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Sora's Personality in DDD



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Sep 10, 2014
I've heard some complaints on Sora's personality and I can honestly see why (it annoyed me at points too) but the reason for this is because he has nothing to worry about. Think about throughout KH1 to KH2, Sora's been worrying about whether or not his friends are safe or not. Now that he knows that they're safe, he can be more carefree and just worry about passing his test.


Oct 9, 2009
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No reason to be carefree? He wasn't in the dream worlds a day and got attacked by a man in a black coat which he should know from experience is never a good sign or coincidence.
He should've at least been cautious or more annoyed at Neku using him only calming down after learning why.

Though I won't lie, despite the annoying bits he's at least better than the Sora of KH2 who seemed to have lost IQ while sleeping.


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Jan 2, 2013
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I didn't mind Sora that much in DDD. Sure he had his annoying moments, but they were few and far in between. I thought he had great development and his speech to Xigbar and Xemnas near the end was so powerful. Easily one of the best moments of DDD.

Though, you would think after all the experiance he went through during the first three games, he would have been much more mature and wiser. I wonder why that wasn't the case?


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Oct 22, 2010
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I agree to a degree with the OP in that the premise of the story in DDD is actually different than in any "journeys" Sora had to take before and therefore he got a totally different mindset on the matter from the get go.
Then there is to keep in mind that he actually didn't even want to take the Mark of Mastery at all because the title of a "Keyblade Master" doesn't mean anything to him (only parts of the fanbase actually pout/rant about that he didn't become one, Sora himself doesn't really care!).
He only participated for Riku's sake and treated the whole issue more like a fun little excursion at the beginning.

As for the constantly thrown around "mature"-jibba-jabba, I really get some urges to punch something on my desk with these constant whinings about a more "mature" Sora. We do not need a radical personality change in Sora to turn him into another brooding, angsty, boring cold fish character.
I'm normally not someone to quote topics from a different forum (it's interesting what Google sometimes spits out with the correct search words), but this essay in the OP brings really good points about why Sora already IS mature despite what some fans may think:
Sora is already mature


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Sep 4, 2014
I hope KH3 makes Sora act more like he was in KH1. Then he was cheerful, confident and didn't worry too much but he was believable, not overly annoying and so one dimensional.

I have no idea what Yen Sid fed or made Sora drink before he went to sleep because it seemed like he was high the whole DDD game. Don't get me wrong, I don't want Sora to mature too much so he becomes Leon/Cloud, because he is carefree and cheerful. Just like Riku described in Yen Sids tower before saving Sora's butt from evil armor. However i'd be happy to see Sora smoke less pot in KH3 and have a healthy amount of suspicion towards other people especially if they have betrayed him before. I know that he is trusting and willing to see good in people but that's not the same as blindly trusting everyone and everything without even one second of questioning something inside his own head.

Well, maybe he just didn't take the whole mark of mastery thing seriously and he was happy because Kairi and Riku were both safe.
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Feb 20, 2014
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I actually agree with the OP in regards to why he thought Sora was the way he was in Dream Drop Distance. Judging from the cutscenes, I don't think that he entirely realized that Xemnas and Young Master Xehanort were not part of the dream worlds as a test until he arrived at The World That Never Was.

As for a mature Sora, I think the post that Sephiroth0812 brought up had some good points. The communication one, for example, was interesting in that it showed how Sora was smart enough to not keep all of his problems bottled up inside him like many of the other characters did (I like to call it "Tales of Symphonia Syndrome"). I DO, however, want see him at least look like he is a bit more serious. Sora, to me, was meant to be that fine line between Disney and Final Fantasy representing the cheerfulness and optimism of the Disney cast while also embodying the character growth and insight that you would see in the Final Fantasy cast.


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Jan 1, 2009
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sora has, and always will be, the immature character who sometimes says or does things that are not quite smart
but don't forget, he's always been this way
he may have been serious in kh1 and kh2, but he was still funny sometimes

in kh1, yes, he was quite serious seeing as both his friends were nowhere to be seen for a little while. but as soon as he found riku, he got a little better and knew that riku was safe, now he had to worry about kairi. eventually, when he knew where kairi would be, he was able to rest easier. all he had to do was look for riku now.

khcom he was still like the sora of kh1. he had times where he was quite happy and having fun, but he also was being serious when he needed to be, regardless of memory alteration, and so he had a small balance between them.

kh2 came around and sora grew up....but he was still pretty happy go lucky. he was still resting easy because he knew where kairi was for most of the game. he just needed to find riku of course. then, as the game progressed, he got more serious and determined to stop the organization. yes, he was goofy in worlds, but that was because he had never experienced a few of them. and the ones he had experienced, he acted chummy with the ones he knew.

all i can tell is that the reason sora doesn't really act serious most of the time is because he doesn't know anything about the worlds and he's trying to explore. he's still a teenager, he's not seen some of the things riku has had to go through. in all honesty, that's what makes those two so different. sora hasn't had to see the dark side of the worlds or get himself taken over as bad as riku had. riku has, by far, had the worst experience after leaving his homeworld. he's had to fight every step of the way, with little to no rest. in fact, don't forget that at the end of kh2, he was able to joke with sora because he was finally able to take a rest and not fight anymore.