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Mar 24, 2014
If I put this on the wrong forum I am sorry, But who would win in an all-out war The Spyro-verse or the KH-verse.
Spyro gets every villain, boss, and
Protagonist they ever had in their games.

Kingdom Hearts gets every villain,
boss (this includes special bosses save Sephiroth and the Ice titan, Lingering
Will and everything in the Cave or Remembrance), and Protagonist they ever had
in their games. (Save the Genies due to it becoming an instant stomp)

Restrictions: Heartless can't make newheartless from killing other people, Xemnas is in his base form; the moon comesout every 2 hours and lingers for 45 min. All repeated characters (characterswho were either resurrected, main characters, and recurring villains) are in their most recent incarnation and also no space fleets or ship assaults seeing as how the other side has no space faring tech if proven wrong then Space Fleets allowed. all small time enemies (enemies you encounter throughout each game) gets 3000 soldiers for each faction all of said forces are comprised of the most common kind of each species. KH has 5 so 15,000 for Spyro some research needs to be done because I don't truely know how much they have.

Other: All people in this war have
access to all powers and abilities with each side has being
shown in battles or special battles
in (Xemnas's case all powers used while in
that form and his tower dragon form and all O13 members get powers shown in
Cave or Remembrance and in their respective games).

Field of war: The vast expanse of land
from after KH but before KH: CoM.