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Fanfiction ► Son Of Superman *(One-Shot)*

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Apr 14, 2006
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This is a one shot in the form of a poem. Enjoy.

“Where are you going?” Lois asked while giving birth/
“Lex Luthor had bailed from jail, he is trying to destroy the Earth!”/
He flew out of the win-dow/
she heard the wind blow/
Pain of birth crept so slow.../
Before they married, she had doubt him/
The years later and she's struggling without him/
Looking at her ring, wondering and pondering what was the thing/
That made her make that choice/
“Hey mommy!” - an innocent voice/
Wakes her, breaks her away from dreaming/
She had barely seen Superman, as evil is always scheming/
She hugged their boy, letting off a tear/
Full of fear and bad memories/
Him and her now had such different chemistries/
Her tear reflected, her child's whole life – imperfected/
The boy she hugged sat in a wheel chair... defected/
Superman never got to hold him, she always told him/
“Be here at least one day a week”/
Fifty two weeks later, she broke down in an elevator to weep/
“I can't do this,” - whispered Lois/
Trying to keep up with her work/
She never slept, going berserk/
Alone, trying to raise a child, it drove her wild/
“I'm sorry, the dangers are the worst yet” - Superman said/
Next day he was gone, and his boy took his first step/
And a while later, the boy caused Lois to dart back/
Almost receiving a heart attack/
Boy did a deed, she never thought he can/ For his first word... was “Superman.”/
And so he grew, watching as his daddy flew/
“I have to go son, I'm Superman.” Was the excuse to his biggest fan/
Despite that he never rocked his crib into the night/
Never set him right, after the boy lost his first fight/
He hasn't been there, during the days/
His son brought home his first hard earned A's/
All walls of his room were covered with Superman posters/
Toys, and he had the bigger action figure, even a Superman toaster/
He was never there to teach him responsibility/
The child's growth procrastinated, but he was fascinated with his father's ability/
“My dad can beat your dad! Superman is my father!”/
The boy claimed, he truly loved and placed above his father was non other/
While Superman ripped trees, he never saw his son's scraped knees/
Receding and bleeding on the concrete/
As the child was lying there, crying with his mom on the street/
“No mom! Look! I won't fall, I'll fly!”/
“Stop it! If you fall, you'll die!”/
“But mom! I'm Superman's son! All I have to do is try!”/
He jumped... Off the three story building/
Where his blood didn't flood, her tears filled~in/
Superman held the weight of the world/
But the world couldn't pause, for the boy's downward hurl/
That night, she took him home, in a wheel chair/
The doctor said he needed lots of time to heal fair/
And yet, she didn't know whether to be sad or mad/
When the boy said/
“I'm still just as strong as my dad!”/
And chucked his action figure right across the pad/
Lois snapped back from her hated flashback/
Wiped her tear, let her eyeliner smear in black/
She took the wheelchair with her nervous hands/
Walked outside of Daily Bugle, passing by the stands/
Rolling the chair in front of her to her car/
“Look mom, there's a fire! Look up higher!” - The boy pointed not too far/
Indeed, the fires sparked, and inspired a desire/
“Dad is coming to save them, right?”/
“No honey...” “You're a liar!”/
He fiercely objected, rejecting his mother's theory/
“He saves the world, don't you see it clearly?”/
“If he saves the world, why didn't he save you?” - she thought so wearily/
But to say she didn't dare/
And the next thing gave her a scare/
As the chair, was gone from her grip/
Her son was speeding down the street like on a strip/
“Honey NO! What are you doing?”/
She couldn't believe the picture she was viewing/
She chased him, tripped and fell, when she got up she couldn't tell/
Where her child had gone, so alone, she felt like she was gone to hell/
“Hey kid! What are you doing?” A fireman exclaimed/
“Doing what my daddy would!” - the child proclaimed/
He barely stood up, taking three steps and disappeared/
As mother stood, her soul flood with thought she greatly feared/
“Superman, where are you...” She was going into shock/
...Forever it seemed, but them she screamed, waking the whole block/
Their son, used his body as a cushion to save a girl, fell out of the second story/
The worry Lois had, was insane, the kid didn't want this glory/
He lay there, in smoke and mud, had chocked on blood, opened eyes/
Hearing his mother's cries, he tries/
To say his words, but his body hurts too much/
The last thing he remembers is an ambulance and his mother's touch/
“Hold on, please hold on!” She prayed in desperation/
Her son's respiration was slower, there was a camera that filmed it to the nation/
It was all live, a breath – one more/
And right before the heart rate went zero.../
He smiled at his mother, “...Tell my father, he is my favorite hero...”/

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