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Fanfiction ► Students of Balamb High

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Apr 23, 2005
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Students of Balamb Garden High

Disclaimer:I do not own Kingdom Hearts,Final fantasy,Disney,Anime shows or other
Square Enix games.

Copyrights:I do own my OC's.
Chapter 1:My new life Begin

Namine sat in the car next to her aunt,Quistis Trepe,who had taken her in.Namine was only fifteen,and she had already gone through a lot.

"Don't worry Namine.Living with us will be fun,"Quistis said happily.

"Um...?"she looked away.(I can't believe I signed that document,about my powers in my
new school...oh man I'm scare.)

"With me working at the school,you be fine!"Quistis said as she beeped the horn at the
driver in of them.The driver open his window and yelled out at her."Mind your damn
business you hooker!"

"That Bastard!"

(Great...she might as well be as crazy as uncle Cid!)"spot it!"Namine yelled,"Don't do it!"

"That bastard gonna get it!"Quistis drove the car into the parking lot,and got out of the car."I'll be right back."She took her Save the Queen whip with her.

(WTH!she carries a whip with her in the back seat?)(she really pissed!)(oh no!)Namine looked at the shop in front of them.(A magic store?)she opened the car door and started
toward the store.

Quistis was currently kicking the crap out the guy that had called her a Hooker...

Namine entered the shop to see a black haired girl that was as least two years older than
her,wearing a blue cape,sitting behind the cash register,sleeping.

"Umm...hello?"Namine poked the girl to wake up and the girl woke up.

"Huh?"The girl looked up at Namine."Are you here to buy something?"

"Is this a magic store for fighting,right?"Namine asked.

"Oh yes miss it is!"The girl said."Merlin we got another customer!"she yelled apathetically.
The door to the back room open and came out a really old man dress also in blue with a
long pointly hat and long beard.

"Ah welcome to the Sorcerly shop!"Fill with the most magic spells and books to help your
magic powers strong!"So what kind of spells are you looking for?"Merlin said happily.

"Well...Actually I don't yet..."Namine said."Can I have the phone number to this shop?"

"Of course dear."Merlin handed her a card with the store name and number on it.

"Thank you."Namine said."I'll be back.Don't worry!"She had a huge smile on her face,as
she left the store.

"What a nice girl."Rinoa said with a smile.

"Indeed and she might become a great witch too at that school."Merlin repiled.

Namine got back into the car to see her aunt done beating up the guy.(That woman has
some temper issues...)

The car door opened and Quistis sat down,and turned on the car.She has a smile on her

"I feel happy now!"Quistis said.She drove out out of the parking lot.

Namine sweatdrop.

5 minutes later

The car came to a halt.Quistis turned off the car."Well Namine,this is your new home.
pretty nice,eh?How do you like it?

There were two things Nice about the white two story house.

1.the garden was beautiful.
2.the house was clean.

"Really nice you got there aunt!"Namine said.

"Great isn't it.Let's go inside and get ready for your first day on Balamb high tomrrow."

(I guess everything will be fine tomrrow.)Namine thought.
End chapter

Next chapter coming soon!


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Apr 23, 2005
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In this chapter,Namine meet up with her old friends.

Chapter 2:meeting old friends.

Namine awoke by sudden sound of scream outside the house.She get off the bed
quickly and ran out to the window to see a boy at the age of 12,wearing a orange
jumpsuit with blue sandles.ridding off with a chocobo,laughing.

"SEE YA AT SCHOOL SIS!WITH A NEW HAIR COLOR!HAHAH!!!"he said ridding off toward the sheert.

Namine sweatdrop at the boy then hear a knock at her door."come in."Quistis came in and smile at her neice.

"Good morning dear.I see Naruto is ready for school and started a prank already
with his sister Yuffie."she said.

"Who's yuffie and Naruto?"Namine asked."new students at Balamb high and from
a very rich ninja family."Quistis answered.


"Well let's get ready for school then."she said as she leave the room.

(How come I got the feeling something crazy gonna happen?)

Ten minutes later...

The Artourin(can't spell it)was fill with students of old and new talking loudly to eachother or fooling around as Namine sit quietly in her seat waiting the principle
and the other teachers to come soon.

(wow that's a lot of students here.I really miss my old friends back at my old home
with uncle Cid.)she throught sadly.

"Namine?"called out a voice.Namine turn to see boy with black hair,brown eyes,
wearing a blue shirt and black pants."Namine is that really you!"the boy asked and she then know the boy is.

"Tenchi Masaki!"she said happily and hug her old friend.

"It's been a long time Tenchi!how are you and your family too"!she asked.

"Oh I'll fine and my family are okay."Tenchi answer."How long you have been here?"Namine asked again."Six years and you?"he asked.

"I'm living with my aunt for now."she answered.

"Really?what happened to your uncle Cid?"he said.

"well...uncle Cid went to prison for major fighting and creating a mob then destory the mall because some guy steal his box of cigarettes."she sweatdrop at that

"Oh man...I'm sorry about your uncle.even though he scare me and threating me
not to fell in love with you or else,he'll hunt me like a dog and kill me and my family."Tenchi sweatdrop and shurrbed.

"un...yeah.but it's still great to see again.Namine said."so do you make any friends
here Tenchi?"

"yeah do you want to meet them and I happened to meet few of our old friends and others we know."he asked."Sure lead the way."

Tenchi lead Namine toward the crowds of students then Tenchi stop at his track and pointed towards a group talking."hey guys!meet Namine Trepe!"He yelled then a scream came from one of them.

"Namine it's really that you!?"came a girl around her age with light brown."omg!
Selphie!"she cried happily and hug her."hey Namine forgot about me?"said a boy
three years older than her with long brown hair and a scar on his face."Leon!"hey
me too."also on Leon's age with long braided black hair and dress all black too.
"Lulu!"Namine was so happy to see three of her friends here in this school.

"I'm so glad everyone here!how are you guys been doing since you move six years agos?"Namine asked them.
well I stop there for now.

Next will come soon!



New member
Apr 23, 2005
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chapter 3:A strange new crush
Namine and the gang were in the hallways as is fill with thousands of students.

"So Namine,what's is your first class?"Lulu asked her as Namine take out her


1.Studio in art:Sally

2.Ninja class:Iruka

3.Magic class:Yen Sid

4.Mimic class:GoGo


6.Weapon training:Saix,Lexaues,Sephrioth


8.Beauty model class:Rena

9.Monster tame class:Yui

10.Special class lesson:Ansem The Wise

"I got science class first."

"Oh,you gonna becareful with Vexen because a lot of students mistake him for a
woman and he really get pissed."Leon said to Namine.

"Thanks for the warning Leon."

"See ya at Lunch Namine!"Tenchi said and wave as they went to their there class.
Namine enter the classroom to see students throw things around the room vexen
just sitting in his desk reading a book then look up to see her standing.

"Are you one of the new students?"he asked her.

"yes sir,my name is Namine Trepe."he nodded and pointed a emtey seat between
a reddish haired kid with grass green eyes and a silver haired boy that cover half
of his face and blue eyes.She walk over to her seat and sit down between them.
then the silver haired boy stared and stared at her which make her uneasy.

(he really start to scare me!)she thought.

Namine look at the red hair boy and smile.

"Hi!who are you?Namine said cheerful.

"Name's Axel.Got it memorized?"Axel said doing his usual pose along with the phrase.


"Alright everyone shut the hell up!class begins now!"Vexen yelled at the students
and they shut up."Today is the first year of Balamb High and since no class or homework won't start tomorrow.we just lazy around here til next class starts."
he finished talking then everyone went back to their business and Vexen pull out
his book and giggled.

(I'll give you one hint what book he's reading.Naruto.)

Namine sweatdrop and see the boy still staring at her.

"why are you staring at me?"she asked him.




"your starting creep out man!"

It been going on for 20 minutes til the bell rang and everyone ran out the class.
Namine about to leave when the silver haired boy gave her a quick peck on the cheek and smile.

"Zexion."he only said as he walk out the room.

Namine stood there as her face turned red like a tomato.

see ya soon!
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