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Some New Information

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Dec 4, 2005
If all of the informaion is posted then closed this thread. To make up for that stupid thread of Deep Dive I found some more information, some of it is old and new.

- The beginning of the game, you will choose yet again between sword, shield, and staff. This determines how Sora will level up and what abilities he'll gain.

- When you get to play as Roxas, you will not be able to level up, but he will start out stronger than Sora. At the end, Sora will surpass the power of Roxas.

- Even though Roxas has no partners, it seems as though the drive bar will still function.

- The Deep Dive world is Kingdom Hearts.

- In Kingdom Hearts, all the major players of the story will be there.

- Elexia is the name of the female organization member.

-The two very powerful drive forms Nomura was talking about are Ultima and Darkness.

- In Ultima form, Sora drives with Roxas. He can levitate and uses both the Oblivion and the Oathkeeper. It seems to uses forcefields to repel. The symbols are the small Kingdom Keys. The color is pure white.

- In Darkness form, Sora drives with Riku. He uses the Oblivion keychain alone. Sora seems to teleport and uses darkness. The color is dark purple.

- Vincent from Final Fantasy 7 will appear in Hollow Bastion.

- The Enigmatic Man is the superior, who is supposedly Ansem's soul.

- DiZ is Ansem's body.

- Ansem's heart is in Riku.

- Kingdom Hearts 2 has it's own set of keychains.
The keychains from Kingdom Hearts 1 will be in Kingdom Hearts 2 but you'll have to find them and unlock them somehow.

- Xaldin's nobodies are called Lancets.

- Worlds are majorly explorable.

- Cloud's side story will involve Sephiroth and you'll see Cloud encounter Sephiroth many times during his sidequest. Cloud will also encounter Tifa. Also, Cloud at one point will want Leon's help but at the same time, he doesn't want it either. Last but not least, Sora will be involved in Cloud's story.

a new promovid. has also been released, with some shit of seph and cloud, a split second shot of RIKU(!!!), and some other shots of namine', sora, and Roxas


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Jul 1, 2005
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Sorry to tell you this, but that, all of that, was made up by two fans on another forum.

Just don't try to post info threads. If you find some information about the game somewhere, chances are that most of the people here have seen it already. Don't worry about it.
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