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Fanfiction ► "Sora, you can't take care of anything."

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Mar 16, 2005
Riku: Hey Sora, where's that book I lent you?

Sora: Book? (He scratches his head and looks around the room.)

Riku: (Rolling his eyes) Yeah Sora, the book I lent you yesterday. The one we're supposed to do a report on. Remember?

Sora: (Sweatdrops) Hehe, oooh, that book. Ah, (starts lifting dirty clothes and junk off the bedroom floor) Hang on, I know it's around here somewhere!

Riku: (Put a hand on his hip, staring at Sora as if he were an idiot) Honestly Sora, can't you take care of anything?

Sora: (Raising up, face flushed with anger) Of course I can!

Riku: Oh really? Then whatever happened to your puppy?

Sora: (Stares blankly at Riku)....I had a puppy?

Riku: (Keeping the same look) Yeah; when you were five, remember?

Sora: I don't even remember what I had for breakfast this morning! But I know I never had a puppy!
(They start fighting and Kairi walks in)

Kairi: Hey guys...(sweatdrops) aah, did I come at a bad time?

Riku: (Holding a spike of Sora's hair) No, maybe you could refresh Bipolar-Bob's memory here.

Sora: (Pulling on Riku's straps across his shirt) My name's not Bob!

Kairi: (Kneeling down to get closer) What'd he forget this time?

Sora: (Looking forelorned)...Gee, thanks Kairi...

Kairi: (Smiling widely) Sorry Sora, but you do have a terrible memory...

Riku: More like altimers...

Sora: (Grabbing and pulling Riku's ear) SHUT UP!



Kairi: (Backing off from the action) Sora, he's not saying you're stupid, just that...

Riku: You suck at remembering!

Sora: (Getting off of Riku) No, you suck at lying! I never had a puppy!!

Kairi: (Holding up her index finger) But, you did have a puppy Sora.

Sora: (Staring blankly again)..I...I did?

Kairi: Yeah, his name was Lock. I can't believe you don't remember him.

Sora: So, what happened to him.

Riku: (Puts his hand over his forehead and shakes his head) You really are pathetic. How do you remember to dress? Sticky Notes?

Sora: (Sora looks over at the trash bin, overflowing with used up sticky notes)..N-no! (Changed his view back to Kairi) But seriously, how did he go?

Kairi: Well, you see, ah, it's kinda hard to explain...

Riku: You took him for a walk and thought he would stay in the boat on the way to Destiny Island.

Kairi: Riku!

Riku: (Shrugged) What? He asked, didn't he?

Sora: (Eyes wide) What happened then? To Lock?

Riku: (Trying not to crack up) Let's just say he "went swimming."

Sora: Oh.....



This is the first silly fanfic I've ever written so I hope it's good.


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Mar 16, 2005
Ultima Monkey said:
Heh, I think you got the puppy idea from Rocket Power. I like it a lot though, it seems a lot like their lives before the meteor shower. Please continue!

Yeah, I did get the idea about the puppy from Rocket Power, but I can sorta see Sora doing the same thing (sorry to all those who really like Sora...)


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Mar 16, 2005
Second Part

Okay, I think I'm gonna keep it at the theme before any of the Kingdom Hearts stuff happened, when they were all just kids playing on the island. I'm glad you guys liked it.

(Sora and Kairi walk along the side of the beach, talking and laughing when Selphie and Tidus was by....)

Selphie: Hey guys, what's up? (Wraps her arm around Sora).

Kairi: (Face redening but still keeping cool) Hey, ah, Selphie, do you mind? Me and Sora were wanting to spend some time together, alone.

Selphie: What, are you guys on a date?

Sora: (Blushing wildly) Wha-what? No! Nothing like that (looks over a Kairi, helpless) you said we were looking for Rik...ouh!

Kairi: (Removing her elbow from his stomach) I said we were going to take a walk, nothing about Riku.

Tidus: Gosh Sora, you really are thick when it comes to women. I mean, look at her man, she's hot!

Selphie: (Face red and clenching her teeth) So what! Am I not "hot" Tidus?!

Kairi: (Sweatdrops) Ah..thinks, I guess?

Sora: (Leaning over to Kairi and whispering) Let's get out of here, while she's distracted.

Selphie: Well, Romeo! If you don't want me anymore I guess I just take Sora with me! Then you can have a free run at Kairi!

Sora: Hey wait! I didn't want to...hey!

Selphie: (Grabbing Sora's hand and starts walking down the beach) Common' Sora! We're not wanted here!

Kairi: (Grabbing Sora's other arm) What do you mean! Sora was walking with me if I remember correctly!

Sora: (Looking at Tidus with hopeless eyes) Help!

Tidus: (Walking up to Selphie with extreme caution) Aw, common' Selph! You know that we've been together way to long for me to go after another chick. Anyway, you're, ah, a lot prettier?

Selphie: You're just saying that; jerk!

(Back at the enterance of the Secret Place, Wakka and Riku discover the fight scene down by the shoreline...)

Riku: Oh boy...

Wakka: (Shaking his head) I wander what's going on now?

Riku: Let me guess (he takes a deep breath) Sora and Kairi were walking, alone, along the beach when all the sudden the Kendergarden Squad comes down to say hello. Well, being the super flirt that Selphie is, she probably started hitting on Sora, causing Kairi to get mad. They began to fight, and Sora and Tidus as helpless bystanderds.

Wakka: How do you do that?

Riku: I've been around you people, way to long.

Wakka: Yeah well (he punches Riku's arm) you know you'd be lost without us.

Riku: (Looking back to the fight scene) WE SHOULD HELP THEM!

Wakka: So what do you propose we do?

Riku: (He looked back and smiled widely at Wakka, then took off running as fast as he could go) Here I come to save the day!

(Back at the beach....)

Sora: (See's Riku running towards him, smiling widely) Riku! Save me! (His face soon changed from a cheerful, hopeful smile to that of confusion) Riku?

(Riku tackled Sora, releasing him from the girls' grip but also knocking them both into the now high-tide ocean..)

Riku: Well, you might be a little wet, but it looks like I've saved your butt again.

Wakka: (Now caught up but out of breath) Gee Sora, you better learn how to take care of your own butt. Riku's gonna start chargin' you, ya?

Kairi: Well, then I'd have to be his financial adviser; he can't take care of a penny let alone a whole pay check.

(They all laughed, save Riku, but he was smiling as he walked out of the water...)

Sora: (Wringing out the water in his zipper vest) You know, she's got a point.

Riku: What, like your memory problem?

Sora: Hey!

Riku: (Turning to Kairi and the others) You're all wrong, I've got about 158 dollars saved up. And it's hidden good too, you'd never find it.

Wakka: Let me guess, it's at home, under your matress?

Riku: Nope, good guess though Squidward.

Selphie: Ooh, let me try! It's somewhere buried under the Poupu tree?

Riku: (Shaking his head) Not even close.

Tidus: I know where it is: Underneath the money holder in that Monopoly game.

Riku: H-how did you...?

Kairi: It was raining one day and me and Tidus set the game up and found it.

Sora: (Stares at Riku for a long time, then takes off running) YOUR MONEY IS MINE!



Okay, that's the end for now. Do you guys like how this is going? I hope so (I had to re-write this because I made a boo-boo,lol):eek:



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Mar 16, 2005
Thanks for the reviews you guys:) I'm glad you think it's funny^_^

(The day starts as the bell rings for the first period in school. Of course, that would have to be Riku's and Sora's literature class, giving them no time to prepare a quick report.....)

Riku: We're soo screwed.

Sora: (Sitting down, placing his books under his desk) You worry to much, relax! We'll think of something.

Riku: And how do you know this?

Sora: Because you have the magnificent mind of Sora the Genius to back you up!

Riku: Oh yeah, you mean the same genius who lost the book in the first place?

Sora: (Stares)...shut up....

Teacher: Okay class (walks in front of the room and writes something on the board) please get out your assingments from last Friday.

Riku: (Grabs a piece of paper and starts writing)

Sora: What're you doing?

Riku: (Writing frantically) You wanna get a grade or what?

Sora: (Looks over the chicken scratch) You're not seriously gonna turn that in?

Riku: (Glaring at him) You got a better idea?

Sora: (Raises hands in surrender) Alright.

(A few minutes pass and Riku violently hands Sora the chicken scratch paper. He smiles at him, giving Sora a bad feeling...)

Teacher: Okay, now. Let's get our first persenters to the front now. Ah, let's see; Riku and Sora, if you'd please.

Sora: (Whispers) This'll never work!

Riku: (Whispers and grabs his ear) It will if you don't screw up! (He walks away and quickly turns back) By the way, just follow me and improvise.

Sora: I don't even know what that word means!

Teacher: Ahem, boys?

Riku and Sora: Yes ma'am.

(They are now standing infront of the class, Riku looking cool and collected and Sora's sweating waterfalls...)

Riku: Mrs. Terry, I thought that me and Sora would do something, original.

Sora: (Glances over nervously. Riku gives him a reasuring wink, and Sora gains some courage) A-ah, yeah. Original!

Mrs. Terry: Really, what exactly is this "original" project?

Riku: We decided to create our own story.

Mrs. Terry: You did?

Sora: We did?

Riku: (Slapping Sora in the back) Yeah, we did, remember?

Sora: Am I gonna get hit again if I don't?

Mrs. Terry: Well then, please, enlighten us of your amazing story.

Riku and Sora: Yes ma'am.

Riku: We decided to create a story about a lone hero set out to save the world and its many people.

Sora: But he can't leave his home in the beginning because he gets attacked by, ah, by.....

Riku: (Speaking quickly) Killer Pinguins!

Mrs. Terry: Really (sighs in disaproval) go on.

Sora: (Whispers) Killer Pinguins!?

Riku: (Shrugs) You got a better idea?

Sora: (Continuing the story) Well, ah, the hero meets, ah, the king of another world!

Riku: Yeah, and he's ah, um...

Sora: A mouse!

Mrs. Terry: Well, I will give you points for originality.

(The whole class laughes and Sora and Riku are smiling widely...)

Riku: (Whispers) This is going good.

Sora: (Whispers back) Keep it up though, or else we'll fail.

Mrs. Terry: Ahem, continue please.

Riku: Well, the boy travels with the Mouse King in search for his lost friends.

Sora: While the boy's friend is searching for him with the King's most trusted men, ah, a dog that's the head of the knights...

Riku: And a duck that's the head wizard!

Classmate: Are you guys just making this up as you go on?

Riku and Sora: (Sweatdrops) Ah, n-no...

Riku: Anyway, before we were so rudly interupted...

Sora: His friend is searching and searching without any clues to follow....

Riku: And the boy is constantly battling between good and evil...

Sora: Until a magical princess brings them together again.

Other classmate: What does she look like?

Riku: Ah, she has red hair...

Sora: And deep, blue eyes...

Mrs. Terry: I'll have to tell Kairi that she's you two's princess.

(Riku and Sora blush. A few seconds later, the bell rings...)

Riku: Wow, I didn't think you could keep up.

Sora: (Smiling proudly) Well, I had a dream kinda like our story.

Riku: (Stops dead in his tracks)...Are you serious?

Sora: (Stops beside him)..Yeah, why?

Riku: (Looks around, nervously) Ah..nothing, (looks away quickly) just forget about it.

Sora: (Looks confused) Did you...(walks in front of him) have the same dream?

Riku: (Knods) Sorta, except you were the one with the duck and dog...

Sora: And you were hangin' out with the mouse!

(They both stare at eachother quietly for a while until they hear someone coming out of the building...)

Kairi: (Smiling and skipping up to them) So, I'm your princess, huh?

Riku: Yeah, princess of pain....ow! (Kairi punched him in the arm) See!

Sora: (Laughing wildly) I'm not gonna say anything, my lady, to avoid the pain.

Kairi: You guys are idiots....



Okay, this probably isn't as funny as the past two but I like it anyway. It kinda gives Sora, Riku, and Kairi a connection that they had in the game. (Also, got a part form Fairly Odd Parents,lol)


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Nov 18, 2006
lol this is good! Soo wait, Goofy is a dog? But if hes a dog shouldn't he walk on all fours like pluto? hmmm... anyways good job!
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