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Something Something Dead People

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Aug 8, 2004
{OOC Thread}

Ethan began to shiver as the sharp pain in his wrist faded as he looked down to see blood pooling at his feet and his left hand barely clinging to the rest of his body. He did not cry out in pain or even for help, he knew it wouldn’t come. The truth of the matter was that he was dying, however as his body became colder and colder his mind found itself preoccupied with what day it was. Struggling to stand now as the room began to blur around him, the familiar, metallic taste of blood filled his mouth while he slowly stepped over the now still corpse of his sister and found his eyes locked on the faint blue glow of his alarm clock.

6:32 PM
08 – 29

A delirious smile spread across his face as he could feel his left eye closing involuntarily and his knees buckling beneath his weight, which now seemed unbearably heavy. The need to sleep had become overwhelming as he could feel his face hit the floor and he watched the blood that had previously filled his mouth splatter onto the white walls of his room. As the world quickly began to fade out around him, he could heard the urgency in the anchorman’s voice as the small television within his room continued to play.

”If you are just tuning in, a wave of violence has stricken the City of New York. For those of you who are unaware, the NYPD have released an official statement that said attacks are the work of a, as of yet unknown, terrorist group of some kind. Contrary to this statement, Channel Six has been receiving many eyewitness accounts telling the story of the recently deceased rising from the dead and attacking the living. When asked to comment about these claims, NYPD officials stressed that such notions were ridiculous. Whether or not stories of what some are referring to as the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ are true, police are urging civilians to lock their doors and windows and stay within their homes until further notice. If you must be out make it brief and be vigilant."

The newscast continued as Ethan’s breaths continued to slow to a stop and he could hear nothing but a ringing in his ears. Suddenly, everything was dark and Ethan became completely still. Blood continued to run from his open wounds and drip out the side of his open mouth. His eyes no longer in focus stared lifelessly at the blood dribbling down onto the hardwood floor of his room.

As quickly as he had fallen, suddenly Ethan stood up. His breathing was replaced by a raspy wheeze similar to what one would expect from one that was dying. He looked around his room with the same lifeless eyes as he did his wall only moments before, his skin now pale due to all the blood he had lost from his wound. Shuffling towards the doorway of his room, Ethan’s corpse ceased to wheeze at all, instead letting out a soft groan and completely ignoring the thud of his wrist finally pulling free from the single piece of flesh which previously held it limply to his figure. Suddenly the rumors of an apocalypse became more believable.
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