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Stubborn "Specify Plan" in SO3!!


Sophia Esteed

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Jan 8, 2006
I see Mary Sues...they're everywhere. They don't e

That Dragoon Laser....I eliminated all the bad factors except the -50% EXP Acquisition (2), and when I try to "Specify Plan" after that, it duplicates the only good factor; the ATK+1000. Thing is, I was saving those other 7 slots for +30% ATK/DEF from a fully refined Boots of Prowess after I eliminated the -50% EXP Acquisition (2), and it looks like that one factor will never go away!! Help!

Nel's Death Bringers were much easier to eliminate the bad factors, by the way. Yo, just preparing for Freya...maybe Lenneth and EQ too...

Xehanort: 17

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Mar 16, 2007
Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time. This is one looong game and also has alot of side quests.

It me 100+ hours to complete the whole game including the side quests on 4D. I think the best fight is against Lenneth she is really powerfull, her HP and MP are huge. It takes about 7-16 minutes on 4D to defeate her.

If you guys want to know how to fight with her. Once you have defeated luther load the game again and look for a bunny around that area, talk to him and then after that go to the sphere grid. Now all the floors in the sphere grid are accesible. On each floor there is a boss waiting, each boss is harder then the last.

I think there are 311 floors and you start from the bottom and make your way to the top.
So Good luck trying on defeating them. Make sure you are well prepared because the bosses you have so far faced are nothing compared to the one's ahead.

Also when you defeat each boss you recieve usefull items, these items will surely help you out. I'll tell you one it's a scroll and you get it by defeating Fayt and someone else in the sphere grid. This scroll is very usefull as well as powerfull.

I hope i helped. Sophia
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