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Fanfiction ► Squaresoft & Inuyasha?!?

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Mar 7, 2005
Oh, just hanging out with Demy - HEY GET BACK HERE
Van: I can't believe they fired them O_O. Oh well, least we still got our jobs in our fic right?

Me: But of course. After all, you are my creations muwahahahaha.....


Davis: Dude, we've been unemployed since Season 2 and we're still here! Live with it!

Tai: Yeah!

Izzy: It'd be nice to have another series though....

Tai: (sighs) Yeah.....

Me: Eagerly awaits the next part ^_^. And don't you Digimon guys get all whiny about not having ob, cause we're starting the main fic tonight.

All Digimon chars: We know......

Me: (glare)

All Digimon chars: I mena yes ma'am! (salutes)

Me: ^_^


Jan 12, 2004
Bouncing in my chair waiting for KH3

An hour later....

Inuyasha:*out on the street*"Man! Now what are we gonna do?????"

Kikyo:*sobbing*"I wanted my Mercades!!!!!!"

*Sesshomaru standing in a corner*

Inuyasha:"Hey! So now what, huh? Sesshomaru? Hey! I'm talking to you!!!!!!"



*goes up to poke him*

*sesshomaru crumbles on the spot*

Inuyasha:*screams like a schoolgirl*

Sango:"Oh that's great, Inuyasha! You killed him!"

*Sesshomaru comes back to life*

Sesshomaru:"AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! What the hell am I going to do!!!!! How am I gonna pay my car payments? My gaint Mansion? All the candy and toys that I promised to buy Rin!!!!!!!!"

All Inuyasha group:".............."

Sesshomaru:"What are you all staring at??????"

Inuyasha and co."Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!"

*Sesshomaru:"*runs off insanely*

Miroku:"And to think he was the coolest of us all....."

Inuyasha:"What are you talking about Miroku???"

Kagome:"Well, he is hot..."

Sango:"And very cool with his Fluffy...."

Kikyo:"And don't forget he looks cool with make-up on!!!!"


I'll come back for the KH group...


Jan 12, 2004
Bouncing in my chair waiting for KH3
Okies! Back on! Thanks Kaze! Okay, first off:

This next piece IS NOT MY OWN!!!!

It all came from this place: www.ear-tweak.com

The webmaster(mistress?) Is M.Sato(Or Kuro? I've seen both names running around...)

Anyway, like said, this isn't mine.

Addresing the story...

This is what Inuyasha has gone through so far in the Anime:

It's like a Condenced version o Inuyasha, or 'Condensed Yasha' as this is called. So here we go!

Part 1: Let's Get Together, yeah yeah yeah...

KAGOME: Laa-dee-daa. Here I am in the Sengoku Jidai. Hey, who are you? *blink*

INUYASHA: Damn. You look like the woman I love.
I mean... that I hate... I mean that I love... I mean...


INUYASHA: Yeah, I hate her. For now. I think.

KAGOME: Hey! I have a jewel! Everyone wants my jewel! So to make life more interesting, let's smash it into lots and lots of really teeny little pieces!!

INUYASHA: I hate you, too.

KAGOME: Inuyasha! Be nice! SIT!

INUYASHA: *WHAM* $#&(*&!@@*&!^&!!!!!

KAEDE: Ye will go and find the jewel fragments.


KAEDE: And ye will not mock crappy dubbing.

SESSHOUMARU: You pathetic hanyou half-brother of mine. You will die!!

KAGOME: Everyone wants you to die, don't they? Gee, Inuyasha. What did you DO to everyone to make them so... not like you? Because I like you. You can't be ALL that bad. Um, right?

INUYASHA: He's just jealous because Dad left me the COOL sword, and he got stuck with that crappy one.

KAGOME: Wow! Protect me with your really cool big sword Inuyasha!

INUYASHA: Yeah, whatever.

SESSHOUMARU: Jealous of you? Ha. Don't make me laugh. I'm taller, more handsome, have better fashion sense, AND I look good in makeup.

KAGOME: Oh yeah? Well HE has cute puppy-ears! See? *tweak tweak*

INUYASHA: Don't even go there.

SESSHOUMARU: No, no... she has a point. Those ears are girl magnets. I wish I could say the same of my fluff, but it just serves to confuse everyone. Not to mention I only have one arm...

INUYASHA: Yeah, well, next time, we won't run while we're holding the swords. Dad TOLD us someone might take out a body part or something.

SHIPPOU: Can I come, with you guys now? I'm all alone! And you need an obligatory cute character to join you on your show. It's a given.

KAGOME: Aww, you're so cute! Okay, come along! *huggles*

INUYASHA: Pah. Stupid brat. I hate cute.

MIROKU: Ooo! Pretty girl! *rub rub* May I come with you on your quest to find the jewel? Will you bear my child? I have this nasty kazaana thing in my hand and... *rub rub*

KAGOME: Stop touching me! And ew, you perv!

SANGO: I would like to join your team, as well. My village was wiped out and I must find my brother's killer.

MIROKU: I would certainly not have a problem with that. *rub rub*

KAGOME: Whee! How much fun will that be! Because if it were just me and these three guys, that would be too weird. Now we can have so much fun! *glitter hearts stars*

INUYASHA: Resisting... urge... to beat everyone up... *veinpop*

NARAKU: Kukukukukuku... I, Naraku, have beseiged my villanous plague upon you all! Kukukuku!

INUYASHA: Bastard! You suck!

There you have it! I dd not alter that in any way, so this is the original (So Kuro/Sato won't kill me..)

In case you didn't know...

Inu-Tachi: Inuyasha's group(Y'know, Miroku, Sango, Kagome..)
Hanyou: Half-Demon
Kukuku: Naraku's evl laugh
Sengoku Jidai: Feudal Era

Hope that was fun, and I'm SORRY for being so lte *Bows down before everyone* -Yes, Including you...


May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D
LMAO!! I read all of 'em, of course!! I needed some maral support from Inu-Kun before I went to accursed school!!

*smites school*

Thanks for the link, Oathkeeper!! Real updatedness soooon!!! ^_^


Jan 12, 2004
Bouncing in my chair waiting for KH3
okay! ^^,

From the funny imagination of Jebusluvsyou of FanFiction.net, I present you (But DO NOT OWN)

40 Way to Piss off Naraku.

1. Cut off his hair

2. Dye his hair hot pink

3. Break Kanna's mirror and blame it on Kagura

4. When he gets pissed off just smile sweetly

5. Sing loudly and obnoxiously

6. When he meets up with Sesshomaru yell "Stop looking at Sesshomaru that way, pervert!" when they're talking

7. Join up with InuYasha

8. Say, "My, youre a very pretty lady"

9. Tell him repeatedly that InuYasha's way stronger and that he'll never be able to beat him

10. Go streaking through his castle, screaming at the top of your lungs

11. When he's confronting InuYasha yell, "What hes trying to say, InuYasha, is that he loves you"

12. Stare at him when he's not looking

13. When he's sleeping put bows and such in his hair

14. Ask him why the hell can't he beat InuYasha

15. Draw on his baboon pelt

16. Dress up in his baboon pelt and run around his castle in it

17. Write I LUV INUYASHA on his baboon pelt

18. When he's in his baboon pelt, give him some bananas

19. Make monkey noises when he has his back turned and when he looks at you point at Kagura/Kanna

20. Stare at him for a few secs before saying in a questioning tone, "maybe hes born with it or..." and then yell "MAYBE ITS MAYBALLINE"

21. Play music loudly all night

22. Scream the 'bananas' part from Gwen Stefanis "Hollaback Girl" when you see him in his baboon pelt

23. Sing songs about friendship, other happy things, or the Barney theme song

24. When he's mad say, "Sounds like someone could use a hug!" and hug him

25. When he messes up in battle laugh at him

26. Ask him for hair-care tips

27. When he starts talking about his evil plans boo and hiss

28. Ask "why?" all the time

29. If he's mean to you hit him and yell, "No banana for you, Mister Monkey"

30. Poke him repeatedly

31. Tell him the bad guy always loses

32. Yell, "I am Simba, you are Rafiki"

33. When hes talking out loud to himself yell "MUMBLER"

34. Play the "I Spy" game and no matter what he guesses, say "no"

35. Tell him that you got rid of all those nasty hornets flying around his castle

36. When he's just sitting, doing nothing, stare intently at him and when he looks at you scream, "Stop staring at me"

37. Tell InuYasha all his weak points

38. When InuYasha (or anyone) comes to fight Naraku, come out with a sign that says "Save the monkeys" and march in front of Naraku like you're at a protest

39. When Naraku starts talking about all his problems, say in a serious tone, "Now tell me about your childhood"

40. Give him dresses/skirts on his birthday and say, "It's a shame that such a pretty girl like yourself is always in men's clothing"

Liked it? Click here http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2624162/1/ to give him/her a review (even if you are not a member)

It isn't my story, so I guess that's what I can do for posting his/her fic in another site......But I am claiming THAT IT ISN'T MINE!
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