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Nov 1, 2009
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5 story quests have been added (No. 881~885). Welcome to the world of 'Wreck-It-Ralph'.

*Bad Guy Breaker can now be upgraded to +10.

Watch the scenes with English subtitles, with translations by goldpanner!

(Player and Chirithy leave the Niceland Apartment Building.)

Chirithy: Hmm. We haven't seen those glitches around.

We can't just leave things like this…

I know!

(Chirithy has an idea.)

Chirithy: That villain we met before. What was his name? Ralph? We should go talk to him.

Villainy and Darkness have some overlap, right? Maybe he knows something.

(They make it to the dump but Ralph is nowhere to be found. But suddenly, fireworks in Felix's likeness start shooting off in the sky above the apartment building.)

Chirithy: Oh wow, fireworks!

Wait, this isn't the time to relax. We have to find Ralph!

(Player spots Ralph entering the apartment building and gestures over at it.)

Chirithy: There he is!

...wait. If you knew you should have said something! I can't with you.

Hurry up and go after him.

(Chirithy disappears and Player returns to the apartments.)

(Player climbs the outside of the apartment and enters the top floor via the roof, only to find a Heartless waiting for them. They quickly dispatch it, and Chirithy returns.)

Chirithy: We chased Ralph and Heartless showed up…

Looks like he really does have something to do with the darkness.

(Chirithy disappears. Player overhears a conversation going on in the penthouse.)

???: Only good guys win medals and you, sir, are no good guy!

???: I could be a good guy if I wanted to. And I could win a medal.

???: Ahah? And when you do, come and talk to us. But it will never happen, because you're just the bad guy who wrecks the building.

(There's a splat, and the doors throw open as Ralph makes his way out whilst continuing to argue with the people inside.)

Ralph: Alright, Gene, you know what? I'm gonna win a medal.

Oh I am gonna win a medal. The shiniest medal this place has ever seen.

(The doors close. Player watches as Ralph leaves the apartments. After a moment, the doors peek open again, and Felix leans out.)

Felix: Hi, welcome, did I…

(He sighs deeply due to what just transpired but tries to put on a happy face.)

Felix: …invite you to the party too?

It's to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this game, Fix-it Felix Jr....

Today's the day. Ralph was wrecking it all, even the cake.

That Ralph. He was yelling about how he can win a medal, the proof of a hero.

But villains don't win medals.

(Felix returns to the party. Chirithy reappears.)

Chirithy: We got rid of the Heartless, but I'm nervous about Ralph.

Let's try to find out a little more about this world.

(Player makes their way down to the ground, when suddenly Felix bursts out from the apartment entrance in a panic.)

Felix: Hey, you haven't seen Ralph, have you?

We can't have a game without a bad guy!

(Suddenly, a bunch of Flap Bugs appear!)

Felix: More outsiders? This is not your game.

(The Flap Bugs attack Felix, but Player parries the attack to save him. Felix runs back inside to safety.)

Felix: Um, you know what, I don't think you're the bad guy we're looking for.

(Felix closes the door. Player proceeds to dispatch the Flap Bugs on their own. Once the bugs are gone, Felix returns to speak with Player, when suddenly, everything turns red.)

Felix: Oh no… We're Out of Order.

(He turns to Player, angry.)

Felix: Do our game properly or don't do it at all.

And Ralph's gone. Our 31st is the worst.

(Player asks about Ralph.)

Felix: Ralph probably fell asleep in the washroom of Tappers again.

Oh right, if you're going to see him, mind giving him this message from me?

Get back here right now.

(Player takes their leave.)

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Did anyone else thought of a parallel to the Kingdom Hearts moon with the heart shaped fireworks? hahaha