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Jul 15, 2005
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A lukewarm breeze of surection and tranquility swept quickly through the bouncing city of Polisca, a root town in the popular video game " The World". To many players it was just another day in the beautiful landscape of the game, but to a few it was one of the most important days of their lives. Today was the day that the many clans of The World would begin competition over the title of Grand Champion. It was a joyous day just as any other would have been. The people were buzzing with excitement over who might win the championship, and others were preparing for their first match. Little did they know what The Worlds abundance of hackers had in store for the clans. The few people who actualy paid attention stayed clear of the stadium while others piled in and packed the seats.
Soon after the games began, The stadium shifted and began to go dark. The screams of the many users as they lost conciousness, and their very lives, stuck in the minds of those who had not entered the stadium. Had it been fate that they had not lost their lives? or just plain coincidence?

For whatever reason, many people lost their lives in the real world that day. The hackers had let themselves get out of control and one after another was either arrested, comitted suicide from guilt, or went into hiding from the police and administrators of the game. The most important thing was that the pain from that day would live on forever in the hearts of those who had not perished from the side effects. Watching their friends die right before them had been a scar on their life, and to many it was enough to send them into a long life of depression. It's been 10 years since the incident. all of the hackers have been captured, and the championship has been on the minds of many. It is three days to the championship and the clans are getting prepared for their first matches. This time, the administrators are ready for anything that might come their way however, they dont want another incident on their hands. the incident years ago is on everyones mind as they quietly await the day of the championship to come, and a high level security clan has recieved orders to defend the arena from the hackers. Nothing is going to happen this time around...or will it?


Dont ghost from one place to another,
no pping, god moding, ect..
romance pg-13
language: just dont let it get out of hand k?


User type: (standard or hacker)


UserName: Sliver-x

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Class: HeavyBlade

Appearance: coming soon

Personality: Timid yet quiet, strong hearted yet shy, When it comes to people he doesn't know he is rather shy. But his close friends he is a laid back guy who enjoys nothing more than to bask in the cool mornings air of polisca's meadows. In reality he is a cold person who can sometimes be harsh, but always makes sure he gets his point across.

User type: Standard

Bio: (will be up after a few people join)


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Apr 30, 2006
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I will join! lol

Name: Buffy
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Class: ???
Appearance: http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a97/Vampiress757/0b9e0ef1.jpg
Personality: tough and quiet. She's fierce and strong and will fight anyone that gets in her way. She has a temper and shows it quite a lot. Buffy will not take no for an answer. And she's an expert at what she does...
User Type: hacker
Bio: No one knows where she came from. Some people say that she's the Devil's daughter. It seems that she doesn't show true emotion besides anger, and hatred.