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I'm somebody
Apr 6, 2016
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To get into a new story, I must explain that this was a dream I had recently that I wanted to turn into a story for you all to read.
The prologue will be focused on the dream itself, other chapters will go beyond the dream.
I hope you all enjoy!

Why did I do it? I could have earned revenge some other way...
Now I've changed the lives of both me and my friends, my pack.
But they should never know, never know it's my fault...
Or else we will never be our old selves again.



"Will peace ever be achieved in this village?"
I always question it myself, reader.
My village, Sanctuary, is where I live since my mother introduced me to the world, a small village surrounded by woods and mountains that give off a radiant look.
But don't let the name fool you, our village has been under mass killings of all types of people for the past 3 years whenever night falls.
Men, women and even children, killed by unknown attacks. Most say it's animal attacks, others think it's a curse upon the village. I can never tell who seems more right, but I do know the attacks were not caused by any human.

But I've grown to want to protect this place, make this place an actual sanctuary like its name. This place isn't just some place where death becomes your friend. And I crave revenge, as whatever is killing the village folk killed my father a year ago.

One day I was depressed and sat close to the forest north of Sanctuary, daydreaming about my father. My friends Sam, Thomas, Kas, Katie and Liz played in the village without me, I wasn't in the mood to play today.
My thoughts were interrupted by a man who approached me in brown, raggedy clothing.

"Are you ok ma'am?" he spoke in concern.
I look at him with curiosity, wondering why he was there with me. No one usually goes this far from the village except hunters. And, I didn't recognize this man from the village.
"I'm ok, just getting some fresh air," I lie, breathing in the clean air.
I sit comfortably in the long grass, picking a dandelion from the earth and gaze upon it while the man stands next to me looking down from where I sat.
"You're that girl Emily Johnson, aren't you? The one who lost her father a year ago, right?"
I clench the dandelion tight in my hand, avoiding the wave of sadness come crashing back to me.
"Yeah, so? And who are you? Gandolf?" I snap.
He looks at me in shock by my change in attitude. He sits down next to me and looks off into the forest.
"My name is Jacob. I came to you to offer you something, something that you may very well want," he tempts. I turn and stare at him, thinking he was crazy and that he doesn't know what I really want. But yet, I was interested.
"What is your offer?" I ask, almost afraid to find out. He grins.
"Revenge," he speaks, his words like ice that gives me a chill. I was worried about what this may bring, but more than anything I wanted revenge.... for my father's death.
He pulls out a paper that looks ancient with a feather ink pen, which he then places in my hands carefully.
"This paper is a contract, one that when signed, you will get what you desire," he speaks quietly like it's a secret that someone will hear.
I look into my hands that holds the items to my future. I think for a moment, deciding if this should be what I take to get revenge.
I unravel the contract and find where my name would soon land and wrote it. After I was done, he chuckled and grabbed the contract out of my hands and got up.
"It was a pleasure meeting you Emily. You will soon get want you want."
Before I could ask him what he meant, he walked away and disappeared. I felt dread as though that was a huge mistake I just made.

Just as he left, my friends came running to me from the village. But as they arrived to where I sat, one by one my friends crumbled to the ground groaning. I felt a rush of fear and before I could react, a burst of pain crashed to my head as I grab my temples. The pain increases like fire till I scream out of my lungs and crash into the ground, everything immediately turning black.

I wake up in a loud gasp, looking up to see an endless dark night sky, the only thing providing light was the moon. I go to stand up, but I don't have any balance in my legs as I come crashing into the earth on my back that shot pains all over it.
"What the-?" I stopped. I glance over to see that my friends that laid there were not human.
They were wolves.
I begin to panic as I look down at my hands that are now replaced with white paws. I share the same exact fate.
No no no no no no! NO! I scream in my head.
Am I dreaming? Please please please let me be! Oh, how can this have happened?
I start to sob, not even wanting to look at myself or my friends in shame. All until I see a figure come towards me in the darkness.
I growled at him as he comes closer to me, then stops.
"Don't you even dare come near me or my friends. Why... why am I this... this... BEAST!? Why are my friends beasts too!? What did you do to us you...you CREEP!?"
He slowly back up, almost looking afraid to answer.
"Hey, you were the one who didn't read the contract! But that doesn't matter, you still got what you want."
I looked at him like he was a madman, was he freaking drunk or something?
"Um hello, this technically wasn't my definition of what I wanted!" I sarcastically responded.
Jacob then laughed a little too loud at my smart aleck response.
"Yeah you did. You want to avenge your father's death, is that correct? Well, you have to fight what killed him in order to get that revenge. The only way you can is become what killed him. And this task you can't do alone, you need a pack. Welp, there you go!" He gestures over to my still unconscious friends.
I look down, putting everything all together in my head.

Wolves, it was wolves that killed him, my father, the villagers, everyone who has died...

"I know this maybe hard to take in, but I know that you'll figure it out," he assures.
"Seeing as you didn't read the contract, I'll tell you. You have exactly 2 weeks to complete the task of ridding what kills in your village. Succeed before nightfall of the last day, and you and your friends return to your former selves. Fail? You all will forever remain this way for the rest of your miserable lives."
The last sentence that passed his lips struck me like a spear into my gut.
Jacob then smirks at me like he enjoys my fear.
"I like the new look! Better than the old!" He mocks.
"SHUT UP!" I scream at him. Then I try to run to him but fail to, as running with four legs isn't going to be an easy task for me.
Jacob laughs at my misery and walks away disappearing, the words spoken still echoing in my mind that may scar me for life.
​2 weeks.... 2 weeks...... 2 weeks......
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I'm somebody
Apr 6, 2016
  • Longest Night
  • Before Midnight
  • Happy Holidays!
  • 7 Days Later
  • Sea Salt Trio
  • Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory
Day 1: Awakening

I stare at the empty darkness, completely speechless. I couldn't comprehend any of the information I was just given. I couldn't think straight, all I wanted to do was sleep and wake up back to my old self like it was just a bad dream.
I tried to lay down, shut my eyes closed tight and began whispering to myself:
Just a bad dream, just a bad dream, just a bad dream!
I peek out of one of my eyes to see my friends still wolves and still laying outside in the dark, warm night. Tears began to stream out and down my now furry cheeks.

"No... it's real. And everything is... my fault. Everything, I'm so stupid!"
Suddenly, I jerk myself up on all four legs.
"No, it was Jacob's fault! If he hadn't shown me that dumb contract, I wouldn't have ever signed it and done this to us! It's JACOB'S FAULT!!!"

Just then, I see my friend Sam jerk slightly. Then Liz too. Thomas, Katie, everyone.
Everyone was waking up, as if from a blissful dream.
But they're about to wake up in a nightmare.
I turn away from them, not wanting to see how horrified they would look at discovering their new form.
Groans, one by one filled the air. I prepared myself for the upcoming punches full of guilt.

Everyone had awakened feeling nauseous and confused.
Emily explained about the forms they now take, everyone in shock and fear at the unfortunate news.
Emily reassures them saying it was only a curse, that the task was to take out all the predators around the village before the last day of the second week or else the forms would be permanent. Emily never explains the contract or Jacob to her friends, or the trust between her and the pack would be broken.
This successfully encourages the pack to want to complete the mission, but there were still doubts that hanged in the air.

"We don't even know how to even fight..." Sam points out.
"Especially as... well... beasts."
I move over to Sam and look down at her due to her short height.

"I understand your concern Sam, but we really don't have any other choice right now. We need to train ourselves as well as learn skills," I respond.
"Learn skills, are you kidding? I'd rather just wait for a wolf to come and just bite them to death. No training for that," Thomas comments.
I roll my eyes at him, remembering how lazy he is.
"Wrong. You don't get how we need to teach ourselves to hunt in order to eat so we don't die. And just biting a wolf won't kill it, you need to learn other techniques if that little stunt doesn't work for you, or else you go bye bye," I raise up my paw to try to wave.

His smirk quickly fades away. His gray fur more beautiful than the rest, though I wouldn't say my white fur wasn't gorgeous...
"Well, what are we waiting for? We need to get away from the village before sunrise or else we will be seen!" Katie turns away to look at the horizon south of the village where the sun began to peek.
"But, where do we go?" Kas questions.
I turn to face the forest just feet away from us.
"There," I answered.
"There!? Are you kidding!?" Thomas retorts.
None of us have ever been in the forest, only hunters are ever allowed outside the village except medics.
"Got not much of a choice!" I yelled.
I sprinted towards the woods and through the tall oaks as the others followed.

Not that long of a chapter, sorry. >.<
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Sep 25, 2010
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I love the pace and consistency of the story so far. I'm amazed that this started out because of a dream! And I wonder if Emily will eventually come clean to her friends about the contract? Or if she'll be able to get away with it after the deed to kill the beasts that killed her father and villagers. I suppose I'll have to wait and see, huh? I really enjoyed this a lot because, I could feel some of what Emily was feeling when Jacob approached her. Including the hesitation about signing her name. Felt like i was holding my breath! Looking forward to the next chapters, Howler. :)


I'm somebody
Apr 6, 2016
  • Longest Night
  • Before Midnight
  • Happy Holidays!
  • 7 Days Later
  • Sea Salt Trio
  • Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory
Thank you Cinder! I will continue the story once I get my tablet working again. :)