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State of Sleep: Roxas' Days


Key of Valor

The Professor
Oct 14, 2008

Anyways, this theory is essentially an addition to a previous theory of mine called "State of Sleep: Terra and Ven". However, since I have only recently completed KH'Days, this theory will basically restates the ideas featured in my previous theory, and supports them with using evidence primarily found in KH'Days. Also, this theory focuses exclusively on Roxas.

Anything I say in this thread, I state as just speculation.

State of Sleep: Roxas' Days

The untold chapter of the Kingdom Hearts saga, Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. Roxas' adventure while in the Organization is certainly an interesting one. The story however seems to have its own share of secrets concealed from plain view. Mysteries surround this installment. Many questions have yet to be posed, and some still remain unanswered.

I think one of the most important questions about KH'Days though is this:

Does Roxas have a heart?

Those who might have approached that idea with opposition might be influenced to change their views after observing the events in KH'Days.

Roxas having a heart goes against what we are told in the story, and against what the majority of the audience assumes, but perhaps such a conjecture is not so absurd.

But does Roxas really have a heart?

To begin, I'd like to discuss the opening of KH'Days. Below is a video of the game's opening in English. The important thing I want to point out is Roxas and Axel's conversation on the clock tower about Roxas having a heart.

YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days Opening (English)

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Roxas said that if he had a heart, he should be able to feel it. Going by that logic, since Roxas can't confirm whether or not he has a heart, it makes sense to assume that Roxas doesn't have a heart, right?

BUT, that scene in the English version of KH'Days... is one of the biggest and most significant blunders made in the localization in all the KH series. What Roxas said up on that clock tower... what he really said in the Japanese version... it's completely different.

Here's the video below of the Japanese opening of KH'Days. Pay close attention to what Roxas says in this version when conversing with Axel.

YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Opening (English Subs + Music)

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What Roxas really said that hearts can't be seen and perhaps they CAN'T be felt either.

Now this is completely different from the English version of that scene.

The English version suggests that hearts are something that should be felt. Thus this implies that Roxas doesn't have a heart since he can't feel a heart inside him.

But the Japanese version suggests that hearts sometimes can't be felt. Thus this implies that if Roxas did have heart, then he might not be able to feel it.

Such contrast between the Japanese and English versions... they mean the exact opposite! I personally can hardly believe that the localization staff would make such a horrible error.

Moving on from that disappointment though, what exactly does this scene mean? What is the importance of the TRUE conversation between Roxas and Axel?

It brings up the idea of hearts being incapable of feeling. It's an odd idea though, because in the KH series, the heart is usually related to feeling emotion and such. In fact, many would chose to define the heart as the component that makes feeling and caring possible.

This idea of hearts being unable to feel... it's an odd idea but not unheard of. In fact, Marluxia brought up the idea in KH:CoM. It was towards the end of the game when he commanded Namine to destroy Sora's memory.

YouTube - Kingdom Hearts:Chain of Memories-Encounter with Marluxia

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This scene is interesting for many reasons. Not only does it suggest that empty hearts incapable of feeling actually exist, but it also presents the means to achieve an empty heart. If the memories in the heart are destroyed... the heart becomes unable to feel or care.

This... this is what I believe Roxas was talking about.

Besides, when Roxas was created... he had no memories that he could recall. He didn't know who he was, where he came from, or who he used to be. He knew not of his past, nor was aware of his present state. Roxas started out as a being void of conscious memories.

If Roxas had a heart, then that heart too would be void of conscious memories, thus his heart would be empty and incapable of feeling or caring. It's no wonder how Roxas could pass off as a Nobody, since at first he behaved like... well... a zombie. He was expressionless and emotionless.

However, Marluxia also mentioned how even an empty heart could be restored to a functioning state with time.

As time progressed in KH'Days, Roxas' heart gained new memories and these memories became a part of his heart. Roxas even makes an interesting point in saying that though he doesn't remember anything from his past life, his time in the Organization has given him his own memories to hold on to:

YouTube - [USA] Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Walkthrough [66] ~ Day 150 [Part 2]

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He became more capable of feeling and caring. Though Roxas began empty at his creation, the development he undergoes in KH'Days grants his heart the experiences and memories to better express emotion. He even sheds a tear at Xion's demise... Could someone without a heart really be so affected by such a tragedy that they too would shed a tear? I would think not.

But if Roxas does have a heart, it would need to come from somewhere... it would need to come from someone. I believe the origins or Roxas' heart relates to Ventus from Birth By Sleep. Already, there seems to be some evidence of Ven losing his memories in BBS. At the Olympus Coliseum, Ven confronts Master Xehanort and briefly doesn't recognize him. Then at the beach of Destiny Islands, Ven said "Erase me." Seems like Ven doesn't care what happens to him, perhaps because his heart is slowly through BBS is losing not only his memories, but also the ability to feel or care about anything... even for his well-being.

I'm not going into any details about how Ven's heart got into Roxas (that explanation could be found in State of Sleep: Terra and Ven).

This theory's focus is to explore the clues in KH'Days and other installments that support the idea of Roxas having Ven's empty heart. And perhaps the biggest clues of all can be found in KH:CoM'R/R.

Below are two videos from KH:CoM'R/R. Pay attention to how Riku's "condition" is described by DiZ, Maleficent, and even Zexion.


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Riku's heart rejected light and then his heart rejected darkness. DiZ said it left his heart practically empty. This state of the heart is very interesting. It seems a heart lacking memories is not the only thing that defines an empty heart, but also the heart needs to lack light and darkness as well. Also... and most importantly... DiZ named this state of an empty heart. He called it "Sleep". Is this the Sleep that relates to the title Birth By Sleep? Are empty hearts and even emptiness itself... or beings with empty hearts... will all these be explore in Birth By Sleep?

What are the specifics of this Sleep? Based of the claims made by DiZ, the State of Sleep is when the heart loses both light and darkness leaving it practically empty. DiZ even claims that an empty heart should lose all its memories. It is Zexion who reveals one of the most important details though. Zexion explained how empty hearts are only able to retain dark memories.

Empty hearts of neither light nor darkness, and incapable of feeling... lack all memories except for remnants of dark memories.

As for Riku's case, he was able to deny slumber, thus avoiding the full toll of Sleep and being to retain both his memories and thus emotion (even though Riku does compare himself to Nobodies in KH'Days). Point is though, what becomes of those who are not so fortunate and are doomed to the fate of Sleep? Is that Ven's eventual fate?

Roxas has certainly has his own share of connections to this idea. Already Roxas can easily be compared to possessing the qualities of an empty heart. He even suggests the idea himself that hearts might not be able to feel.

And of course, there is that ever so interesting scene in KH'Days, Snarl of Memories.

Spoiler Spoiler Show

I'll not dwell upon how Xion is related to this memory (though my guess is that she just "picked it up" somewhere while exploring Castle Oblivion).

There seems to be significant meaning in this scene though. It begins with Roxas confronting a hooded person who resembles Xion, but when the hood is removed, Roxas suddenly finds himself in the middle of a memory.

"Surely you must have known this would happen."

"Why would I know that?"

"Because in your memory, you've been to number of worlds before you came to this one..."

And after that line, the scene drastically changes. For a second, Riku changes in Zexion, and from that point on both Riku and Zexion assume the same role. They both say the same lines. What's interesting about this is that this is the point where they stop talking to each other... and begin to talk to Roxas. And here is what they both say to Roxas:

"And of course, in those worlds, the only beings you met were the dark kind. That's all that's left in your heart: the darkest of memories. Your memories of home are gone, every one."

After those lines, Riku and Zexion continue to speak the same lines, but Roxas changes form into Xion, Riku, and Sora, which leads me to believe that the contents of the remainder of that scene don't necessarily pertain to Roxas, and are only a part where Xion has a "memory overload episode" and rapidly changes form.

"That's a lie! I remember everyone from the islands! They're my... my closest friends."

"And who threw away those friends? Perhaps it is your own actions you've forgotten. It was you who destroyed your home."

Again though, I believe the most important part of this scene is the stuff both Riku and Zexion said to Roxas, which can be found below:

"And of course, in those worlds, the only beings you met were the dark kind. That's all that's left in your heart: the darkest of memories. Your memories of home are gone, every one."

What if that description does apply to Roxas? The description of an empty heart in KH:CoM'R/R claims that an empty heart lacks light, darkness, memories, but retains dark memories. Roxas is classified as a "special nobody" and Nobodies are known for belonging to neither light or darkness. Of course, when Roxas was first born, he lacked any memories...

But does Roxas have any dark memories? Roxas doesn't claim to consciously recall any dark memories, but perhaps that only means that those dark memories exist on a more subconscious level that affect Roxas in more ways than he is aware of...

For example, Roxas' casual clothing is a very similar color scheme to Master Xehanort's clothing. Why is that? Is such a similarity coincidence, or is the color of Roxas' casual clothing the result of subconscious influences of dark memories? And then there is Roxas' reaction to entering Castle Oblivion when something suddenly overwhelmed his mind and weakened him. And similarly, Roxas grabs his head in pain and collapses when he hears Zexion and Riku say, "that's all that's left in your heart: the darkest of memories. Your memories of home are gone, every one."

To sum things up, I believe there exists a state in which heart can become empty. Such a condition of the heart was labeled as a state of "Sleep" by DiZ. Such qualities of an empty heart includes lack of light, darkness, and memories but being able to retain remnants of dark memories. Empty hearts also struggle with the ability to feel or care since they lack memories. Thus, I believe Roxas possessed Ven's empty heart, explaining why Roxas could be mistaken as a being without a heart. Over time though, Roxas through his experiences gained his own memories to become a part of his heart, thus enabling it to feel and care towards the end his time in the Organization.

That's pretty much it. Please comment.