Sora X Riku Chapter 1: In The Darkness



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Mar 10, 2012
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I do not own anything that links back to any of the Kingdom Hearts games from Square Enix. Some bits are spoilers.

This begins in Kingdom Hearts two, In the Darkness after Sora and Riku defeat Xemnas. Nobodies and their other are twins ( Sora + Roxas = Twins, Kairi + Namine = Twins, etc. Yes my story does tie with the Kingdom Hearts series and being twins contraditcs the story of Kingdom Hearts, but hey it is a story. Use your imagination.)

( They are sitting at the edge of the water after they have that heart-felt talk in the game)

They both sat there, looking up with their eyes closed in relaxation. Sora looked over at Riku.
"What are we going to do now?" Sora asked.
"Well I guess we will live here for the rest of our lives." Riku said half smiling and Sora did smile.
"The two of us together with no-one else. (They both blush) "Hey Riku? If the strong protect everyone, then who protect the strong?" Riku knew that Sora was talking about them.
"They protect each-other Sora. That's why WE have each-other." Riku looked over at Sora and smiled.
"I am not going to leave Sora. I won't fall into darkness again. I am going to stay with you". Sora smiled.
"Promise?" Sora asked and held out his pinky.
"Promise." Riku said putting his pinky with Sora's. Sora started to think of when Riku disappeared in darkness and their hands almost touched, when he became a heartless, when he reunited with Riku, and a lot of other times he and Riku shared. He had a feeling rise and he knew that he loved Riku. Riku would never love him back, not that way.
"Sora? ... Since we are going to live here a while, I need to tell you something." Riku grabbed Sora and they both embraced each-other. Enjoying this moment they never wanted it to end, they never wanted to let go. Sora sat up.
"What is it?" They stared in each-other's eyes.
"I lo" A bottle washed up and Sora grabbed the letter that was in it. A light shown and they walked in it. They were swimming in front of Destiny Island and it was sundown.
"SORA! RIKU!" They heard Kairi's voice and looked over there. Kairi and Roxas were jumping up and down with joy. They swam over to where they were. They were home, on the island. Riku and Sora were exhausted and could barely move. They were breathing heavy and collapsed themselves onto the beach when they got out of the water.
"Roxas, you should help Sora get home and I will help Riku." Kairi nodded at Roxas and he nodded back. Roxas grabbed Sora and Kairi grabbed Riku. They four of them went across the water and back to their homes.
Roxas, walking home while Sora was leaning on him could tell that there was something on his twin's mind. They walked into their house and he got Sora onto his bed. Sora plopped down and Roxas helped him get comfortable. He lay there, exhausted and in pain.
"Whats on your mind?" Roxas asked. Sora looked at him wide eyed.
"When Riku and I were in the darkness, we thought we would never get back... Kairi's letter washed on shore and when I read it, the doorway appeared." Sora toke a deep breath. "I remember when Kairi wrote that letter. She disappeared shortly after." Roxas sighed.
"Some of us have been going to that island, waiting for you two to return.. Today only Kairi and I waited. I have been spending a lot of time on that island, since you three disappeared. Espically with Axel, him and I are dating now." Roxas smiled, glad to see Sora and Riku home.
"Kairi got here a week ago." Sora groaned in pain. Roxas left and returned with a glass of water and a sandwich. He held the glass, helping Sora to drink it and he held the sandwich too. After Sora finished the sandwich and water, Roxas helped him change and got him back into bed. Roxas hugged him and then left. Sora rolled over. What was Riku going to say? Was he going to say that he loves me? No he couldn't, not the way I love him. Sora thought more about Riku and then fell asleep. He dreamt of him and Riku being a couple.
Neither Riku nor Kairi said anything. Riku kept thinking about when he was alone with Sora. He almost told Sora how he really feels. Then Kairi's letter ruined it. He wanted to be mad at her, but he was happy to be home. Kairi helped him up to his room and onto his bed. They hugged each-other.
"I am glad you two are finally home." Riku nodded. She smiled and then left. Riku changed and then laid there in his bed. He has to tell Sora how he feels. He knew that Sora would ask him what Riku was going to say, the next time they meet. He thought of Sora. His cute eyes sparkled in the darkness. Riku fell asleep thinking of Sora's eyes. Riku dreamt of what would have happened if Kairi's letter had not come. ...
"What is it?" They stared in each-other's eyes.
"I love you." Riku looked at Sora.
"As a best-friend?" Sora asked, scared to hear the answer, Riku shook his head.
"No Sora, I mean more." Sora smiled bigger than ever before and jumped on Riku, making them both collapse to the ground.
"Sora?" Riku was to surprised to say anything else.
"I love you too Riku." They both smiled and Riku toke Sora's head in his hands and kissed him. Sora kissed Riku back. They laid there making the kiss more passionate.
Riku woke up to the sun shining on his face. He smiled thinking about his dream, would that really happen? Would Sora tell him that he loves him too? Riku shook his head to wake up, and then looked out the window. This place had not changed much, it was almost as if they never left. Like he is waking up like he would on any normal day. He decided to go and check on Sora. He got up and got dressed. Then he walked over to Sora's. He knocked on the door and Roxas let him in, they hugged each-other.
"Really glad your back." Roxas said and then stepped aside to let Riku in. "He is in his room, probably still asleep." Roxas went back to his room were his boy-friend Axel was. Riku opened Sora's bed-room door, Riku's mouth dropped and eyes widened. Sora was crying and saying no, also he was tossing and turning and kicking in his sleep. Riku ran over and sat on the bed.
"SORA! WAKE UP! SORA!" Riku said loudly.
Sora's dream changed. Now Riku and Kairi were together. Sora was angry, sad, hurt, and jealous. He wanted Riku. He started crying and saying no.
"SORA!" Riku's voice woke him up. Sora woke up surprised, with tears falling down his face. "Are you okay?" Riku asked. Sora shot up and smothered Riku with a tight hug. "(shocked but happy sigh), Sora? What's wrong?" This made Riku hard, Sora sat back. Riku shifted so that Sora would not see.
"I'm fine. I had a bad dream." Sora sat up, he rubbed his eyes and yawned.
"What was the bad dream?" Riku asked looking at him.
"Oh, don't worry about it. I am fine, really." Riku looked down at the floor, not sure what to say. "Riku?" Sora asked softly, feeling something below. Sora sat more under the blankets so that Riku would not see.
"Yeah?" Riku asked, still looking at the floor. "What were you going to tell me? Back in the darkness..." Sora looked at Riku, Riku smiled
"I was...Going to say...I love you."