeared.

“Whoa! Get that away from me!” He settled Axel down, and the next kid came along. Before Roxas left, the Santa waved and exclaimed, “Ho-ho-ho, have a Merry Christmas!”

“WHAT! JERK, YOU CALLING ME A HOE NOW!?” Running back, Roxas shoved the boy who was sitting on his knee onto the floor, then jumped back on his leg. Aiming carefully, he punched the imposters face hard in the mouth. “WHO YOU CALLING A HOE?”

“Stop that!” The college boy held Roxas’ tight fists away from him so that he wouldn’t get hurt any further. “Where’s your mom?”

“Why? You want to call her a hoe too?” Roxas tried very hard to escape the man’s grip, but it was a worthless effort. He was too weak. He began to jump up and down real fast on his lap.

“Security!” The man cried. “Kid, get the hell off me!” A tall security guard rushed over to Roxas’ side and grabbed him by the waist, he then began to pull him off the Santa.

“Let go of me!” Roxas screamed. “Axel help me!” Axel ran to the security guard and kicked him on his shin, but he still didn’t let go of his dear friend. “Roxas, it’s not working!”

“This is all your fault you stupid idiot!” Roxas shouted at the man in the Santa suit. He grinned at the boys useless complaints.

Axel went over to the man’s phony beard and yanked it off. “OW!” He stole the bucket of candy canes and ran away but another security guard got hold of him.

“Freak you’re going to pay for this!” Roxas’ muffled voice was heard as the security guard took him and dragged Axel to the Customer Service to find their parents.


“There’s my boy!” Roxas’ father exclaimed as he entered the house with his mother by his side, coming back from the mall. “How did the trip to Santa go?”

“He called me a hoe, Dad.”, was his simple, sad reply.

“A hoe?” A puzzled expression rested on his face. “What do you mean?”

“He said "Hoe-hoe-hoe have a Merry Christmas" So, he called me a hoe.”

“I don’t think he meant it that way, honey. And where did you learn that word?” His distressed mother kneeled down to his level.


“Oh…Please don’t say that word-ever!”

“Mom, I hate Santa. He’s a fake. A loser. And, he’s the hoe.” Roxas said without hesitation. It was official, he hated Santa.
Well, did you like it?! I may make a sequel to this one-shot lolz. All for Christmas. So, tell me what you think thanks!!!:DDD

-Sora788 :closedeyes:
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Mar 27, 2007
Oh that's alright then, whatever is the final outcome I'm sure its going to be great.


Dec 5, 2007
hehehehehe that was really funny! and so cute!
that would be great if you did write a sequel. this story is great =)
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