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Fanfiction ► STAR WARS: The Journal of a Guardian

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Jun 25, 2004
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>>>>>>>>>PART 1 OF 2


Aboard a Republic Assault Ship headed for Geonosis~*

Alpha 7 sat aboard a Republic LAAT, awaiting deployment to Geonosis' surface...

Out of all of the ARC Troopers, only he was going to be sent down to the planet...For some reason, the other ARCs were deemed too hard to control by Kaminoan standards, and left in cryogenic suspension.

Alpha 7 however, knew how to follow orders when need be, so he alone was sent, and placed in command of a personally chosen squad of Clones, and was given the rank of Captain, despite his blue highlighted armor, there being no time to recolor the highlights red when the last second order to send him in was given. He did, however, manage to obtain a red kama and duster as he was leaving.

Alpha 7: *stands up seeing as all of his squad was ready and strapped in* Alright Troopers, our first mission. We are to take a Geonosian Spire, South of the Coliseum where most of the Jedi will be freeing those held captive by Dooku. As soon as we take the Spire, we head underground, to the Battledroid factory, and blow it to slag.

Remember your training, keep your guard up and we should come out of this just fine. Do you hear me?

Clones: SIR YES SIR!

Alpha 7: Good...All we need do is wait for our Jedi General to join us and we head out. I just got word we're in orbit above Geonosis.

Irvine's squad was slightly bigger, as per the mission demanded it.

11 Clone Troopers

2 Clone Engineers / Pilots

2 Heavy Troopers

Irvine himself, being an ARC Trooper,

And a Jedi General...

Tsukaya: *stepping aboard* I assume I am the Jedi you're waiting for, Captain?

Aboard stepped Jedi Knight Tsukaya...She had violet colored eyes, long black hair that stopped just behind her knees, gentle facial features, and long flowing robes she wore her hair in an elaborate yet sophisticated fashion...Someone this kind looking, you wouldn't think a Jedi...But she was, and an extremely talented one.

To Alpha 7, there was just something very special about her...Though he couldn't put his trigger finger on it.

Alpha 7: *walks up and holds out his hand to Tsukaya* Welcome to the team, General Tsukaya.

Tsukaya: Oh my...I'm going to need to get used to being called a General. *shakes Alpha 7's hand*

Tsukaya did a sudden startled jump, then looked at Alpha 7 for a moment...

But said nothing.

Alpha 7: Everything okay?

Tsukaya: Yes, I-...I guess I didn't expect that texture from your glove, it's actually quite pleasant.

In truth, when Tsukaya shook Alpha 7's hand, she sensed the power of the Force within him...She took note of it for later...

Tsukaya: *turns and sits down, straightening her robes with her gentle hands before strapping in next to Irvine* So, what is your name, dear Captain?

Alpha 7: My designation is ARC Seven, or Alpha Seven. Whichever you like.

Tsukaya: Hrm...That's no name for a Captain.

Alpha 7: It isn't?

Tsukaya: No...I think not...Now...You'll need a strong name.........................*closes her eyes and focuses for a moment*...Irvine...Your name should be Irvine. I just heard a whisper from the force about it...You should be named Irvine.

Alpha 7: Does the Force usually whisper things?

Tsukaya: No...No it doesn't...I will need to consult Master Yoda about the matter later. But for now, yes, Irvine sounds like a very good name for you. What do you think?

Alpha 7/Irvine: I like it...*turns to Tsukaya*...Thank you, General Tsukaya.

Tsukaya: Do not be so formal, my friend. Just call me Tsukaya. *smiles warmly*

Irvine: ...Tsukaya?

Tsukaya: Yes Irvine?

Irvine: ......Nevermind...Slipped my mind.

Tsukaya: *places a had on Irvine's shoulder, and smiles warmly at Irvine* It is alright, ask me later when you recall it.


Soon after that, Irvine's Team's LAAT took off for the surface of Geonosis, dodging and weaving through cannon fire and missles and lasers from all manner of the nightmarish machinery the Droid forces had.

Irvine would have to thank the pilots later for putting overtime in the flight simulator.

From the 10 LAAT's that were supposed to land, only three made it through, including Irvine's.

They landed near an advancing group of AT-TE's that were headed straight for the target Spire, blowing everything in their path to smithereens as the winds blew red dust all about...

And boy did they have their work cut out for them, with what was in their path...Super Battle Droids, Battle Droids, Geonosians, and the feared Droidekas...

Tsukaya: Time to join the fight Irvine, are you ready? *pulls her lightsaber from her robes to her right hand with the force, and activates it...It was a violet blade*

Irvine: *readies his Westar M5 Blaster Rifle* As I'll ever be. *turns to his Troopers exiting the LAAT* Troopers! Follow mine and General Tsukaya's lead, and stay together, and protect the Heavy Troopers, they have the explosives we need to destroy that factory!

Clones: YES SIR!

The Geonosian Spire was close ahead, a small incline all around it, and a set of mechanical double doors visible even from where Irvine's squad was...

Tsukaya: Follow me, boys!

Tsukaya ran ahead, using the force as she hopped onto the hull of an IFT Hovertank, then leapt up to an incredible height, slashing straight down the middle of a Spider Walker that was in the advancing forces path.

The team of 11 Clone Troopers, one Clone Pilot, and two Heavy Troopers followed after Irvine as he walked along, clearing the path of Super Battle and Battle Droids with his Westar M5 Blaster Rifle, while simultaneously pulling out a DC 15 Hand Blaster, and firing rapidly into the shield of a droideka to disable it before firing off a single shot at it's left leg, causing it to fall over while shooting wildly, hitting another Droideka which blew to scrap, and the rest of the fire crippled three Super Battle Droids.

Irvine's Troopers formed a protective barrier using their own bodies, around the two Heavy Troopers, firing at any targets in their way, while at the same time, the Clone Pilot from earlier blew a Geonosian's head to gore with his shotgun. the spattering pieces hitting the side of one of the AT-TE's nearby, his partner having headed off to a command platform to check in for their squad.

Tsukaya gracefully danced and twirled about, slashing through the Battle Droids around her like a hot knife through mechanical butter.

5 minutes onto the soil of Geonosis and Irvine's squad was decimating each and every enemy that was foolish enough to get close...

Irvine: Keep it up men, we've almost won. *blows away a Battle Droid that was sneaking up on him*

Tsukaya spun about the diameter of Irvine's squad like a top, taking out the last of the immediate threats, before leading the squad up the incline around the Geonosian Spire's

Tsukaya: Shall we knock, or just let ourselves in, Gentlemen?

Irvine: Both. Heavy Troopers! Take that door down!

Heavy Troopers: YES SIR!

The Heavy Troopers moved in complete sync, each firing off a rocket at the doors, devastating them in one blow...

A Droideka stood there at the entrance as the doors collapsed...

Irvine: Oh slag it! *dodge rolls out of the way as the Droideka opens fire*

Tsukaya: Oh Dear...*uses the force to lift the fallen doors, and claps the Droideka between them, sending sparks and parts flying all over the place*...Everyone, inside!!!

Tsukaya sounded overwhelmed, and what was about to overwhelm them was frighteningly apparent, as two Spider Walkers approached...

Irvine's squad made it in in time, and Tsukaya used the force once more to put the doors back up to shield them from laserbeam fire while they entered deeper.

The group came to a circular control room, but were met with minimal resistance from one Super Battle Droid and two Geonosians, Irvine took them out himself, one headshot each, and went over to one of the control panels...Typing something rapidly, the screen above it showing a map with various Geonosian script around it...

Irvine: That corridor *points* Should lead straight down to the Factory.

Tsukaya: Don't want to keep our enemies waiting then, ne?

The group rushed towards and down through the corridor, just as the doors leading into the Spire collapsed once more, and a horde of Super Battle Droids and Geonosians burst into the room, managing to kill three Troopers, while the rest fired at the new enemy arrivals and fell back after Irvine and Tsukaya...The group slipped around a corner of the rust colored corridor and onto some stairs, blowing up a control box and closing a blast door behind them to stop the Super Battle Droids that were mercilessy hunting them...

Before them however, the droid factory was more vast than they had thought...Hundreds upon thousands of machines working monotnously to build more killing machines...

...All that would be programmed and ready to kill the squad once activated...

Irvine: I have a very bad feeling about this...



Tell me whatcha' think, and I'll post up more. ^_^

I have two more chapters ready to go.

If any of you would like to see the appearances of Irvine and the other characters,
I have them on my deviantart thingy:
AJ-Prime on deviantART

I haven't finished all of them, but I'm working on it. : P
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Mar 27, 2007
Hmm. I heard of you before. Welcome back.

A Star Wars fanfiction? :3 I luff. My only criticism would be why you use a sort of script style in the text, because for me, that's generally not how I read, but otherwise, I'm also wondering how you're going to have Irvine kill the Jedi/get killed himself. I mean, only two Jedi live through the massacre, and those are Yoda and Obi-Wan.


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Jun 25, 2004
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Thanks. :3

Actually, if ya' look up 'The Great Jedi Purge' on Wookieepedia, there's over a dozen or more who manage to escape the Jedi Purge.

But neither of those two options are gonna happen in the fic...You'll just have to wait and see.
But rest assured, something interesting will happen, albeit sad...

Because this fic goes on into the Galactic Civil War Era as well, and that's a big speed bump to get over in the story.

And about the script style...I dunno, it's easier for me to type things up that way. ^_^;;;;

I have a problem reading too many words bunched together for too long for some reason...I think it's a complex or somethin'.

Anyway, I'll post the next part after the next post. :p


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Dec 17, 2003
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Andy makes script work. We need a different style of writing as everyone else does the same damn thing. Well Andy, to tell you the truth, I was not expecting this much attention to a fic from you. Pretty fun to read. Easy to understand. Simplicity at its finest!

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Aug 24, 2007
the Honkey Tonk.
You'll definatly want to redo it in non scripted format. Script format for serious fan fic is against the forum rules. But I like! It's cool!


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Jun 25, 2004
Multiverse #4170
Thankiesh Ulti-Chan. ^_^

Yeah, not many people know it, but I'm actually a fairly gewd writer, and sometimes poet. :p

That's exactly what I was going for, just like how the Star Wars: Clone Wars miniseries went. :3

Not planning on redoing it. I like how it turned out, and as my Dad used to say: "If it ain't broken, don't fix it". :p

If that's a rule...It's a seriously unnecessary one...

Anyway, here's the next chapter. ^_^


Journal of a Guardian
Chapter 1: Attack of the Clones

<<Part 2 of 2>>


Irvine: I have a very bad feeling about this...

Tsukaya: You too?

Behind the group, the blast doors rattled violently as the Super Battle Droids attempted to ram the door...But then there was nothing but silence...Irvine listened for a moment, trying to figure out what the enemies on the other side were going to do.

It hit him as he jumped backward and away from the door.

Irvine: They're setting charges, everyone move, you all have your jobs to do, so get to it...We'll regroup in the main factory control room.

The group started to move, Irvine firing off a grapping hook from his wrist attachments...He planned to skip above the assembly line to avoid any messy 'entanglements', and to clear out the control room for when his Troopers arrived. A straight line and all that.

Irvine: *offering his arm to Tsukaya* Coming?

Tsukaya: Thank you, Irvine, but I have my own method of transportation. * she said laughing a little, as she did a force jump to a moving crane arm, and called back to him, in a more worried tone* I think you should move from there, Irvine!

Irvine: *the eerie silence from the door gave way to ticking* SLAG!!!

Irvine wanted to shoot himself for the rookie mistake he just made....So much for avoiding messy entanglements, his grappling hook wire snapped.

He leapt from the plaform just as a mighty explosion rocked the door, the force of the blast sending Irvine flying clear over his intended target and onto the one of the mechanical assembly arms below, just as the Super Battle Droids, Droidekas, and Geonosians from the other side of the door came forth, guns blazing. He managed to catch his right arm onto the arched over mechanical minion he was hurled at, and swung underneath and onto the assembly belt, his body going into a tuck and roll, his right arm slapping down in front of him, knocking away a Super Battle Droid arm. The arm lowered a cobalt blue device onto the wrist of his forearm armor, and welded it on, not being able to distinguish Irvine's arm from a Super Battle Droid's.

Irvine jumped to his feet, looking at the new attachment...Luckily the strong fusion cutter on the mechanical arm that had done this with, hadn't broken through his armor...

Irvine: What the hell? *looks over the device before leaping off the assembly line as several Geonosians swarmed down towards him, their sonic blasters firing transparent green rings toward him* Bring it on you flying pests. *takes up his dual DC15 Hand Blasters, dodgerolling, and fires at the three within immediate proximity to him. Each down with a headshot, before moving on*

Tsukaya meanwhile, was still jumping from crane to crane, headed for the main factory controls, all the while dodging Sonic Blaster and Wrist Blaster fire from the Geonosians and Super Battledroids...Often sending the fire back at and killing the individual who fired it, she continued this frenzied game of deflect and run, until she made it to the Main Factory Controls...

Tsukaya: *sees Irvine being overwhelmed by Geonosians and Super Battle Droids on the still moving assembly line on one of the monitors* Irvine!

The Clone Pilot/Engineer who they had entered with into the Spire with them earlier, entered the control room, the second to make it there.

Clone Engineer: General Tsukaya, the Heavy Troopers have almost finished planting the charges.

Tsukaya: Very good, but I need your help, quickly, please turn off this assembly line, or your Captain is going to die!

Clone Engineer: Yes General. *looks over the controls* Though I don't exactly know factory workings...

Tsukaya: Just do something!!!

Down on the factory floor, Irvine had met up with two of the Clone Troopers sent out to protect the Heavy Troopers.

His hand blasters made an empty clicking noise. Out of ammo with both.

He holstered the pistols and whipped out his Westar M5, mowing down Geonosian after Geonosian...But they were severely out-numbered.

Irvine: Keep firing men!

Clone Engineer: *after shifting several controls* All I've found is the programming set to download into the droids being assembled...

Tsukaya: Hrm...I have a idea, can you change the frequency of who they identify as friend and foe?

Clone Engineer: I think so, but ---

Tsukaya: Splendid, here's what I want you to do...

Down on the factory floor, Irvine and the two Clone Troopers had been backed into an area where the unactivated Super Battle and Battle Droids were kept. All of them were collectively out of ammo...The three prepared for hand to hand combat, if necessary, as the Geonosians closed in...

Suddenly, there were multiple beeps and whirrs as the Super Battle Droids behind Irvine and the two Clones sprang to life, arming their wrist blasters.

Irvine: *turns slowly to see the Super Battle Droids activating* Slaggit...

But rather than open fire on the three soldiers of the Grand Army of the Republic, they ran past, opening fire on the Geonosians in firing squad fashion. A Super Battle Droid came running up to them, holding three E-5 Blaster Rifles, and tossed them to the three Clones.

B2 Battledroid: Sir, we are at your command.

Irvine: Well I'll be damned...*shakes his head, the initial shock wearing off* Clear out all enemy forces and secure the entrance.

B2 Battledroid: Roger Roger.

As the Super Battle Droids kept the Geonosians and their enemy bretheren busy, Irvine and his two companions made way toward the factory control room, blasting their way through the firefight, it was some time before they made it to the secured control room, above the chaos of the factory floor and assembly line.

Three other Clone Troopers and one Heavy Trooper made it before them, and stood at the opposite door, firing down at Geonosians and enemy Super Battle Droids that tried to make their way up the stairs leading to them.

Irvine: I trust you had something to do with the enemy turning traitor?

Tsukaya: I had to do something to keep those bloody bugs from killing you. *she says, with her hands on her hips*

Clone Engineer: We're just lucky it worked. *looking exasperated from the reprogramming he had to do on such short notice*

Irvine: Have all the charges been set?

Heavy Trooper: Yes sir. Though my partner wasn't so lucky. One of those arms nailed him.

Irvine: Let's get out of this hole and blow it to hell then.

Several of the ally Super Battle Droids were walking up the stairs backward, five of them, two immediately falling prey to their enemy bretheren, the last three getting in and closing the slide door with a mighty 'SLAM!'.

B2 Battledroid: Sir, they've received reinforcements! Destroyer Droids, and lots of them!

Irvine: Well that didn't last long...Let's see if there's a way out of here...*goes over to the control panel and starts typing something in*...There's a transport bay outside the back of this control room.

As several more ally Super Battle Droids entered through the left door of the control room, the security monitors within the control room showed the transport bay was already being guarded by several destroyer droids and Geonosians...

Irvine: We have no choice. We'll have to storm the transport bay. All of you, follow me, and seal up the door on our way out...

Clone Trooper: Here sir, I saw you're out of ammo. One of the Troopers with us dropped it when he died. *hands Irvine a DC-15 Blaster Rifle*

Irvine: Thanks soldier. And don't worry, his death will have not been in vain, and neither will our Heavy Trooper friend. *takes the Blaster Rifle and readies it, holding it in his right hand while he held the E-5 in his other* Let's move.

The remaining 8 Clones, Tsukaya, and 12 Super Battle Droids made their way into the transport bay, which appeared to have been for delivering the completed Battle Droids elsewhere on Geonosis...Irvine peered around the corner, counting three Droidekas and 10 Geonosians...He held his left arm up to stop the others from going any further while he did so...

Irvine: Three Droidekas, Ten Geonosians. Get ready...NOW!

Irvine and his team rushed around the corner, Blasters sending a barrage of Red and Blue mixed fire at the unsuspecting enemies, several going down within the first few shots. The first two Droidekas turned on their shield generators, the last not being so lucky as Tsukaya slashed it in half.

B2 Battledroid: The Battle is ours to lose! *blows away the head of a Geonisian, the gore spattering all over the Heavy Trooper on the other side*

Heavy Trooper: AGH! Bug guts! Watch where you're shooting!

Irvine: *to Tsukaya as he blows the head off a Geonosian* Remind me to get that one fixed later.

Tsukaya: No problem. *delfects several blasts from a Droideka into two Geonosians with her lightsaber*

Irvine: Pilot! Call for pickup!

Clone Engineer: *switching on his communicator, once he was at the end of the transport bay's dock* This is CT-119 of the 417th Legion Strike Force! Pickup at these coordinates...*typing something into his wrist control*

The mixed soldier group had managed to take down all enemies in the transport bay, when...

B2 Battledroid: Sir, the enemy has called for more backup! *points to the door from to the control room they had just come from*

Irvine: They just don't give up, do they? *fires off several rounds at a vent leading into the control room, then tosses a thermal detenator in a long arc and through the shot through vent* Heavy Trooper, activate the charges.

Heavy Trooper: Yes sir. *pulls out a small device and hits a large green button*

Clone Engineer: But sir, the Transport isn't here yet!!!

Tsukaya: It's here now. *points to the LAAT hovering at the end of the transport bay*

On the other side of the door...

Enemy B2 Battledroid: *holding up the Thermal Detenator* What this? *shows it to a Geonosian*

Geonosian: *speaking in clicks and blips* I always hated you stupid droi---

That was the last the Geonosian was able to say, as a raging inferno broke through the glass of the control room windows and incinerated it and everything, the mechanical minions within the factory and everything else in it were engulfed in a blazing maelstrom of fire...The door the Clones had sealed up before was taken down easily by the force of the blast.

Clone Engineer: Let's get the hell out of here... *settling into his seat above his partner*

Irvine: *after helping Tsukaya onto the LAAT, he sees the blast headed for them* SEAL US UP AND PUNCH IT!

Clone Engineer: *audible fear in his tone, seeing the blast as well* YES SIR!!!! *shutting the side entryways into the LAAT*

The craft banked a hard left and kicked in the thrusters, as the blast engulfed the LAAT...And came streaming out of the explosion, leaving a trail of smoke and fire behind, the LAAT itself burned and scorched.

Clone Engineer: YAAAAHOOOO!!!! *throwing his fist up into the air in triumph, but hits the cockpit's transparisteel top* OW!

Tsukaya: *turns to Irvine with a smirk on her face* And what bad feeling were you talking about?

Irvine: *groans and slaps his own helmet*



The Half-Hearted Creator
Jun 25, 2004
Multiverse #4170
I know, just gotta wait 'till she's on. :p

Journal of a Guardian
Chapter 2: The Clone Wars

<<Part 1 of 3>>

Truthfully, I don't remember much of the fighting after our first, and main mission. We were sent to participate in the on the front lines,to further test my skills I suppose... I was given a fresh DC15 and sent back out on the battlefield with what was left of my squad. I told the Super Battle Droids we had commandeered to deactivate and stay put. They would have only been mistaken for enemy droids.

For my and my squad's actions and bravery on Geonosis, we were awarded Jaig Eyes by our fellow Clones, and I was given command of the entire 417th Legion,
having been promoted to Commander...My Squad upgraded and became the 'Armored Angels' Company with 100 men, for had it not been for us destroying that Droid Factory, the Droid Forces could very well have overwhelmed our Republic Forces...Our entire Legion became known as the 'Heroes in White' after just our first few missions...A bit of a redundant nickname, because we all wear white armor...Our Legion was given the name due to our relentlessness in fighting to protect the civillians who were in danger...I had made it clear to everyone under my command that protecting the civillians came first, before the battle. As far as I see it, we're fighting to protect the citizens of the Republic, for without them, there would be no Republic.

As I traded in my red kama and duster for a yellow set, my fellow Clones who had served alongside me in the depths of the Droid factories began giving themselves names, liking the idea of having something to be called other than an identification number.

The Clone Pilot ~ Engineer, named himself Scramjet.

The Heavy Trooper, named himself Flashbang, Flash for short.

Both reaching the rank of Lieutenant. Scramjet also was given the job of being Captain of our Assault Ship when I'm away.

And the Five Clone Troopers named themselves
-Hawkeye, Sidestep, Razza, Asterix, and Cheapshot respectively.

Somewhat odd names as opposed to mine...But it was their choice.

Several had also gone on to switch classes...Hawkeye, as if his name doesn't already give it away, became a Clone Sharpshooter, a Sniper, for his expert marksmanship on the mission. Cheapshot was given the opportunity to join the Aerial Trooper, or more commonly called, Jet Trooper Program. By the time he rejoined us after a few months of training, He had become death from above to the CIS forces with his new EMP Launcher. His favorite, and albeit annoying new catchphrase was: 'That was a Cheap Shot!'. His favorite thing to do being to find an out-of-the-way spot to sit and rain EMP blasts down onto our unsuspecting enemies, often taking Hawkeye along with him.

By the time the Battle on Geonosis was over, only three ally Super Battle Droids were left, as where I had told them to stay put...Wasn't such a good spot to stay put after all...I took it upon myself to name them...Lareh, Mo, and Kurli, respectively. I also upgraded the three, making them custom armor plating using Clone Armor, short distance jump jets, better targeting systems, Elite Wrist Blasters, and a battle program developed based on the legendary Droid Asassin HK-47's skills...Not an easy task to obtain such programming...But nonetheless... This made them much more than a match for their enemy bretheren.

All seven of them and the three Super Battle Droids became the backbone of my personal Company, which grew to include other Clones as well...But none seemed to stay longer than the original 7...They were often taken out in fire fights.

Tsukaya was assigned to us as our permanent Jedi General...To be truthful, I'm glad she could stay. We worked well together...And as I put it before...There's something special about her...Though I still can't figure out why...


The Jedi Temple~*

Tsukaya sat in a dimly lit room, partially in meditation...Awaiting Yoda's arrival.

Tsukaya had often done this, back on her homeworld of Naboo. She found she couldn't truly concentrate and meditate without there being a low level of light.
She ran through her mind the memories of her first mission with the Clones...And the mystery behind The Force being so strong in Irvine.

Clones were all made the same...Each distributed low levels of midichlorians. But within Irvine she sensed almost as much of a midichlorian count as Master Yoda or Obi Wan Kenobi have...The only possible explanations were either, one, that someone had made some sort of error when creating Irvine...Or two...The Force itself decided it manifest itself this much within the ARC Trooper's body...That the ARC Trooper has some great destiny before him in the future...

Either way...Tsukaya had no idea of what could or even should be done. She sighed to herself, as she heard the automatic door slide open, then shut, as small footsteps and a wooden cane could be heard.

Master Yoda had arrived.

Tsukaya: Hello, Master Yoda....I'm pleased you could see me on such short notice. I do hope I didn't cause any trouble with my request to see you.

Yoda: Ah, trouble? Trouble it is not. *sitting down on a nearby hoverchair, his hoverchair, and getting comfortable* Sense I do, a great importance in me seeing you there is. Curious I am...Yes. Very curious. Now, what need have you?

Tsukaya: Well...Master Yoda, I've discovered an anomaly having to do with The Force. I was assigned to a Clone Trooper Squad and to watch the first ARC Trooper to be deployed in combat.

Yoda: Perform poorly, he did?

Tsukaya: Quite the opposite, Master, he was spectacular in battle. I highly recommend more ARCs be integrated into the Army of the Republic...But...

Yoda: More to say, have you? Go on.

Tsukaya: Master Yoda...I sensed the Force was strong within him...A level of power only matched by some Jedi Masters. I suspect it was a genetic flaw that remained
un-corrected, or...That the Force may have willingly manifested itself greatly in him by it's own accord.

Yoda: Aha...Interesting very, this Clone...If more un-spoiled he was, a great Jedi he could have been...But much too integrated with militaristic know how he is now.
Not very much we could do...

Tsukaya: Master...I was thinking, he doesn't need to become a Jedi in order to receive lessons in controlling The Force...For I fear if this power builds up enough without
him using it, it could very well destroy him...And Clone or not, he is a living breathing being...I couldn't just sit back and let it happen. Please Master Yoda, may I teach him techniques on how to control and use his growing bond with The Force?

Yoda: *sighs* Very true it is, that right it would not be to allow him to be consumed by this bond with the Force. Fear I do, that should Chancellor Palpatine or other Republic officials find out, exploit him they would. Try to recreate it they would...Yes. The ways of the Force teach him. But no Jedi training, and no mentioning to the council... Too risky it would be.

Tsukaya: Thank you, Master Yoda, do not worry...I will not dissapoint you.

Yoda: Sure I am, you will not. Now go young one, my meditation time it is, and much to do have you. May the Force be with you.

Tsukaya: *bows slightly* Goodbye Master Yoda. I will inform you of his progress.

Yoda: *nods as he relaxes, closing his eyes and drifting deeper into meditation* Hrm...A Clone in tune with the Force...Clouded his future is...


Aboard The Venator Class Republic Assault Ship Meteor Shower...

The Meteor Shower-

The Hangar~*

Cheapshot: *chatting with Hawkeye and Scramjet*... So then I say, that's no Rancor, that's my Date!

The three Clones broke out laughing at the joke. Cheapshot was known for joking around, even on the battlefield...Leading the other Clones in Irvine's Company to begin thinking he was called Cheapshot for more than one reason.

Scramjet: Jeez you're awful. *chuckles* I thought Twi'leks were supposed to be....You know.

Cheapshot: Tell that to HER. Her voice was more horrific than the sound of screaming at a mynock biting off your groin!

Hawkeye: *smacks his own face, looking a little pale* Ouch...Thanks for putting that horrific thought into my mind.

Scramjet: You seriously need to lay off the more gory jokes, man.

Cheapshot: Fine, fine, as long as you plan to work on your landings.

Scramjet: I beg your pardon?! My landings are FLAWLESS.

Cheapshot: That's not what my lower back is sayin.

Scramjet: Why you scruffy nerf---

Hawkeye jumped in to hold Scramjet back as Cheapshot put his palms up in defense and tilted back a little to avoid Scramjet's stranglish hands...

Irvine: Easy now, men.

Irvine walked into the room surveying the scene before him...Which wasn't terribly uncommon. Cheapshot was always pissing Scramjet off like that about his flying...
Scramjet truly was the best pilot in the Armored Angels Company. Cheapshot just liked to push Scramjet's buttons.

The three Clones stood at attention, but Irvine waved for them to relax with a casual pushing down motion of his right hand.

Irvine: At ease. I just wanted to get you younglings to calm down.

Scramjet: He started it.

Cheapshot: Yeah, I started it, but you tried to turn it into a deathmatch.

Scramjet: GAH! *throws up his hands in defeat* Just shut it already.

Hawkeye: I was just standing here...Watching...Keeping the peace.

Irvine: I saw that...You two are getting worse than the Trio.

Over on the other end of the Hangar, the three B2's were having a bit of a tiff themselves...Which was insanely bizarre to hear, escpecially from droids built to be killing machines...That and their electronic voices.

Mo: Listen you two knuckleheads, the Boss wants us to have his ship prepped and ready to go just in case!

Lareh: Aw, c'mon Mo, I was only chatting with that sweet little Astromech that cleans up around here.

Kurli: It looked a little more than chatting, Lareh.

Lareh: Wise guy, eh? *pokes Kurli with his two-'fingered' hand in the optics*

Kurli: OW! Nyaaaaa!! *brushes his hands on the sides of his 'head' rapidly*

The four Clone Troopers watched the three B2's scuffle with awkward looks on their faces, each more awkward than the last.

Hawkeye: Exactly what the bloody hell have you been letting them watch on the Holonet?

Cheapshot: Oh, just some weird transmission that I couldn't identify the source of...From some galaxy far away...*twiddling his fingers*

Irvine: ........................Right then. Anyway, I came to get you all for a good go at the simulator, since we haven't been called to action for some time---

Suddenly, the Meteor Shower's klaxon alarms went off...

Cheapshot: You were saying?

Razza: *on the loud speaker* Commander! We're receiving an urgent message from Kamino, I think you'd better get up to the bridge right away.

Irvine: *clicks the communicator built into the left wrist of his armor* I'm on my way.


Irvine, Scramjet, Cheapshot, Hawkeye, and the B2 Trio made their way to the Bridge, running most of the way.

Irvine: *the splitting sliding doors opening as he sprinted in*...Play it.

Razza: *hits a button on his control panel* You got it.

The Prime Minister of Kamino, Lama Su, appeared on the main holo projector of the bridge...

Lama Su: ARC Commander Irvine, we are in dire need of you and your Legion's help. Kamino is under attack from the Seperatist forces, we are being overwhelmed. Please hurry---

The holo projector cut to static...

Razza: Transmission lost.

Irvine: You all heard him, plot a Lightspeed jump straight for Kamino, *turns* Scramjet?

Scramjet: Kamino Express, coming up. *hops into the main pilot's seat, taking the controls*

Irvine: *on the loudspeaker across the ship* All Clone Pilots, prep your ships for battle. All Clone Troopers ready yourselves, this battle is personal. *he says before marching out of the room, clicking on a comm signal back to Razza* Razza, patch me through to Tsukaya. We're going to need all the help we can get...


As The Meteor Shower dropped out of it's lightspeed jump, the scene before them was absolutely ravaged.

Thousands of CIS, Clone, and Jedi starfighters' debrii was scattered everywhere, amongst a still ongoing battle...

Space Battle Above Kamino-

Another Republic Assault Ship directly in front of the Meteor Shower was hit by a CIS Capitol Ship's cannons, delivering a final blow to the forementioned Assault Ship...Enough to break it in two.

Scramjet: Hold on to your genetically grown asses!

Scramjet manuevered the Meteor Shower into a tilted angle ever so slowly, managing to only be scraped across the hull by the snapped-in-half wreckage of the destroyed Assault Ship...

Scramjet: I've got a handle of things up here Commander, you get down there and protect our little brothers and our home!

Irvine: *over the comm* Got it, and launching.

V-19 Torrent Starfighter-

Irvine's customized V-19 Torrent Starfighter tore out of the main hangar of the Meteor Shower at top speed, headed straight down the middle of a formation of Droid Fighters, blasting away as many as he could, before ducking under a Droid Assault Craft...He then went into a barrel roll as he narrowly managed to avoid hitting the bow of a CIS Capitol Ship, their cannons aimed directly at him...

Irvine: SLAG!

Irvine did a vertical u-turn, as the emmense blasts from the cannons scorched the middle fin of his starfighter. He shot back at the cannons with two concussion missles,
destroying the cannons and causing havoc on the inside of the Capitol Ship.

Irvine veered back to his course headed straight for the Planet, when his central engine burst into flame.

Irvine: Steady, hold together for me until you get me down to that planet!

Irvine yelled angrily at the V-19, as he could no longer manuever the craft as he'd done before...The ship broke through the Atmosphere, streaking towards the platforms of Tipoca City like a stray asteroid.Seeing that he wouldn't be able to land the ship, Irvine unbuckled his restraints and blew the top, grabbing the blanket from his emergency survival kit, and letting it get caught in the wind, lifting him up as a makeshift parachute.

The ill-fated V-19 streaked down and hit the support beams of a platform where CIS Forces were assembled and exploded into a burst of fighter debrii... Sending the entire lot tumbling into the unforgiving ocean below...

Meanwhile, Irvine himself held onto the emergency blanket-chute for dear life with one hand, while in the other he had a DC15 Handblaster, firing down at the Super Battle Droids and Droid Snipers trying to shoot him down...

Unfortunately, one of them succeeded.

As Irvine yelled, falling 20 feet at a very fast pace, he took out his other Hand Blaster, firing at several Battle Droids that were sneaking up on Jedi Kit Fisto. Fisto turned around after slashing a Super in half, seeing the ARC Trooper who had performed cover fire falling out of the sky...

Kit Fisto-

Fisto thrust his left palm up, using the Force to catch Irvine before he hit the platform, and lowered him onto his feet.

Irvine: Whew, thanks for the assist. *does a casual salute with one hand*

Kit Fisto merely grinned before turning back about to slash another group of Droids to pieces.

Irvine: *turns on his comm to the Kaminoan Cloners* Prime Minister, I'm here. Where do you need me? I'm somewhere around Docking Platform 94.

There was a short silence, before the Kaminoan's voice came to audibility.

Lama Su: Commander Irvine, thank goodness you could make it. You must activate your ARC Trooper bretheren. We are running out of options, and the CIS forces have infiltrated the Cloning facilities, and we are having trouble activating them remotely.

Irvine: Alright, I'm on my way.

Lama Su: Jedi General Tsukaya has also made her way to the Planet. I shall instruct her to meet you along the way.

Irvine: Understood. Irvine, out.

Irvine took his Westar M5 from over his shoulder, and immediately began to fire, mowing down droid after droid as he made his way across the rain-laden platforms that were, just days ago, were peaceful.

Now mixed among the rain puddles were pools of blood, droid parts, and dead Clone Troopers...

Battle of Kamino-

Irvine's ARC Trooper bretheren were kept locked away deep within the Tipoca City Cloning Center, in cryo stasus until they were needed...
There was never as desperate a time as now.

Unfortunately, the CIS Forces were already at the doors leading to where the ARCS were kept, making his way across dozens of platforms and through hundreds of CIS Droids... Irvine slipped in to the cloning center, making it to the corridor leading to the ARC's room...He peered around the corner, counting over 30 Droids in this room alone...

Irvine felt a hand on his shoulder and instinctively whipped a handblaster in the direction of where the hand came from.

Tsukaya: Easy, it's just me! *in a whisper of a voice*

Irvine: Tsukaya...Sorry. A little on the edge here. I'm glad you're here...Do you think you could distract the droids long enough for me to sneak in through those doors over there?

Tsukaya: Of course...So that's where your brothers are. I look forward to meeting them once all of this is done.

Irvine: I'll introduce you personally...Now, we're running out of time. On three...

Tsukaya: Three!

Tsukaya zipped from her spot next to Irvine and into direct eye to optics contact with the Droids.

Tsukaya: Hey, think you gear-heads can keep up with me? *zips away down the hall, switching her lightsaber on*

B2: Jedi! Engage pursuit and open fire!

B1: Roger Roger!

25 of the mix of B1, B2 Battle Droids, leaving five Supers...As soon as the others were clear gone after Tsukaya, Irvine burst from around the corner, casting a hail of Blasterfire on the five Battle Droids, overwhelming them and taking them down, the last bursting to pieces from being hit in it's power supply.

Irvine made his way to the door of the ARC's room...keeping his Westar M5 ready...He took out his idenfication tags, each with a bold ARC on the back...And slipped each respectively into a strange looking scanner to the left of the double sliding doors...A confirmation sound emitted from it as the doors slowly opened up...Letting loose a blast of cold air and mist...

Computer Voice: Welcome Home, ARC 007...

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I've had alot to catch up on but I really like the direction this seems to be going.


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Hehe, thanks. ^_^

This'll be the last part for now.

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I'm not a big fan of Star Wars stuff, but that was pretty interesting. 8D; I've only read the first chapter so far, but it sounds good! I'll have to catch up on the other chapters in a bit. ^^;

As for criticism, I highly suggest using the non-script format, especially if you want to create suspence and draw people into what they're reading. [As for the rule... ask me about it, I guess? I'll tell you on IM, if you want. 8D;;]


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Thanks. ^_^

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