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TV ► (SPOILERS) The Run Up To CRISIS (pun intended)


Nyx Winters

The Dawn Fox
Oct 26, 2008
So with the biggest arrowverse crossover about to begin (Spanning 5 hours) i'd like to take a look at the threads leading up to and changes to timeline and multiverse this crisis will cause, considering we have already lost earth 2 and that looks to be the first of many earths to fall. So i thought id'd start a conversation about our upcoming crisis for me and any other arrowverse fans to debate and talk.

1. The case of Oliver Queen:
One of the big things im hoping for is that they touch back on the legends of tomorrow episode "star city 2046" is it possible that is the oliver that never gave his life for crisis? how did he lose his arm? (i know there is an obvious nod to his role in the dark knight returns graphic novel) or a weirder twist this is the oliver from the OG timeline post crisis but we will see some changes in the new timeline. and also where the fuck did felicity go at the end of s7 is oli still alive? but more then that i am enjoying how each episode so far has been love note to a season.

2. The Case of John Diggle: (and for that matter the entire diggle clan) HOLY XEHANORT'S PANTIES YOU READY FOR THIS
so back to that legends ep "star city 2046" in this original timeline diggle junior becomes connor hawke and takes up the bow effectively becoming the green arrow under olivers tutelage but after barry created flashpoint he changed the timeline in ways he still has yet to understand, i believe his intervention in the timeline altered the events changing john diggle jr into deathstroke's protege (and then john(dad john) diggle adopted some kid named connor hawke?) so can this be fixed with another alteration to the events of crisis?

and finally will we see john take the ring of willpower and fulfill his legacy as the Green Lantern? do we get to see the impact the lantern wielders will have in crisis? will he get a spin off following his adventures as a space cop? or will he become a LEGEND (because that would be an epic show)

my next case will be The impossible case of barry allen (and makes this whole post look small in comparison) and the life altering case of kara danvers but i'm incredibly tired right now and will finish this later guys, But thanks for reading and please tell me your crisis theories and concerns
peace out