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Digital Media ► Some of my KH art! ♡



New member
Mar 15, 2018
Hi hi hi! I'm new to forums, and I don't really know where to start with posting, so I figured I'd just go ahead and show off the thing I know best—that being, my art! :redface:

Starting off, here's an illustration I did for the 16th anniversary! It's based off my dream KHUX metal. Just when you thought Riku's KH1 outfit couldn't get any worse, they went and made it green and yellow.

Spoiler Spoiler Show

I love my unfashionable son.

Now, here's one I did of KH3 Kairi, holding the broken Way to Dawn. The Don't Think Twice trailer made me very emotional.

Spoiler Spoiler Show

Next up is an illustration I did of KH3 Riku in Shibuya! I'm really hoping for a TWEWY level.

Spoiler Spoiler Show

The picture above has an accompanying illustration, which contains endgame TWEWY spoilers. Don't look at the next picture if you're interested in playing TWEWY! I promise, it's something you'll want to not be spoiled on.

Spoiler Spoiler Show

Aaand! In the same vein of TWEWY spoilers—!

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Now, for The Shipping Contentâ„¢.

While I know it ain't everyone's cup of tea, my KH OTP is RiKai, A.K.A., Riku/Kairi. Given the sensitive nature of the subject, please don't look if you dislike the ship!

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I have a lot of old art, and little sketches from here and there, but that's most of my recent work! I have a deviantArt, and a Tumblr as well. I might continue to post new stuff here if anyone's interested. Feel free to give me suggestions or comments if you think I could improve on anything.

I take art suggestions/requests sometimes, too, so feel free to hmu! :redface: