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*spoilers* Concerning Ephemer, the union leaders, and how kH3 hinted at the dark ending of KHux cross (whenever it does end)



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Dec 16, 2019
Based on what I've analyzed concerning kh ux and kh3, and kh3 remind *SPOILERS*, it looks like KH ux is going to have a pretty dark ending.

What we've seen so far:

1) Ventus has "Darkness" inside of him in his dive to the heart, who Sora recognized as vanitas, then fought a heartless that looked almost exactly like the secret boss from the battle gate

2) the battle gate boss's red scarf seems linked to Ephemer, who appeared to Sora as he did in KH ux, which means he either died at that age, looks young for the same reason Eraqus and Xehanort did when they passed on, or lost his heart to darkness and possibly became a heartless (by this I mean he was slain through other means that produced a heartless)

3) it's possible skuld is the girl Lea and Isa knew and then she disappeared (possibly due to luxu/Xigbar, hopefully not)

4) lauriam and larxene became nobodies (lost their hearts) with no recollection of their past. Which means they were also probably slain or consumed by darkness

5)Ventus survived and had darkness sealed inside him and was somehow sent to the future, along with his memory wiped and chirity chose to stay away since he lost the memories.

6) Brain (most likely eraqus ancestor) is likely the only one who survived everything and stayed in his time which led to him having descendant's. Possibly responsible for sending friends to the future to avoid whatever happened in their time. Probably a huge catastrophic battle if even daybreak town is underwater.

In theory, this is going to lead to some dark stuff. Lauriam and larxenes somebody are probably gonna get consumed by darkness either there or after emerging in the future, Ephemer is 100 percent probably gonna die or sacrifice himself.

Ventus will probably offer himself up to seal darkness away and save the day and his still living friends not knowing it's probably what darkness wants (since it's either vanitas or where vanitas truly sprang from)

Brain is gonna be literally the sole survivor and probably sends who he can to the future to preserve hope and "rewrite" things from what the book of prophecies intended.

I feel like it's going to be darker than birth by sleep was (since we know there isn't a happy ending), considering all the good guys who get either consumed, killed, or mind wiped.

That and luxu is probably going to be a big reason if not THE reason some of these people became nobodies (causing their original selves desrtruction).

Hope things get better eventually though.
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